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Shepard Fairey Shares His Collection of Vintage Band Tees

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During his recent "Visual Disobedience" exhibition in Hong Kong, Shepard Fairy shared with us his most prized band T-shirts from the likes of Iggy Pop and The Velvet Underground. The legendary artist also gives his thoughts on the current influx band merch and pop culture's appropriation of existing band graphics. Get the latest from HYPEBEAST TV by hitting the SUBSCRIBE button! For up-to-date news and more: http://HYPEBEAST.com View more HYPEBEAST videos: http://YOUTUBE.com/user/HypebeastTV Stay connected with us on your favorite social media platform: http://FACEBOOK.com/hypebeast http://TWITTER.com/hypebeast http://TUMBLR.com/tagged/hypebeast http://PINTEREST.com/hypebeast http://INSTAGRAM.com/hypebeast
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Text Comments (67)
adrian moore (1 month ago)
Wow..three t-shirts. Is that the collection?
yoyo tubero (1 month ago)
Wear what you like to wear! I wear obey shirt even before i know this guy...cos i Like the design just like band tees...thats it. Appreciate! dont be a Drama Queen.
Cristianandtupac (2 months ago)
2:17 Tupac
Cristianandtupac (2 months ago)
I bought an punk rock shirt once at a Ross because they had no nice tee shirts and I was tired of looking for clothes. Let me tell you that so many people liked them and though I liked them too but I was embarrassed to say I didn’t lol
Bryan Phanco (2 months ago)
Shirts aren’t even vintage lol Shit collection
Rikesh Patel (2 months ago)
this guy gets mad at people in public for not knowing the band on their shirt? chill tf out its not that serious
[-] (5 months ago)
This guy must not have any friends. Probably lost them all educating them on the tee shirts that they shouldn’t be wearing. He probably jacks off while listening to his favourite bands while using their tee shirts as cum rags.
[-] (3 months ago)
Doom metal tortoise Nope, I don’t even own a band tee. I just don’t like how snobs try and make themselves feel superior by criticising how others express themselves.
Doom metal tortoise (5 months ago)
O you're probably mad because you're a poser who got called out for wearing a band t for a band you don't listen to
Christian Benett (6 months ago)
I agree with this guy 100%, you dumbass poser kids wouldn't get it. Ya'll just in it for the trend, this guy is in it for the style and his appreciation for music.
yb s (8 months ago)
Thank god hes fine with that
Chandler Crews (9 months ago)
Geez wish i was as cool as this guy who knows everything about everyone
Rudy Figueroa (11 months ago)
That is why I'll only wear the strokes band shirts and superhero shirts.....those are the main things I know about, I hate posers who wear shirts with nirvana on it and they don't even know shit about them except Cobain lol...fucking lot of poser hipsters these days.
fancyfishfilms (1 year ago)
what a huge dumbass with such and obvious selection in bands
thesmoothone (1 year ago)
Dam why they opened the video with the beiber shade
Kaleb McArdle (1 year ago)
Most pretentious man ever?
Yen Vtg (2 years ago)
i totally agree with u with everytthing u say...👍👍👍
Alex P (2 years ago)
shepard fairey is a condescending prick and everything he says makes me gag
Rory Bevis (2 years ago)
Shep, I worked at Urban Outfitters and we stocked Obey. Weird right?
brut 20 (1 year ago)
fuck that place
Stonedutch (2 years ago)
Never realized what a moron Shepard Fairey is until now. I give this video a thumbs down!
Javier Prieto Diaz (2 years ago)
What a twat, who he thinks he is to decide what is ok or not?
Carlos Diaz (2 years ago)
Yup, Fairey is the height of hypocrisy. Fairey, along with Damien Hirst, another marketing genius and 'artistic Icon', are part of our downward spiral where art is concerned. He detached himself from any relationship he had to 'street art' and the avant-garde when it came to his attitude towards appropriation. He appropriates but as soon as anyone else 'appropriates his already appropriated 'art', Fairey immediately sues them, or gets his top-end lawyers to send out send C & D letters. You just have to Google the amount of people Fairey has tried to stop making art from similar images he used and the ways he worked. #ShepardFairey and his #Obey bollocks stand in part for everything that is wrong, contradictory and hypocritical within an already vile and hypocritical 'art' world. Yes, as artists we all have to make money but there are self-imposed limits, lines that once crossed make you into the antithesis of everything you pretend to portray. Some artists STILL make art for its own sake and do other jobs to supplement their poverty. Perhaps Fairey had a moral compass in his early years but it would be difficult to find now that it's stuck so far up his corporate arse. Didn't proof-read, no apologies.
