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Why do women run when men have financial problems? || STEVE HARVEY

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Steve Harvey turns the tables and shares with his men what women really think about trust issues and when their man makes less money than them. Subscribe now to the STEVE HARVEY YouTube channel: http://bit.ly/1K5UsMy Find out where to watch in your city here: http://steveharveytv.com/watch/ Get more Steve Harvey! Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SteveHarveyTV Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/iamsteveharveytv Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/IAmSteveHarvey
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Text Comments (6056)
Young Shrine (2 hours ago)
When the man is down the woman is suppose to step up and vise versa. It’s a team effort. Women want to know what your doing cause they don’t trust you, some ask cause they miss you, some do also ask out of curiosity; but the majority of them just don’t want your to buy a 10k motorcycle bc the money is going elsewhere and not on them.
ZA WARUDO!!!! (3 hours ago)
It's time to step up against these feminazis it's NOW OR NEVER fellow brothers!
T Bone (6 hours ago)
I feel like that first guy was a actor
Kino The killer (6 hours ago)
Where my MGTOW brothers at
SQUAD012 (7 hours ago)
"He became a loser" even got a percentage OMG that's terrible. Men Lashed out is normal because i've seen my father did that occasionally to us and my mom understands it and later, me and my siblings understand it too after my mother explained it to us. For answer "A man must provide" of course we knew we should provide, that is why sometimes it goes to answer B. We don't want to lose you but when we men are at the end of our wits, our flight or fight response became active and naturally we lashed out but do felt terribly guilty after that and just don't know how or when to apologize and that is why mens seems cold after that. All men need is understanding and support during those hard times, gives us time and we'll make it, i'm sure.
Sonny Christyan Imanuel (11 hours ago)
Womens are materialistic
Brandon Williams (15 hours ago)
They run for the same reason, men run when women get old. Because they're all used up.
Tracy Stumpf (18 hours ago)
How long is her long term relationships . Lol at you ... Mgtow.
jennifer korvina (21 hours ago)
Why are women so worried about men being providers ? Get off your lazy ass and go build your own life. Find a good guy and then build together for eachother.
K Hen (1 day ago)
Even a lion let the females hunt for him but the females must respect him to eat first
Andre’ Kitchen (1 day ago)
That’s the straight BS I’m talking about
At this point the only people who benefit from marriage are the women being married, event planners, jewelers, counselors, lawyers, judges and the government but to the man getting married, there is no benefit at all.
Pat Aherne (1 day ago)
Because they are only there for the money, perhaps?
Dominick Justave (2 days ago)
Alot of women just see a paycheck
Kevin Alexander (2 days ago)
What a person leaves you at your lowest point that means they were never down with you in the first place
Kevin Alexander (2 days ago)
In sickness or in Health for better or For Worse yeah right woman will leave you these days if you catch a cold look as a man is bad enough if you get laid off or something like that beyond your control but knowing that your woman is probably going to leave you because of something beyond your control that lets you know that she was never down with you in the first place
Marlena Hawkins (2 days ago)
This is some kind of new world order and it is horrible .If the woman work the man should also .It is such a hell of dynamic.
C C (2 days ago)
"Why do women run when men have financial problems?" Because that's all they were in it for to begin with.
Sergio Alcantar (3 days ago)
Steve Harvey speak that truth.
Hannah Pierce (3 days ago)
Why were the questions multiple choice? And lashing out is a strong statement. I had an ex who was living with his parents who spoiled him financially, but after he quit his job he started feeling sorry for himself to the point where I wasn't allowed to talk about my job or my day. This guys parents would talk to him in front of me about how they could help him get a job at his Moms workplace, or pay for his college, but he never acted on either choice. One day he was at my house, and I was telling my Mom about something that happened at work, and this guy goes to the bathroom and texts me "Can you stop talking about work? It's making me sick." Then we tried taking him out to dinner with me my Mom and my brother, and my Mom was paying. This guy literally refused to order anything, and when we ordered him something, he refused to eat it and let it go cold. To me that is not lashing out. That is a spoiled kid in a mans body. He even got jealous when he and I were at my grandmother's house and the dog was kissing and snuggling me! Trying to shove her off of me! I was glad when I left him! Theres a difference between a guy whose struggling, and one who has options, but wont do anything.
