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teyana taylor beefing with Jeremih for saying she’s his opening act and drops out the tour

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teyana taylor beefing with Jeremih for saying she’s his opening act and drops out the tour
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Trawayne Moss (4 months ago)
U sexy asf
lord freeza (7 months ago)
She look like a tranny
handsome25286 (8 months ago)
She’s the opening act couldn’t name 2 songs from her 😂😂😂
TheKingWizard (8 months ago)
Aye know your lesson fellas do not beef with a chick from New York LoL
Cynthia (8 months ago)
Got that right!
Sativanessa (8 months ago)
Shes from compton lol
Brenda L (8 months ago)
Wow 👀👏so glad i seen her in Boston 😘😘😘 when she was there
Janise Wright (8 months ago)
You betta!
SkyFall23 (8 months ago)
Sorry but her energy is negative. You are a solo artist, go do your own thing. We all have problems with peers we work with but if they don't control your money and haven't done anything to do physically, keep it moving. Now she just express to world how messing she can be also with an attitude. I'm sorry but I don't see her music career going any further. Energy is in the wrong place.
YSM GANGZ (8 months ago)
My thoughts exactly. Who does this beef and drama hip hop shit in r and b?
Dr. Hip Hop (8 months ago)
Whoever that was struggling to type that sentence while she was talking during the live video. You gotta hold this L son
Living Haiti (8 months ago)
She use to be so fucking gorgeous before fucking with her face. Her body still on point thou and hope she don't try doing anything to it.
KaTrina Pruitt (8 months ago)
I love her
Chereen TheStoneWriter (8 months ago)
I don't know who Jeremiah is but I know who Teyana Taylor is I want to see her
Karl the promoter Kdk (8 months ago)
Shut the hell up clout chasing feminazi black man hating Dyke.......every chance you get you attacking straight black men who needs white supremacists when we have poisonous black women like you in our race you have all strength to attack the men in your race but quiet with the dominant society’s men who give you those Janky deals you need your emasculated husbands contract to afford your current lifestyle I Guess that strap on you use on him broke his manhood and common sense
Deeso K (8 months ago)
So these Black bitches can make threats and they fellow mule face weave heads applaud it and encourage it.... But if a black man don't back dowm.. These whores play victim
Deeso K (8 months ago)
mikey lighty (9 months ago)
That's a man ,smh modern day women
Living Haiti (8 months ago)
She use to be beautiful as fuck, had a crush on her. Sadly she will start looking more and more like a tranny cause once they start fucking with their face, it never ends.
DeAndre Anthony (8 months ago)
mikey lighty A man that birthed a baby okay...................
Jack1uptone (9 months ago)
Nesh Lane Why is Teyana Taylor starting to look like Jocelyn Wildenstein? https://youtu.be/ZgZVyb3vT-0
Viv Luckey (9 months ago)
Heyyy I know her from that movie honey rise up and dance
Derrick Dame (9 months ago)
Yall lying if u think tt got more hits then Jeremiah
Derrick Dame (8 months ago)
biz1boom tell her weirdo fans that
biz1boom (9 months ago)
Derrick Dame Umm...TT ain't got no hits fam...
Tight T (9 months ago)
Sounds like a bunch of drama. I wouldn't work with either.
Donavon Batiste (9 months ago)
That dude got over ten years of hit songs this girl don't know how to hustle her way to the top. We all eating a shit sandwich at the end of the day it's a job y'all there good days n bad days but don't let the bad days stop u from climbing to the top if u open act kill it so there is no second fuck act.
TheSushiraw (9 months ago)
*I'm tired of these BITCHES acting like MEN. 😀...* I FEEL SORRY FOR IMANI.
Ghost Face (9 months ago)
I bet this bitch talk to her nigga like that to.
manny williams (9 months ago)
Shut up u Dyke bitch
willie peppers (9 months ago)
Damn...stfu and get naked..jeeeez
Major Tom (9 months ago)
Who is this dude in the baseball cap talking shit. Oh that's right its just another black female acting masculine as hell. Black women simply have lost their feminity.
Raythell Jordan (9 months ago)
Black women are Always talking about how tough and strong they are , but then in the next sentence they are claiming to be victims and everyone treats them so bad.  Dumb bitch that's why no one wants you around,
Raythell Jordan (9 months ago)
Typical Black Woman, Always complaining , always fighting , always arguing, always drama . A nigga try to help you and all they can do is cause disturbance. Who would want to be married to bitch like this?  This is why the world cant stand black women.
EBONEE Barham (9 months ago)
Janky promoter type shit!
Nika witt (9 months ago)
Her face. Man wtf
Josephkillem (9 months ago)
Dam you stupid af u couldn’t spell relevant lol
S Davis (9 months ago)
Jeremiah who........?🤔
mo hammad (9 months ago)
That final frame was an instant finisher lmaoooooo
Jack Apple (9 months ago)
Nigga nigga nigga 👎
Danny P (9 months ago)
Bae ❤️❤️❤️
Vemeshio Hoskin (9 months ago)
deez blacc hoes need 2 leave dat plastic surgery shit da hell alone her face starting to look like lil kim"s
Jamarcus Simmons (9 months ago)
This is so unprofessional... she is nothing but a spoiled ass rich kid that grew up with a fucked up attitude cause nobody takes the time to check her ass.
