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What Do Men Need To Know About Divorce?

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Divorce is difficult, but men can prepare themselves buy understanding the way family law handles men going through the divorce machine. Notes below from my video on Divorce. Please share with someone that needs to see this. This is deep red pill stuff, and answers the question: Why do men go MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) after divorce. INTRO - Ultimate life hack is the right partner - men die because of divorce. You do not truly know someone until you divorce them. Marry on YOUR terms because Divorce is on her terms. BEFORE THE REPRESENTATIVE - Baby rabies - Live together before you marry - If you think you have problems before marriage, they will only get worse after. Kids or marriage don't solve problems, they amplify them. THE DIVORCE - woman have no incentive to behave in divorce Government Policy & Family Law Idealising single mothers like they are an asset to society. Government fleeces men You lived with a single mum, and aren't he biological father? Screw you pay me She stole your used condom, and used it to get pregnant? Screw you pay me Broke your back and can't work? Screw you pay me Section 7 expenses - anything she chooses to put the kids in, you pay for in Canada at least If you lost your job as a married couple or couldn't work for 6 months all would be forgiven. But divorced, it's fuck you pay me. If the cost was $300/m for your child why is it $2,000/m when divorced? Female nature Shame tactics - hell hath no fury like a women scorn. Criticise to motivate you did it wrong - why did you do it that way - We don't have enough money - You're going to wear that? Men love emotionally, women love opportunistically. Hypergamy - Women marry up Parental alienation - he's been run though the family court system, and if lucky gets to come by once a week and see how effective his ex is at making his own children hate him All you do is write cheques and watch your children go downhill. Leavor/Leavee relationship. Women don't want you to leave, and are insane about it. When women leave you, its over quick. When men leave women, its never over till she has won. Access, and why you want shared custody. - Move anywhere in the world without your consent - Makes decisions without your consent (medical, religious, name change) - Money all flows to her, and its totally unreasonable in the amount Fatherless children Fatherless children are 3 times more likely as a teen to: be pregnant, commit suicide, be suspended from school, abuse drugs/alcohol, join gangs, or end up in jail. Single mothers with live in boyfriend mean the rate of child maltreatment is 9 times higher than married parents EXAMPLES OF SHIT - Wife divorces 2 days after child is born (full custody) - Wife takes kid, moves out, makes claim father was abusive - later she gets knocked up by another man, and has a fatherless child - claims less then $20k income for 2 yrs yet shows up in a range rover for court dates - Guy stayed in house, wife harassed him, false accusations, raped him. Begged him to have another kid during the divorce. - Knew a guy that lost 150,000 on the sale of his house - security cleared to talk to kids, highest security clearance in Iraq, yet needed supervised visits to see his own kids - False accusations of domestic violence will ruin you. Rsources: Canlii.org and ottawadivorce.com STATS - when choosing your partner - Chances of being in a stable marriage (defined as 5+ yrs) are in the 60% range if age of first sexual activity is 19+. If it was 14 or younger its less than 40% chance - If She has had 16 or more partners chances of a stable marriage are less then 20% - Women with more sexual partners are less content in marriage Bottom line is if your wife has had many sexual partners, and lost her virginity at a young age, your chances of divorce are higher Stefan Molyneux video relating to stats https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=um3EmS9DKsI&t=0s My Recommended Red Pill Reads: The rational male: http://amzn.to/2i9dfjW Bachelor Pad Economics: http://amzn.to/2kNP7UG
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Text Comments (7106)
Michael E. O'Donnell (10 hours ago)
"If you have a penis, you're going to lose," except for the "Elites" who've fucked it all up: NWO's Agenda 21.
P G (23 hours ago)
How the fuck do you rape a guy? I’m asking for a friend😂
mynellemail Nell (1 day ago)
Doesn't this make you excited to get married?😍
WiperHunter (1 day ago)
Nailed it bro, I've been through it, and I've seen and experienced a lot of bullshit regarding this subject.
TheSamsanca (1 day ago)
Maybe that the initial problem is that you have been very shallow in your choice of a partner. No offense, you look like a smart guy, but also very superficial. You cannot read other people because they're not real friendship to you, they're just relationships that you seek to exploit. If you can take an advice in return, ask yourself : are you with people because they look cool ,you have fun with them or because you appreciate real friendship ? I read you as a guy who will avoid anyone who does not bring you something and you paid the price.
Christopher Liu (2 days ago)
Just get a postnop. And prenuptial agreement
Dr. Juan Hunglou (3 days ago)
What Do Men Need To Know About Divorce...….The screwing you get is not worth the screwing you get.
