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What Do Men Need To Know About Divorce?

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Divorce is difficult, but men can prepare themselves buy understanding the way family law handles men going through the divorce machine. Notes below from my video on Divorce. Please share with someone that needs to see this. This is deep red pill stuff, and answers the question: Why do men go MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) after divorce. INTRO - Ultimate life hack is the right partner - men die because of divorce. You do not truly know someone until you divorce them. Marry on YOUR terms because Divorce is on her terms. BEFORE THE REPRESENTATIVE - Baby rabies - Live together before you marry - If you think you have problems before marriage, they will only get worse after. Kids or marriage don't solve problems, they amplify them. THE DIVORCE - woman have no incentive to behave in divorce Government Policy & Family Law Idealising single mothers like they are an asset to society. Government fleeces men You lived with a single mum, and aren't he biological father? Screw you pay me She stole your used condom, and used it to get pregnant? Screw you pay me Broke your back and can't work? Screw you pay me Section 7 expenses - anything she chooses to put the kids in, you pay for in Canada at least If you lost your job as a married couple or couldn't work for 6 months all would be forgiven. But divorced, it's fuck you pay me. If the cost was $300/m for your child why is it $2,000/m when divorced? Female nature Shame tactics - hell hath no fury like a women scorn. Criticise to motivate you did it wrong - why did you do it that way - We don't have enough money - You're going to wear that? Men love emotionally, women love opportunistically. Hypergamy - Women marry up Parental alienation - he's been run though the family court system, and if lucky gets to come by once a week and see how effective his ex is at making his own children hate him All you do is write cheques and watch your children go downhill. Leavor/Leavee relationship. Women don't want you to leave, and are insane about it. When women leave you, its over quick. When men leave women, its never over till she has won. Access, and why you want shared custody. - Move anywhere in the world without your consent - Makes decisions without your consent (medical, religious, name change) - Money all flows to her, and its totally unreasonable in the amount Fatherless children Fatherless children are 3 times more likely as a teen to: be pregnant, commit suicide, be suspended from school, abuse drugs/alcohol, join gangs, or end up in jail. Single mothers with live in boyfriend mean the rate of child maltreatment is 9 times higher than married parents EXAMPLES OF SHIT - Wife divorces 2 days after child is born (full custody) - Wife takes kid, moves out, makes claim father was abusive - later she gets knocked up by another man, and has a fatherless child - claims less then $20k income for 2 yrs yet shows up in a range rover for court dates - Guy stayed in house, wife harassed him, false accusations, raped him. Begged him to have another kid during the divorce. - Knew a guy that lost 150,000 on the sale of his house - security cleared to talk to kids, highest security clearance in Iraq, yet needed supervised visits to see his own kids - False accusations of domestic violence will ruin you. Rsources: Canlii.org and ottawadivorce.com STATS - when choosing your partner - Chances of being in a stable marriage (defined as 5+ yrs) are in the 60% range if age of first sexual activity is 19+. If it was 14 or younger its less than 40% chance - If She has had 16 or more partners chances of a stable marriage are less then 20% - Women with more sexual partners are less content in marriage Bottom line is if your wife has had many sexual partners, and lost her virginity at a young age, your chances of divorce are higher Stefan Molyneux video relating to stats https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=um3EmS9DKsI&t=0s My Recommended Red Pill Reads: The rational male: http://amzn.to/2i9dfjW Bachelor Pad Economics: http://amzn.to/2kNP7UG
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Ridiculous Jatomic (14 hours ago)
You said shared. What is the difference between shared and joint?
Igor Kurdin (23 hours ago)
10:05 - 10:20 You suggested that rich players flush their used condoms down the toilet. If you do that than the woman will call a plumber to retrieve the condom from the sewage line
Darin Attard (1 day ago)
I would have wished to watch this video before making the worst mistake of my life.
