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Text Comments (96)
Deen Daily Life (2 months ago)
Boi stop usin dat ugly ass old meme shit fr
MeMasterGamer (2 months ago)
This is a fuking ugly old video
Stefan K (5 months ago)
This wasnt even funny
Anonymous164 Tetris (5 months ago)
I'm doubting your claim that your 18. You kinda act like a the freshman in my highschool every time they get a kill in fortnite...
Noooobs only
benjabrown2005 (5 months ago)
12:16 nice fail
AK- FOX (7 months ago)
My Kid Life (8 months ago)
Dark Death (8 months ago)
ام مجتبى (10 months ago)
Sebo :D (11 months ago)
oh you make also funny moments
Anthony Koops (1 year ago)
Random Guy 76589 (1 year ago)
Will u do a 10k since it’s coming soon pls
Bryant Family NZ (1 year ago)
Some of the clips that I saw in this video were in part 4
fridolo (1 year ago)
I loved!! Truly loved the LTTB sound just before ramming! HILARIOUS!! Good job.
Number 13 (1 year ago)
That1Guy 32 (1 year ago)
what recording software are you using?
That1Guy 32 (1 year ago)
i am poor af, it it free or is it like $20?
MeMasterGamer (1 year ago)
Maxim Frey (1 year ago)
Isnt funmy
Haroon Zubair (1 year ago)
over the top use of popular memes :(
Nicola Lixi (1 year ago)
Shayson (1 year ago)
Есть кто с России?)))
Shayson этак точно!😀
Peter Jesus (1 year ago)
its still not funny
Peter Jesus (1 year ago)
wtf is this
Erik (1 year ago)
if you want too join our clan our name is Royal Guard and my nme is PanzerTankVII
Dan Le (1 year ago)
At last one I died isn't it from Nemo when bunch of sigles are screaming mine?? xD
John B (1 year ago)
Wasn’t funny
nOlan1001000 (1 year ago)
Can we be friends
Henk Onderwate r (1 year ago)
You beter give me a link to the tractor music at 11:13
Lâm Đoàn (1 year ago)
fck ur mom *i will* what the?
Jacob (1 year ago)
auto-aim is for noobs
NoB 22 (1 year ago)
Fatih ŞAHİN (1 year ago)
ammoracks not fun
MeMasterGamer (1 year ago)
11 I think thats positive
Fatih ŞAHİN (1 year ago)
MeMasterGamer Games You should said 'Thanks for reply i will keep it in mind' but looks like you are 11.
MeMasterGamer (1 year ago)
You are not fun
Zero_Meercat (1 year ago)
love your intro m8!
MeMasterGamer (1 year ago)
Thnx :D
That's alot of ammoracks in the T29
Le Radis Explosif (1 year ago)
the same st-1 is keep saying you are a noob mater ok the vidéo (when you raming with your kv5)
benjabrown2005 (5 months ago)
Kid of 5 years old confirmed 100%
Edouard Vézina (1 year ago)
MeMasterGamer Games lol
MeMasterGamer (1 year ago)
ikr he had 47 wr and 400 avr dmg
Thabet Thawabteh (1 year ago)
:) ep 2
MeMasterGamer (1 year ago)
lol this is already ep4
Vince Spaventa (1 year ago)
funny as hell, good job. lol
Pe Pe (1 year ago)
using weeeeee sound waaaaaay to much i was getting mad. lol
MeMasterGamer (1 year ago)
Malcom Volkovic (1 year ago)
whats that hui sound when youre ramming things lol
MeMasterGamer (1 year ago)
Malcom Volkovic (1 year ago)
i mean where do you find that sound effect was it someone laughing?
MeMasterGamer (1 year ago)
unsozialer _ (1 year ago)
This ST-1 xD
menny xc (1 year ago)
KOOPA PANZER Do u watch one porcentaje?
unsozialer _ (1 year ago)
MeMasterGamer Games PS: I am 123Rex321 xD
MeMasterGamer (1 year ago)
Vjj Bjjj (1 year ago)
Nick K14 (1 year ago)
2:28 - 3:14
Luca TheNoob (1 year ago)
Gg mate. Congratulation for 2k :)
MeMasterGamer (1 year ago)
Thnx :D
booOOoody (1 year ago)
Fk that auto aim assist...... not fair
MeMasterGamer (1 year ago)
kaboom (1 year ago)
some old OD moments
MeMasterGamer (1 year ago)
Justin Freimann (1 year ago)
Great Video dude!
HubMcpe TR (1 year ago)
nice video <3
HubMcpe TR (1 year ago)
:) fannn
MeMasterGamer (1 year ago)
Thnx :D
ParadoxDonut (1 year ago)
This is amazing!
Dominic Spicer (1 year ago)
I haven't even played in months and I'm still in your videos.... mission complete xD
MeMasterGamer (1 year ago)
TiToS (1 year ago)
4:22 sound effect link pls
Kaguya Shinomiya (1 year ago)
congrats for 2k subs!
MeMasterGamer (1 year ago)
Thnx :D
HighGeneral Blitz (1 year ago)
Did you repeat footage from the previous funny moments video?
HighGeneral Blitz (1 year ago)
MeMasterGamer Games lmao ok den
MeMasterGamer (1 year ago)
yes Ep 1-2-3 in 1 srry, Blitz is boring nothing funnys happening
Nick K14 (1 year ago)
HighGeneral Blitz yea
HighGeneral Blitz (1 year ago)
Yep you definitely did
Arthur Delius (1 year ago)
yehea !! 😉👍
sikes12[CZPRE] (1 year ago)
ha you arent noob????hahahahaha
MattgregPlays (1 year ago)
Congrats!!!! :)
AdziuU (1 year ago)
nice t30 3x ammo rack :D /poland_punishers
Lusor Paul (1 year ago)
nice Love your Videos
ossin paluu (1 year ago)
I see those videos all ready -_-
Ádám Halek (1 year ago)
MeMasterGamer Games nab
MeMasterGamer (1 year ago)
No lol, Almost nothing is funny on blitz so it could take so long to get footage
Ádám Halek (1 year ago)
MeMasterGamer Games you lazy ass
MeMasterGamer (1 year ago)
It's Part 1-2-3 in 1 episode

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