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Why do women run when men have financial problems? || STEVE HARVEY

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Steve Harvey turns the tables and shares with his men what women really think about trust issues and when their man makes less money than them. Subscribe now to the STEVE HARVEY YouTube channel: http://bit.ly/1K5UsMy Find out where to watch in your city here: http://steveharveytv.com/watch/ Get more Steve Harvey! Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SteveHarveyTV Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/iamsteveharveytv Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/IAmSteveHarvey
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Text Comments (6725)
JayTwin31 (2 hours ago)
People responses are more real than than the clip hahahaha
Banty Ologo (4 hours ago)
No matter how handsome you are as a man, when you are struggling financially, women don’t care they gonna flee😛 it’s in their nature
Gerardo Morales (7 hours ago)
BOTTOM LINE....WOMEN WILL NEVER LOVE U... NO MATTER HOW GOOD U TREAT THEM.... For example if I met a nice looking chick that works at McDonald's we have no problem asking her out just she has a low paying job....But know DAMN WELL no woman would bother with you if you did....Its a sad truth but you Men that are marrying soon you better put your woman to the test n tell her they are downsizing at work n that you might be forced to look for another job n that things might change for awhile such going out to dinners trips n gifts n see how her love for you changes thru the lean moment ur going thru.... .
Clevert Bacchas (1 day ago)
“Men lashing out at women”. That’s so vague.
saddleheadson (1 day ago)
Women are such liars 😂
matthew Campbell (1 day ago)
In the end nobody is somebody else's property. It's all about sharing your life's together. If there is no trust, then you have nothing.
it's still because they don't trust us. they don't trust we're doing something they approve on. that's why they need proof. when taking the word of any person, if u need proof you don't trust them. period.
Tim Balajadia (1 day ago)
Note to self: Don’t end up with a mainland raised American woman.
rogue 007 (2 days ago)
Prostitute's leave after the john has spent all his money sooooo there you are
Mitch McMitch (2 days ago)
Bunch of lying thots
G3NOLLA - (3 days ago)
Because women are shallow and materialistic, that's the real reason.
Christopher Michael (3 days ago)
because them ones are just parasites peddling A$$... hooks...
Judley The gamer 25 (3 days ago)
No man have no obligation to provide for no f**ing woman
Temka Williams (3 days ago)
NO ONE is to be trusted because we're human and we do make mistakes...
caperjim (4 days ago)
Steve is a blue pill woman ass kisser. Men shouldn't take any advice from him.
Curlyhead_ Zharii (4 days ago)
My momma ain’t run , she got pulled in 💀
Sheila Sure (4 days ago)
NO we are detailed oriented!
Sheila Sure (4 days ago)
Oh my gosh I love this show!
Corey Smith (4 days ago)
Wow so women really think they have to approve of what we doing. Now that’s crazy
MrsBungle78 (5 days ago)
These multiple choice answers are bs! Obviously you have to choose one so they choose the closest to the truth or the funniest one that makes them look cool to the other dudes. If you’re serious about helping men & women understand each other, do it properly.
Lman Rman (5 days ago)
They run when men have financial problems because women regard men as a utility, & if that utility has low output at any time they want to change utility supplier...
Red C (5 days ago)
yeah right....give them a multiple choice answer with an obvious way out. D'you really think 61% answered honestly?
doczg88 (5 days ago)
Because women want money from men and not men themselvs.
Oliver ClothesOff (6 days ago)
Women are gold digging maggots.
jghormley69 (6 days ago)
that last question was bs.
Celestiel Kind Soul (6 days ago)
Men don't need our approval to do anything as long as it's not harming himself or others. If my boyfriend wants to go out with friends so be it. He has that right. He's his own person.
KanchoKomancho (7 days ago)
Summary of ways wives disrespect their husbands: - Implying he is not (sufficiently) competent - Rejecting his choices - Telling him what to do and what to think / bossing him - Undermining his authority as a father - Implying he is not a good father - Making it clear that she does not see him as an equal when it comes to parenting - Implying he is not enough sexually - Withholding sex from him, for whatever reason - Implying he’s not providing enough financially - Not acknowledging for his hard work / providing for the family (or doing it very rarely and briefly) - Taking control of the family/marriage - Making major decisions without his input - Gradually and constantly changing her/his perception of reality to suit their needs of the moment (‘gaslighting’) - Criticizing and insulting him - Asking him to do something, then doing it her self before he has a chance to do it - Mothering and smothering him - Second guessing him - Correcting him when he’s telling stories - Making light of something that he think is important - Refusing to apology or conditioning the apologies - Saying ‘I’m sorry but ...’ [reiteration of the original complaint/disrespect] - Lying to him - Taking credit for things he did - Treating him like he is her personal assistant - Spending too much money - Nagging, because she doesn’t trust he will do what he said he will; on his own time and in his own way
Joseph Bishara (7 days ago)
A large proportion of men respect the size of the woman's boobs and ass. If a woman does a mastectomy to remove her boobs, the man will most likely leave. A large proportion of women respect the size of the man's bank account and the man's accomplishments. If he loses his money, she will most likely leave. There's a number of men and women who simply love you for you, but they are in the minority.