Greg Robinson (2 days ago)
I was just watching the new episode of Family Guy, a show my humorless ex-wife never got, and Peter is reading an ipad in bed while Lois is tossing and turning showing obvious irritation with the light. It reminded me of at least fifteen of the twenty years I was married. Thank god that's over. I've been out for 3 years now. The first two years was difficult, but the kids are fine now and I'm heading to Spain (alone) in May to walk the Camino de Santiago for two months. I hope to leave a lot of baggage on that road. You're supposed to carry a small rock with you to leave on the pile at the end. I'm thinking of carrying a 120 lb stone to represent the cancerous parasite that sucked the life out of me for 20 years. Yup, got just that last bit of anger to leave in Spain. When I get back, I'm rebooting my life the way it was supposed to be, small, simple, one bedroom apartment in the city. I plan to do a lot of traveling the way I want to do it. No five star hotels because she won't tolerate anything less. I'm staying in hostels and airbnb, simple, easy, working part time and traveling half of every year.
Mr Man (2 days ago)
Don't get married because men have no rights in America
Robert Phelps (2 days ago)
Everybody needs to know the REAL truth and I'm going to tell it to you because nobody else will (Short of Jesus Christ) You can bet this video guy won't tell you! So here it is: Almost all people thinking they get divorced are fooling themselves Jesus Christ Himself gave you His word and promise saying He will not let man put your marriage asunder What does that mean? It means there's not a man, woman, or child on this planet who has the right or authority to tell you, me, or anybody else that our husband is not our husband or our wife is not our wife NOBODY can "Grant" you a divorce! EVER! Not because i said so Because Jesus Christ said so Now you know the REAL truth
TheSwede (2 days ago)
21:29 Here I am watching this from an oil sands work camp in Northern Alberta.
J.K.F (3 days ago)
If you choose to get married, date a MINIMUM of 4 years.
DreamBeliever365 (3 days ago)
If she’s a carousel rider..... you better check out!
Rodney Ramlochan (3 days ago)
Wow thanks buddy
Spencer Young (4 days ago)
Okay question how much evidence does a man need to completely get 100% custody if i have ALOT of circumstancell evidence of drug abuse definite proof of cheating and small circumstancell evidence of child neglect and emotional abuse is that enough to get full costody in your opinion? My... wife (i dont like to call her that) the person i married suffers from bipolar and serious anxiety which she will admit and she will admit she is not in a good state of mind BUT she wil NOT let me have the kids while she gets her crap sorted im not a bad guy my wife has some mental issues but she doesn't want to change who she has become a cheating drugy that cant and shouldn't be a parent im LDS and she is cheating on me with a jobless weed addict.
Igor Kurdin (5 days ago)
If all married men were jews then the family court would be hitler
Igor Kurdin (5 days ago)
Women are the worst decision makers ever. Even hitler was a better decision maker than your average woman
Patricio Cordova (5 days ago)
In Australia I was forced to paid child support based on my income +hers (100k+20k) But my daughter came to live with me at 15 then I had to hound child support for my x to pay me..and on 120! But even after they finally agreed that she would pay it was only based on her income 20k....they said It was fair!
Dave Underwood (5 days ago)
This is how the world elites are taking apart all the first world countries. This is all done purpose. Even a politician is smart enough to realize that these laws have done nothing but degrade our society. If you ever feel the need to get married, never do it unless there is an iron clad prenuptial agreement. Iron clad including a provision for future kids. No matter how much you or her make. She could make 150K per year, quit to have kids, not be happy with your 100K per year, leave you for her high school sweetheart, and destroy you. Why wouldn't she? You'll be paying her 2500/month (more than enough for a baby sitter), she goes back to work, pockets her money, and lets the simp pay for everything else. On top of that, getting into another relationship is difficult for you because women don't like guys paying a lot money to their ex-wives. At the end of the day...it's not worth it.
world peace (6 days ago)
Men please listen to this man. This is absolutely true. Don't get married or have a serious prenap. My life has been destroyed. Don't let this happen to you.
