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blazer pattern mens | mens blazer pattern | coat pattern cutting | mens suit cutting pattern

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blazer pattern mens, mens blazer pattern, coat pattern cutting, mens suit cutting pattern, pattern making suit pattern blazer pattern making,pattern making jacket patterns. please visit more video YouTube playlist: - https://goo.gl/njfeiq #RMGPatternMaking16 Thanks for watching. #menssuitcuttingpattern #patternmaking #howtomakeblazepattern RMG Pattern Making 16 has 3 playlist If you interesting Please visit to YouTube playlist for more 1, Pattern Making YouTube playlist- https://goo.gl/6JSLL4 2, Dress Cutting YouTube playlist – https://goo.gl/ctMFEG 3, Sewing YouTube playlist - https://goo.gl/opGkbc ***And Individual Video-Url*** 1, Ladies blazer cutting with formula- https://youtu.be/qhRgOviVYME 2, blazer Sleeve cutting with formula- https://youtu.be/QDGd9CxPpqI 3, Blazer Cutting with Full Sleeve- https://youtu.be/u7IO8rdfWmc 4, Ladies Fitting Pant Cutting- https://youtu.be/CmGrnH__FRg 5, How to sewing jacket pocket- https://youtu.be/1X8Gvvib8pE 6, sewing suit sleeve- https://youtu.be/ZSWhh6_IKOI 7, DIY Coat Pattern Making For Beginners- https://youtu.be/kbi8xji6PU0 8, Trouser Pattern Making for Beginners- https://youtu.be/ySJcwqLU5Yk 9, How to Make shirt pattern for beginner- https://youtu.be/1yTe4qodDmM 10, DIY Men's Trouser Pattern Making- https://youtu.be/_A6MIuUXm_0 11, woman shirt cutting- https://youtu.be/culm5ItIGtY 12, How to Cutting Pant Trousers- https://youtu.be/dMYsF8d7y_8 13, EASY Ladies Trouser Cutting- https://youtu.be/FwC4VfxW28I 14, Blazer Pattern Marking and Cutting- https://youtu.be/Ws5nuLeeKeU 15, How to Make Men's Dress Pant Pattern- https://youtu.be/FLAFfANi6Dg 16, Slim Fit Shirt Marking and Cutting- https://youtu.be/uAvWpLZKj1w 17, DIY How to Shirt Collar Cut and Stitching- https://youtu.be/sv-Cc7cZqKw 18, DIY Easy Placket Making- https://youtu.be/KX3AyC4jRuA 19, gens Trouser Cutting- https://youtu.be/YOLXEpneLZw 20, Double welt Pocket the sewing- https://youtu.be/-f5EbBZB8jM 21, How to sew a zipper fly- https://youtu.be/Z_4MpK9BQEs 22, How to Make Basic Trouser Block- https://youtu.be/E36S5yZ0ZFw 23, DIY Skin Fit Shirt Cutting- https://youtu.be/gn-ZVNypLHg 24, Ladies kameez measurement size- https://youtu.be/pVbeP6rYejQ 25, Easy Men’s Shirt cutting Bangla audio- https://youtu.be/sScykSwlHTo 26, How to Make Blazer Sleeve pattern- https://youtu.be/qEdL8uvcLX8 27, How to Make a Basic Hood Pattern- https://youtu.be/wKUAZip6hCQ 28, Garments factory Quality Control Guide part-1-7 - https://youtu.be/qRIKPRIeNWs 29, basic shirt pattern making- https://youtu.be/tWU5a-JlUjc 30, How to making blazer patch pocket- https://youtu.be/20KJ0Tt3Mfc 31, Sleeve making formula - https://youtu.be/KtrQAYwgU_0 আমাদের ভিডিওটি দেখার জন্য আপনাকে ধন্যবাদ। পরবর্তী ভিডিওগুলো দেখার জন্য আমাদের চ্যানেলে সাবস্ক্রাইব করুন এবং বেল আইকনটিতে ক্লিক করুন। -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "DIY | shirt pattern making tutorial | [DETAILED] easy make shirt pattern | Techniques for pattern" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBwPW8oknP8 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Text Comments (18)
carlos cardenas (3 months ago)
please do it in another way because dont understand you nothing, and please dont speak in english because its worst.
Rs Mahed Hossain (4 months ago)
Bro nice explen bt I can't properly understand 😑😑
RMG pattern Making16 (4 months ago)
Thank you very much. if you not properly understand more more more watch. Thanks.
Frederick machado (6 months ago)
wrong not proper
RMG pattern Making16 (6 months ago)
what is the right? Thanks.
zaldy guiao (7 months ago)
how do i calculate the depth of armhole
RMG pattern Making16 (7 months ago)
Hi zaldy guiao thanks can you calculate arm depth (chest 1/4 = (-1"or 2.5 cm)= armhole depth. Thanks.
Gur Singh (10 months ago)
But in this video you are telling any detail of making sleeve as in earlier video
RMG pattern Making16 (10 months ago)
Thanks no any talk about sleeve making system
Gur Singh (10 months ago)
U have not made the sleeve pattern
RMG pattern Making16 (10 months ago)
Hi Gur Sinhg. Thank very much.please see the sleeve pattern making video - https://youtu.be/ro7GDJAiA9k
PTN HEMPLE RHEE (11 months ago)
nice explain
felipe cagampang (1 year ago)
Is the measurement fixed? Is the same margin 3/8 was the allowance? And where can we point in stitching the first draft mark or at 3/8 margin whom we make allowance at fabric in cutting the fabric.. thank u so much.. your explained it very well ..im also a coat maker and newly mastercutter not totally experience much. Ur cutting sums similar to what I've studied... hope u will answer it.. god bless..
RMG pattern Making16 (1 year ago)
Hi felipe cagampang Thanks for good comments (noted: yes is this for that all margin 3/8 in this case as you which when you start cutting on fabric that time need to add seam allowance. Thanks.
Mehfooz Ansari (1 year ago)
nice explain
RMG pattern Making16 (1 year ago)
I Love your comment Thanks
Md.Nasir Uddin (1 year ago)
I Love it and I Learn
RMG pattern Making16 (1 year ago)

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