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Missing: Maura Murray Disappearance** PART ONE | MYSTERY MONDAY

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This is the first video in my new series called "Missing" Today we are talking about the Maura Murray case, one of the most baffling and talked about missing persons case to this day. Because of how much information and theories are floating around out there, this video will have to be split into two parts to keep the length down. I will post Part 2 the next day and then link it in this video. As always, please keep it friendly and helpful in the comments. This isn't the time or place for trolls or nancy's. Negative ones. Normal Nancy's are acceptable. If you have any information concerning this case, please contact: New Hampshire State Police (603) 846-3333 (800) 852-3411 Interested in this case? Here are some more resources to look into: The Missing Maura Murray Podcast: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPYyMAOgPl6krkHylgs0-Bw James Renner's Blog: http://mauramurray.blogspot.com/ Link for Part Two https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSL1PoUJvaY&t=3s ***SOCIAL MEDIA AND CONTACT INFO**** Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/unapologeticskincare_beauty/ Email: [email protected]
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Text Comments (397)
BKK (3 days ago)
Stephanie, You're excellent at these videos
BKK (3 days ago)
001 took Maura that night
Hare Bell (4 days ago)
Her father vivited every weekend......family critising her behaviour around food, instead of trying to support her....overbearing, competive siblings......way too suffocating a family. She wanted to escape and she did in my opinion, but what happened after she left is probably always going to be a mystery. I would love to think she living a free and contented life somewhere but sadly, I doubt it.
619 575 (11 days ago)
Soon as i heard yr voice i threw up
BKK (3 days ago)
Lol this is why I prefer Asian women
Britta Olson (15 days ago)
When I was in college, it was not unusual for me to stock up on supplies, especially food, when I received a one-time grant, since I knew I would soon be broke again. I know she used someone else’s credit card but, to her mind, that was short-term opportunity. Maybe she ordered extra food to refrigerate, so she could eat for a few days. I know that when I was in college, sometimes you could get one pizza, or 3 pizzas for only slightly more money. I would freeze one for awhile, if I had to!
MindShock (19 days ago)
Lot of things don't add up in this case...might not even have been Maura at the final "accident site." Several PIs and accident reconstruction experts stated the accident was "staged".
Chantelevision ** (20 days ago)
What's going on with this whole demonizing of ur content?? Y us YouTube doing this to u?? Ur videos r amazing!!
christy capers (21 days ago)
Who gave this woman her driver’s license...
Amber Lynn Rojas (29 days ago)
So many things just don’t make sense to me ... how did she not get a dui? How did Fred not hear her come in to the room? Why would he be essentially “ ok” twice with knowing his daughter was and did drive drunk ? Things are just so weird in this story ..the dad does seem sketchy imo ...
Heather Nikki (1 month ago)
Omg I've been watching your videos for months and did not know you made one on Maura. Once again you give so much info it's insane. I have watched dozens of videos on her and yours is the best.
Tammy Ihnken (1 month ago)
@ 27:00 Maura did NOT remove art from her dorm room walls, nor did she ''pack up all of her belongings''.  She simply had NOT fully unpacked her things as she was awaiting confirmation of a roommate.  The e-mail could have been noticed by Maura [sticking out from under her bed or something] before leaving that day, so she placed it on top of boxes until she returned.
Tammy Ihnken (1 month ago)
@12:15 Most hotel rooms are furnished with two beds, queen-sized, I believe.  Unless you book a suite and it has a living area, in addition to the bedroom with a king-sized bed, as well as a mini-frig and microwave.  :)
Tammy Ihnken (1 month ago)
With all due respect, you cannot say that ''Maura was not faking it'' @12:00 when referencing her ''freak-fit'' while at work.  You don't KNOW that.  I believe that Maura WAS feigning psychosis due to the fact that she had been busted using her phone (chatting with Kathleen AND Billy) when she wasn't even supposed to have her phone turned on.  If something had actually been wrong, why didn't she mention that last conversation she had (with Billy) rather than one she had a few hours prior (with Kathleen)?  I think it is because the supervisor wouldn't have been forgiving about yacking with a boyfriend so much as something serious had transpired with a family member.
Charlie Hunt (1 month ago)
Seems it’s very suspicious about no one remembering about the party and who was there. How drunk were they? Or was there drugs in use and no one wanted to say who was there because of that. Drinking and driving was on the police radar even way back then. Regarding the hotel with daddy that’s always been suspicious to me. The ‘disappearance’ could be that when she saw the police come around the bend she decided to slip into the woods for fear of getting into trouble.