Steven Corbo (7 days ago)
I feel the same way my friend my woman decided that she wasn't going to sleep with me but four times a year for 8 years I should have left when I came home from my deployment when she had the miscarriage but I fought for my marriage like a jackass cuz I'm Catholic worst thing I ever did now everyday is a rainy day does men get screwed in divorce I have to fight myself not to take my life everyday
grandpa grows (7 days ago)
Thx About to start my 2nd...✌
Akane Cortich (8 days ago)
I can guarantee that you single people are missing NOTHING in being single.
Akane Cortich (8 days ago)
Always look at the relationship of a woman with her mother for warning signs. Always watch the behavior of the mother, that's your wife in the future. True. Watch how her mother relates to her husband.
Akane Cortich (8 days ago)
The major tactic of of women in a poor marriage is always find a way to make themselves appear the 'victim'. You are always the person that has/is doing 'wrong' things that affect her. Beware and recognize the Victim game when it comes.
Akane Cortich (8 days ago)
The evolutionary chemical bonding mechanism fools you into marriage, and makes it emotionally difficult to end a relationship, and later to divorce. So most people will endure a poor marriage for many many years. This is especially true where you are financial much worse off with a divorce. So you remain stuck.
Evening TV (8 days ago)
I stumbled across this video and hoped against hope that I was going to hear something truly thoughtful and not full of paranoid rants pitting the sexes against one another rather than good people vs. sociopaths and narcissists. I went through every nightmare under the sun and it was a man creating the chaos. Another thing you cannot say every parent should have access to children. My ex was a diagnosed sociopath and there was absolutely nothing more harmful than time with him. I'm sorry you were hurt, but it wasn't the fault of all women. just the same i don't make videos about why all men suck just because i married a nightmare. my 2nd husband is a dream and there are a lot of good people but you cannot walk around thinking like this or you will make it self fulfilling prophecy. Your examples were bad people i agree, but it is easy to tell stories about bad guys, so it isn't about gender.
CHC4669 (8 days ago)
It's an easy fix that doesn't require much thought or effort. Don't marry any of these women period. Any man who has worked his ass off to become successful in his life and has assets is a Goddamn FOOL if he marries any woman I don't give a fuck who she is. If you do and when you get fucked then you got exact what you deserved.
Dead Faces (9 days ago)
I’m divorcing my family lol
Don Robertson (9 days ago)
My wife said i yelled at her and smoked pot in the house... that was enough for her to have the cops remove me... took 4 months to get back into MY OWN house that I PAY THE MONTHLY mortgage on.... its crazy what they can do to you without proof.
Don Robertson (9 days ago)
He said "mother in law" and even the camera got scared and jumped
Slim Joker (9 days ago)
It was like this in my last relationship and I wasn't married to the chick... And she did use the same shame tactics on me lying to people she also got me arrested lying to the police saying I hit her than she loved to use her child as a crutch everytime I threatened to leave than when I left the bitch broke in my house three times and she knows how to throw some pitty parties she tried to get everyone to feel sorry for her it's a joke and than what's so sad is that I tried to be her friend cuz her daughter lives me and her dad don't care... Trying to be that good guy cuz I ain't a grudge holder... Make a long story short she kept trying to cunive her way into being with me and trying to use different ways and manipulate me into wanting to marry me... So I shoot her down every time she comes at me and tell her to fuck herself and shoot her dreams down...make a long story short I'm dealing with a greedy manipulative needy gluttony dramatic individual...everthing she does for people it comes at a cost... Example she buy me a drink from the store I gotta cook dinner wash her clothes and go and run her water...that type of system... She buy me Christmas I gotta go and spend 500 dollars and if I don't donut than the bitch get mad and start to slander you and bad mouth you to all her family and her friends so it's sickening to even want Marriage or even to settle down... I don't trust none of these things out here I've been through so much I just don't give a fuck for marriage or no stupid ass relationships... Fuck it I rather die alone an old man peaceful with my ounces of weed rather than from a heart attack one of these hoes caused me fuck all that I'm done being the nice guy letting all these fuckin predator bitches in my home trying to find ways to destroy me and trying to manipulate and fix and try to control me fuck that...but even with my kids mom that shit ain't work out... I just realized something...i don't have to put up with a relationship at all... I live more peaceful and stress free without having to have some chick all in my face worrying about what I'm doin I feel good to come home without some bitch all in my face... It's easier to have a friend or three do something than put they ass out my house the next day fuck all that moving in gettin together shit... I do fine without the drama or commitment or that fuckin Bullshit traditional marriage shit...i don't take none of these females seriously
Tubhmoob Lauj (10 days ago)
Been saying for years the justice system in the U.S is broken.
