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The best party speakers in 2018

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these animals go louddddddd sony MHCV11.cel party speaker sony GTK-XB5 party speaker alecto PAS-350 portable speakerset Philips NTX400/12 part speaker Sony MHC V7D bleutooth party speaker Sony GTK-XB7 party speaker
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Text Comments (47)
James Hanoomansing (1 month ago)
absolute rubbish
Ines Bk (2 months ago)
Mark Czaja (4 months ago)
Disposable stereos pick up beer cans and this garbage put in trash look for another beer
Mark Czaja (4 months ago)
Cerwin vegas done
Avijeet Paul (5 months ago)
Bull shit
Erich Lange (5 months ago)
I would Like to Punch everyone who buys this Kind of comolete bullshit! Why in gods Sake would a normal thinking Human rather buy such an Plastic garbagebag instead of an true PA or Home Cinema System?
2000 watt...my ass. Total crap!
J Diamond (7 months ago)
Where did you find that red Sony speaker?
Best Username Ever (9 months ago)
Haha! Who buys this crap?
YE ET (9 months ago)
I made my own speaker and thats like many cheaper
DJ Martin (10 months ago)
For 200-500$ u can get louder and better sounding systems/speakers...they just dont have lights.....
DJ Martin (10 months ago)
Will Morgan (10 months ago)
What a waste of plastic, time, money, electricity............ Total crap!
caroline elsen (10 months ago)
Alecto PAS 350 2x150w +1x500w RMS piekvermogen 3200w superset
Regular Guy Audio (11 months ago)
Garbage for people who have money and 0 brains. I challenge anyone with one of these or even two to challenge my stereo.
Regular Guy Audio (11 months ago)
Ray Suazo i have cerwin vega vs120 and re 30 on a cv2800 amp and a custom 15 on a modified amp of its own :)
Regular Guy Audio (11 months ago)
Ray Suazo i think you aimed your comment at the wrong guy. My systems on my channel. Ill challenge you for pink slips.
Ray Suazo (11 months ago)
Regular Guy Audio Tests And Reviews my JVC will blow your system away been running 30 years now just 2 12 inch speakers real Japanese makers
Paschali Kyriacou (1 year ago)
andrew they are like toys too me haha cool vid rock on dude.
Tita Lima (1 year ago)
Boa noite amigo, esses aparelho são novos como faço para adquirir um nx4 da Philips ?
Dylan van Dam` (1 year ago)
I feel like I'm in a white van lmao
Regular Guy Audio (1 year ago)
Holy plastic garbage n fake power batman.....back to my system.
Xplode Gaming (1 year ago)
Where did you find the Wattage rating for the Sony XB5 and XB7, Sony does not officially state these as far as I have been able to find.
Tim Lewis (1 year ago)
Cerwin vega XLS 215, Peavey IPR1600, Possibly a DBX Driverack just so you can EQ and high pass. If you want to bi-amp maybe a smaller amp on the mids and highs. DIY speakon adapter cables
Best Username Ever (9 months ago)
Cerwin Vega isn't much better, crappy low budget speakers.
Slosh Mike (1 year ago)
Gimmmicky cheap stuff. Disposable audio.
Raymond Leggs (1 year ago)
Technical pro's versions have 2 big "12" woofers some even have 2 sets of speakers with 2-3 "12 woofers in a cabinet. Thats a lot of bass!
Elizabeth Ilic (1 month ago)
Edison 5000 a 10000 watts 4 15 it's dam good
gorgi991 (1 year ago)
so many stupid lights,everywhere
Mr.Someone \Tom/ (10 months ago)
He does have a point. +I don't know why you asked to punch him, I don't know anyone who would want to get punched. I guess it's all to make you look big...
Ray Suazo (11 months ago)
gorgi991 wanna get punched little punk
Vladimir Pandovski (1 year ago)
I can't believe how expensive this GARBAGE is. When I wanted to party I used Cerwin-Vega and Kenwood monsters. WTH is this fake rubbish... Unbelievable.
shomer olam (8 months ago)
Carsten Hansen (10 months ago)
Not everybody wants what you want.
Armando Rosales (1 year ago)
Nice review but I'm sorry these speakers but they sound crappy
BoraBora (1 year ago)
haha ''470 watt''
Erich Lange (5 months ago)
At 20 Watts at least they start to smoke Out 🤣
shomer olam (8 months ago)
yep, the power consumption, that is, haha
shaun (1 year ago)
its ok for drink & parties .not a lot of that these days due to public protest
Lucio Araujo (1 year ago)
missing de 70´s and 80´s, the golden age of stereo home systems......
Fabulous Factor (1 year ago)
Lucio Araujo I have some old Acoustic Audio speakers in my room with 12" woofers. They sound amazing and they're over 20 years old!
i raul (1 year ago)
if u open one u will see how cheap they are made
Ray Suazo (11 months ago)
CrashPCcz i got a sony system only 20watts yes 20watts and shakes the metal pipes in my house but i paid 300.00
vintage stereo (1 year ago)
i just saw the alecto set for only 799 euro, i is in sale now
CrashPCcz (1 year ago)
You have no idea sir. They´re cheaply made and generally poor. Trash for the money for sure. Only the alecto looks like little bit serious, and physical layout seems to be accordingly done. It´s okay to write trash and bullshit if you haven´t encountered anything better, let alone measured etc. But You lost it with the idiot. You might want to look into the mirror to realize...
Toughsams (1 year ago)
They're not made cheap, trust a company worth more than 37 billion dollars. They're party speakers so what do you expect?!?! The bigger and better value they are, the cheaper build quality and materials obviously so you're an idiot.
Dirk Daring (1 year ago)
Hey how much do you think a Yamaha yp d6 turntable is worth?

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