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Why do women run when men have financial problems? || STEVE HARVEY

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Steve Harvey turns the tables and shares with his men what women really think about trust issues and when their man makes less money than them. Subscribe now to the STEVE HARVEY YouTube channel: http://bit.ly/1K5UsMy Find out where to watch in your city here: http://steveharveytv.com/watch/ Get more Steve Harvey! Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SteveHarveyTV Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/iamsteveharveytv Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/IAmSteveHarvey
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Text Comments (6345)
Symbol ism (3 hours ago)
Don't ask fish for advice on dealing with or getting fish.
anarkali mulla (8 hours ago)
Real men will provide..no matter what the circumstance is..and real woman will support him even if he can't provide because of the bad patch..thats the real deal..rest all is a trash...its about give and take in a relationship..it should never become burden on any of the partner..god has made woman to give birth to child and if she is doing her part..why men cant provide financially??i mean she has to take care of home,children and bills then whats the use of the marriage where one partner is carrying all the load and other one is not..where is the balancing in this realtionship??or else before getting married this should get discussed that marriage is contract till you die..either you like it or you dont like it..there is no way out..if the man is not providing that means woman has to do that providing thing..and it will add to her burden more..because she just cant say that she dont want to give birth to the babies..its her job god made it that way...same thing with men god has made men physically emotionally ,mentally stronger why?to lead the family..and i agree life is not easy all the time..its understandable...being there for each other in hard times its the only way will help when life becomes rough...but in normal circumstsnces..it doesnt give men permission to just not to earn and sit and become burden on his woman..because she is already struggling in her own ways...its about his intentions really..if he is trying hard way but due to bad luck he is unable to succeed then real woman will know it and will suppport him no matter what..but she can also sense when he is just acting because he doent want to work hard and use her money beacuse any way she is earning she is going to take care of the bills..so here its all about intentions and woman can sense if its real or fake and will play her game accordingly..here im talking about real men and real women..i dont justify anybody leaving their partner for any reason because that what coward do...u can always sit discuss and find way to deal with your problems..
Aaquib Ali (1 day ago)
If you go according to nature a man is the hunter and provider. He needs to be the one to lead the house and when women do it they feel like they weren't good enough
Aaquib Ali (1 day ago)
The first lady ought to shut up it's his life and money you idiot
Angelic Girl (2 days ago)
Men don’t want to be emasculated
Frank Delgado (2 days ago)
I busted out laughing when she said "an unauthorized toy."
Tom Hanks (2 days ago)
Ladies stop acting like you are totally 100% equal with a man there are some jobs that a woman cannot do for instance lift heavy things protect that man like in a fight a woman cannot be a man I have heard that a 14 year old boy can probably beat up any woman well not all of them but most of them I guess but I know one couldn't beat me up but they said that they do LOL it's not too many but there are some things that women cannot do that a man can do like protect his woman and his family if it comes down to a fist fight I'm talking about a fistfight I'm talking about no guns and knives and sticks and bats and things like that LOL
Tom Hanks (2 days ago)
I don't get this how is people's taking advice from a man like Steve Harvey how many times he been married and he screwed every one of them over how are y'all taking couple or marriage advice from him he's not the one that can give it really wow how stupid can people's be look at his life with women's and marriage scandalous
Josephine Morris (3 days ago)
We are such liars 😂😂😂
George Marsilio (3 days ago)
Agreed steave knows..but on the other hand he has a lot of money.. And thecreg guy may be bithched at wrongly..hes sensitivexat this moment..women..grow up..
Gintare Sakinyte (3 days ago)
Nahh man if financial problems happen and he is not trying to change sorry Bey. I ain't working my ass off to let u do nothing .
LasermanSteam (3 days ago)
"it's not that we don't trust you, it's that we want to help you make the right decisions" "oh but if you say you're doing something you have to prove it, it's not because we don't trust you though" I don't understand, if someone says they're at a football game, is there any reason for them to prove it? What does sending a picture help in making the right decision, other than when the guy would have answered "I'm buying a new motorcycle and I'm not sure which to pick"
Nicole Murray (4 days ago)
This why I don’t date American men lol
Jesus Saves (4 days ago)
Should you stay with a man who's not financially stable?