Fernando Pavon (1 month ago)
Hi Stephany, you’ve got a way of telling a story, interesting videos, nicely articulated. You say that every one has a side we show the world and a side we keep to ourselves. Looking at your perfectly beautiful appearance. I get the feeling it would be fascinating to explore what lies beneath that immaculate surface.
maggie baksiene (2 months ago)
I know that story quite well but today listen your version I think that her dad might know more than he says what happened to his daughter or he have something to do with that . Just a thought 💭
N Pagels (28 days ago)
Her dad is a grieving father who just wants to bring his daughter home. He doesn't know what happened to her and has nothing to do with her disappearance. Nothing strange going on with him.
CyraEm (2 months ago)
I know this video is 6 months old, but like... it really seems like suicide so far. She has this troubling behaviour from her boyfriend, infidelity even if it wasn't recent plus him being controlling, she has this weird relationship with her dad, she's acting really genuinely emotional, but lying about why. She's doing the classic "taking care of her affairs" thing that's such a warning sign for suicide, with packing up her room and leaving the printed email. Then she's driving, with a lot of alcohol and a purse full of tylenol pm? Nowadays I know tylenol poisoning is an awful way to die, but when I was young and undiagnosed I could see myself thinking "alcohol and painkillers is something they warn you not to mix, this should work". Maybe she thought she could rent a hotel for the night and pass away there (that's about all $200 can get you anyway, one night in a hotel plus a bag full of booze) then she realizes she can't trust that guy not to call the police and just wanders into the woods, where it is notoriously easy to get lost and difficult to find a body.
Do you wear Zenni glasses? @Stephanie Harlowe
Candice Hiles (2 months ago)
These stories are always so gripping when you tell them. I tend to stress knit while watching 🤣
Anonymous Ambition (2 months ago)
Some places did show the entire credit card number on receipts around that time. I distinctly remember my mother noticing it one day while we were on vacation and questioning a souvenir store manager about the safety aspect. Just because something sounds like a weird story when you haven't experienced it doesn't mean it's not real.
Tricia Bowers (2 months ago)
I’m sure you don’t need suggestions but some I would love to see you do are: McStay Family, Tara Grinstead, Harold Shipman(UK- Dr. Death), and Christopher Duntsch(USA-Dr.Death). Any or all of these would be awesome.
Aditi Baindur (2 months ago)
First of all, your eyeshadow and makeup is gorgeous. Second, this case is so heartbreaking. I don't think disappearances can ever bring closure to the family. My cousin sister went missing when she was at day-care. Nobody knows what happened and it was heartbreaking for us all.
Carl G (2 months ago)
I followed this case with huge interest several years ago. She had a complicated relationship with her dad, but he’s not responsible for her going missing. You could see her dad and the rest of the family were absolutely devastated over her disappearance. Her dad has never given up, or stopped looking for her. I think she was just the black sheep of the family. We all make mistakes and do things we regret when we’re young. If she was alive, she would have got in touch with her family. I don’t think she went far from where she disappeared. I genuinely believe the answers to her disappearance will be in the immediate area where she went missing.
Charlie Hunt (2 months ago)
Carl G exactly what I think. It was winter and if she walked away from the accident and maybe a bit confused walked into the woods, got lost and died of exposure.
Lazlo Vesuvius (2 months ago)
her life was rapidly falling apart. shitty car, busted for stealing funds for pizza on someones credit card, busted for stealing from the store at her college, wrecked dads car, was having issues with her boyfriend, left her prestigeous school to go to nursing school, then wrecked her crappy saturn, on top of having a trippy dad who probably expected too much of her to be a success in life, and trying to please him by being a runner, thats a hell of a lot of negativity in such a short time.
Abra AWE-bruh Singleton (2 months ago)
I have watched multiple true crime YouTubers cover this, and I've read True Crime Addict. And yet, I can't get enough. I'm excited to watch this 2-part series.
kat lover (3 months ago)
Can you do the intern murder
M Detlef (3 months ago)
LIAR!!! You fixed an EXPLODED engine had never had its oil changed while you owned it??? PURE LIE!!!,
M Detlef (3 months ago)
This LIAR has NOT seen her West Point records.
M Detlef (3 months ago)
Abruptly leaving = got KICKED OUT, for STEALING!!!!
M Detlef (3 months ago)
NOT smart. She was a thief , and a MULTIPLE-TIME DRUNK DRIVER!!!!
M Detlef (3 months ago)
She’s UNDER Lake Champlain. On the New York side. PUT there by the person who HIT her with his truck, THAT night.
