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Today's Trews discusses disobedience and distraction, the spectacle of modern politics and mass media. Subscribe to the my channel here - make sure to hit the BELL icon too to be notified of new videos: http://tinyurl.com/opragcg Listen to my Under The Skin podcast here https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/u... Unf*ck Yourself From The Modern World with my new book Recovery Get it here in US: http://tinyurl.com/ydcwz3kd Australia: https://t.co/Ri1XSonD2X UK: http://tinyurl.com/ycs8gu6b Produced & edited by Jenny May Finn Trews Music by Tom Excell & Oliver Cadman Trews Graphic by Ger Carney
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Robert P (2 months ago)
I Ben Saying it For Years,,Un-united,Complacency got us were we are--CONTROL-ED--
Catherine Sparnenn (2 months ago)
Yes I like your words, well done you
JOE peeer (3 months ago)
what a life
Will111ism (5 months ago)
Gr8 video... Tho ur voice changes more by 2.30 u start acting as if your channelling spirit? Do tell Russel Brand ☆
W and S (5 months ago)
This has nothing to do with anything, but please Russell, loose all that facial hair. All men look more handsome clean shaven. You look like a muslim. Are you? - no really.
Vintage Vga (5 months ago)
River Morey (6 months ago)
VALIANT JOKER (6 months ago)
Drew Farmer (6 months ago)
i feel like this is what the trews would be without Gareth's supervision
Ray Ban (6 months ago)
off topic but do you wear a hair system/ wig? a chanell on youtube says you do but i don't believe it. can you please confirm? thanks alot.
Petit michel (6 months ago)
He should trim his beard.
Your Favorite Lifecoach (7 months ago)
I;m glad someone sees through this political circus
ROVER25X (7 months ago)
Could you start doing more episodes of 'The Trews' as I miss your funny takes on the News, surprised you didn't have a crack at Pisshead Morgan and his rant about Daniel Craig.
Lance Love (7 months ago)
Well since we are constantly being hacked everywhere we go it doesn't matter! Once standards are set for us to follow philosophy and religion we are bent to one will and method and we begin to only see the limit of our meaninglessness...this sends us to the limits and we are returned a blank terminal. We can learn from this but unfortunately religions are always mispercieved and often lead to worship....and recycled neutral self disposal as verbal self defense...now this can be changed into something valuable...but often is only a redundant verbal praise of someone and something... This is like praising charles manson...a beautiful musician with touching songs and emotionally charged intellect...but also a problem. When we don't own and raise a person we shouldnt take credit or responsibility..i think it ends up being a cloning device...your society becomes cloned based off characters in literature..perception and imagination when paired with god and tbe universe try to see...and that's when the sight is sent to the universe limit and returns with a creative nexus of blank expansion...this keeps getting filled with religious data which real time pased..you then think your done with everything and that you've help with the future..not so...and worse if and when you do try to convert to a present tense function..boom you only begin to unravel the clone information of the religious identity and the universal space and time construc which is ever expanding in the real as well...since the universe is expanding our mind is unable to rectify anything decently encapsulating and insulating as far as hitting a stop button and helping address these problems of recycle and autocloned identity. The camera becomes a conduit. Then we pay for universal space and our personal line of human garbage intellext we have copied..the information line is huge and has a great variety..but we remain simple clones of the earths past and not its future. The cult cultivator is too strong and stuck up in the sky as space itself and its literally ever expanding edge or limit. Theres no forwards or backwards anymore....the books have arrested the futures development because they think and hoped and prayed they would...to the end thier work would become immortalized and its been made to do exactly that...one book body one book mind one book spirit and they all are dead and dead is nothing we can fathom because its so shallow and depth in life is nothing we can fathom because its so shallow because our shallowness is nothing we can fathom because we are made from matter that occupies space and this is such a bumblefuck to us our existance goes haywire just trying to look up our asses to safely see out the other side of our mouth. So our huge discovery is that we are obsessed with our occupation and its science of remote intellect...but that still is as simple and primitive