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No Country For Old Men hunting scene - with original score

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A film scoring assignment of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam
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Text Comments (403)
Joseph Gallegos (5 hours ago)
How have i never seen this. Im patrick.
Heron Blue (7 hours ago)
Now if I find a bag full of cash I will always check to make sure there is no tracker inside.
Master Chief 00117 (3 days ago)
Never go back. What got him killed...
Rico Conti (4 days ago)
Damn good movie
Range Man (4 days ago)
A pretty tall order for a wimp like Brolin to play a bad ass... girls have more shoulders than him... without his fathers success , he be working in a car wash.
virgO corp izzy_Oggy (5 days ago)
The meaning of the movie is to make you question about death. And suspense of attraction to dive you into deeper.
Steve Rivinius (5 days ago)
You can tell when they don't have money for extras they just kill them.
G K (5 days ago)
Charlie Watts
Ian Mangham (5 days ago)
Now I'm thirsty
MoziseCT (5 days ago)
I remember watching this in the theater and thinking “why the hell hasn’t he gone thru those stacks and put it all in a different bag??”
Paulie Walnuts (6 days ago)
I wonder if there is ever shit like this that actually happens in the desert where nobody lives and drugs/money are left behind...…..I know there are cartels cause I live in a cartel ridden state but I wonder if theres shit like this that ever happens in the middle of the desert, cause it it were me to stumble on all that drugs/guns/money id take it all and disappear to Canada or somewhere very far away change my name and everything lol
muP8085 (6 days ago)
Thanos off the juice...
philj212 (7 days ago)
is the score not in the final cut? long time since I saw this film
Digital Drummer (7 days ago)
can someone please clear up this situation for me please? So red stapler guy is buying a huge load from the mexicans i understand that much...but who killed the mexicans? was it simply a deal gone sour that ended up with a violent shootout where every single person died? or did i miss something?
Joel Zepeda (7 days ago)
Why in the world would someone go hunting in climate like that with no water?
Kelly14UK (9 days ago)
02:30 He's pressing the Y button down to Loot before he's even dead. NICE : )
kingair001 (9 days ago)
the Pardoner's Tale.......death
D. J. (10 days ago)
He should have split the money up. Left stashes at different places, instead of carrying the whole amount with him.
Japagow Trio (10 days ago)
The desert is magnificent.
Luis Chavez (13 days ago)
i live in southwestern NEW MEXICO i came across a dead man like that i respectfully left him there i never knew if he ever was found that was 30yrs ago.
James Souza (15 days ago)
Would a little over two million dollars even fit inside that case? If each bundle was 100 - 100$ bills (10,000$) 10 bundles to make 100k...I could accept you could fit 10 bundles in a tight row at the bottom & move up but 200 k sure..2 million ? 🤔
Buck Buck (17 days ago)
Every once in a while i have to remind myself of how stupid this fucking movie is
Lekok (17 days ago)
The first thing I thought of was check the bag with the money in it. Get some sort of plastic bag and carry the money there.
Clearly Dee (18 days ago)
I remember friends talking about this movie very briefly between each other. All I remember them remarking on was how it was a very quiet film... That's all they said as I recall. That deterred me from watching it until years later out of my teens... And boom! Discovered a fuckin masterpiece that my ignorant friends couldn't appreciate lmao.
jobje Rabbeljee (21 days ago)
Somehow, it allways ends up in a senseless shootn frenzy... All expecting worth and pay, and keeping what they carried there... No, the perdition, the last clingin on. The thirst last gasp, at some point you feel like helpin out... What's the point? Even though the law and the doctors, have to do anything to keep a man alive... In the core, waning range, remote dusts like these don't seem to make any to stick to their ambitions, there words of sincere devotion... It falls apart, like the opening of a dried out 30 year old can of crumbling shoeshine.
Mike Neil (24 days ago)
Gay movie. Sicario was way better
Sergio DO OR DIE (18 days ago)
U stupid fuck is not always about shootings u dumb truck
Nehemiah Stewart (24 days ago)
Oscar goes to the dog
ZePhyr (25 days ago)
anyone here from GTAv? xD
Chris Moyers (29 days ago)
Javier Bourdain is one bad dude. Even Woodrow Call don't want none.