Crash Course (2 years ago)
i actually like Justin Bieber's art better than Shepard fairey's. That don't make no sense song with Travis Scott is fire. tracing old graphics and bullshit is not fire. fucking nerd
Stephen b (2 years ago)
this guy sucks!
palsyddad (2 years ago)
Shepard Fairey is a massive hypocrite. He takes symbols of revolution and turns them into capitalist marketing tools.
tyront (2 years ago)
Shepard Fairey is basically that horrible guy at a party that won't stop trying to educate you about "real" "culture" in the video. The kind that corners you so that you can't escape while telling you that "Ian Curtis dying was the best thing to ever happen to New Order" while chuckling to himself and sipping a Stone and Wood through his permanently pursed lips. - Noisey, Vice
SavingGraceTV (2 years ago)
15 seconds in and i clicked like
bnk57 (2 years ago)
Copyright is for pussies©
Bettina (2 years ago)
the post pop depression shirt is really "vintage"... can't be older than a year - only because iggy pop is on it, it doesn't mean its "vintage" ;)
DJMPTV (2 years ago)
Delroy (2 years ago)
what about all the people wearing Obey who have no idea about street art or who Shepard Fairy even is lol
Kasper Leinonen (23 days ago)
Maybe not capitalise on vandalism. Maybe that wouldn't happen then. SELLOUT
Insane Cut (6 months ago)
Jamar Martin (11 months ago)
Delroy he’s the guy that did obeys art!! Wow I didn’t know that. I love his work
Charlee e (2 years ago)
Delroy Delroy I came here to comment about this. My sentiment, exactly!
Sam Desai (2 years ago)
Are we not gonna talk about the contradictions here? Firstly, he "doesn't really care what Justin Bieber does", yet he cares enough to "not allow Justin Bieber to taint an entire genre for him". Also, He doesn't like people buying the shirts without listening to the artists, yet he's happy that The Velvet Underground have had such success with their Andy Warhol shirts, when a lot of the demographic that bought that shirt have probably not listened to The Velvet Underground ..
Abe Copenhagers (2 years ago)
Please don't upload in 50 fps looks horrible. This is not a videogame.
Mitchell Guist (2 years ago)
I was cracking up about that girl who bought the shirt from urban outfitters. Seen shit like that too many times.
Brooks Reynolds (2 years ago)
Philip Anselmo should probably ruin Pantera for you.
I N F I N I T I V (2 years ago)
Ya'll roasting him for his OBEY brand, but if you were in his shoes as an artist, you'd do the same to make a dime. That's how you survive these days as an artist. You gotta sell shit. People who say "sell-out" is the stupidest thing I've heard. You rather see these artists die broke and starve ? Lol. DaVinci was commissioned to do art, just like many other greats .. different times, different ways to make money Maybe Obey fell off, but it marketed his art work even more to a larger audience outside the street art niche. Though, I have no idea why he ripped on JB. I'm not a JB fan but let people wear whatever the hell they want to wear. If they get called out for not knowing the music, that's their fault but that shouldn't stop them from wearing it lmao
+lala lala lol
I N F I N I T I V Justin Bieber is wearing vintage band tees and making them popular. Causing every fucker that can't think for themselves to copy him. But it's really jerry Lorenzo's fault.
David Finley (2 years ago)
hypebeast, your videos are too short. you said his collection, you showed 3 t shirts, you showed more of his art then the actual t shirt collection itself.
tele asencio (2 years ago)
If obey wants to talk a lot off bullshit... "I'm ok with that" ..... Piff.
Ramesh Weston (2 years ago)
Anyone knwo the song name that started at 13 seconds?! :O
Ayran (2 years ago)
25 years - pantera
dabzvapelord (2 years ago)
if shepard fairey used to be a legitimate artist before become a complete hack and creating the shittiest quality, over priced, nasty ass streetwear brand ever conceived, more power to him. but i'm not really a shepard fairey fan i don't really care what he does, i will not allow shepard fairey taint street art for me.
someone living (2 years ago)
google "obey" click "images"
Swag God (2 years ago)
''I will not allow justin bieber to taint an entire genre for me'', lmfao who does this dude think he is
brut 20 (1 year ago)
butt hurt Bieber fan boys all over this comment section
someone living (2 years ago)
+Lailah bitch you're insecure and rely on instagram comments to feel loved. shut up
Swag God (2 years ago)
+Lailah he does, but damn you fine
Lailah (2 years ago)
I was literally thinking the same thing. Like no one has thought about him or his brand since 2012. He just sounds so obnoxious this whole video.
someone living (2 years ago)
someone who doesn't want to be tainted
Philip Marius (2 years ago)
check out my latest video :)
Philip Marius (2 years ago)
Daniel Dmowski do as u please :)
Daniel Dmowski (2 years ago)
Indi AP (2 years ago)
wtf did jb do 2 you..
Indi Trendlord he wears Marilyn Manson tees and every fucker who can't think for themselves is copying him
Indi AP (2 years ago)
Katlego Mahlase naaahh u bugged
Katlego Mahlase (2 years ago)
He's a crime to humanity

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