as a dinosaur and a rock. You feel your tail....it happens immediately and it can be delayed..we are affected and yes we can see clearly...if there were no illusory sun and air and body where we coax life there would be in fact space...the final frontier and the great capacitor for our mental fuel. Expansions largest construct but not the only element capable. All may be all and any may be all but is not as well and so thus...what is is..and not not...nothing has occured except a note of nothing occuring. The rest is human ramblings and distractions of voices heard within the closed space of the mind or somewhere in a cave or room or in the air. Life goes on unfortunately each life will seek the source of this reference for awesomeness...its nothing...not anything all...infinity is as magic as film for a camera...you see what you are and know and the rest is blank space or rocks and light. Geography is the ruling factor and humanity is lucky. Time is invented by the earth technically since it happens to it. Time is luck. Unluckiness occurs on the clock as a paradox. No one sees it. Accidents are real but they arent about luck they are about matter. A small rule that people ignore is important. But again..wish in one hand and shit in the other..shit is lucky to exist and the other hand you are lucky you can understand space and thus the wish doesnt pop into existence otherwise some real dynamically effective rules would most likely cause your hand to explode...thats you being lucky nothing happens because time is locked on earth and the shit remains the evidence of the effect and collapse. You don't eat apples and get apples back...if you like anal pleasure you may be okay with whole apples popping out periodically....but...time is collapsing on the apple and its degrading it as well as youre chewing it up did. End point. We don't need no stinking bibles or any book. And yes...it is a different book that loves mr.executed baby man...that hasn't created justice or law or money or ipads...its done none of it. People thank it for what humans in the real have done and that's wrong. Likewise its wrong to punish your kids for not following the book and youre only allowing that when you're kids are gay and its a curse so was jesus. Now everyman is a redundancy and that....is discrimination in the direct light and no one seems to care that its cloning device is totally negative. But hey...who am I? No one? Well anyone who disagrees with christ is described as a devil and basically a political bully...never free to disagree we end up remanded faith and education. Getting a red X and orange jumpsuit because we are in need of correction and wrong about someone elses premise for existance not our own..we live today...dead imprisoned...ignored...discounted....retarded...because we don't measure up to an old book. Sure you can love Jesus more than anyone else in the book or hate him as long as he leverages your attention or oppositely you may blindly see the real world system because one is described in the book as well...either way you simply are over exaggerating a picture book. Turns out its a gore movie at the end and whew..its over...not a big deal..but worshipping a movie? A bit much folks. There is no skeletal reflex. Period. Flesh is function and fashion. I wish we could live without war..but unfortunately theres a fashion war and a clone war and a book war and an identity and academic intellect war. I can only imagine freedom and peace and my existance as whole without this literally virus on earth. How i have longed for the perfection of its abscence. But..luckily..my shit is in my ass and thus...this book is in my body as well. It is made to make me guilty of hating humanity and technology. I gaurantee that is its poison. To own your operable mind. Destroying it remedies it. Destroying you also remedies it. We have yet to choose the correct one and destroy it. Terrorism wins by being smart and king or even just nice! We know all the tactics...we just aren't applying ourselves to be free. Thats my opinion. I hate this book and yes, for me, it is a poison and it does rape my being and life and force itself into and upon me and i see it take me from the world and the world from me..thats called objectification.
Chariotreign (7 months ago)
Russel is doing something very special right now as he evolves at a blistering pace and turns his beautiful mind toward matters of great importance and delicacy. He was made for this. And yet, at his pace, one has to ask, what is he going to be incarnating in another ten years?!
Emil (7 months ago)
Cool man.
Ross Mackenzie (7 months ago)
I love you man, from a woman on a throne, sorry, i meant a man on a phone. Now be off with you x
KiwiBanana (7 months ago)
thank you man in a jumper!
Sanctuary Stretch (7 months ago)
Love it! 💜
Isureamned (7 months ago)
Great beard.