Avraham Alfasi (4 days ago)
My son is in the process of getting a divorce. He is only 25 and they just bought a nice house last month and they have two kids and all of sudden his wife tells him that she is not happy and wants a divorce. My son was very hurt and did see this coming. He does not want a divorce and is trying to fix things, so he agreed to leave the house for 90 days! I told him that he should not leave and he needs to defend himself, but he is think about the kids, but by him giving everything to her, it is not going help his kids if he is living in my basement. He needs to show the courts that he is stable and can take care of his two kids.
George Kottakal (4 days ago)
I learned this the hard way. I got threatening letters from her parents and I did 90 per cent of the work. We were about to put get married and she said that the condition for getting married was that I had to agree to everything that her parents said. I said I would never do something so stupid. She called off the wedding two days later. Don't chase women.
mag steel (4 days ago)
"Don't move out" is the advice I heard from multiple men. They said it was their biggest mistake. Men think if they move out things will calm down. Instead it's a one way trip away from their home and kids.
Jens Olesen (5 days ago)
This is some depressing shit ... makes you paranoid reasonably.
Nevergiveup (2 days ago)
Its sad, but its the truth.
MrDream5 (5 days ago)
I've been married for 5 months & thoughts of divorce is constant. She hasn't been home in 2 days,.... out drinking somewhere. What should I do to end this smoothly.
reindeer games (6 days ago)
Bullshit.. how they fuck the man over...smh...
SunFlowur (7 days ago)
I guess I'm a selfish women because no way in hell do I want full custody. That's a lot of work
Charlesetta Pollard (7 days ago)
This dude wasnt trying to be a father never and still isnt and he's a pappy right now still having children but i guest he's changed and supporting these other kids mom and he's living a happy great family life while not trying to have anything to do with my children and every story i spoke on ,in the name of Jesus have been sealed and the truth and delivered and sign off by God so God knows what i did and he know what my exhusband did and what he didnt do and we all will get what God has for us rather good or bad.
Charlesetta Pollard (7 days ago)
A child don't need a biological father in their lives because biological could be worse then a step father and an step father may not be good either we need a heart after Gods own heart a child need a heart of unconditional love coming from a Godly spiritual being willing to love as God wants us to
Justin Webb (8 days ago)
Lads dont cohabitate with women and dont marry them.
John Slocum (8 days ago)
My next divorce is only going to cost the price of a 10 millimeter round.
jeff Minnesota (9 days ago)
Lucky guy myself in my 50s never married. Dated plenty in 20 and 30s yeah plenty of horror stories.... Watch a lot of your videos, they are all well informed info to know. Just learned a ton on family law, on marriage. High doubts on ever getting married here lol. Life partner for life leave at that....
malona1 (10 days ago)
I'm from Poland and i sympathize entirely, my friends, in Western culture it becomes normal that women are so bitchy, in our country sitiuation is better, but it is increasing quickly - in a few years it becomes similiar - neomarxists are wise guys.
RRRobelt Nest (10 days ago)
She would rather see you DEAD than happy and better off with another woman. watch what you eat and drink served by her.
RRRobelt Nest (10 days ago)
J Rashkan (10 days ago)
I wish I had seen this video 4 years ago....:(
Don cordell (10 days ago)
Men: file for divorce before she does, then you are the plaintiff, not the defendant. works every time. Be aware of what is going wrong, watch what she does that is a turn off, this is the first sign that something is going wrong. I've been married 6 different times, no child support, no alimony, and I got the kids. Play tough, no time for sentiment.........
Lingua Veritatis (11 days ago)
When are we gonna overthrow the system? Or do we need to wait for our savior?
10th Sign (11 days ago)
Your an ugly dork I doubt anyone ever even looked twice at you dude so shut up about all this you are ignorant diarrhea of your mouth lol 😂🤣😃😘
cdrillbeatgames (11 days ago)
Going through divorce. I'm worried about my kids and how it will affect them. As far as divorce goes, it's what we both want.
John Pratt (11 days ago)
2019is no longer an idea for marriage,it's no longer an idea under God,and men nowadays you will regret it
berniesat (11 days ago)
Bro, where were you 20 years ago? I went through everything you mentioned. Including being detained multiple times, while I had scratches on me and broken glasses. Make your choices carefully. Cops usually bow down to her, even if they can see that she is the one that's abusive.
