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✂️💈 BEST BARBER IN THE WORLD 2018 U.S.A / Videos Compilation Styles for Men's #18

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✂️💈 BEST BARBER IN THE WORLD 2018 U.S.A / Videos Compilation Styles for Men's #18 - Thanks for subscribing!! LIKE & SHARE . 🔔 Turn on the notification bell to be the first to see my new uploads! 🎶 ▽ Credit Music ▽ 🎶 ▽ Credit Video ▽ Thank you for BARBER around the world. Thanks for the credit. (Unknown source) ★ Hairstyles around the world ★ Beautiful tattoos around the world. ★ The most beautiful motorcycle around the world. =========================================== © If any producer or label has an issue with any of the uploads please get in contact ([email protected]) and it will be deleted immediately (this includes artists of the images used). Thank you! =========================================== #barber #barbershopconnect #barbersinctv#barbers #barbering #barbergang #barberlove #mensstyle #hairstyles #haircuts #haircut #menshair #menstyle #beards #beard #beardoilhair #bearded #beardgang #beardlif #mustache #beardporn #beardedmen #fade #Barbershop #理容師#Kapper #erkek kuaför #Barbier #Fryzjer #Κουρέας #berberin #Barbero #Tukang cukur #Frisör #Barberare #перукар #Frizer #Парикмахерская # حلاق #Barbiere #ဆံပင်ညှပ်သမား #barbierswinkel #bearbóir #Holič #ជាងកាត់សក់ #이발사 #шаштараз #ბარბერის #ตัดผม #barber #Friseur #理髮師 #理发师 #berber në
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Text Comments (6744)
DraccoKnightblade (11 months ago)
Literally two seconds in and the first thing I say to myself, out loud is "...Is that guy using a hacksaw on that dudes head?" And yes...yes he is. WTH?
+Dezz Smith I am Arabic there is nothing
Frank the Ant (30 days ago)
I think it's fake, he probably already cut the hair but made it stick on later? How can you fade with a saw?
Rupesh Pradhan (30 days ago)
Your mad 69 (30 days ago)
Ur grammar sucks
Doggie Style (1 month ago)
What the hair
Blueberry Pitbull (1 hour ago)
I hate these SJW hairstyles… What ever happened just cutting your damn hair or shaving it off?
صارو الرجال ينافسو الحريم في اشياء التجميل
Jennifer B (17 hours ago)
Some look nice and ok. Some of these haircuts look awful🤮🤮🤮 hot guys and they look not hot after these haircuts on some of these guys. Like really?? Want to attract a lady this is the wrong way to do a haircut. Lol. Yuck!🤮🤮 But a few i did like a few guys in this video look hot🤩😍😍
Kx_ David (19 hours ago)
His back had more hair then my dog and cat have to gether
Pardeep Dhaliwal (1 day ago)
8:27 When you find out your gay
Haircuts that only last one week
Saloua sliwa (1 day ago)
4min10 c'est un loup garou purée c horrible
isya chic (1 day ago)
3:13 hahahah
stunner hare (2 days ago)
I'm motherfuckin STARBOY!
Eric Brown (2 days ago)
The starboy cover is trash
Pedro Chavez (3 days ago)
Que tecnicas tan estupidas 👎🏻
Edu Dobradurass (3 days ago)
karl Meier (3 days ago)
Best Barbers in the World are Turkish Barbers.
Leo Pilmore (3 days ago)
That looked pain full for the buld man
Ghost 2930 (3 days ago)
7:39 you got mad fluff my guy
nobody cj (3 days ago)
Songs ass
Neko Droiid (4 days ago)
Como a de traer el culo ese men
Why always is the same haircute!?
Basketball72 (4 days ago)
Basketball72 (4 days ago)
I can’t stand the music
ragequit arts. (5 days ago)
3:11 jesus! What the fuck!?
H Giles (5 days ago)
Duuuuude did they just wax a guys head! In one pull! ... man of steel
H Giles (5 days ago)
2:36 he is way too low on that dudes eye... that shit’s about to get reeeeal irritated
Beverly Alana (5 days ago)
Meu Deus ... Eu vi um lobisomem... kkkķk...
Mero Rin (6 days ago)
3:15 Wtf? 😭😂😂 Who is that psychopath
Tiago Silva (6 days ago)
Like só pela música top....✌😎
Qais fitness21 (6 days ago)
Last song ?
Han Wang (6 days ago)
Débora Hungria (6 days ago)
7:27 Nossa❤😍
kawfi (7 days ago)
everybody’s talking about the mammoths in this video, meanwhile, did anyone actually see 10:24? big oof. he could of gotten hurt with that 👏
Su Anjelica (7 days ago)
3:18 ㅅㅂㅋㅋㄱㄱㄱㅋ ㅋ 다음 장면보는데 이거 생각나서 뻘하게 터지네ㅋㄱㄱㄱㅋ
Adapt Iris (8 days ago)
On the first clip mans was using a coping saw
Fanny Eigle (8 days ago)
3:54 beuuuuurk
Glitter Lollipops (8 days ago)
3:13-3:44 wtf is going on? Also I came from Expose’s Instagram account.
