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The russian supercar: Marussia

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Marussia B1 and B2 .. what do you think of them?
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Text Comments (203)
mavi boran (14 days ago)
R they for sale?
doointhedoo (27 days ago)
Damir Mrzljak (1 month ago)
i want one
Vladimir Lenin (2 months ago)
It’s been to long
Vladimir Lenin (2 months ago)
I love the mûrissia
Fo4 Re7 (2 months ago)
Dont like the gray cars shape of the roof on back
Yiayiosmalakas (4 months ago)
anyone here from need for speed ?
Widya Savitri (4 months ago)
Apple Head jh (4 months ago)
Fuck off russia give me a break that’s a only one car and not hard working like uk and Germany and America and Japan and Mexico and Italy so fuck of Russia you can’t make cars and you can’t drive for shit you bitch from Japan 🇯🇵
OMEGA RUGAL (5 months ago)
Damn. The Batmobile 😎
David Judah (6 months ago)
Ball s*** Soviets have b******* and lot of s*** and more s*** on the top of s***
pan af (6 months ago)
This should be the new bat mobile B2 .
Denise Metrowich (7 months ago)
Denise Metrowich (7 months ago)
Would love to see one of those driving around.
randy scott (8 months ago)
Mail order fiberglass bodykit on a V.W. bug with a fartbox exhaust .
Zaini Mohamad (8 months ago)
رووووعه ههههههه
John Smith (10 months ago)
Shame the marque died. Hopefully Aurus or Sollers or whoever can resurrect it. Would be good to see a full range of Russian cars!
Initial Drawings (10 months ago)
eeeeh needs more slav
hartley81848184 (10 months ago)
Russians have the brain power and science to be a first world economy. Unleash the potential! Glad to see the Russians moved into the super car industry and left the antiquated ideas of Marx. This is what happens when you drop the collectivist garbage and join the world of more liberated economics. Regulation is a great thing, but too much of anything becomes a boat anchor.
Ralf Schneider (10 months ago)
john smith (10 months ago)
it comes with a baseball bat under the seat for those fender benders with vodka heads
Ageng Satya (11 months ago)
supercar + russia roads + russian driver =
Totti (11 months ago)
Like the bananas in pajamas. B1 e b2. 😂😂😂
Siward Beorn (11 months ago)
Siddiq Ahmad (11 months ago)
Looks like some "me too" flash bang bullshit... although the flat black version would make a good Batmobile.
After watching this I'm gonna play world war robot now!
Bab Kubwa (11 months ago)
Can't understand why they stopped making marussia
Michael Doster (11 months ago)
Beautiful! Runs like a rocket. Don't know much on these, but they get on down!
TheGrateful108 (11 months ago)
Car designed for oligarch's kids to kill themselves on the road speeding. Gasoline burning piece of shit. Everything that kills Russia makes best, including vodka and corruption.
Arijit Hazra (11 months ago)
keiko san (11 months ago)
cant wait to see this car in carcrash compilation rus
theop_gunner (11 months ago)
On dirait un tank sérieux
Willy Yang Mana? (11 months ago)
b.. b... blyatmobile!!!!!
Sharieff sharif (11 months ago)
I dont hate Russia cos of wars but this car is exceptional like a fighter jet..
Ann Hoang (11 months ago)
papa london (11 months ago)
I wouldn't trust it if I was doing over 100 mph,give me a mig 21 I'll die happy,Russians an four wheels don't go too well together.😂
Jordan the black genius (11 months ago)
Better LADA
ֆTʀɛɛTʟօʀɖʐ (11 months ago)
RIP number plate.
WarMachine (11 months ago)
Take my money atleast i've got a supercar :)
Steve Mac (11 months ago)
Finally Russians coming up with something way overdo they have the tech Ingenuity the brain to do it that tells you the countries doing great under Vlad and why not good for them
Charnel Joseph (11 months ago)
wow Russia come up with it best ingen
Marco Rubio (11 months ago)
Competition is great it brings the best. Sad it went defunct.
donkeykong 91 (11 months ago)
Whats da price
+Cindy S hahahahah
Cindy S (11 months ago)
23 Rubles or 2 million oxkynzristan pazoozas
Lucky 222 (11 months ago)
I love MARUSSIA ! 💞👉🇮🇳
о привет
whiteflag (11 months ago)
This is a race car...not a sports car.
Jac.Stasse (11 months ago)
There is only one supercar;Bugatti Chiron.
Carl Manx (11 months ago)
it runs on coal and the blood of harbor seal pup's.
TolitsDterrible (11 months ago)
The gap between the panels are so huge and not even on the black car. That's usually one gauge of quality of craftsmanship. Not good.
Dean Winchester (11 months ago)
Looks like aventador..