Akiha Amber (4 days ago)
Welp, it's the opposite for me. The guy just keeps on asking with no intention of paying back or whatever. But he won't insist if I don't actually hv much with me. Which leaves me very confused, he's too much of a good guy to be manipulative and I know he is struggling but if I'm just going to be a lifeline, then this won't work 🤷🏻‍♀️
Jimmy Pop (4 days ago)
All these guys sound like they're dating a bunch of psychotic women
Jimmy Pop (4 days ago)
If a Woman really Loves a Man, money should be the last thing on her mind
O.C. (4 days ago)
This vindicates #MGTOW. Women don't love men. They only love what men can give them at that moment. Is it any wonder that 80% of divorces are initiated by women?
justin poulson (5 days ago)
no it is c
brandilovesjay _ (6 days ago)
"uNauTHoRiZeD ToY"
Chris Allum (6 days ago)
Multi choice ruined this.
Mike Bosisto (6 days ago)
Marriage What a woman wants! #1 Your money #2 All of your time and attention to fulfill her needs without any consideration of what you want to do with your time. #3 make sure you have no friends especially no communication with any women even at work unless it’s only about work. #4 to have kids, that way they know they have him by the shorthairs. They know now he must kneel down to the queen because if he doesn’t perform, she will leave him and bathe in the rewards of his own doing for life... meal ticket and paychecks for life.
Nicholas Mohammed (6 days ago)
Fake answers dude.
Ryan Jonas (7 days ago)
Steve Harvey. Just another cuck with a tv show.
Ryan Jonas (7 days ago)
Lying, all of them lying. MGTOW is the only way.
thesix107 (7 days ago)
Can other men comment on that lashing out thing?? I think that that particular ex was kind of disturbed. How could you get so worked up over gifts where she obviously cared?? That's the dumbest thing ever. I thought it was nice to hear a response as hers. I was expecting some kind of feminist justified response to leaving, but then it wasn't like that. Also, to women, if you can't handle the emotional change when men are down during their struggling times, then maybe you should reconsider even being in a marriage at all. When you are down with yourself, you get emotional with us too. On top of that, there is less sex, which makes things even worse. It would help to learn to be better support figures during these downtrodden times.
karispirit meddy (7 days ago)
Some women want the man back when he gets his money back and he goes back to her. Don't understand that one
russell klassen (8 days ago)
wow that black lady is too controlling marry a European lady they are not needy
Bluu Nzuri (11 hours ago)
russell klassen but some of us aren’t controlling
russell klassen (5 days ago)
+Bluu Nzuri Euro ladies are ladies not controlling and dont think they own you
Bluu Nzuri (5 days ago)
russell klassen what🤨
MTS BOUR (8 days ago)
The B choice was just a way out for them . Still Not a reason enough to walk away from a marriage
Ishot_0percent_ (8 days ago)
I believe if a man or woman works for their money then can and should do what ever they want with it
Supreet Kumar (8 days ago)
I don't need anyone's approval to do something.....
Ahmad Jan (9 days ago)
this show is mad dumb
Nikola Games (9 days ago)
This info is irrelevant because in the end of the day they need us to make babies I’m not being against women I like then but I can bet none of these girls can go a month without a good dick and some money to spend
VancouverCanucksRock (9 days ago)
Yeah, its because "ABUSE!!!".....
Avi Guide (10 days ago)
This video is a waste, most women have a sinister nature and a woman will never explain her nature to you. If a woman only dates or marries for money, SHE WILL NEVER TELL YOU, you will have to just find out.
Captain Banana (10 days ago)
Women = Lies Its hard to find true love. I wish you lucky finding one
Candace Bell (10 days ago)
If he did irresponsible behavior, that's just who he is, you can't change that. If you're not married, HE DOESN'T NEED Your approval. Guys, if she leaves because of an income change, you have the answer to the question of what she was really interested in. However, if you just decided not to go to work anymore that's one thing, but going back to school or a career change SHOULD BE looked at differently.
Candace Bell (10 days ago)
PS. If she is calling and requiring proof of what you are doing and where you are.... SHE doesn't trust you, you're setting yourself up for an aggravating existence... Because she's insecure 😂 Male or female, those are the MOST AGGRAVATING people to be in a relationship with.... Again, if you're not married, you don't have to subject yourself to this..
Excess Sleeper (11 days ago)
So I can’t spend time with YOU doing the things WE enjoy together because you’re too proud let me pay for things while you get yourself together? Yuck.
Caila (11 days ago)
Wouldn't that mean they don't trust you to make the right decision so they feel they need to approve it first?