Heavensgate (7 months ago)
OKay, heard what you said, very eloquently spoken. But, can you please listen to what I have to say, I will just cut to the chase, this life is a TEST...... on discovering the TRUTH.....than implementing it . Not following our desires or what our ancestors did not know. Fortunately in this age of Media, I can be sitting in my office in Africa, listening to you in England. Hopefully this is good, as we see in this life it is about goodness and working against evil that was put inside of us and there is also force of EVIL that we can not see around us. As well we have many good forces trying to help us. But the evil is Causing great mayhem around the world ; due to our ignorance. Depending on what we do in our short life, we can either increase this evil inside of us or decrease BUT this is the catch ,... ONLY by the help of our Creator. Since we were created weak and defective, but our ego tells us otherwise or this evil force thinks we are independent and in need of no one. How sadly we are mistaken this is very far from the TRUTH! The problem is this.... many people worship their intellect or desires, and that is only going to get you in destruction. We were created for purpose. But you are correct we are distracted on nonsence of what we are being programmed by the Media which is controlled by BIG business AIPAC. A lobby in the states.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ffZ6bqt1zA. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8aw4IbpsqE.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qC9OGs6PrPU. So....to get to my point that I want to share......we were given system that is from our Creator. Yes, he gives us free will to follow the truth. As well this perfect system has, if I can describe it movement to use our intellect to a point this has to be explained too long sorry and difficult. , but it has a foundation that we must not ever alter. With core guidelines to live by to give justice on the face of the earth. This system is the TRUTH. This is why our Creator, gave us Prophets and messengers to follow not humans who are defective. Yes, they are human but they are the ones GOD chose to follow with revelation. Jesus son of Mary was a Prophet.... but people are confused and though he is the son of GOD or GOD.. Which is so ridiculous. GOD is NOt Human!!!!!!. He is so Supreme that our little minds can never imagine GOD. See, our forefathers corrupted the Bible and Beni Israel wanted Jesus son of Mary dead, WHY because he told the Jews of that time not to do usery..... interest on money. Now, look at the mess today it is all from the Bankers The Rothschild who control the banking system for 700 years, who created mayhem with their Wars to get their system into countries all over the world. Okay, sorry this is huge topic----- so getting back to following the TRuth, For 600 years humanity was in the dark after Jesus son of Mary, who will return. When we do not know, but the signs of his return we can see them as this TRUTH was given to our Last Prophet Muhammed( May peace and blessing be upon him) times are going to get worse before getting better. So to cut to the chase we only have time to establish this truth and following and sharing this truth. Because we were given this body to house the soul, plain and simple the soul will never die. Life is just a stage, we have many more stages to go through. Death, is a stage everything will die, except Allah( the SUpreme) and then we all have to go through the day of judgement. This is the perfect system that GOD the Almighty gave us. Please listen to the last revelation. Thank you so kindly . All the best.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRn8Xc41nUI
Emily A (7 months ago)
sometimes I find spiritual truths though intellectual pathways (not always my own but always true to the author)
Chris Gregory (7 months ago)
Has anyone read this book?
Dana Shkor (7 months ago)
Sooooooooooooo good! Man I wish more people thought like this, Russell. Much love.
Pauline Rumi (7 months ago)
Hi Russell, my power source switched recently I used to be troublesome and now I just call it good power I don't know WTF happened but anyway I wanted to thank you for making the video that documentary called Road to Recovery , very good , comments were disabled on it so thanks .
Zoiks (7 months ago)
Isn't "Disobedience" also an ideology now though - appropriated and weaponized to harness reckless destruction and promote inchoate rage? The call for "Disobedience" is just another form of obedience now. Freedom and Justice seem better served by vigilance, of yourself and the motivations of others.
Path Finder (7 months ago)
And yet, today's local paper, letter to the editor: anyone calling for laws and traditions to be upheld are refered to as "Nazis". SMH
michael uk (7 months ago)
"beware the false prophets" Russell can well afford better than the blue curtain backdrop of a passport photo booth, this linguistic tap dancing does not impress me one iota, talented though it is, it's preaching like the Pharisees
Stacey (7 months ago)
✋ Please Sir, I don't understand this video...can someone explain it to me in layman's terms, please? I got: [Spiritual] people preech things and live their lives in a fashion that correlates with what they preech, then they die. I didn't understand the rest...what are we supposed to be doing?