LiveToTheFullestNet (11 days ago)
I feel sorry for you. Do you have any female friends at all? You have so much of hatred towards women. There are genuine women too.... not sure if you will be able to notice them with your deep rooted hatred for women.
HAIQING PHILIP (11 days ago)
Its silly for men to get married, especially in feminist nations, that make laws that are anti men .
roter13 (12 days ago)
I'm never getting married
FemBot (12 days ago)
This happened to my FEMALE friend. Its not about what sex you are, its about how much $$ you make, she met a loser partner and she paid in spades. Stop being so one sided. He was addicted to drugs and wouldn’t get treatment for depression. The husband got 50% custody and it got to the point where she had to buy groceries for them when the kid was at his house, because he blew his money on his addictions. I HATE THESE VIDEOS OF PEOPLE WHO HAVE ZERO LIFE EXPERIENCE and pretend to think they know shit. You suck.
Raining Bear (12 days ago)
You lost me at "forget what religion tells you." America was not built on that way of thinking.
M (13 days ago)
Thanks for the video I won’t be getting married
Nancy Tvoski (14 days ago)
Thank you for this. I truly never knew that men have it more difficult then us women. Before I married my husband I asked him if he was ready to ride this roller coaster with me, he said yes. 10 years and we have our good days and bad. But I like you say we need to complement each other. I enjoyed watching this.
Ivan Novak (14 days ago)
Wow, you scared me big time. 65 just retired in common- law separation. Thank you-very informative Future doesn't look bright for me
Anurag Mehra (14 days ago)
1.3K dislikes 🤔
matsiko isaac (16 days ago)
Thankx bro
huddy alex (16 days ago)
why worry your self, just contact globexdocumentscompany to get your legal divorce papers without complications
Jose Linares (16 days ago)
I'm thankful I found you and your channel
McMilk (17 days ago)
31:05 Jesus my ex has already done that and she’s not even 18 yet
Zaezae (17 days ago)
Some of the stories he tells are really sad and scary. Kinda makes me wanna cry how marriage is supposed to be this sacred, religious gathering of a man and a woman to share their lives until they pass-over but is corrupt by how people think and take marriage so lightly. Please don't get married unless you really know who you are marrying and why (for the right reasons).
Martin Sloan (17 days ago)
A case study: the woman your living with says very kindly to leave the toothpaste cap on. The same woman whom you marry now calls you an asshole because you left the cap off the toothpaste. She now knows that she has the power. Living together proves NOTHING. It is a trap.
wall street (17 days ago)
mila acos (18 days ago)
You are so wrong I am a woman and my ex-husband is doing exactly what a bitter ex-wife does. everything you have said my ex-husband has done to me and he is a male.. So is not about gender is about personal choice. You divorce then get over it and make the best of it for the sake of the children. So getting a divorce is hard when one of the parties is a greedy narcist. So, my dear, you are SO WRONG.
You can avoid all that by not getting married in the first place.
