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Vintage Performer Posters

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Explore a nation's history. Find inspiration. Connect with the past. Browse thousands of vintage posters, starting at $4.99 each, at http://vintaga.com. You'll love our collection of classic posters, each available for custom printing on quality media. We offer heavy duty Giclée canvas prints, float mounted metal prints, and standard prints on archival-quality papers. All our prints fit common frame sizes. Bring a piece of vintage art into your home today. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, stage actors and singers were the preferred source of entertainment for millions of Americans. In an age before radio or television, these performers could only be successful by becoming household names. Actors and musicians advertised their talents and their names with posters, hoping to make it big. These classic prints are timeless pieces of Americana. Their bold colors and strong imagery reveal everyday life in the early United States.
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