Steve Friedman (29 days ago)
Great scene ,he should have gone through the bag and looked for a tracker ,he would have been home free.leave the dope to much hassle to sell
Craig Mc (29 days ago)
MMmmm - when you freeze the cash in the case at 6:04,  all the $100 notes have the same serial number!!!   L 14439604 A.
socaltop10 (30 days ago)
Note to self: When finding a satchel filled with drug money, move the cash to a duffle bag and ditch the satchel with the tracker in it. And don't RETURN to the scene of the crime.
Sebastian Honigkuchen (1 month ago)
I never noticed that the key wobbled. Why does it do that?
Ian Mangham (1 month ago)
Best part of the movie, then it's all down hill
Earl Driskill (1 month ago)
Big mistake by the Brolin character to go back just to give that man some water. He couldve just called the cops anonymously and informed them of the drug shootout.
mosilflutil10 (1 month ago)
Original score ?
kendall krasov (1 month ago)
Mexican Thanos
Tre Napier (1 month ago)
Glad he got what was coming to him. Was cheering for the bad guy in this movie.
Gary York (1 month ago)
the first thing I'd have done was empty the case to see what all was in there. then I'd have found the tracker. I'd have left it in the dead Mexicans shirt pocket!!!
Scott French (1 month ago)
Biggest mistake was going back to the scene. He would have been enjoying the good life
Sid Viscous (1 month ago)
this reminds me of "A Simple Plan."
Oliver Mayo (1 month ago)
That is one fine pistoleroo.
vzhoj H (1 month ago)
Pinche puto gringo! The man inside that Ford asked: "cierra la puerta, hay lobos" close the door, there are wolves out there. He didn't. Puto.
Krishna Mohan (1 month ago)
This is why this movie is so brilliant. The music is really good but the movie is really on another level without it. I forgot my sense of time the first time I watched it. It was almost like I was living it.
Hank R. Hill (1 month ago)
Oh look a bunch of dead bodies in the middle of nowhere Ill go get up close by myself
Michael Fritsche (1 month ago)
Mauser 98 . still one of the best bolt action rifles on earth. My father built many of them . mine was a 7x57 for hunting and a 25-06 for Benchrest.
AZCobraman (1 month ago)
Moss not having water with him is the only part of this I find impossible to believe.
braddockakalatis2 (1 month ago)
Any chance the bills were marked or in sequential order?
Illuminati aqi (1 month ago)
This was in gta 5
Brandon (1 month ago)
If only he would’ve looked in that briefcase and removed the GPS transponder he’d eliminate all this mess. If I ever find $2,000,000 in a briefcase you bet Im looking for a transponder and I’d probably move all the cash into a different container. I’d steal all those guns too
L. Enzo (1 month ago)
Magnific movie.
Helix Echoes (1 month ago)
So just out on a regular huntin' trip and tumble upon a drug cartel thing gone wrong and suddenly he has a new mission. I wish he coulda got Anton though... He lost he was a noob.
Young Basedgod (1 month ago)
This is me in PUBG tryna get in on the drop crate.
Gah Fawkes (1 month ago)
fuck the money, i'd just take all those guns and sell them later 1 million dollars is a lot of money, but my life is worth much more than that even with his skills, he got killed in the end because LIFE you can't escape and they will chase you down to hell, rape you, cut your fingers and tongue out, then kill you
David Smith (2 months ago)
I like all of the Coen Brother's movies, but this may be my favorite. I like the characters and the dialog.
Scott Vaj (2 months ago)
This movie taught me if you ever find a case full of cash, bring your own bag.
Jericho (2 months ago)
Ultamit hombre
Colin (2 months ago)
He walked up like he was going to hip fire a bolt action hunting rifle.
Kaptin Fancy (2 months ago)
3:17 what does the mexican say? can someone translate?
Kaptin Fancy (2 months ago)
+Noah Shenk thank you!
