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How To Love Everything In Your Closet Closet

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How To Love Everything In Your Closet Closet. Want more style advice and some AMAZING freebies? Of course you do. Free eBook ‘The Ultimate Guide For Scoring Luxury For Less’ www.laurenmessiah.com/luxury4less Ultimate Wardrobe Checklist for Women: http://laurenmessiah.com/ultimate-wardrobe-checklist SUBSCRIBE for pro fashion tips, insider trends and new videos: http://bit.ly/1N7xVjn Connect with me on social media: Visit the Lauren Messiah WEBSITE: http://bit.ly/1wCjCxF Like me on FACEBOOK: http://on.fb.me/1IWQi4k Follow me on TWITTER: http://bit.ly/1Tm2ruM Follow me on INSTAGRAM: http://bit.ly/1L4iGZ4 Follow me on PINTEREST: http://bit.ly/1WfU0Ah About me: I am a fashion expert, on-camera talent and a premiere personal fashion stylist in Los Angeles. I believe that style is for everyone. I work to educate and empower women through my daily dose of fashion advice, shopping guides and styling tips. How To Love Everything In Your Closet Closet http://www.youtube.com/user/StylistLaurenMessiah
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C S (7 months ago)
Oh my god! Revelation! I realised you’re absolutely right if I have crap in my closet, I WEAR IT ! Arghhhh thanks Lauren I’m fully woke to this now, you’re a legend 🙏🙏🙏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💓💕💪💪💪
Chandra Sweetz (11 months ago)
That's so true. Love the way you put things hun. ✅
Jamie Flores (1 year ago)
My lifestyle issues im late.lately idk what happens when i have to get dressed. I changed my outfits until im clustered my closet < cookie-jar with clothes. Ive missed out on life bascily... how to spot cookies?
D A (1 year ago)
You don't sound professional when you use the word shit. I would like to hear what you say but when you talk like that I want to cringe. Sorry but can't subscribe. I suggest just try to be more classy.
Leslie Carnes (1 year ago)
Dang girl how did you know I have a whole bakery of cookies in my closet? LOL I need to get busy cleaning out my closet! Thank you for always being funny and inspirational.
Cheyenne Sutton (1 year ago)
Thanks! You are an inspiration. I am on a mission to throw out the cookies!
Mishka (1 year ago)
😂😂😂🙌🙌🙌... cookies 🍪
Jay Kay (1 year ago)
You are too cool! Thx for your video here. I just subscribed, you seem awesome!
Liza Soliman (1 year ago)
i have a pilly sweater that I wear to walk the dog too! can i keep it for winter pjs?
The "classic" jumpsuit I kept thinking I could figure out how to wear. Gone! Guess what? People with a short rise and short torso should basically never wear them..
Dog LoverXOX (2 years ago)
Lol my mom used to call me the Cookie Monster
Ethyl Ruehman (2 years ago)
my cookies- cute clothes that don't fit me, clothed that are hard shades to match, trendy pieces that aren't my style, gifted items. In the process of detoxing and i got rid of like 9 trash bags so far haha
Amanda Rogers (2 years ago)
PLEASE DO MORE CLIENT MAKEOVERS!!! Those are my favorite of your videos. It's so amazing and helpful to watch you walk someone through the process.
Sally Tomashik (2 years ago)
An eBay purchase that I made when I was in love with Eileen Fisher (yes, I'm older), my husband calls " a Pilgrim" look, I gave to Salvation Army. It was a long, wool button down dress which can also be worn as a duster, was not very flattering on my curvy figure because it didn't have any shape.
angel d (2 years ago)
Love the necklace
angel d (2 years ago)
Language language language
Sondos El Sarha (2 years ago)
hey lauren, loaaave ur videos soooo much ..u r awesome. now am guilty of wearing everythingggg that belongs to my hubby (and i mean everyyyyything) 🙈🙈🙈, my philosophy is: i keep my nice lounge wear for later and wear his tees and pj shorts to clean and cook 😂 things are worse now because i just had a new baby and with all the housework and baby spit ups i neveeeer look "feminine". pls make a vid about how to look nice while being a new mom. 😢❤
Alex Andreasson (2 years ago)
Getting rid of blue sweat pants tonight....I was saving them to play paintball with them with my niece & nephews
Trudy Holmes (2 years ago)
Questions: How many white shirts (some wit black) are appropriate? How many Jeans are appropriate ? I've gotten rid of 20 pairs and may pair down a little more, I now have 16 pairs.
nicole declercq (1 year ago)
I am going to get rid of my cheap looking turtlenecks. I hate looking at them much less wearing them.