Jesse James (9 months ago)
What does she do?
Trey bone (9 months ago)
So she was being paid less, she had the smaller dressing room and went on before Jeremih. That's sounds like an opening act to me.
Mon'3 World (8 months ago)
+Trey bone qualified?
Nesh Lane (8 months ago)
It’s Teyana’s tour now!! The promoters threw Jeremih away lol
April Anderson (9 months ago)
Trey Bradley what are u even taking about?? Just stop... you know damn well teyana is not the opening act. It’s a joint tour... point blank
Mont Price (9 months ago)
Trey Bradley you taking up for your homegirl Jeremiah Lol!
rcampan13 (9 months ago)
Trey Bradley i will talk, you make no sense. Im helping you understand.
Krysti Ramos (9 months ago)
Love her🙌🏽
k flores (9 months ago)
whats wrong with being the opening act if you are the opening act.
RC Trey (7 months ago)
bigsis1977 No it wasn't! He was the headliner and she was the opening act. I challenge you to Google it and look at all the promos and tell me whose name is bigger and whose name is at the top. Hell... the tour was even named after HIS album... "Later That Night". http://microphonebully.com/news-jeremih-teyana-taylor-announce-later-that-night-tour/ Y'all need to stop being willfully ignorant and do a little research. That was dumb for her to drop out of the tour over something as small and insignificant as that. What Jeremih said was 100% true. She just showed the whole world her true colors.
bigsis1977 (8 months ago)
It was a joint tour. She wasn't his opening acts.
willie peppers (9 months ago)
Shes a Dumb bitch
Zire universe (9 months ago)
k flores she think she is too popular to be opening and its not her tour
Roger Bryant (9 months ago)
Dam you ugly as hell!
Cinnamon Spice (9 months ago)
Girl please don't worry about a whiney ass dude he's jealous. You're grinding hard Harlem style & he cannot take the heat. Jeremiah my babysitter is with another client.
Ron Davis (9 months ago)
Cinnamon Spice Jealous of what??? Jeremih got hits up the ass, If he acting like a bitch he wrong but jealous of her? Shes lucky she is even opening up for somebody..its amazing that shes always on somebody's tour but has never had a bubbling, let alone hit single
bob baker (9 months ago)
Calling a men a bitch..i hope you stand on it..now you nigga got to get involve when i start calling you out your name
rafael rafael (9 months ago)
U keep crying wat the baby going do.
Chavel Solomon (9 months ago)
Your sexy ass
QueenAries0327 (9 months ago)
This is exactly why I love her. Teyana is 100% Raw authentication at its best.
QueenAries0327 (8 months ago)
+SkyFall23 she might be ranting but she's definitely not the fool. I understand where you're coming from, but that's the gamble you take in the business as well. Teyana has made a name for herself, and even though she was his "opening act". Everybody came to see her not him, and that looks really bad on his part. She has every right to address her fans on why she wouldn't be continuing on the show PERIOD.
QueenAries0327 (8 months ago)
+Raythell Jordan this has nothing to do with with marriage, but since you're going there. Teyana is happily married. If you want to deal with a woman who doesn't stand up for herself then shame on you.
SkyFall23 (8 months ago)
Not always,. when in business you have to be careful. She been looking like the ranting fool while he quiet and still making his money. People forget Jeremiah is a successful writer and he wrote for artist. He's almost like a Kandi Burris type...maybe not with her amount of money of course. He may not be on a Usher or Chris Brown level, but he is highly successful with writing, So he's good.
Raythell Jordan (9 months ago)
And you wonder why black women are the LEAST married women on the PLANET!
Ronnie Emerson (9 months ago)
This girl got a tongue on her. That hard up ass voice sounds straight butch. She harder than her dude.
Adrian Casanova (9 months ago)
Wow that upload was fast!!
Nesh Lane (9 months ago)
That’s my girl! Uncut and raw...she works hard and I don’t blame her. I didn’t even know Jeremiah had a new song or album
Jack1uptone (8 months ago)
Nesh Lane She didn't look exactly like that about 3 or 4 years ago. It look like she may have done something, or she becoming so masculine that it's starting to show in her flesh.
Nesh Lane (8 months ago)
Deeso, I can think of more problem this nation has than a outspoken woman...with this “MeToo” movement, more women should feel empowered to speak up. The threats are taking it too far, I agree.
Nesh Lane (8 months ago)
Jack, idk about that, Teyana has always had strong features...you think she has had plastic surgery?
Deeso K (8 months ago)
Nesh Lane The broad SENT THREATS... ... Giggles and laughs when a woman make a threat.. And demonize men if he doesn't be submissive and back down... Our nation is fucked lmao
Jack1uptone (9 months ago)
Nesh Lane Why is Teyana Taylor starting to look like Jocelyn Wildenstein? https://youtu.be/ZgZVyb3vT-0
Stevie Glover Jr (9 months ago)
She the best in she real
Kaylyn Dukes (9 months ago)
Frist comment

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