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Inayah Lamis is musically gifted! Sign her now

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Inayah Lamis is musically gifted! SUBSCRIBE http://bit.ly/Sub2LaTruth
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LATRUTH (3 months ago)
SUBSCRIBE NOW PLEASE http://bit.ly/Sub2LaTruth
Life of Spade (20 days ago)
Can you post me?? What’s the fee? Check my insta www.instagram.com/Thetinaluckett
Shaine Thomas-Ferguson (25 days ago)
Latoya Nance (2 months ago)
Got to subscribe is she signed to a label if she not she need to be
tracy clement (15 hours ago)
Her flow is the shit!!!!!!👍🏻👍🏻❤️❤️
Paula Durfee (1 day ago)
she is raw i listen to it over and over
Rosaleah Ben (1 day ago)
she fine af😍
Susan Henry (1 day ago)
Yup!! I love her talent!!
Tiffany Mccall (1 day ago)
Lbm King (2 days ago)
AAAAYYYYYEEEEEEEEE I fw her steelo Gz - King aka DGK
alienatedism (2 days ago)
8:13 - 8:57 serious vibes ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Jafarika Johnson (3 days ago)
She is talented
R'ea J TBA (3 days ago)
Mannnnnnn, this was my new year situation. Smh
KaeB (3 days ago)
When she said she catching all the backlash from all the hoes that broke his heart I felt that on another level
TRY ME BITCH (3 days ago)
She sings like its nun...damn👏👏👏👏👆💯
Kenya Daly (4 days ago)
I pulled up at his mom's and he was at work, the way she said he's doing the double shift today you knew I was crazy huh, it made me smile and laugh. I hope she gets signed she's got a good voice you want to listen to her.
Syrah Lovve (4 days ago)
She need to be all on my playlist and shit. She hot i love her honesty and personality
Syrah Lovve (4 days ago)
Sign ha na 🔥🔥🔥🔥❤❤❤
Kristina Barnes (5 days ago)
Not human the end🤩🤩🤩🤩
Garcia Gang (6 days ago)
Always on this . Shorty got talent
Zenobra Dickey (6 days ago)
First time hearing her music but her music is so dope i normally don't like none of the new artist music for real but she can sing in rap i have too check out more of her music .
Phancee FaDaFee (6 days ago)
Yasss bitch I love it
Jazz4Real (6 days ago)
This is fye 💯🔥 shes dope frfr.
Megan Willis (6 days ago)
She don’t know me, but I be like damn...how you know my life 🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ lmao
rjfirst74 (7 days ago)
She got a Faith Evans vibe to me.. Love it
king d (7 days ago)
neicey davis (7 days ago)
Anybody that doesn't like her videos is a straight hater frfr
YoursTruly #Devine (7 days ago)
Somebody please sign her please
N’dia Carter (8 days ago)
Ok so now back to my Jesus, I love but forget to trust him, forget who I am in his name every time that lust hits, yes Ik I’m part flesh but I am also spirit I can fight these urges off, all I have to do is try it🙏🏾💯💖
Sovereign Reign (8 days ago)
That's pure molten lava. Too many nukes goin off, boom, boom boom!
Ty Reese (8 days ago)
I wish i could like this a million times
daddy cx (8 days ago)
Fo a remix for roll in peice
Teri Brown (9 days ago)
I like her she really b spitting in she pretty 😘😍😍
Qwn Shiya (9 days ago)
0:04 😫😫
Alissia Rives (9 days ago)
U and Boosie need to do a song fr fr. I nees more of that exchange remake
Janice Hampton (9 days ago)
💘 love your singing 🎵 motivation stay with it🙌
CurlyQueens TV (10 days ago)
Yesssssssss bitch
Porsha Holley (10 days ago)
I don't comment often.. but I like.. I'm sure the world would... All her dislikes gotta be ppl who actually got beef with her or just a regular hater
Davon Jones (11 days ago)
Ranika Bourgeois (11 days ago)
Baby you so good you make my day better
Carletta Goodrich Mann (11 days ago)
Write lyrics that is where the money is follow the money
Carletta Goodrich Mann (11 days ago)
Yes you can sing love your lyrics. Did you write those lyrics? Romantic love hurts. Give them the wow factors. Then don't let them INz.....
Lovely Lady (11 days ago)
Yesss gurrlll!!! 👍👍👍😎
Nevaeh Corbiser (11 days ago)
That third one😍😍
Help Me ÕθÕ (12 days ago)
Damn her laugh... Cute
Self Queen58 (12 days ago)
She Leaves me in tears always...her voice is so amazing💗💗💗go on girl
Anthony Cordero (12 days ago)
The first one ...