Katherine Sillaman (2 years ago)
Trudy Holmes they are so easy to stock up on because they go with everything! like i said, if you havr them in different styles, you might want to keep more. but if you rarely wear them, then theyre just taking up space that you could be using for other closet staples
Trudy Holmes (2 years ago)
Thank you so much. I will now pair down on the white shirts. I think I over stocked on them because they're easy to match with colors. I'm learning though lol
Katherine Sillaman (2 years ago)
Trudy Holmes in my opinion, it depends on how often youre wearing them and if theyre different styles! it its all the exact same white t shirt, and you have 20 of the same white shirt, id say thats an excessive amount and maybe only keep 3 or 4 (if you have to wear them often for work, 3-4 will cut down on laundry)
Helena T (2 years ago)
Damn I don't know if I'm comfortabl showing and telling my cookies.
Stroud Kelly 安乐 (2 years ago)
ok you talked me in getting rid of my cookies
"You will wear that ugly shit, because it's there"- love it. Loving your channel. Thank you! Linda, Brisbane Australia.
Joanne Duarte (2 years ago)
Lauren, I have been binge watching your channel for hours today. I feel like I've got a good hold on my style. But I do have some cookies in my closet, lol. Like those sweat pants that I used to wear when I was pregnant. Yes ma'am. Those bad boys have to go as soon as I get home today! Thanks for taking out the time to making these videos and helping us all. I love love love you.
Aurora Sartorialis (2 years ago)
I have autism, so it's really hard for me to compel myself to dress nicely for others, in the first place (even though I want to look nice). I learned basically the hard way that, hey, if the Halloween costumes are in my bedroom, I may wear them to walk the dog. Or I have worn eveningwear to the grocery store at 7:00 in the evening because hey, it was a full-length one-piece and who has time to put on pants AND a shirt? Basically, I have had to put up a closet elsewhere in the house that is for costumes on one side and eveningwear on the other, because my brain has no social boundaries and will wear anything anywhere. X3 Terrifying. (I keep my business capsule visually separate from everything else in the closet, for the same reason.)
melanie wilson (2 years ago)
My closet cookies are old shirts and sweat shirts like hoodies that ive owned for far too long now! They lost their shape and might be stained yet i go for those when i just can't seem to find anything to wear!
eizhowa (2 years ago)
I look forward to moving into my new place and unpacking all the boxes so that I can get rid of a bunch of stuff now. Cookies need to go.
DominoBK (2 years ago)
LOLOLOL at "closet cookies"! Just found you, subscribing asap. Love it, love it all, love love love!!!
Gigi (2 years ago)
Hi Lauren, I loved your tip about popping on a black jumpsuit when running late. Could you please recommend some great quality, versatile jumpsuits? And a few ways to style for both, work and play. TIA! 😘
MissRhyanna (2 years ago)
lol....creepy, ugly, cookies! Love it :)
Elizabeth P (2 years ago)
I'd love to get your ideas for cute summer office outfits for the not too formal office environment.
Marketa M. (2 years ago)
"Identify the cookies" LOL
Nanna Lambert (2 years ago)
Wow,love that necklace. You have to show us how to wear accessory. I do not know if you have an old video on this topic.love love that necklace.
Jessie M (2 years ago)
I'm gonna tell you..these aren't cookies I have--they're crumbs. I got comfy clothes around the house beat up pilled hoodies w/yoga type pants that are wearing out the inner thighs from chub rub (when your thighs are fat and rub together) and yes they're SO hard to let goooo of. I'm guilty!
Lauren Messiah (2 years ago)
Crumbs! LOL. Love it.
The Office Stylist (2 years ago)
Almost my whole closet was uggo and I did a recent cleanse which was AMAZING. I did end up with only like 4 shirts haha but honestly better than all this clutter of super uggs stuff. Bye felicia cookies!
PAULA PANTER (2 years ago)
Lauren, you have a great sense of humour! I find myself always laughing out watching the entertaining videos :)
Lauren Messiah (2 years ago)
Thanks, girl!
Nefertiti7070 (2 years ago)
This is such good advice, I so love your channel as I feel you are so down to earth!
Lauren Messiah (2 years ago)
Thank you so much :)
Siobhan Bracken (2 years ago)
How to style skater skirts?
Sofie De Schoenmaeker (2 years ago)
Hi Lauren , I really enjoyed your video, your personal stories are so relatable, really funny! I will go to my closet and take another good look at it, no cookies please :) I love the necklace you are wearing, who is the designer? Where is it from please ? Greetings from Belgium, Sofie xxx
Lauren Messiah (2 years ago)
Hi Sofie! My necklace is by Shourouk (http://eshop.shourouk.com/en/) I got mine on The Outnet
Connie Wanyandie (2 years ago)
lol, you're wearing cookies. Man, I'm gonna use that!
Muse California (2 years ago)
So funny! I'm inspired by this, thank you.
Bukky Adeshiyan (2 years ago)
Thank you for this reminder. I need to get rid of some items

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