Andrizzy Sandoval (3 days ago)
None of these women picked anything up from this. Because they’ll think what they want no matter what
Hector Mzqt (3 days ago)
Then it ALL gets worse with MENOPAUSE!!! LOL 😂😂🤣🤣🤣 HOORAY!!
SK Productions (3 days ago)
This was weird to watch as a woman. 1. If you need to know exactly where your man is, that's just...weird. Asking for pictures is over the top. Also, if he wants a 10K bike with his 10K, I dont see a problem. 2. Men without money are not attractive like children without manners are not attractive... you should have a basic amount. I feel like those multiple choice answers were lame and the women lied. I dont know any sane women clamouring to take care of a man. That poor man needed a better answer.
Justin Shaw (3 days ago)
It’s what they do been that way long before I was born 🤔
Orange Blossom (3 days ago)
B/c we don’t want to clean up his messes.
Darth Soldier (4 days ago)
More than half of them lashed out because the woman started the whole thing
Alex M (5 days ago)
Because they are prostitutes.
PREETHAM TIWARI (5 days ago)
Where is option D which should read " Who is going to pay for my makeup and entertainment and other expenses ?"
PREETHAM TIWARI (5 days ago)
Who does she think she is ? (Yellow dress ) What a man does with his money is up to him .Why should she bother what he does with his 10000$ .She would rather have him spend it on her ridiculous wedding dress which she would wear once in a lifetime .Such a stupid woman .
Hisfavor1 (5 days ago)
"We need to talk". Fellas get a immediate feeling of anxiety and irritation as soon as we here those words. Lol
mark. c (6 days ago)
women are selfish gold diggers that are narcissistic they think of themselves as the prize some prize lol,stay single boys and keep the money you EARN.Mgtow all the way
anthony mills (7 days ago)
Women depend on men to support them. Here in Australia only 37% of working women, work full time. Men make up app 66% of all full time workers.
Lungisa Nduna (7 days ago)
But isn't needing to verify my work the same as not trusting my judgement. like anything else it can work for the right couple, some guys like to go with it. Others though refuse to be "mothered" again. if you want a but are with b, leave b and find an a.
Adil Al Awadhi (8 days ago)
Lady in yellow: ever wonder why you had many past relationships? And no one stuck around?
Nicolas Sproge (8 days ago)
O come on guys lol
drstrangest (9 days ago)
Man lost his job, but woman is the victim. Wow
Joseph Arce (9 days ago)
None of those answers are correct
Zero Point (9 days ago)
MGTOW is growing. Women will destroy society.
Schutzstaffel Agent (9 days ago)
Fake marriage can be divorced Real marriage is real love and unity of a man and woman meaning they can never be seperated EVER
barry craig (9 days ago)
Control freak women
Paul Hugo (9 days ago)
how many boyfriends has that gold digger had at such a young age?
Kurt Lee (9 days ago)
More like how they reverse psychology with there mouth.
Media Brands (10 days ago)
The broad didn't approve for the $10000 bike because it wasn't spent on her. They want their money and yours. Stay spiffy my friends. 🧐
Robert Pakulski (10 days ago)
2:28 she blinked so fast
Moriah Diggs (10 days ago)
If u don't need our approval we don't need yours.
Moriah Diggs (10 days ago)
Some men go out and are determine to get a job and provide for their family. Some men just lay on their ass all day and let the women provide for the family until the woman go out and put a word in to help her man to get a job and the man gets mad
Myke S (10 days ago)
Man shaming has become normal for disenfranchised/ single women. We have become emasculated and identified as losers . I’m married for 30+ years raised two boys, and been faithful to my wife. I’m better qualified to raise my kids as a stable parent. Why do women feel they provide stability when it’s proven men have less frequent desires to kill kids and blame others?
Darthwing Xodius (10 days ago)
The blame shift grows stronger when their a mom especially if there is some adult hierarchy and the child.Dont get me wrong I perfectly respect my mother but she has to understand the other argument. In other words from the words of a lvl 9000 iq monk ignorance is a BLISS
Mark Runk (10 days ago)
Because the money is the goal if there's nothing to steal what's the point in staying.
Madi C (11 days ago)
i’ve had 2 boyfriends whom i have given mattresses because they sleep on the floor, visit them as frequently as i can while they have no car, and love them unconditionally. because love is love, and has no price tag.