Blind Squid (7 days ago)
Cause they don't have "sav a fool" DNA to the level we have "sav a hoe" DNA in us. This is actually a trait we should incorporate more. Besides no wymans "love" a man, they love what you provide for them.
Doug Long (7 days ago)
They run because they can't run up the guys credit cards any more so they move on to their next victims.
Himanshu Sharma (7 days ago)
"I have had many long term relationships" Oh yeah yeah
Christopher Michael (3 days ago)
@Himansu, yaup, all at the same time as well, they're parasites and hookers... reason prostitution is this world's oldest profession, all there is to it, y'all just LQQKING at it wrong.
Christina Roseth (7 days ago)
So what if a guy wants to buy a motorcycle with HIS money? Unless he has no money for dates then that's up to him!
Bruce Mcgraw (8 days ago)
Women lose interest when men struggle financially because a good percentage of them are lazy, entitled,and hypergamous. Men need to step out of their roles and not worry when a female makes more than you. Nothing to feel ashamed of, just get back on your feet
Bruce Mcgraw (8 days ago)
I already have a mother and dont need another one. If these women are single they are single for a reason.
Jayleen Collado (8 days ago)
You shouldn't get an approval of what your doing what are they your parent that why most relationships doesn't last long and then the other person says oh I need some space because your always wanting to know what they are doing.
moorejames moorejames (8 days ago)
id rather live my own life on my own account thsn deal with any woman n her woes...if you dont like it there's a million other dicks for you to suck
Yonis Harrier (8 days ago)
Jordan Peterson got the really answer , ladies and gentlemen.
Zia Khan (9 days ago)
Dude If the guy don’t wanna meet you even you are giving a free trip gift then he’s out of you and he doesn’t like you anymore. Experience says 😂
ßlàçk Kîñg (10 days ago)
MGTOW till death.
Arunava chakraborty (10 days ago)
Well I don't want money neither want a wife....that's a good thing in my life...no more stress no more bitchyness..or no more stress to losing her...boys just used ur own money....stop having wife.... enjoy ur life.. enjoy urself .no need wife..
kingtimjr1 (11 days ago)
if i was the on in the crowd I would have grabbed that mike and stopped them and said "well flip the script" Had we said that, we are controlling, toxic jealousy, insecure, etc. Please if many of your relationships, key word many, are with dumb ass man, then the problem lies with you.
Danny Murdock (12 days ago)
Love is very expensive
Jase Inferno (13 days ago)
How ladies want equal pay that any man makes but not willing to spend/provide equal pay? Don't wanna be with a/her man because he's not making what he was to your standards, etc. Don't say/call it team work, etc if your not doing anything around the house/apt but keeping it clean.
Vinson Johnson (13 days ago)
This ATM Is empty, time to go to the next one!
The One (13 days ago)
Women and men don’t run away from each other during financial difficulties, hoes and waste men do.
Mr.Coffee Man (14 days ago)
Woman seek men for resources. Plain and simple. They can't help it as its how they evolved. 50 years of feminist programming is not going to change 200,000 years of biological evolution.
Anirudh Mukund (14 days ago)
Yeah right men don't Lash out at women they need money and you don't care about him .These women are lying and trying to prove a point.
Lynn Jones (14 days ago)
They run because there nothing for them to take,men should treat them the same,run from their broke asses
Alison Mason (14 days ago)
I wouldn't want to be with a financially irresponsible man either. Life takes money. If he's broke, who is going to support his life?
Alison Mason (12 days ago)
+TheGeckoNinja Wow. What a long, run-on sentence there. Nobody hands women money for nothing. We go to college and study for four years, get internships, start from the bottom and work our way up. When I was in my 20s, I held multiple jobs to meet my financial needs. If a man is okay with a lower standard of living, that's fine, but he can't expect a woman to accept that. If you want to be comfortable with struggling in life, by all means, do so. But also be comfortable being single. OR find a woman that also likes that struggle life. Groceries cost money, dates cost money, travel costs money, housing costs money, transportation costs money. If you don't have it, who is going to provide it for you? If you're in your 30s and still haven't figured out a way to navigate through society, providing for your own needs and wants, don't be surprised if no woman wants to take you on as a burden.