R V (7 months ago)
I love Rus, he is the shizz diggler fo sho
fanobennemsi (7 months ago)
Dawn Rowan (7 months ago)
Indeed Chaos precedes Transformation.  We are at The Turning of The Great Cosmic Wheel. Hello Age of Aquarius! A Collective Awakening and Rise in Humanity's Consciousness of Epic Proportions.  Thank you Wise and Passionate Soul we call Russell (;
Will Harper (7 months ago)
I'm at that point where I never get out of my pajamas...;)
NANO BOT (7 months ago)
what about Muslims gang raping little girls I didn't hear you mention that or Tommy Robinson just a lot of gum flapping
Timothy Dowling (7 months ago)
Hi Russel, can you please talk to someone called Todd White I think you and your viewers will find it really interesting! Thanks.
RoyalRootz Entertainment (7 months ago)
Discipline of the Mind is the Basic ingredient of Spiritual! Read your B.I.B.L.E A Chapter A Day from Cover to Cover, Truth Teacheth itself. Feed the Faith & Starve the Doubt, LOVE GOD & LIVE! Step in it Bro. Russel- Legion of Angels are Riding with You!
lesryglfohser (7 months ago)
i don’t like how russell has changed his brand to be more serious, he’s a funny guy and should continue to embrace it
Nika Holtzmann (7 months ago)
mrspester (7 months ago)
Give up your wealth and material possessions Russell, touch the earth as Buddha did!
bob Gray (7 months ago)
I didn’t know binlarden was still makeing vids
Patricia Shaw (7 months ago)
can't wait for brexit Britain.
BASSCOMMS. (7 months ago)
Marie Kung (7 months ago)
Yes Russell when you have a direct experience as I have through mindful meditation you can think for yourself and are not available to the sick system of capitalist preditory greed, and white supremacy rampant in American propaganda. We do not want totalitarianism of Kings or Dictators to rule us we can use cooperation and non-discrimination as our moral high ground. the system is broken must be replaced now.
Abdul Rahman Malik (7 months ago)
Whoa he’s back
Sea Green (7 months ago)
Light as a kite, this bloke couldn't live on an estate or in a town for a week.
Valentina Saponara (7 months ago)
Could you make a video about our image obsessed society?
Sea Green (7 months ago)
Isis is not good innit but like da prophit is good init and we believe, yeh we believe init, like we believe yeh that god and that is as high as your family itself init, and if you dis god you dis my family itself init, and thats not good you pay me money, but its good init when my mam goes into the side door womens entrance of da mosque like init cos thats gods house init and dogs and homs is dirty no offence to you like innit and we can lie to you like init, god said so thats ok init, so everyfin is ok init, but would i lie to you init and if i do lie to you it was you that made me do it init. Sharia Leeds man, that Sharia is no good man innit, would i lie.
Rich Wapner (7 months ago)
How can people watch this clown.
Jack Neil (7 months ago)
I've missed you whilst kept in isolation,u balance us
chris mcdermott (7 months ago)
Simply observing the many facets of human nature provides enough information to laugh at any situation and to easily separate one's self from what can be misinterpreted as the big picture. There is no need for disobedience unless you are allowing yourself to be ruled by external ideologies in the first place.
World Love (7 months ago)
chris mcdermott Your music is excellent. The reeling in the years cover was non-linear as heck. Your comment is trippy. Are you abstinate from drugs and booze? Your comment i get- but you are very evolved as an artist as i felt from your music on your channel. So like...do you feel antidepressants are a real thing man? Like....really? It's a left field question, yet i feel it fits....as a topic...when the topic is a self-loving and loving dialogue....if ssri's have been proven to mess people's thinking up silly, why the heck are 1 outta 5...on ssri's? Awe, heck!
MOO (7 months ago)
If you told me 10 years ago that Russell Brand would end up being a true voice of reason in this chaotic world I would have chuckled at the thought. Yet here we are. I honestly respect your apparent thoughtfulness, good nature and positive intentions. We need more people like you. I'm glad you are using your huge platform to educate and engage your fans. You are the man.