Monisola Elliott (13 days ago)
Her vibrato is insane! I think I have a girl crush.
Aisha Holmes (15 days ago)
She needs to compete on the Four!
neek16ds (15 days ago)
OMG I love her😘😍😍That's bae
Kirstin Moseley (15 days ago)
Her nails ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Candice Peart (15 days ago)
Chino Marley (15 days ago)
2:47 what's that beat??
Muffy MagnoliVlog (15 days ago)
Mr. Big Man (17 days ago)
Please don't sign with anyone stay Independent do it on your own it will pay off in the long run for you
Julia Ridgeway (17 days ago)
Yes, I love this Young Queen. She on point, that voice. DAMNNNN 😱
MichHud1 (18 days ago)
I swear this is the realist out here right now
Lily Lorens (19 days ago)
What song is playing at 2:50 please?
darron young (17 days ago)
Nas ft lauryn Hill if I rule the world
Alethea Thompson (20 days ago)
5:11- 6:08 my fav
Rosaleah Ben (20 days ago)
she's so fine😍
Tosha Dodd-Dunnaville (20 days ago)
This baby right here is EVERYTHING!!! Sing baby sing.
Brittany V (20 days ago)
Well damn....
Ash smith (22 days ago)
Ari-Ben Kendricks (22 days ago)
2019 do big things Sweetheart
james pots (23 days ago)
Galactis (24 days ago)
That first song got me 😔
Whisper blu (24 days ago)
I'm truly a fan now
Mz Xtreme (24 days ago)
This my baby💯💯💯 we should do a project
Will Brown (24 days ago)
She's so dope
Pat Duran (24 days ago)
Keep it going giiirrrllll!!! Love it 😁😁😁😁
Jasmyne Lafromboise (25 days ago)
Nails to damn long
Paul Alexander (25 days ago)
Alexander Entertainment Consulting Firm been trying to get in contact with her for like 6mths. Hard to reach. Hit us up! You got over 90 nominations for Next Up Female Rapper 2019. Hit me up lets chop it up. R/S I'm a just put my info out there let you know im serious. Paul Alexander [email protected] (785)-341-6895
Kim Thomas (26 days ago)
How can I follow her. I love her sound, her vibe her look
Teresa Young (26 days ago)
Eric Brown (26 days ago)
Do u know what the name of the 1st song playing is stuck in me head your crazy talented tho
TheReal Jenae (21 days ago)
Eric Brown exchange by bryson tiller
Eric Brown (26 days ago)
Do u know what the name of the way song playing is
Shirelle Marshall (26 days ago)
Christina Bell (26 days ago)
Go girl kill em
Rayven Scott (27 days ago)
Shamekia Berry (27 days ago)
she tryna use her musical talent to keep a nigga...bitch please that ain't gone keep a nigga tied down neither😒 I mean she prolly singing bout a nigga I done fucked already
NS NATION (27 days ago)
who esle thinks shes better than nicki manaj
TheWholeShabang (27 days ago)
At first I was like ... so is so many people... then I listened.... I agree she is really good. Better than some artists that is signed.
Poppin Jewels (27 days ago)
Her and R Kelly need to get together and make a musical trilogy like Trapped in the closet. Maybe she should do it herself either way it would be 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Agnes Opiyo (27 days ago)
Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurl.......Loooove your style boo💞 Say it all😛
Agnes Opiyo (27 days ago)
Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurl.......Loooove your style boo💞 Say it all😛
ivelisse torres (28 days ago)
0-59 second
Ali Mar (28 days ago)
Yes girl
Sing it girl
shardae mitchell (28 days ago)
Christina Morgan (28 days ago)
Her voice is so dope!! ❤️ Somebody needs to sign her ASAP
Donna Moore (28 days ago)
Nice 👍🏾
Sumayya Isah (28 days ago)
okay!! I really can see she likes d Big D
Shanel McAfee (28 days ago)
Dude the subs are so off
Malik Mohammed (28 days ago)
Her voice is so smooth thoe 🤤😍
Shermika Hyman (28 days ago)
All these producers sleep on her she very talented
AuthetnicEpicBoom! (29 days ago)
Muneca Mccoy (29 days ago)
She was great give her a deal.
Ms Holliewood (29 days ago)
The Lyons Legacy (29 days ago)
I cannot get enough of her! Omfg. 😭😩😍
Khuzi Ismail (29 days ago)
Wish there was more!! loved it!!!
Jackie Brown (29 days ago)
U are awesome
Tavondrey Albert (29 days ago)
Leah Luvv (29 days ago)
😩💕 3:43

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