Gene Watkins (21 days ago)
1.3k women watched this
Gene Watkins (21 days ago)
These fucking women can Fuck off.. I have literally been everything I can be for my women and its never enough. I work full time x3, I cook all the meals, I do a majority of the house work, I do all the yard work and I'm a full time father to my two beautiful daughters. My wife does nothing other than complain about my daughter's and all the things I don't do. But wait I do everything??. She doesn't have a job and refuses to get one and I cant take the verbal abuse any more and I don't know what to do. Help me please, I'm done..
Antonius Thylanius (21 days ago)
The children of a family where one of the parents passes away usually do far better in the long run than children of parents who deliberately break up the family. It is a simple matter of honor thy parents vs hate thy parents. Why nobody ever uses this example is beyond me.
john kendall (21 days ago)
Guys you can win at the divorce but you need to plan. 1 never move out. Spend as much time with your children as you can . Take your children every where with you. Record who spends the most time with the children . When you serve her with papers cut off all of her access to your money and tell her you are filing for custody . It's important to always have her on the defense. In the mid 80s I worked as a Sheet metal mech making over 20 dollars an hour and my wife worked part time as a waitress. Even though she was only part time I spent much more time with our 2 children then she did. She would come home drunk and then start arguments to justify coming in at 3 in the morning. She said that she didn't get to do those things before we got married and thought she should be able to now. I decided I didn't want a spoiled teen age brat for a wife, She wasn't teen aged just acted that way. I got a good lawyer and listened to him to a tee. It didn't hurt that 2 months after my divorce my lawyer became our county judge. PS She was arrested for parental kidnapping , spent time in jail for non support and got a felony for claiming our children on her tax return to get the instant refund. I got remarried and have been married to my wife for more than 30 years and retired early Our children have almost no contact with her and call my wife mom
Fionn Hillman (22 days ago)
Oh yeah yeah12
MSotelo503 (22 days ago)
My marriage is bad, its been tough now with my 2 year old Daughter who I love dearly and would put aside my happiness for her own I don't want her to grow up seeing us fight everyday . With that said I can't take anymore verbal and physical abuse because the second I react I become the bad guy with 1 mistake.
Gains Daily (24 days ago)
Never marry. Get a Vasectomy.
CD M (24 days ago)
I wonder why men marry Instagram Thots and Tinder sluts and so many nurses, teachers and social workers are single? Think of how many strippers get marriage proposals and women of faith barely get dates
Stay Up (24 days ago)
I just googled "Men choose a mate that compliments you" and the only thing that came up was images focused on giving women compliments. Smh
alexandriasky (25 days ago)
This video would have been good if it didn’t come from a place of judgement and bitterness.
Jared T (25 days ago)
As a 30 year old going through this I understand completely what you are saying. Mine was a 3 year marriage no kids between us (she had 2 from a previous relationship). Nothing was wrong in the marriage except me asking for more help around the house and financially, I went to work one day came home to an empty house, no kids, my dogs, my personal property that I've had since I was a kid all gone. Now I'm on the hook for APL (even though she only makes $300 less then me a month and gets child support from her ex on top of that) and I'm paying all the martial debt, mortgage credit cards payments on bills and they don't care she's living rent free on a million dollar family farm in a house all to herself. And she's going for the max of my savings account my retirement though work and the value of my truck which was really the only thing she left that day besides some dishes. And in Pennsylvania according to my lawyer 'shes can do that and most likely will get it' AFTER A 3 YEAR MARRIAGE??? With all the equal women's right movements out there it's so depressing that the legal system has so far to come to equal rights. I think the way society is men should be standing up for OUR rights but according to the legal system we're men, suck it up and deal with it. Wish I would have seen this video before I signed on the dotted line.
LEON4PRES (27 days ago)
DON'T marry WHORES with children.
LEON4PRES (27 days ago)
Stop fucking with divorced whores and wannabe pimps. If you're one of those "I love her children like my own" you're an IDIOT!!