Indian Monk (11 days ago)
No money, no honey. Period! - Women
NPD Girlfriend (12 days ago)
Unauthorized toy. Who made you god?
Coco G (12 days ago)
Damn Steve Harvey is the man he puts it all in good perspective
Claudia Castrillon (13 days ago)
Real answer is A and C...duuuh
Nofretari (14 days ago)
Question two my answer was A
Trance Tallentine (14 days ago)
A woman who buys anything would kill me dead of a heart attack.
Bryan Flores (14 days ago)
That first questions answer is BS Edit: Actually both
c 560630 (14 days ago)
Hypergamy 101, women are incredibly dumb. If a women ever asked me to send her a snap of what I'm doing she can see her way out the door. Bye.
Men do it too, trust me on that!!
Fluffy Unicorn (14 days ago)
Why is it when a guy is being controlling on what a girl can buy or where a girl is at all times, it's abuse but when a girl does the SAME thing it's called being a female
david Christian (14 days ago)
Lie detector will start malfunctioning after 1 hour with these women. They can't be trusted. Evil 100%.
1Chasg (14 days ago)
Women say a man must provide, yet they want equality in everything..... It doesn't go both ways!
Mark Poto (14 days ago)
I See Money to a relationship as like water to a plant...Can't have one wifout the other Generally...Offcouse some plants can go long periods without water i don't think a relationship can especially one with a women...Unless ofcourse u have some Good Reason for this problem And She Has a Good Heart...& Morals.
helpstop misandry (14 days ago)
This makes sense
helpstop misandry (14 days ago)
Great Men and Women don't ask for approval as they know society will basically never give it
Simon-_-88 (15 days ago)
Don't date western women. Problem solved. 👏🏼
Shaun Frick (15 days ago)
Hi Steve. Is that all. She offered parking and a plane ticket. My ex girlfriend offer a hole house for me to live in after 12 months of courting. Only because I all ready had a house and was looking after mum and two sisters at the time. The rest is a really long story so if anyone wants to know more or to give any advice' It will be very much appreciate. Thank you.
busters channel (16 days ago)
Some of those women are gold diggers .
kelvin s sosa (16 days ago)
Creepy Crawle'rs (16 days ago)
Women cannot love they only seek resources which is why women with money are just promiscuous smuts
Name (16 days ago)
Both genders can act controlling and leave relationships for pathetic reasons. These are gender specific questions and the survey questions were kind of dumb. The reason anyone leaves a relationship when the other persons value diminishes is because you chose to marry someone who doesn't really love you. You picked a hot wife who doesn't love you. It's the same for women if they just marry someone because they're rich. As soon as you lose your looks he'll dump your ass.
kelvin urena (17 days ago)
MGTOW is the only answer for men!!!!
goldenheartOh (17 days ago)
I'm sure a lot of men lash out at women because the women keep insisting on getting things that are very unwise financially at that point. B is a symptom of both A and C. I'll grant Steve's answer can also be part of it, but a smaller part I would think.
Partha Dip (18 days ago)
I had many long term relationships. My question : 4 divorce in 3 years?
Marcus Rosales (19 days ago)
Isn't c just a politically correct version of b?
Omega Chapman (19 days ago)
I dont need nobody approval or permission to do anything I'm not a child
Katna F (19 days ago)
I lose interrest if a man can not provide. Not because I want things from him, because I work my ass off and buy myself the things I want, but if he makes a career change without having enough money saved up to take care of his share of the bills for at least a year, then it's a no from me, I'm out, because he has proven to me he's irresponsible and makes poor decisions. The man is supposed to lead, and if he is making terrible decisions, then he can't lead me
kelvin urena (17 days ago)
Katna F (19 days ago)
My answer would be I don't trust him
Kisimba Mpekis (19 days ago)
link to full show please!
Aries love (19 days ago)
btw women are lying about their answer's on here.
Aries love (19 days ago)
ladies you see why we call 'think ur crazy. We are adults aka im a grown ass man ' I don't need your approval or what im doing
Sumora (20 days ago)
Nope, lying girls. When a man does not make money, we feel too much pressure to provide. We get the responsability of the house, the provisions and the kids. No way!
