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Cops watch black man on the ground in handcuffs get mangled by police dog

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A video that shows a San Diego police canine biting and shaking a man in handcuffs while he was face down in a street Sunday has gained attention on social media. On Wednesday, police officials said the officers and the dog adhered to the department’s policy. “While these videos can be graphic in nature to view, keep in mind our canines are extremely effective at deescalating situations and preventing elevated levels of force to take people into custody,” San Diego police Lt. Scott Wahl said. The footage, posted by Facebook user Angel Nuñez, shows the dog latched on to the man’s arm for at least 30 seconds while one officer works to unlatch the animal’s jaw. Two other officers hold down the man’s legs. The man can be heard repeatedly screaming and shouting, “Uncomfortable!” Much of the incident wasn’t captured on video, San Diego police Lt. Scott Wahl said. The canine officer was sent to A street near Sixth Avenue about 4 p.m. Sunday after a number of people called 911 about a man behaving erratically. Wahl said witnesses told police the man was running in and out of traffic, jumping on cars, trying to pull stop signs from the ground and challenging passersby to fight. He is also accused of punching a cab driver and trying to steal a motorcycle. When the officer first approached, the man started moving toward him and threatening to fight. The officer repeatedly told the man to stop or the dog would be released. A second video, also posted by Nuñez, appears to show the moments leading up to the dog bite. A shirtless man can be seen in the middle of a busy downtown street shouting and jerking his body toward an officer holding the canine close on a leash. When the dog first clamps down, the man can be heard saying, “OK, OK, OK!” He was eventually arrested on suspicion of charges that include robbery, battery and being under the influence of drugs. A number of commenters questioned whether the canine and its handler had adhered to department policy. The lieutenant said they both did what they were trained to do, and the video clearly shows that. Police dogs are taught to bite and hold. This is meant to ensure that the canine does not repeatedly bite a person, which could cause further damage, Wahl said. The dogs also aren’t trained to release on a verbal command. Instead, officers are taught to apply pressure to release the canine’s jaw, to ensure they’re always in control. It’s also done to lessen the chances of a second bite. That technique can take time, and it’s not done until the suspect is in handcuffs. “Sometimes it takes a bit to get into the right position,” Wahl said. “It’s not a perfect, sterile environment where you push a button and it happens.” The San Diego department also stressed that canine bites are relatively rare. During the first six months of 2017, the canine unit has responded to more than 8,200 calls for service. Bites only occurred during 18 of those. “We want to deter people from engaging in violent and assaultive behaviors,” the lieutenant said. “Most of the time, merely a police dog’s presence helps.” SUBSCRIBE NOW http://bit.ly/Sub2LaTruth
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Text Comments (72)
Candace Phillips (11 days ago)
Young man, thanks for the post. It is wrong and it hurts my heart! I wrote a novel called, "Brutality The Third Eye." It as well as the webpage, book trailer will release in November of this year. This brutality mess is old. Been old since the MLK marches, then again, who can forget the KKK's along with the police and the dogs and fire hose. They are just as brutal.
Josh Etterman (1 month ago)
Why this dude watching this while driving? Bro get off your phone and drive.
Cubanal Tre (1 month ago)
That’s real talk. I love dogs but how can people put more value on a dogs life than a human being? Backwards and illogical thinking. I agree 💯 with what he said and if ppl font like it YOU CAN TUNE OUT AND PLEASE DO!
master gamer (2 months ago)
I swear cops do things and don't help ppl types of colours if it was anyone else they would probably shoot the dog but not for him they should at least taze the dog
Jersey Sucks (2 months ago)
Maybe the guy deserved it. You run from the cops, you pay! Blue Lives Matter!
