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DC Comics Bishoujo POWER GIRL, HUNTRESS and Ame Comi DONNA TROY Wonder Girl Statue review

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Text Comments (7)
Nicholas Hale (3 years ago)
"let me get a little bit closer so that you can see her face"
TheLABound123 (4 years ago)
Man hook me up! Where can I get Huntress? ha
Leo722 (5 years ago)
Gorgeous figures! I think Power Girl is my fave as well, though Huntress looks great too! Love the capes!
Leo722 (4 years ago)
Lol funny
starscream1988boss (4 years ago)
Yeah there pretty cool especially the CHEST area.  LOL  
unknown4lor (5 years ago)
These are really cool, I have a few of them like Batgirl, Power Girl, Black Widow, and a couple of the Tekken girls. You are right, they are addicting, but pricey too. I want to get the Street Fighter girls too! Awesome review bro :)
starscream1988boss (5 years ago)
Thanks. Yeah they are addicting. I pre ordered Starfire and Batgirl which I guess she is being 're listed. I can't wait. Especially Starfire with all that hair she looks amazing.

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