Noah Shenk (2 months ago)
Cierra la puerta. Hay Lobos. "Close the door. There are wolves around."
absolutely immaculate (2 months ago)
Finger prints on car doors
Nympth Johnson (2 months ago)
Red dead redemption 2 looks fucking great
rzs studio (2 months ago)
Red dead redemption 2 live action
CloudStreets (2 months ago)
I don't hunt alone in the desert often, but when I do I always completely empty brief cases with money in it should I find one. Stay thirsty my friends.
MbseedM (2 months ago)
If you've ever seen photos of those in the cartel who've been killed, they guys look no different. Great makeup and whatever other artistry involved to make it look as real as it does.
News Now Adirondacks (2 months ago)
He removed the pistol magazine then cycled a round into the chamber then put magazine back in pistol.
niall441 (2 months ago)
Who in there right mind would go hunting in the blazing heat without WATER?
J Shepard (13 days ago)
niall441 Maybe he drank it all. I think we've all run dry before.
Buck Buck (2 months ago)
The truck was the best part of this shit movie.
TG (2 months ago)
from 4:20 to 5:08 i think this is the only background music in the whole movie
Brandon (2 months ago)
This was a damn good movie
Jogo Lock (3 months ago)
Let's be honest that guy wasn't the smartest spanner in the toolbox.
J Shepard (13 days ago)
Jogo Lock He needs help, Carla Jean.
Nesthocker CR7 (3 months ago)
Ach der sagt aqua!! Ich denk mir die ganze Zeit: Warum sagt der Mann Aua.
Albert Walter (3 months ago)
All that dope lying in the desert, what a waste...could've made millions off of it and retire in Monaco lol
flashkraft (3 months ago)
Weird thing is there was a small river a few hundred meters away. Remember Llewelyn jumps into it to get away from the dog in the next act. He could have found a container. Gave the man his water and left. Even with the tracker it would have been hard for Chigurh to find him without any clue as to who he was looking for.
J Shepard (13 days ago)
flashkraft He didn't care at the time. It bothered him later.
MangoHombre (3 months ago)
The lesson is: When you find a HUGE wad of cash.... always look for the transponder.
lee wicklund (3 months ago)
Nice. A movie that takes place in 1970 with a Ford Bronco body style that didn’t come out till 1980. Derps.
J Shepard (11 days ago)
There are some much newer semis visible on the highway around the motel later in the movie if you look closely. And the little country store where Chigurh buys peanuts...the beef jerkey behind him is obviously current issue. Packaging wasn't that fancy in the 80s.
Swaying Dementia (16 days ago)
Throw that derp in the mirror homeboy this shit takes place in 1980 you dumb dick
Blake Martin (1 month ago)
The movie takes place in 1980.
Richard East (3 months ago)
Check it for a transmitter!
Mateusz Tur (3 months ago)
Moss is a frekain idiot. I have no idea how is he supposed to be the smart guy in this movie. Makes absolutely no sens for him to not check for transponders or any other potentially dangerous or unwanted objects that might be in that case. For all he knows, it could've been wired with explosives on a timer, the money could've been imprinted or false copies with no watermarks... there could've been drugs or cut-off fingers beneath the money on the top, hell anything. And all he does is take a brief look and never goes back to it? Upon finding a treasure like this, I doubt there would be anyone who would wait like 3 or 4 days before actually going through it like Moss did. I can't believe he would've as much as count the money. What a stupid thing to do to find a case like this and never even check it out for freakin days. An actually smart person would probably take like 10 rolls or smh which is still a fortune that will make you rich enough to do anything you want for years. That way nobody would bother chasing you after a small missing sum.
Smarty Jonez (3 months ago)
The last great American movie
Happy Schizophrenic (3 months ago)
The storm brewing after he walks away with the money
dellpiero (4 months ago)
the longest Levis jeans commercial
kseries1981 (4 months ago)
ain't no lobos
Eric M (4 months ago)
Fills jug of water...
Nominay (4 months ago)
"Cierra la puerta". Why would the Mexican want the car door closed? That only makes it more hot!
Lil Pump (4 months ago)
he said "close the door, there are wolves"
Michael (4 months ago)
Close the door, there are wolves.