Ike Dyson (28 days ago)
Always remember, when you marry or live with a woman, you bring the government into the relationship.
Rodney Johnson (28 days ago)
I've seen stats that say less than 16 partners. Much less. If a woman has multiple partners before marriage her chances of staying devoted and monogamous to her husband is practically zero. That 16% stat is very leniant.
69adrummer (28 days ago)
be cheaper to kill the bitch! lol, jk
Alan Miller (28 days ago)
Dude!!!!!!!!!! You look like me! I have a beard now and I swear we are clone twins. Checkout my channel.
Alan Miller (28 days ago)
I think I'm probably a lot more handsome though... Hahahaha, wink wink.
Jack K (29 days ago)
Follow scripture, there’s a very good reason supported by the majority (by far) of marriage counselors why you don’t live or have sex with someone who is not your spouse.
Entity Keeper (30 days ago)
My marriage was Hell! My wife thought that my sole purpose was to keep up with her daily shopping sprees & last minute international travels. She ran me bankrupt. She was always looking for an upgrade replacement for me. After she left me for the third time I filed for divorce on grounds of abandonment. The courts awarded her full custody, 2/3rds all assets, 2 out of 3 cars, 1/2 my social security, 1/2 my pension & 2/3rds 401k funds. $2K monthly alimony for a 7 year term, along with $900 monthly child support. She is always looking for reasons to not let me see my son. After what I went through, I tell ALL young men that marriage is not a good thing for men. Women rape & pillage the finances, lie, cheat & steal. When you try to put a halt to their destructive behavior they sue or divorce. Women legally profit off of their entitled behavior. Men; Don't make babies, don't get married, don't live with these female demons that our laws created. If you do, I promise that you will be gravely sorry.
Shaikh Jasem (1 month ago)
Wish I saw this video but ah well i tasted woman true color and ultimate wrath from them but luckily god was on my side , I survived the court case.
el malan malan (1 month ago)
My wife is divorcing me we have 3 children and she moved out took my kids and now she is trying to remove my family name from my kids btw i live in Japan.
zyou8er (1 month ago)
Dont marry a white chick and you'll be fine.
souleternal7 (1 month ago)
Marriage is nothing more than a money making racket, especially when going through a divorce. And that's what laywers are banking on. Why is it that people can get married in a day, but takes months to get a divorce?
Aleecha Adams (1 month ago)
Salem Dunning (1 month ago)
My ex wanted to leave and we had two girls. I understood and said I'd give her 1,200 a month for the kids. She said "I'll get what I'm entitled to," then got ejected from my house with a well planned protection order. She got less than 12, but I will never get over this angst towards her. Used the kids as leverage. I HATE this woman. So thats great and all staying in the home and all that but the protection order trumps any chance of shared custody.
A.D.M Nurseries (1 month ago)
18:00 There is no way on earth a woman could rape me. Not just physically, I also would not want to perform.
Will Ganness (1 month ago)
All this posturing is really useless. If you are married already - watch the video maybe you'll understand what might be coming, or not if you are one in a million. If you arent married DONT, its as simple as that. Dont try any hacks or do this or dont do that. You are literally playing Russian roulette.
godofwar2k6reborn (1 month ago)
Those in power are white knights and feminists. Things are getting worse every year. When men stop marrying the State will force men to marry or will exterminate them. Mark my words, it will first happen in the East, and then the West will follow suit.
Drosunro Spells (1 month ago)
Marriage problem differs from couple to couple. So we can't really write down keys or draw a pattern to achieving a successful marriage. However, if you are determined to solve a marriage problem, you could decide to cast a spell today and resolve the PROBLEM. Checkout @drosunrospells of FB. Don't kill yourself over what you can handle. Spell Casting Works.
John Perry (1 month ago)
It’s not just the wife, every woman in her life is telling her to get everything she can out of him..