Uncon TROLLable (12 days ago)
Women made me drink and say "fuck" a lot more than in the 70s & 80s.
john argue (13 days ago)
Bitches need to take off those high heels cause they be trippin. Divorce. What would Chuck norris do.....round house kick?
Serge Omelayenko (13 days ago)
I married a Wrong, right partner if that's a thing... She filed for dissolution of marriage (no contest, no claims) and prior to that we went through all the stuff she can keep and I can keep (incl. bank accounts, houses, cars), All reasonable (no kids). And even than she was vengeful in the way of trying to shame me, put me down, blame solely me for everything, etc. In divorce, even if you marry a decent person, there's always a Price to pay on the Way Out! Good VID!
Grant Hornin (14 days ago)
Feminism is pure evil.
Daniel Murray (15 days ago)
“Forget what religion tells you...” hmmmm so you’re arrogant enough to think your tiny life experience is the correct answer over God who created you.... wow
Reynaa Jannah (15 days ago)
Imagine being the woman this man divorced 💔 he’s so attractive all around 🤤 so smart
Sage Oldmann (16 days ago)
Don’t get married that’s all you need to know
Jack Dunn (16 days ago)
Marriage for men is like playing Russian roulette with a fully loaded gun. You will lose and you will lose big time. DON’T GET MARRIED.
Max Gunter (16 days ago)
Womans are like Soul Leechers. You marry her, make kid, go to work and live for her and kids but then you find out that she is kinda like Leecher supermind and have planned everything from start just to FUCK YOU UP and suck everything from you and leave you broken heart.... Claiming its your fault and you are so bad or shit like "You are not enough romantic to me" or other stupidity. The fact is that in most of broken relationships and familys its a Woman who is factor of this cause. There have to be some strong laws to justify woman acts for man manipulation and taking advantage of a man for her benefits. Laws that put woman to respect Family / marriage and stop womans from turning into Bitches like what they like to do in 20 century.
Max Gunter (16 days ago)
This is totally true
Terrace Youth (16 days ago)
Divorce Means Never Being Able To Say You're Sorry Remember.... Regrets are forever.
IHACKER316 (16 days ago)
every man on earth should be forced to watch this
Elaine Nilsson (17 days ago)
the child support isn't just what the child himself uses...it's the standard of living that this child is used to living
Elaine Nilsson (17 days ago)
19? How many men are 19 when they lose their virginity?
Underwhere5 (17 days ago)
Don't know why tf this was in my feed and I couldn't stop looking at the hair on the middle of your shirt you dirty boy, no wonder why you know about divorce - get a lint remover you pig!
Bjorn Ironsides (18 days ago)
How many times has this guy been divorced?
Sam Armas (18 days ago)
This is the first time I've watched a video without blinking and completely focus on it. There's no equality when it comes to divorce ,even if we are not that bad what makes women have all the rights.
Liliana Mtz (18 days ago)
Muaythaifighter1000 (18 days ago)
Let me tell you a quick story. I dated someone for 2 years, found out she cheated. Kicked her to the curb, 3 months later she was pregnant by another dude and she tried to come back to me trying to make me take care of someone else's kid telling me her new boyfriend isn't fit to be a father. I told her "it sucks to suck" and cut ties with her completely. Listen to this man, he is right. Don't settle right away, truly get to know your girl. It took 2 years for mine to have her mask slip. It hurt but I'll be okay.
Patrick Lopez (19 days ago)
I got a divorce over fourly years ago I got married when I was to her the first time for five years on the second marriage .I was married to her for five years the same lady the second divorce from her she had two husband, I was one of those husband.We had three children together! I never married again!
SEXY JO MAMA (19 days ago)
Philip Buckley (19 days ago)
I have no idea as to this post...
dancsiga (20 days ago)
If you see this video, you wont need any other on this topic.
John E (20 days ago)
Just remember women need you more than you need them.
Gauge (20 days ago)
Men and boys don't ever... ever get married. Understand the laws in your state and make sure they cant trap you and make you pay for someone else's child. tattoo it on your penis, but never ever marry. They aren't the lovers they pretend to be, they love money, resources, their kids, the dog and somewhere down the line you, but only if you provide everything I listed above. They will lie and cheat to steal money from you and even the woman reading this know its true. Their greatest strength is their ability to justify stealing from you while pretending to be victims.
Billy Sooner (21 days ago)
I dont mind today's feminist movement, but I do worry about some if the newer problems that come with their freedom. Still, it was a battle well fought by well meaning women, and there will always be scam artists (men and women) that actively seek to steal from others. So be careful guys and girls.