Ash Krikorian (20 days ago)
lash out? lol women are master manipulators, they love to pay the victim
Brian Sneary (20 days ago)
The answer to the title is hypergamy. Unauthorized, approval? she wants a kid not a partner. For the second question 99.5% should have answered A if they could be honest.
artichoke890 (20 days ago)
It's just all double standards. Wake up guys most women dont care about you. If you put them on a pedastool they will walk all over you. Just leave them if they treat you bad.
Summer Snow (21 days ago)
I wouldn't have any problem with a woman paying my way for anything if she was willing to pay. This program is a set up. I've never heard a guy in my lifetime say their girlfriend paid for anything, unless it was just something cheap like a hamburger or a taco with a drink. It's easy to agree like Steve Harvey does when your a multi-millionaire making money off this crap.
UsmanAli Ali (21 days ago)
guys its simple never marry women for her beauty and figure marry someone who is soulmate who knows your good and bad but still wants you who knows your financial status but still choses you just because she is not in love with you but with your soul
Mark Goldsmith (21 days ago)
This is why I have trust issues with women. The majority of them all lie the same way.
Taliya Greenlee (21 days ago)
Lemme tell you guys the real answers 1. B 2. C
Free- write Document (22 days ago)
Time to marry myself since i can trust myself and die by myself...
Ahmad Hassan kano (22 days ago)
Live in Italy and I'm 25 years old looking for a good lady so that we can spend rest of our life together but I have no Money
Judzel Riley (23 days ago)
Sorry Sir you’ve experience a gold digger 🤷🏾‍♀️..........It’s B
i think i ate a fly (23 days ago)
Im a girl and here are answeres based on myself 1st question : B. Because we don't trust you 2nd question : A. Man is supposed to provide (Not supposed to but this is what happens, However i would not leave somebody because they have financial problems)
i think i ate a fly (20 days ago)
+d3thron3d Because she has more responsibilities as to raise a child and take care of the house, That is not easy, So she does not have time to work, most women work, Yes But they are housewives at the same time but they use their earnings when they work.
d3thron3d (20 days ago)
In a society of equal pay, equal rights, and women relentlessly pushing for more... and a man is supposed to provide... what's a woman supposed to do with her earnings? Or... she just supposed to work less if at all cause... work is hard... and stuff?
Bobby jo Williams (23 days ago)
If a woman asking for a picture I really would
Criminal Watch (23 days ago)
Funny story actually. My partner was losing interest in me a while ago because I lost my job and was finding it hard to get another. We ended up fighting over the importance of financial security and she told me I need to work hard so she can end up happy and financially stress free just like her parents are. Two weeks after this fight, her parents lost their business and house because of missed repayments and their business was slowly dying. She had no idea this was happening. A valuable lesson was learned that day and I was so happy it happened, she basically saw that no matter how "secure" you might think you are, money can always be lost and your security gone. Invest in your relationships as PEOPLE and don't base it around money.
Amol Khobaragade (23 days ago)
Men don't need approvals of any bimbos they are dating.
ImPerfectlyTwitta (24 days ago)
I feel like the real answer for that question wasn’t up there
ty shu (24 days ago)
These is kind of scary because these women lied so easily
Ride with me (24 days ago)
I damn sure didn't run for all them years taking care of you but when I lost my job you couldn't hold the castle 4 months and hauled ass.
God (24 days ago)
*imagine if everyone on this show had a big giant orgy? lol*
Ghostem871 2K (24 days ago)
Doper (24 days ago)
steve even makes us cry.
Berlin Wall (24 days ago)
If someone wants to know where you are at all times then they are insecure
Berlin Wall (24 days ago)
Women value security. Nothing wrong with that.
Xcaliburz Storm (25 days ago)
there all gold diggers damn on why do ladies lost interest in a man how to struggle financially there all programmed to be gold digger damn.
Men - Cheats when not finding any attraction in their woman anymore Women - Gives up when he doesn’t have the resourcess to provide for her anymore.
Lars (26 days ago)
5:15 it's either A or C, but they gonna vote B. ( this was written before the results were shown )
Ryan Scherbluk (26 days ago)
No money no honey. Women love to live off your wallet
Kaguai Reuben (26 days ago)
I'm tired of these females lying.
Runé Jackson (26 days ago)
Tf. Women NEVER want the approval of a man to do anything in life but think they can control us. When I bought my motorcycle I didn’t need anyone’s approval because I’m an adult. I wouldn’t have taken any woman telling me I can’t do it
Wild Yoda (28 days ago)
Honestly I don’t want a woman when I’m broke because I want to be able to support her

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