Elizabeth Williams (2 months ago)
Their day is coming soon
K Mims (4 months ago)
That dog was not obey officers verbal commands remember Botham was not following commands and he was shot dead. that dog should be put down. The reason why he was not obeying the officers commands
1000000000 views (5 months ago)
idk what this guy did but if it was something bad i wouldn't kill a dog its the guys fault for doing that in the first place it still doesn't make it right but if the guy did something awful no way in hell am i shooting the dog but i would still try to get it of
Zina Selby (6 months ago)
Because I’m Batman!! (6 months ago)
Those piece of shit would shoot a domestic dog without proper cause and these pigs can’t even handle their own k-9s. I don’t say shoot the dog but seu the crap outta those officers for assault while coöperating
stephanie duncan (6 months ago)
And it’s true they should have shot the dog or something —->something
stephanie duncan (6 months ago)
Sorry’ So hard to watch ‘ this video ‘ but that dog should not have been there . Period ‘
stephanie duncan (6 months ago)
That dog is racist 😤
Matthew Spaccarelli (6 months ago)
They could have shot or Tazed the dog. When a suspect hurts a dog they charge him with assult on a police officer. Now the dog should be fired for excessive force and the police department should be sued. I completely agree with you. Assalamualaikum
Froggy Master77 (6 months ago)
that mutt needs to be takin out behind the woodshed and dispatched just like any other vicious animal that is outa control. prime example of why people shud NOT own pets for the entertainments. animals are for food. and to any soyboiz that read this shut up and pass the salt n pepper.
1000000000 views (6 months ago)
+Froggy Master77 idk if your trolling but you sound like that one family from texas chainsaw fucking weirdo and just cause other countries eat them doesn't make it right
Froggy Master77 (6 months ago)
+1000000000 views ignorance on display. you said the dog aint human. dogs are food around the world. and kick your dog or pull on your cats tail. they do feel pain but when used and respected as just food it gets pretty simple IMO. can you pass me some salt n pepper for my DOG STEAKS please. hehehe
1000000000 views (6 months ago)
lol what a moron a dog doesn't think like a human and if animals were food then they wouldn't be able to feel pain or even move
Jordee Jem (6 months ago)
The dog should have been shot dead and the handler charged.
1000000000 views (6 months ago)
dogs don't think like humans do stun gun should have worked fine
Wendel Fears (6 months ago)
Now when you get to the part about gun down do you know that there's more white people gunned down by police than black people. Yes you do not want to go out and look at the numbers you pay attention to CNN.. You refused to go out and actually look at the true numbers on how many white men. Don't go by per capita that's worthless number. Go by how many white man versus how many black man you'll be surprised. Go and find out how many white man's been attacked by them dogs versus how many black man and you'll be surprised. Just it nobody is wanting to show the videos of the white man being attacked or being shot. But that's because the same people to send that the black people were screwed up deserved it are the same people to send the white people that we're screwing up deserve it.
Wendel Fears (6 months ago)
My issue is if you wait till I bring out the dogs at your ooooooown fault. Some people just never learn when I say stop you stop. If they say sit you sit. If they tell you to lay down you lay down. If they tell you to roll over and play dead you will learn play dead. But if you argue and argue and fight them back to the point they pull the Dogs Out. And dog latches all. There is no one command it makes the dog let go instantly. They're trying to latch on and hang on. The dog has to be forced off the person just like to do when they attack during training..
Adin Mason (6 months ago)
Ur right
LeJeanZone (6 months ago)
Thanks for posting this video. I agree with you!!
60KBS (6 months ago)
I had a gun My Neighbor said he doesn’t like black people and he’s white I got arrested the next morning and got sentenced 10 in prison
60KBS (6 months ago)
All you hear *Ahh!!* Cop:Keep the dog on him
Mr.Cheetos (6 months ago)
They said get the dog of him.
60KBS (6 months ago)
We all know if the “COP” didn’t have his badge off he would’ve got his ass handled by 2 big black dudes.
Rick Blain (6 months ago)
ramon williams (6 months ago)
That fucking dog needs to be put down period
Leenel Bertin (6 months ago)
These officers are full of 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩
Chris Lewis (6 months ago)
Dog should of been incapacitated quickly. If it was my dog and he was attacking you while you couldnt move, you would be begging me to shoot him.
kingadgr8 (6 months ago)
Hey Lt. Scott Wahl, the man was in handcuffs, face down on the ground. So please explain how the canine was still needed after the suspect was already in custody? I would like for these cops or any other dog handler react if a dog is biting the shit out of them like this.
GoD'z JewLz (6 months ago)
I would be in prison for murder, for killing a officer cuz I would've killed that dog if he bit my arm like that
Asia Monae (6 months ago)
Fucking disgraceful
Bobo Ransom (6 months ago)
hey bro fuck everybody that have something to say about your opinion I agree with you for sho
Bobo Ransom (6 months ago)
wow that's not cool and people wonder why cops being killed 🤔 Ok yeah
1000000000 views (6 months ago)
if you think all cops are like that then you prolly also say all african americans are thugs retarded sjw
Carlos Curry (6 months ago)
Black People Have Been Lynched By Police Dogs Since The Beginning. #SoundsAboutWhite
Eezzy John (1 month ago)
+1000000000 views so he's lying about white people using dogs to Lynch blacks?