Sergio DO OR DIE (18 days ago)
There ain't no lobos
snarfinigus (4 months ago)
The people gushing over this movie is a joke. All idiots. Not even plausible or remotely believable. I'll prove it. WHY would a drug dealer, badly wounded in the stomach walk anywhere for 10 to 20 minutes to find shade, when he could get in a truck and drive away? Every one of those trucks is disabled? They don't even look disabled. You people are the stupid movie watching generation. Your kids will say the same thing about the sharknado movies. Maybe you already do. Movie was full of holes, everywhere.
Lil Pump (4 months ago)
get laid bro seriously
Jorge Paul (4 months ago)
He found coke blocks a suitcase full of money 💰 better than powerball 👌👌👌
tankmaster1018 (4 months ago)
For some reason, I really like how he takes the mp9 and .45 with him... I don't really know why, I guess just because I wouldn't be able to resist picking up either of those guns either if I came across them like that. Maybe also because its such a rare thing to see in a movie too... I don't think many people would have been able to resist that chrome .45
Papa Burgundy (1 day ago)
That 1911 was most likely .38 Super and not .45. .38 Super is popular with Mexicans.
Miles Rains (4 months ago)
Of course almost everyone put in this position would call the local sheriff and report the scene. But that wouldn't have made a very good movie plot.
movie guy99 (4 months ago)
I guess its because he's suppose to be a Vietnam vet and hes seen death before but doesn't Moss seem kind of calm about this. Sort of acts like hes stumbled into drug deals gone bad before and has an exact plan for how to find the possible money.
Please Don't Do This. (2 months ago)
movie guy99 He just used his problem solving skills & commen sense. Being a Vietnam vet & Being a hunter plus being older, he has observational skills, calm thinking & perception. After a shootout there has to be at least one or two people left, he didn't see any tracks leaving or any missing vehicle spot which means the last one(s) probably tried fleeing. We could assume the deal had taken place in daylight & ended in the last guy running with the cash, if he were to live he'd probably stop under a tree but if he dies on the way there then he'd be in the field somewhere but since he was injured & still had enough time alive to flee then he'd choose a spot with some sort of relief (tree shade) before he succumbed to his injury.
Esteban ambriz (4 months ago)
I would of taken the money, hid it then call the cops from a payphone to go check the area out.....if he really felt bad forv the thirsty guy, eh Actually nevermind the thirsty guy might give out a detail description to the cops on how i look
Kekistan Shitlord (4 months ago)
Easy money
Rajat Mane (4 months ago)
If he would have seen that tracker, such great movie wouldn't have made.
Yankı Karaca (4 months ago)
There is nothing called ''easy money'' in this world . Do not forget that .
Eugene Wattson (2 months ago)
There can be, as long as we all remember to search for trackers..
Yankı Karaca (2 months ago)
You guys are forgetting something . You can have " easy money" . Thats true . But it will be gone too easy. That's also true. Which ı believe that.
TG (2 months ago)
except for politicians and pharmaceuticals
Nesthocker CR7 (3 months ago)
But i give you a like
Nesthocker CR7 (3 months ago)
If you have rich parents like Donald Trump, its easy.
Alexis Andrade (4 months ago)
Is thanos
John May (4 months ago)
Who goes out hunting in the desert with no water? No wonder he didn't look for a tracker.
Ricky Ray (4 months ago)
Around what year does this take place?
mott knil (4 months ago)
Dead man under tree should get an Oscar. Didn’t blink once.
Yanni Yanni (4 days ago)
Paulie Walnuts (6 days ago)
legend has it hes still chillin under that tree not blinkin once
Earl Driskill (1 month ago)
Lol, that has been so over used in movies to show someone who is dead.
Sudhir Bonthu (1 month ago)
Alistair Neil (1 month ago)
Cos he really was dead
Mikey (5 months ago)
I was just thinking about this scene last night and suddenly this video is in my recommended list. Is youtube reading my thoughts?!?!
Movie Slackers (5 months ago)
Well placed score. Not too much music and not too little music, either. Just the right amount to amp up the scene. Well done.
Kevin Barton (5 months ago)
Shows how easily you can make one little mistake that snowballs into carnage and tragedy. Lying's usually the common one but this is a highly exaggerated parable of the mess it can cause.

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