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St Martin and St Maarten Top Things To Do, by Donna Salerno Travel

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http://DonnaSalernoTravel.com Plan your next vacation to this popular tropical playground in the Caribbean. Half French and have Dutch, this island has a unique European flair with exceptional dining and shopping. Turquoise water, sun and surf ... this island has it all. Contact Donna Salerno Travel to plan your next tropical vacation. www.DonnaSalernoTravel.com #StMartin #StMaarten
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Renee Wheeler (2 years ago)
Can't wait to be there in July 2017😎
edwin s (2 years ago)
thanks, we are renting a car. just a little concerned as I read car theft/vandalism occurs there and wanted to hike up pic du paradis but also read that it's dangerous. any insight?
Donna Salerno Travel (2 years ago)
Use common sense wherever you travel, in any country. Remember that most crimes happen late at night. Carry only what money you need and never your passport or any other identification not required. Peak Paradise may not be for you, but there are other nice views like Fort Louis in Marigot.
edwin s (2 years ago)
and I read some spots are not safe?
edwin s (2 years ago)
Donna Salerno Travel (2 years ago)
Day trip by boat to Anguilla and St Barths, snorkel, scuba dive Saba, sailing, drive the island by jeep or car, shopping and dine on Caribbean fare. Have lunch or drinks at Sunset Bar & Grill to watch the planes land .. very unique.
edwin s (2 years ago)
what places in st marrtin would you recommend?
Donna Salerno Travel (2 years ago)
Are you asking about activities or accommodations?
Jermaine Samuels (2 years ago)
I have to visit this Island and take the boat to nearby Island
Donna Salerno Travel (2 years ago)
Take a day trip to St Barts and Anguilla by ferry, if you have time.

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