Jim Smith (11 days ago)
How's Harvey going to give advice with his record. This guy is so weak catering to these women...
Gold Just Gold (11 days ago)
🤦‍♂️ These are their answers?!? MAKE THESE WOMEN TAKE LIE DETECTION TESTS! I bet you if these women were under lie detectors they'd all look bad.
Gold Just Gold (11 days ago)
The woman in the crowd said her bf bought an Unauthorized toy, a motorcycle.... 😑It's his money.
T South (11 days ago)
Key phrase. “Lost my job and then made a career change”. You went into marriage with one financial game plan and then switched it up for a less secure and profitable career. Plus men who make less than women always feel insecure hence the lashing out and the women over giving to make up for his insecurity.
Poetic Frost (12 days ago)
Men cant have freedom
W/L winner Loser (12 days ago)
These women lie so much
Michele Herrmann (12 days ago)
The reason I did was because my ex didn't want to work. I would be the breadwinner. He would be the sponge.
khankrum1 (12 days ago)
Prostitutes are more honest!
D Rock (12 days ago)
You can have a thousand of these shows and people are going to think and do what’s in their nature and interest.
Kyla Monique (12 days ago)
I need my man to have a job because what if I lose my job too ? (Which I probably wouldn’t) what would we do?
Adam Craig (12 days ago)
That didnt really answer that guys questions. He clearly was asking why women value money over loyalty
Jose Falconett (13 days ago)
I think these girls ego's are getting in the way of answering the questions truthfully to themselves. No doubt they do not trust you thats why they ask
One MercilessMing (13 days ago)
Yeah, well, try being in a marriage where you work to support a partner while that partner earns TWO successive college degrees and then, once the degrees are in hand, that partner takes off with someone else, leaving you with the debts, recurring bills, and very few resources.
Negus Nagasty (13 days ago)
These men have no better things to do, sitting here to listen the bulshit told by women
Henry Tumur (14 days ago)
60-70% of woman are mostly left when it comes to financial matters. Another 10-15% are lesbians and other sexual orientations.10-15% of woman are our momma
bksilenca (14 days ago)
I find these top answers questionable...
Youtube Police (14 days ago)
Because women aren't loyal.
moist faucet (14 days ago)
do your show need to discuss that ?
Chef D. Baller (14 days ago)
lmao i prolly just go to events like this to see Mr. Harvey. but really? who goes here?
Taryn Great (14 days ago)
Some of you men just want to be housewives. 🙄
Terrence Milton (15 days ago)
😂😂😂😂 Women are crazy. 🤨
kanchi Khanal (15 days ago)
In our hindu marriage we are made to make promise in front fire holding our hand to be his " ardhagini" half of his body and share his joy and sorry.I don't know about all but most of the Hindu woman don't leave their husband during financial struggle.we work together
Agimus78 (15 days ago)
Women are hypergamous thots 😏
James Martin (11 days ago)
Dominga Shataun (15 days ago)
I feel like most of these people really didnt know their partners to begin with, I believe, before a marriage, you should really strive to know if that partner has the same values as you, so like the guy whos women left him because he got laid off, well was she always materialistic?? plus i dont think it was only that. i could be wrong on this but thats what first came to mind
Donte Johnson (15 days ago)
These woman are lieing
Anmeldn (16 days ago)
D you re controlling because you got issues
Go Dolla Productions (16 days ago)
Lol I'm sorry but I'm not buying the whole "cuz men lash out at us". This just tells me that alot of women stay with the tricky and manipulation. Then they want a man to move heaven and earth for them just to please them and for what ? For some use baggage and a body thats been seduce probably more than 15 times. I just can't anymore. There's is absolutely no logic, but don't get me wrong there are a handful of solid women out there believe me...just not in this video.
Deborah Hardaway (16 days ago)
Im a woman an i was checking an agreeing on the male comments,some women or most are gold diggers.They want marriage so you can provide for them.When money get tight some women not all jump ship.Now let me say this not old school women,but the new school younger ladies is in it for a dollar,especially T.v,promotes having babies for child support.
Clay .C. (17 days ago)
"Why does she need to know where you are and what you are doing?" She is up to no good, and assumes that you are doing the same.