07speeding (11 months ago)
How much
Xavier Perkins (11 months ago)
Id rather have a gtr a or twin turbo supra !
snvff xxx (11 months ago)
vodka powerade
piyush talegaonkar (11 months ago)
B2 ka colour phad hai bhai
Robert Reilly (11 months ago)
USA and Russia are belong together ,,, and need to team up because it's the right thing to do...the world would be a better place with the security the two great countries could provide in trying time's...
Paloma San Basilio (6 months ago)
Robert Reilly...100% correct.
UBD• •jfr (11 months ago)
Ray Kehr (11 months ago)
Looks like any other supercar.
Suleman Alam (11 months ago)
Hey any one can tell me that how much is the price please.
Porcy egy bohóc élete (11 months ago)
Lada is best car ever 🙂
khrie Rio (11 months ago)
thump up for de creator of dis supercar👍👍
Dirkadirka Dirkadirka (11 months ago)
Legend says...never mind
Rafi K-cong Medureh (11 months ago)
good guy (11 months ago)
Probably powerd by a 350 Chevy
Selvyn Quijada (1 year ago)
It's a Honda ricer!
Gabriel Moelius (1 year ago)
Sounds like a jet
Francis Zhims (1 year ago)
No wonder... Russian products are the best...
DvorTerrier (1 year ago)
Как назовешь, этак и раскорячится. Еще бы Машкой окрестили для больщей правдивости)). Народ грезит о дешевом, надежном, высококачественном российском автомобиле, а клоуны свои головушки в облака пиханули... Мда. Как это приемлимо.
Paulino Fernandes (1 year ago)
Roads look just as bad as usa roads lol
Rock Reed (1 year ago)
Probably has a super charged lawn mower motor .
Engel Styla (1 year ago)
Wow Wonder Super Auto
Sultan Arya (1 year ago)
Thats not a supercar THATS OURCAR
Fantasy's Land (1 year ago)
This should be the batmobile.
Jv cute (1 year ago)
lieu Gebo (1 year ago)
I will take a superformance GT40 any day over this junk pile
lieu Gebo (1 year ago)
I love to own a t-72 and a t-34 but why would I want to Russian car absolutely not
Terrell Wilson (1 year ago)
Danny R (1 year ago)
Love the rear view of the B2, the vent opening was seriously cool. The B2 looks so chunky and brutish, like some of the classic American hot rods from the 1950s (like the 1950 Mercury Monterey seen in the film 'Cobra'). This would make a cool Batmobile.
Initial Drawings (10 months ago)
plz stop saying batmobile it just make Car enthusiast cringe
Nic Nac (1 year ago)
Russian Bananas in Pyjamas B1 and B2 !!!
Queen Street Systems (1 year ago)
i want one
Omar Lugo (1 year ago)
Maxy75 (1 year ago)
All that spying on curries did paid off.
Maxy75 (11 months ago)
Dheeraj G why does it bothers u , rude boy
D G (11 months ago)
Maxy75 ..what the fuck u mean m***f
Alfredo Tirado (1 year ago)
Does Pep Boys have ANY replacement parts for this vehicle?
Claudia Signs (1 year ago)
Súper nice cars
milwaukeegregg (1 year ago)
Whats the rusky word for junk?
milwaukeegregg (1 year ago)
Fuck you crat.. Take you and your PC culture and slam it up your ass....
space sharks (1 year ago)
ill tell you its "racist"
Carbon Lux (1 year ago)
I want one!!
PANKAJ SUGARA (1 year ago)
it looks badon asphalt but here it looks dope
thdyd (1 year ago)
60 hp diesel ..
george k (1 year ago)
The new lada supercar.
Joel Martinez (1 year ago)
Looks like they tried to copy the ford Gt racer
Bobbyjoe Haskins (1 year ago)
Bet you a dollar Putin as one
ajay singh (1 year ago)
Superb car...... Video needs to be more dramatic when the cars hit the road..... Interiors needs more explanation along with its engine power....
Jesus Hernandez (1 year ago)
Hermoso auto lo tallaron los mismísimos dioses del olimpo
Jack Flash (1 year ago)
From what I've seen on Youtube concerning russian drivers, I hope it's made out of Titanium.
Michael Housen (1 year ago)
Ugly as fuck😬
Franke Arajon L (1 year ago)
They need viper viper
Munro 7 (1 year ago)
I love Russian stuff. Respect from Spain.
ABDELHAMID 1892 (1 year ago)
Arrival Phoenix (1 year ago)
Lovely car for speed running.Speedy driver?
Arrival Phoenix (1 year ago)
Lovely car for speed running.Speedy driver?
Jim Allen (1 year ago)
Too bad theresno one here that knows a fucking thing about them.

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