Roberto Sevilla (21 days ago)
Good advices !!!!
Stephen Ostrander (21 days ago)
we as men need to change these laws contact me
Lionel Bulgin (22 days ago)
Moral of the story don’t get married
eddie goralnik (22 days ago)
all of a sudden my wife wants a divorce, we got married 6 months ago. i need help bad. im 26 year old 8 time felon convictions. im in a program transation into the community. we lived in her moms house. i was suppose to discharge 2 days ago to her moms house with her. i have no money, noone will hire me cause of convictions. i dont know what to do. our daughhter is going to be born in 2 days. what a great thqanksgiving. im going to have to go to shelter. no way to get to court or get a lawyer. ugh
Antonija Juric (22 days ago)
Oh yeah I believe a married man will leave his wife for a devorcee or single mather or even a girl.
Warren Chambers (22 days ago)
Divorce pffft can't tell me much about that. I've suffered thru divorce once as a kid and twice as an adult. Women have no clue how painful that shit is for a little kid or for a man. I have horrible scars on my heart from "I'm not happy and need to fuck up my family" women's selfishness bull shit. NEVER EVER AGAIN! I want nothing from a dam woman period they are not worth the misery. I'm not saying all women are bad just most of them. Ladies you've done this to yourselves. So go be happy about the hell you leave in ur wake.
Niger Cunt. (23 days ago)
I just called my wife a cunt and peed on her. Now she wants a divorce. What in the actual fuck.
Choo Choo Rooter Bean (23 days ago)
This whole speech just goes to show you every man and every woman on the face of this earth Needs to put their faith in God and live a Biblical and Godly marriage It will fix every single problem Period
m h (23 days ago)
If there are no kids involved and the divorce is uncontested, is it still a difficult process?
Awesome Jones (24 days ago)
You sound mad pressed.
Lupe Esquivel (24 days ago)
Getting divorced is like paying for pussy that your not even fucking
footballfan8989 (24 days ago)
The 50/50 divorce rate is lower than reality because they only calculate after a given point in time like 20 years. So if you get divorced after 21 years it counts as a success not a divorce. But after 21 years that's when alimony can be a life sentence and there are more likely to be kids involved.
footballfan8989 (24 days ago)
What if she moves 450 miles away?
Drunk Farmer (26 days ago)
All I heard from this 35 minute video is DO NOT GET MARRIED. I'll take that to heart, and never consider marriage.
dead space (26 days ago)
marriage, just don't do it 31 single and free i can screw prostitutes
Ruben Perez (27 days ago)
First and foremost my heart goes out to you brother and also your ex wife. I'm sure she didn't go into your marriage expecting divorce, no one does ... You speak some truths ,from a pulpit of worldly wisdom. It's unfortunate,life is, but you're a broken man it's obvious, you impart no wisdom for a man to become truly healed, rather an attitude of watch your back at all times. When you love, truly love, you allow yourself to become vulnerable. Seek the Lord, Jesus is the only way to true healing. Your heart has been hardened, as was mine. The peace of the Lord overcomes everything you speak of. I know you don't ask or seek my prayer, but I pray the Lord heals your wounded heart
chizplayaz (27 days ago)
I’ve never ever ever met a woman that lost her virginity after the age of 19. Even unattractive and overweight girls have sex before they graduate high school or turn 19 years old.
Bryan Stewart (27 days ago)
Wish I could have seen this about 8 years ago!! So True! I spent thousands of dollars just to be able to see my kid. I got 50/50 custody with my kid at first. My lawyer told me the only way you can get that taken away is if you get arrested for domestic violence in front of the kid... And I'll let you guess what happened the the very next week.. By the way I was found not guilty... F-en women!! There is a special place in hell for those kind of women..
Tristan George (28 days ago)
Bet you guys miss Ted Bundy now.
Corryn Darnell (28 days ago)
wtf is this comment section lol
SETH ANDERSON (29 days ago)
My ex took everything, cleaned out bank account, and took my 3 year old and 18 month daughters and moved 200 miles away. It is impossible to do shared custody when the ex tells you things AFTER she has already made the choices. Too bad you didn't do more interviews with Shawn Smith. Read his book and think it was a good read. Women act badly before, during and after marriage. The sociopathic chameleons are the worst.
Nabus Intox (29 days ago)
if she lost her virginity at 19+, she's probably so ugly she's holding on with an iron grip any dope desperate enough to marry her.