Clay .C. (17 days ago)
Because she's "all about that money, all trouble!"
Brooklynyc918 (17 days ago)
These women are lying.
Nathan L (17 days ago)
Guy: Sorry guys, I can’t come. My girlfriend can’t let me go. Friends: Okay. Makes sense. Girl: I can’t come. My boyfriend can’t let me go. Friends: ABUSIVE MY GOD WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING
Kevin D (17 days ago)
I got to say that I'm disappointed in Steve, ever since he started blowing up he has been more with the woman and their wants, than the logic and common sense of a situation. Women from this generation have already proven that they are more driving by materialistic things, than they were before. They always want to know what you're doing, with who, why, and where. Then if we get into a financial situation, it's always the mans fault, but when she runs the money dry she always says that it's to keep herself good for the man. Last time I checked, my spouse didn't bring me into this world, or struggles working my shifts and conditions at work. So why should she decide what I can and can't do with my money? Albeit that I don't spend money till the bills and rent are paid, but I work hard for it so I should be able to see to it myself. Also marriage at the moment is proven to be a loss for the man at the moment. A majority of marriages either end up in divorce, or the man gets screwed over 99% of the time. As far as lashing out, if you keep bringing my financial situation up every chance you get, without actually helping me fix it then of course I'm going to lash out. That's basically being verbally abusive to a man, because he can't afford to give you some things. Yet I don't hear complaints when the rent is paid or the bills need to be checked on.
Alpha Male (17 days ago)
Once we invent those sex robots we can just dump women straight into the garbage...
John Smith (17 days ago)
5:16 it's A and C don't lie.
Joshua Frick (17 days ago)
If we're being honest, this isn't surprising. Don't we as guys always think a woman sounds incredibly naive & stupid when she acts shocked that her very rich, handsome husband/boyfriend is cheating on her? If you're a rich, good-looking dude, then you have a plethora of options... This is the exact same situation for really any woman of reasonable attraction. Yet, we think they're suppose to be loyal to us. It's fantasy. People, men or women, do not willingly select a lesser option. Why the hell would they?
Monique Marquez (17 days ago)
Woman Don't loose interest it's because you got the wrong girl. When picking this girl you may have flashed money to get her so you may have tried to get her with money there for that is why she Left. Because that was the foundation u built the relationship
Monique Marquez (17 days ago)
I don't think it is to keep tabs or for approval it's to build trust. Once we Can trust u we will relax 😁👍ok. Trust is earned not given
Reggie Coleman (18 days ago)
First of all what a grown man does is his business and it's no business of a woman asking him where is he at what is he doing that is his business he does what he wants to do I know I do what I want to do and I'll be damned if a woman is going to ask me where am I at what am I doing that's none of your damn business whether I'm with you or not and if you don't like my answer then you can leave it just that simple.
Gavin Payne (18 days ago)
To approve of what you're doing lol sorry didn't know I had to ask permission to do something with my pals that I enjoy
Cristian Lee (19 days ago)
The women keep lying about every question !!! Bunch of liars...
Roman James (19 days ago)
Remember, dont marry for looks, they fade.Dont marry for money it can be lost.
DZE (19 days ago)
Women expect to be carried around in life like some kind of free ride to easy access to money. If all a girl has to offer me is sex and that's about it. She ain't my type.
Geralt (19 days ago)
They run because hypergamy kicks in
uhegbu (20 days ago)
They say that the female is always right. In my mindset, the female is not always right.
Harvey Angel (20 days ago)
What if the women call you because she is afraid that her boyfriend cheat on her, because she cheated before and is afraid of the reverse game?
jan haugen (20 days ago)
Am glad am single
Joeseph Templeton (19 days ago)
I thought the title was "Why do women run from accountability for their own mistakes"....
Calvin Gilmore (21 days ago)
Lee Pezak (22 days ago)
It's just not financial. I got hurt. Spent a month in a coma, 4 heart attacks in a week, lost 60 LBS of weight (almost all muscle mass). I was in a recovery wing full of people in similar conditions. Any man under 50 did not get visits from girlfriends, or wives. If a guy had a girlfriend, she was usually gone before he left the ICU. Married men were either being separated or divorced while recovering, bed ridden. Women will drop a guy at drop of a hat at any sign of weakness.

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