A.A SBL (9 days ago)
Maymundan 5 dakka önce doğmuş mübarek!!!
•Rachel• (10 days ago)
That’s so cool. A gorilla at the barber.
Ann Thomas (10 days ago)
how people know how to do that
Devan the unknown (10 days ago)
Megan cavanaugh (10 days ago)
*Jeez that guys in the thumbnail looked like a wolf*
Ricki Rubalcava (11 days ago)
How can they be that hairy!!!? Is that possible!!!
Edinho77 (12 days ago)
Song at 9:15 pls I love it
O.S Gaming (12 days ago)
bro, ask for a solution for bristle-growing cream that is really good
Фан Sara Snef (12 days ago)
3:28 я этак ужаснулась 🤢🤮😰😰😰😱
That Army (12 days ago)
It would have been so satisfying if the shaved off all of his body hair
جميل المهدي (13 days ago)
Molly McCullough (13 days ago)
2019 anyone?
Yuvraj Singh (13 days ago)
Tell the song's name
Jeongh Km (14 days ago)
썸넬 오른쪽 진지하게 고릴라인가요?
T1M H8LL (15 days ago)
blokes are actually getting worser than women lol hilarious video one dude thinks he's Elvis lol 4.33🎶🎸🎤
Ulugbek SHodiev (15 days ago)
Э муретоне аин рузатон
Yu-GI-OH n' Friends (15 days ago)
I think I'm gonna heave 7:40 🤢🤢🤢 He's got more body hair than my dad. I bet when they done, it looked like someone shaved a wolly mamoth with an electric chainsaw. 😂😂🤣🤣
I only have 1 thing to say: why HELL i have this bullshit in my watch later list?
CruxLuthica06 (16 days ago)
CruxLuthica06 (16 days ago)
3:28 That... Looks kind of weird.
CruxLuthica06 (16 days ago)
3:16 They look like they're fighting
CruxLuthica06 (16 days ago)
2:21 the barber was a konoha descendant
XCX boi (16 days ago)
lmao the guy getting the peel off his head
Mumi Tara (17 days ago)
Some of them was soo funny😂😂
김자람 (17 days ago)
Redefine (17 days ago)
Lolz 3:18 🤣🤣
حلقين اخر زمن
anneshirley duncan (17 days ago)
A nice hair cut and a shave does the same for men as makeup does for a woman. ❤️
شباب انتو هيج مشعرين مثل هذا لك ظهرا مليان شعر لعب نفسي يع😝😝😝😂
Кто российский?
Anant Shrestha (18 days ago)
This channel Barber is best in the world
Enrola O Cabo (20 days ago)
ACG Medical (20 days ago)
They aren’t Lit, they are shit lit. As in shit hair cuts.
??? (20 days ago)
fightnoseven User (21 days ago)
2019 год кто-то отрисовывают узоры у себя на голове.
karthik R (21 days ago)
4:50 jonny
3:54 that guy doesn’t even need any clothes
John Smith (22 days ago)
3:13 🎶 *look what you done* 🎶
kiaora224 (23 days ago)
Lol guy getting his head waxed haha
joseph mackey (24 days ago)
It feels like your at a salon instead of a babershop 😂😂😂😂 i wonder if they will turn you away if you just tell them I'm looking for just a haircut nothing else just a HAIRCUT😂😂😂😂😂
Leah Carrick (25 days ago)
3:12 me 😂😂
simba 94 (25 days ago)
6:23 fafoniks jak miał 10 lat
AJ Pl4yz (25 days ago)
7:38 monkey has joined the chat
youthful idiocy
Bravo Zayas (25 days ago)
Tickle me Elmo lookin mother fuckers
scary terry (26 days ago)
More shitty music
Mogha 1 (26 days ago)
Omg that wax helmet... they should have done one strip at a time.
dawidpl00pl (26 days ago)
Ale frajer
Sean Smith (26 days ago)
That first guy has to be really brave
belkys ROSES (26 days ago)
i just love how the first guy is just looking and seem to be happy😀
ثامر العمري (27 days ago)
Tim Da 3rd (27 days ago)
Pvpmaster 1923 (27 days ago)
2:30 is that honey
Andrew Roebuck (27 days ago)
Put shit uk barbers to shame amount of stuff these guys can do.
Daniko o (27 days ago)
3:28!! OMG 😱😱😨
BASTIANJING K.A (27 days ago)
Luar biasa
Xtreme Gamez 89 89 (27 days ago)
2:28 the guy looks like a human penis
b w (27 days ago)
A bunch of goat fuckers getting ready for a date with the shepard's flock!
Canes 4Lyfe (27 days ago)
You needed the hack saw on the silverback.
El Pavo (27 days ago)
Jajajaj hombres que se hacen la ceja... jajajaja
reazzihyperxD (27 days ago)
Ziemlich schwierig dass alles👍 aber harte Arbeit zahlt sich aus
Marcial Corral S (28 days ago)
3:11 Like
gacha paris (28 days ago)
10:28 me when i have four test in a day

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