Joanne Marshall (1 month ago)
Oh my Lord you make me so mad! Mr know NOTHING!! It goes BOTH ways!! Men can be just as cruel! AND THE BLANKET STATEMENTS HE'S SAYING IS REDICULOUS! Making us sound like the devil! MY ex AND current partn8have BOTH put countless of restraining orders to get me outta the house!! Then I end up looking BAD
Amanda McCarthy (1 month ago)
Salty dude with garnished wages boohoo. You were a shit husband and you were left now you spend your time crying online.
stmaui (1 month ago)
These stories just keep on repeating themselves. Guys, it does not matter how hot she is. How big her chest is. How good she is in bed. How hot she looks with no clothes. When she decides to leave, and she will in most cases, then all those good moments for you will mean nothing, and she will go for the throat and try to take everything she can get. You would have spent your money better at McDonalds with your friends. It happened to me, and countless of other well meaning guys that I know. You have to maintain control of yourself and listen to sound advice like what is found on this channel. You are not, and she is not an exception. Pursue your own excellence. Don't waste your time or resources.
Kevin Healey (1 month ago)
After I had mine, a rabbi gave me some advice. Animosity will not help. He said not to curse your x, because when you do that you're cursing your own children. Also don't think about how you wish had never met your wife, because again you're wishing you had never had your children.
Andre Stapert (1 month ago)
Hi my friend I have some advice for all the men who are getting divorced please please get a DNA test from the children you have it's the difference between paying 60% of all your money and 20% of all your money that's a big difference and if history is correct between 2 and 6 children of every hundred 2 children are not from the men who thinks that he is the father that can save you a lot of money do a DNA test can you please advise your followers to do it it can help them a lot
Indie Fury (1 month ago)
Hey should I just pay for hookers.
Flag Unit (1 month ago)
Cant you just pre nup before marriage?
David R. (1 month ago)
30:48 LMAO
David R. (1 month ago)
I'm never getting married again. fuck women. I'm gonna try and be gay. Tomorrow I'm gonna try to suck a random dick and see how it is. wish me luck
dee nixon (1 month ago)
John K (1 month ago)
need to add that there needs to be pre-nup stating shared custody before marriage....
Samuel Sweetmann (1 month ago)
Just don't get married to begin with. Remember what Mark Twain wrote: "It's easier to stay out, than to get out."
Nestor Garcia (1 month ago)
Great free advice. Thanks for taking your time to explain and share experiences.
TheBlinked1 (1 month ago)
Most women are succubi, so the emotional and physical energy-drains make sense. Great beard by the way man.
TLuciano Payne (1 month ago)
Fuck marriage fuck Valentine’s Day fuck love fuck women
Jetstar Transportation (1 month ago)
Is it just me or does this guy resemble Mr. Clean with a beard?
Code _V_83 (1 month ago)
I just had a thought....do you think it would benefit boys or men if there were actual classes on marriage and divorce...how they work...the gains and the losses and such?
Doug Legnine (1 month ago)
why can't woman be nice and loving like Thailand and Mexico?👳🕉✡☬👑🐣🐣🍼.
Mark Cannon (1 month ago)
There is no such thing as the right woman when all she has to do is make a phone call to ruin your life.
Rose Garcia (1 month ago)
Woah. I just came across this video. The points you make are interesting, but it shows some woman really hurt you. It is a pity. People should be kind to one another. My friends are not like that. In fact, we have been screwed around royally by men!
Deja Poo (1 month ago)
Watch the docufilm Divorce Corp. The scariest horror movie I've ever seen.
Euphoric Rain (1 month ago)
Who and when were these man killer laws made? Why did men agree to this to begin with? Men were always the leaders in making the laws historically so how did they agree to butcher themselves??!
MTB SoCal (1 month ago)
Great video, I'm in this phase of life and needed to hear this information!
Gopal Karki (1 month ago)
Thanks you for you

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