TheGeckoNinja (14 days ago)
lol and that's the problem. money comes easy to you women cause society makes sure you don't go homeless, a man doesn't have that safety net like you women do, so when you say "financially irresponsible" (which is ironic since you women love to spend other peoples money and are the ones more often getting yourselves into debt) you're assuming the men isn't doing what he's supposed to do to make a good living. for a man he has to bust his ass to earn his wealth, most men work their asses off till their 30s before they start seeing real wealth. you women don't have that problem because society ( run by men) give you so many ways to avoid going homeless, you have more easier opportunities to make money without much effort, look at being a twitch streamer for example a girl doesn't even have to be good at video games to get all kinds of guys throwing money at them, the majority of your money comes from men one way or the other, so don't ever judge a man for being broke cause you don't have to struggle as he does. also when you say broke you actually mean he doesn't have enough money to give you the lifestyle you want. men can live on very little and can be happy. you women have to have everything, the fact you women treat shopping like a hobby says a lot about who is actually " financially irresponsible". (not saying all women but you have to admit what I said applies to the majority of women. if you're not like those women, congrats, you're the rare exception to the rule.
J22 (15 days ago)
2000 men vs 60 women lets see the loudest answers
HungryWallace (15 days ago)
look how proud that blond was telling her story, bet u theres was a little more to story we are not hearing.
WheelsDown (15 days ago)
in question one the answer that she wants to see if she approves of what you are doing is basically SHE DOES NOT TRUST YOU! there's no different in those two answers.
Ben Dobbing (15 days ago)
You don’t need your partner’s approval to buy something you want with your own money.
Supiragon 1998 (15 days ago)
Women love men like they love cars.
Optmeout Bihhh (16 days ago)
If a woman needs to know where you are at all times she’s curious. But if she requires verification and believes you need her permission she’s insecure and controlling. That’s a parental relationship and not healthy. If a woman left when you fell on hard times she was just in it for the money and maybe that’s what you used to get her so you got what you deserved. Now if you’re a man child that refuses to grow up and get stable and always on hard times she’ll leave because no one wants to raise a grown ass man!
zachery pritchett (16 days ago)
My friend had financial problems and it started when his gf started using his bank account.
kernow trebartha (16 days ago)
'I don't trust you'....'I need to approve of what you are doing'...…..Newsflash, they're the same thing !!!
Mike Kins (17 days ago)
I had financial problems and I left my wife after 20 years of marriage, because she was the financial problems. She always telling me I never made enough No matter how much I made or how many hours I worked. I gave her all my love and all my money and she couldn't respect it. Now I raise my 2 teenage kids all by myself With out any assistance from her, she's a dead beat. She didn't even call her kids on Christmas. Now I have plenty of money in the bank. I bought me a nice red challenge super bee and a lifted 4 door Jeep Rubicon and I can afford everything now without her controlling my finances. Also I live in a bigger nicer house And my kids are very happy. They have everything they need and a lot of what they want. She was my financial problem I should left her years ago. "MGTOW" I will never let another woman rest her toothbrush in my house ever again!
professorbland (18 days ago)
women run because they are just there for the money duh. If you want loyalty, get a dog.
Lakelyfe1 (18 days ago)
Women just can't stumble into honesty. They leave you because they can't take your money anymore
GSMillion (18 days ago)
“They lash out at us” just tells me that women want to play the victim 100% of the time
Matthew Forte (20 days ago)
Because relationships are a business decision to them women don't want an equal partner they want someone better
Taino1983 (20 days ago)
No responsibility most women are damaged and used up with ex boyfriend ghost of the past and they drag that baggage through out their life don’t fall in love with the western woman you can love these women but never be in love with them.
JinGai (20 days ago)
Because there hoes and sluts - all woman are evil and all woman are going to hell good luck woman in the lake of fire
Sean Dolan (21 days ago)
No loyalty, just hypergamy
Kisra David (21 days ago)
Fake people, fake answers.
Thabang Kabo (15 days ago)
True man. That's how women are.
Amani ndoroma (21 days ago)
Im new here...steve u speak through my heart
Ashley Young (21 days ago)
Awww the second man seems really hurt. It sucks how women view a situation like this. I watched this in my home where my dad lost his job and my mom was there til the end...35 years strong
moose knuckle96 (21 days ago)
Regardless of the excuses,blame shifting,man bashing,and self entitlement by women now,I'll never marry again.I also think more men are avoiding marriage these days.IMO it's heading to the point where women can jump and down and man bash all they want,but they'll be doing it alone and unmarried.To generalize all men are screw ups and need punished is just to much of an attitude to put up with for years.