1000000000 views (6 months ago)
typical sjw trash blaming "white" people" every race has its downside stop bringing race in like it matters you just make everything worse
indigos legendario (6 months ago)
Questi nn sono poliziotti sono nazzisti bianchi
Cierra Anthony (6 months ago)
Now this is just sad as fuck
It looks like the dog wasn’t given the command to release him. Looks like he needs a great lawyer to me
1000000000 views (6 months ago)
or it can be the dog just decided to act differently or was untrained
Katrina Livingston (6 months ago)
Exactly right they listen to command words he can't listen to a command word when it was never given to him to follow in the first place. Lawyer time this is wrong and vicious he already handcuffed so what was the need for the dog he wasn't resisting he handcuffed laying on the ground in his drawer's so he ain't no threat to them or anybody else for that matter. This wrong sue them get you a lawyer.
jeremy beverly (6 months ago)
Stop trying to give away your second and arm up. Don't think I'm right search anything machine gun, sniper rifle, or pistol related on YouTube, and tell me you still think it's a good idea to give away your second.
Ace Williams (6 months ago)
that dog chewing him like fake beef jerky that's cold blooded police I can't wait to c them.in hell from a godlen cloud laughing my ass off Hahaha 💯
Meechie Smith (6 months ago)
The dog is trained to follow word commands not physical commands. So that fake ass officer who's pretending he's trying to get the dog off of that man. All that bitch had to do was give the verbal comment and the dog will release.... Sue the city, the county, the state, the mayor, the governor, the police department, the commander and those officers.
Kayshawn Simmons (6 months ago)
This shit make me cry and sooo angry WTF do they do us so fuckin dirty. How tf yall cant get the fuckin dog. They weak af these cops they need to be fired. They not even really trying to get the dog. They will pay. All these bastards WILL PAY! THIS MAN IS BEING TREATED INHUMAINILY.these weak ass Mother fuckers
Magnacardia (6 months ago)
Put all them fucking mutts down
Gary Reynolds (6 months ago)
Wtf man he’s cuffed and laying down and the piece of shit cop couldn’t get that fuckn dog off him I hope that rat bastard gets fired charges of assault and take the cop and city to court and get paid
Michael Bullock (6 months ago)
Sad video and you are telling the truth and have a blessed night
David Guitierrez (6 months ago)
These cops think they smart, their doin it on purpose. These dogs get trained with command words, no matter what the officer does, they won't stop until the command word is issued. So they fakin like they tryna help
1000000000 views (6 months ago)
+David Guitierrez blocking the dog's nose also helps
David Guitierrez (6 months ago)
+1000000000 views yh, but they should have protocols, like tranq guns or something
1000000000 views (6 months ago)
some dogs don't listen or the dog could have been improperly trained
William Reed (6 months ago)
where is the taser gun at tase the dogs nuts he'll let go
Earl Mula (6 months ago)
we need to fight for our brothers n sisters period.
gloom (6 months ago)
keep your eyes on the road you idiot
ramon williams (6 months ago)
Shut yo bitch ass up
LATRUTH (6 months ago)
Keep your eyes on your brother fucking your sister you idiot!
Augustine G (6 months ago)
Thuglife **
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gRuBBie sMaLLz (6 months ago)
I agree with this dude to the fullest. The dog was obviously not obeying commands, and the officers should have done something to the dog to get him under control. Gun...baton...something.
Jersey Sucks (2 months ago)
Total BULLSHIT...that guy deserved it!
60KBS (6 months ago)
Black on black crime SAD.
rayjay mace (6 months ago)
That fxxx up.. it so sad to see this in your country.. he looks like a teenager.
Quentin G (6 months ago)
Those dogs are supposed to be trained to listen to commands. An improperly trained dog is dangerous and is no different from a random dog in streets.
Sylvia Murray (6 months ago)
That has to stop
marriedwithkids (6 months ago)
Wow this is crazy. I 1000% agree with everything you said.

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