Guilherme de marco (29 days ago)
What if I become muslin to get a decent devoted woman.... Seems to. Be more safe 😏🤣
Ab. J. (29 days ago)
I know you talk about men getting advantage of. I'm engaged out debt and haved saved my fiance direct opposite and has health issues. As, we got closer to date, of wedding...he was getting cranky. I felt it was wrong and put it off.
erszebet (1 month ago)
''add to favourites''
overthehill91 (1 month ago)
Are you in Ontario?
Bo Bo Johanson (1 month ago)
There is NO logical reason for a man to EVER get married.
Max Gunter (16 days ago)
Vagina control....
Marcus Conn (1 month ago)
Great info and life saving advice! However, there is NO SUCH THING AS DUST ON THE WALLET! lol
Graham Wiles (1 month ago)
Divorce will fuck u up don't get married in first place. No brainer
Bless Life (1 month ago)
I wish I would’ve seen this video about 10 years ago. Young guys without children or marriage. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HEED HIS WORDS!
Mono Lith (1 month ago)
The only way to avoid getting fucked over in a divorce is to marry a woman that has a career. I learned that lesson the hard way.
Galina Chen (1 month ago)
I listened to you and I think abuse doesn't have genders. I was emotionally and financially abused in my marriage and now starting a divorce. I stayed at home with three kids for years, they are still too little to go to school, I come from another country and got no degree here and my husband with whom I'm divorcing wants to grant me with 100% custody and pay as much as he wants for as long as he wants, kick me out of the apartment that we bought during marriage when I stayed with kids and he made money to pay mortgage. He says, I was on vacation for years and don't deserve anything from him and I get to keep children (for that I'm very thankful). I hear how bad of a mother and wife and person I am every day since we still live together. I'm so glad to hear that the law will be working for me and I will get support. I can't make him coparent and come and see the children but at least he'll have to help his children and me financially and I hope to receive my half of marital property as well.
Ryan Smith (1 month ago)
Thanks, brother. I have been going through a a tough divorce and your advice and information has been golden.
klea angeles (1 month ago)
This video and mist of the comments make me so sad. You say " women" like all women are identical which they are not and all horrible which they are not. You make it sound like all women are degenerates whose only goal in life is to sit around and attack and gets men's money. "Women" have no incentive to behave well". Really? Some women don't behave well and some men don't behave well but most people are decent. Most women who are mother's really care for and nourish their children with or without the father's help. However, those women know that the children are entitled to both parents provided they are not endagered in those parents'company.
Your talking about women like we’re breeding cows. My husband and I have spoken about divorce I would never take from him what he spent his life working for. I would suck it up and drive on, on my own. My own mother made a deal with my father outside of court for child support so he was able to afford the payments. We’re not all awful. You are kind of an ass hole.
Proverbs Ministry (1 month ago)
Iam a man, and your advice is false and will hurt your followers.
thetj18 (1 month ago)
Soon we will need to pay child-support for our neighbors to!
Protos Telos (1 month ago)
Thanks a lot for posting this. This is one of the most important videos on YouTube that all men need to see. Men and women are NOT wired to get along. We're wired to have sex. Period. Marriage is unnatural. Look around you: The majority of married people cheat (and think of how many MORE would, if they had the opportunity). The majority of marriages end in divorce. And the majority that stay together are unhappy and trapped. Despite all the marriage counseling and relationship and self help advice available. The more psychologically complex we're becoming, the more we're becoming what we're originally designed. THAT'S why we're in this current mess. And that's also why it's not fixable, and men need red pilling more than ever.
Chris Faraday (1 month ago)
Boulder and Portland - If you are married there there will be no hope for you, no sane way out
Rocky Boon (1 month ago)
I lost everything i worked for to a woman.
bblauter (3 days ago)
Rocky Boon, kids or no?
THE JOKE, LAUGHING (1 month ago)
i got idivorced 5 times
THE JOKE, LAUGHING (1 month ago)
because of thid video
Chris Lesemann (1 month ago)
Where the hell was this video before I got married Wtf now I am going through a divorce.
HealthSupercharger (1 month ago)
How would you marry on your own terms?
Jenn V. (1 month ago)
I believe the psycho feminist movement and the ripple affect (MGTOW, feminization of men, divorce, men killing themselves because they were ripped of everything) is all a carefully planned agenda to destroy the family unit....and create the WORST kind of chaos. 😞
Eun Kim (1 month ago)
Wow. You are right with your comment about women having baby fever at age 30 or so. The main reason I married my husband at age 31 was the fear that i would not be able to procreate due to my biological clock. Also the main reason i am staying in this marriage is to have a second kid before turning 35.

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