Brythonic (7 months ago)
Russell did you see Way of the World's recent video about you?
Dumb Jason (7 months ago)
there's a little african child trapped in me
Lizzy Sprigg (7 months ago)
Remmy J. Knowings (7 months ago)
Iceberg..,Bergstein.., whats the diff..,sounds jewish to me. No i am not anti semetical..,are you anti gealic? Mind your titanic..,its the part of the ice under the service that needs to be attended by all!!! Yeah.., well that and dont let the orchestra distract you while you sync.., :) Happy extincion to all xxx
Silvia E Coronado (7 months ago)
Thanks Russell, "don't be afraid, to be disobedient." As a parent I have told my kids to question everything. Yes it backfires in a funny parent kinda way at times but how else can they speak out in the world if they are afraid to speak out in their first world, the family structure. Ultimately distractions take us away from our own inner voice that is always there to protect, the higher self that beckons you, like being a parent to yourself....I am rambling but here in the US when I focus and grow angry at the irrational happenings this is what happens...I forget my rebel side...I grow sad or feel powerless. But thankfully I always have that self that's leaning at my door, smoking a cigarette, wearing a leather jacket and reminds me that there are still many windows to throw bricks thru...
I WILL END YOU ASSHOLE (7 months ago)
My love you have gray hair!!!!!! Dye that beard!!!! Love you Russell
sophie dymond (7 months ago)
Oww russ love you and the 'shite' you spout out but please sort ur face out and please start using words together that make sense.... ...because even the dissobedient dont know what the actual ferk u are talkin about Get another stand up gig on the go xx
heighwaysonthewing (7 months ago)
thank you man in a jumper much love from a man in a t shirt and where have you been tatty head?.
Mycoblue (7 months ago)
Thank you Russell, you have brought a little piece to my day, much love my friend!
unity2 (7 months ago)
truth (yyyaaaaa)
Z T (7 months ago)
Hi Russel I’m curious about where your ancestry is from your looking more prophetic.
클럽의 에이스 (7 months ago)
1:44 That distinction between prophets and priests reminds me of Shane Dawson’s video where someone says, supposedly, sociopaths like to feel empowered even in religion and seek higher positions even there. I’m actually curious. There must be ways of helping them (if they ask for help) through medical treatment. Chinese medicine if done properly offers support for not just physical but mental problems as well.
John Smith (7 months ago)
I was disobedient, every institution told me to vote remain, but over the years before the event I decide I wanted to leave, so when the opportunity came I voted leave
Barney (7 months ago)
I wonder if Russel knows about false flag terrorism
Delta Monarch (7 months ago)
Sounds like Fabian shit to me.
David Wilder (7 months ago)
Russell!! The prophet look!! I hope you've waxed that beard!!😁✌🏽
Virtue Fern (7 months ago)
It's the power of stupid
ANDRES Catella (7 months ago)
elsa Grace (7 months ago)
People only want to rule and control in the absence of receiving understanding and mattering.
zita harper (7 months ago)
Love this.
GOG and MAGOG (7 months ago)
So is he saying we should be disobedient to all ideologies, both liberal and conservative?
md ayaz khan vlogs (7 months ago)
Your face look very depresion.please come india as a tour
Don roussy (7 months ago)
I love his ideologies and those of others he practices. I just wish i could get a grasp of his accent and the words he chooses to use to explain himself. I have to watch him a few times now and then to get the message lol
GrimSpeaker (7 months ago)
Feminists preaching what to do, what is virtue and what is sin. The truth is fleeting bcs the world changes and new ideas are needed, like old idols and their truths are corrupted with time. Or that lies were thought of as truth and the world tan along with it until some wake up before they crash into reality. Sometimes they do not, like in stalins Sovjetunion. Communism is degraded as a whole and no one looks at the details that made it sensible in some ways and those that think something similiar to it are outed as communists and never heard; they might bot even know that their ideas are inconpativle of the sort of communism which makes them lump themselves among ”likeminded”. Like those who label themselves ethnonationalists etc, with good intents cheerishijg truthfully all nations and all their people but are branded nazis. Is it farfetched to think that the ”nazi” or ”communists” could in light of this might have cone to think like the other one if the circumstances were set up for the line of thinking up to the point they saw the world so differently? It is hard to hear eachother if qe do bot bother to really listen but are so certain what thoughts make others this or that that they never themselves would have voucher for; ”but those you are associated do!” Some say, not hearing them either.