Edmond Dantes (22 days ago)
Most women don't assume a man is supposed to provide nor do they care. Men like being the providers/ breadwinners. Why? Who knows.
BigBay (22 days ago)
Gold Digging!
Thabang Kabo (15 days ago)
The treat us like Gold Mines. Once the gold finishes we shut the mine.
n777 (22 days ago)
Martin (22 days ago)
I always see the same look on a women's face when i say i don`t have a job. But then you should see the expression change when they find out i retired at 28 when i sold my company.
ominous450 (22 days ago)
Hypergamy. Women will always go for guys with money
Majed M (22 days ago)
To answer the question, the real DNA of women in crisis
Ima Onnafone (23 days ago)
These women make me sick
Edan Brown (23 days ago)
Because money is a women’s god! They are material monsters and like to spend a man’s money and save their own!
uT RDX (23 days ago)
5:38 Men are providers its the thing they are good at. How will you feel If the guy says in the future that there's no need to be pregnant I'll get a baby from Lab. And then you look at other mothers who have their babies naturally, you will suffocate and die from inside. Don't go against nature. evolution takes times, men are used to be providers from the beginning.Cause of technology, law, military and tools( which made living easy) you may not need men now but atleast think what you are doing to them.
Mic D' (12 days ago)
Goodluck to you maam.
ABDUL HAKIM JAMA (23 days ago)
A true wife will never let her man down. Only fake women will run aft men money.
ken anderson (24 days ago)
Sound like control and insecurity
Hefty Alan (24 days ago)
If I want to buy a $10,000 motorcycle I am buying it if it is out of my salary and likewise she can buy what she wants if it is out of her salary.Simple. Approval my eye.
TheGameFreak013 (24 days ago)
If you give them options and make them pick, more often than not people are going to pick the "morally right" option, what shouldve done instead is they shouldve just asked them the questions without giving them any options, let them make their own answers, then group similar answers together
Uju Amobi (24 days ago)
It's not correct, I think for women who leave, the last option is the one. Like in his case, the last option was what his wife felt plus she has needs etc.
L Galloway (25 days ago)
These answers are based on personal experiences. The choices are dumb. I would never leave my husband because he lost a job.
Kenyatta Miles (22 days ago)
You are a good one.
Noel Granados (25 days ago)
Bunch of lyin' ass females
Thabang Kabo (15 days ago)
I know right.
VHITE (25 days ago)
Deion the Don (26 days ago)
The answer to the first question the guy asked was not correct it was just the safest answer. In all reality the real answer is B
Deion the Don (26 days ago)
Yeah I would hate that, it sound like a trust issue
Apollo (26 days ago)
Some men are stupid jerk offs
Booo Yaaa 1922 (26 days ago)
I could careless if they have some self confidence in thier self dont need approval or trust if ur a man pay attention how these women thinks and act here dont get married or have kids guys it's a nightmare to be fooled by these victims of life
Booo Yaaa 1922 (26 days ago)
Lol and that's another reason I won't date lmao am happy and will not date none if these ugly ass women
Booo Yaaa 1922 (26 days ago)
Women are as loyal as the rock I have out front
Thabang Kabo (15 days ago)
you must be scared she will see your comments
Thabang Kabo (15 days ago)
your wife must be a bully.
SuperQdaddy (27 days ago)
A good woman keeps you on track..a bad woman feeds you alcohol ..get it *
Matthew Sound (27 days ago)
This Double Standard makes me sick...and im only 19...Lol
72dew (27 days ago)
The answer is simple, it's hypergamy
Matthew Sound (27 days ago)
Woman run from a dude whenever he struggles financially cuz they don't wanna work...They're lazy and expect jus to sit in our house eat up our food and not pay anything...and the ones that r working and providing wants us, men to pay them back with gifts and such...so its like whenever we have sex or want sex they demand a paycheck and they ask 4 large amounts, Lol...they might as well be a prostitute and the worst of it if u even provide them everything they want they're still aren't satisfied so they cheat and that's just facts period...Lol but yall woman says that men are dogs right??
Vate (27 days ago)
Pointless show: women never blow up their cover:) Unless you are a guy who knows how to call them on bull.
Lazydays (27 days ago)
do they really think women will give an honest answer? lol
womanofdestiny (29 days ago)
What does MGTOW means????
The Chosen (29 days ago)
71% is full of s***

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