Grant Knaver (7 months ago)
I always appreciated how funny you were, but by God I like this side of you man.
Nick Bargas (7 months ago)
Thank you Russell. Love you much from one of the connected!!
stacey kerryn (7 months ago)
Thank you. I needed this.
Jix M (7 months ago)
Why didn’t you mention Lord Krishna?! Or Hinduism doesn’t matter 🙄
jon dough (7 months ago)
The formula is: it's illegal to use a legal name. The Escape Clause: https://bccrss.wordpress.com/
Needed this after this weekend. Thanks brother
stuff (7 months ago)
"we don't need to be spoon-fed ideologies" from a man spoon feeding ideologies. WTF The world really has gone mad. This is what happened to Rome you know.
Corinne Bevan (7 months ago)
Fantastic jumper!
jupiter moongauge (7 months ago)
And what does Mr. Winkie think about all that Russel ? That's what we wanna know. How far is your old ball sack up your bumhole ?come on Russel, stick to things you are actually quite good at talking about.
legalise nature (7 months ago)
Phone addiction!
titty sprinkles (7 months ago)
dick fart
titty sprinkles (7 months ago)
Knxwah (7 months ago)
XXXTentacion was a modern day prophet 🖤.
JJ Blake (7 months ago)
These things are true; You are made of mind, body and soul You have free will and the ability to act on it through our own choices You can give your consent, remove your consent or not consent # You are the master of your own domain, your own king, divine through the spirit of existence. Communism, Capitalism, Socialist, Democracy, republics, religion etc....................all ideas. Ideas that are conjured up by people that got ahead in the use of left mind logic, but they lack right brain creativity, empathy & compassion> They are stuck, trapped in their own dark minds with the lust for power and control. They don't just want us to submit, to be subjugated for their use, they want us to love them for it. They are not human, they can't be, for if they were, they would understand our free will spirit and that it over powers us to not submit to any master of the material world. So time to choose a side, time to start rallying. The first mission is to dispose of the rulers of governments, parliament, courts, banks, corporations, religions. What happens next is your choice.
mayagayam (7 months ago)
TipsForSanity tip 27
Laura Obcena (7 months ago)
Thank you!!! Sending you love!!!
GuerillaUnderground (7 months ago)
Can we not effect any kind of change from within the system? The history of the Labor Party is one of socialist reforms (albeit in a completely different social and economic climate)- can we not rescue this mechanism of justice and liberty from the claws of Left-wing dysfunction and make it work the way it was originally intended? To provide a basic standard of living for all citizens while allowing private enterprise to work within the bounds of environmental and social responsibility?
Jason McDaniel (7 months ago)
This is the sound of one hand clapping loudly!!!!
neilboxer00 (7 months ago)
Lmfao Russell Brand the `champagne socialist`.
Ben Woodard (7 months ago)
No hard feelings but this comes off as meaningless word soup to me.
Paul Stevenson (7 months ago)
Hi Russell, To me you appear to be a slippery smiling changeling! What is it buddy! Centralised Government / Governance or inalienable rights under GOD with people deciding their own destiny?
ART KNOWN (7 months ago)
Oh you've turned into a real yogi now !
bush baby (7 months ago)
...what if they are pushing disobediance after turnin' their so call officiers of the law into vampires 👮👺👮💂👹...
Jennifer Johnston (7 months ago)
I loved this so much.. and so needed to hear it. Thank you so much you incredible man 💛🙏💛
Miah Leissa (7 months ago)
Thank you, Russell.

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