Shawna Paschall (3 months ago)
Honestly I don’t think it’s strange that they didn’t mention the car shopping to everyone. My mom bought me a used truck and I didn’t mention it to anyone because I felt embarrassed my mom was buying it for me because I couldn’t pass a credit check/couldn’t afford it...
Kathryn Myrman (3 months ago)
When you rent a room, most of the time it will come with two beds. It usually costs more for a room with one bed, it doesn't make a lot of sense, but it's just the truth of the matter.
Alex Monterrosa (3 months ago)
I don't trust her dad. Idk if he was somehow involved in her disappearance, but if not there is still something off between the two of them. I've thought this ever since i saw her dad on the Montel Williams show years ago. His story and body language was sketchy at best..
Misty Waters (3 months ago)
Maybe she was deciding whether or not to drop out of school.I dropped out about 2 years ago, and on the day I decided to leave I drank a bottle of wine and a bottle of vodka while I was packing, because it was such a hard decision. Maybe she wanted to leave and was afraid of how other people would react
Misty Waters (3 months ago)
@Stephanie Harlowe I wasn't drunk after the first bottle 😅
Stephanie Harlowe (3 months ago)
A bottle of wine and a bottle of vodka? A girl after my own heart.
Faith Phoenix (3 months ago)
I am getting ready to watch part two, but I agree with the previous comments. Sounds like she was/is being sexually abused by her father. It also sounds like she had suicidal tendencies. The first car accident may have been just an accident, but it might of planted the idea of suicide in her head. Maybe the reason her father forgave her for the accident so quickly was because she had told him that she wanted to die. The excessive drinking, the reckless behaviours, eating disorders, the personality changes, her mental breakdown at work..(her saying "my sister" before crying again leads me to believe that sexual abuse may be also occurring in the other siblings), all point to PTSD, and with her sudden disappearance I think she tried to kill herself, the attempt didn't work, so she went walking off...maybe she met foul play or maybe she just jumped off somewhere.
Jewel's Journey (3 months ago)
Saw the new video.and was like wait!!! I need to backtrack!! Im trying to catch up.ever since I found your channel! I.love your long videos and cult videos etc that's how I found you from the Jim.Jones video! Ive been.hooked ever since! You are more interesting than the crime files series on.Netflix girl!! 😊😊😁😁
Liz Sanchez (3 months ago)
Yes!! I'm the same way. She thoroughly researches and I love to watch her videos while I do my cleaning and such. She's amazing. I go and watch her previous videos when she doesn't have new ones uploaded yet lol
Jewel's Journey (3 months ago)
@Liz Sanchez yes, I'm like wait a min lol. I just finished the andrew c videos earlier this week! Steph is bomb! I've never wanted to watch all of a YouTubers videos about one subject until her channel! Only true crime I've found until I saw another channel mentioned up here recently (haven't started watching to know if I like them though.
Liz Sanchez (3 months ago)
I'm doing exact same lol. Seen her newest and realized I needed to watch this one to get full picture lol.
Jacqueline York (3 months ago)
Saturn's were known to have horrible problems. That's why they are no longer made.
Jean Sut. (3 months ago)
Great in depth video! Watched many videos as well as the tv special on this case and thought I knew all the details. To my surprise, you have many new things to add. Great job! Had to pause at 21 minutes in just to say what in the hell is going on with her friends and her dad? Her friends know nothing of that whole day of the car shopping, no one from the party, her dad is a single man and didn't hear someone going into his hotel room at night. He didn't bother to bolt the door? This is BS. smh. Ok. Back to the video. lol.
Michelle 2017 (3 months ago)
Stephanie! Have you heard theres a possible update in this case! Do a video please so everyone can hear about it. There was a tweet today 4/3/19 ( i'd link it but idk if it's allowed) saying authorities are searching a house very near Maura's car crash site. Someone else posted a comment saying her sister Julie said that the police requested the family come to New Hampshire. It sounds to me like they've found something very significant, I pray she's alive.
Jess Trombley (3 months ago)
Hi Steph!! Gray Hughes did an update on the case just released today. Everyone online is saying that even though there was not a body found, evidence suggests that a body was present at some time, many different dogs alerted just like in the McCann case
Idyle Wild (3 months ago)
Some social awareness about this: Why us thus woman repeatedly referred to as a, "Good American gir"? Prior to her missing she's proven to have been secretive, deceptive thief, and a liar among other sociopathic character deficiencies. This is EXACTLY why so little time is spent looking for missing women of color. Because so much time is spent trying to paint a false picture of white women to pull in public interest. Learn from this..
Jonathan c (3 months ago)
This case is so crazy. I hope they dig up that basement soon.
tlw.0708 (3 months ago)
And again, I've watched SO many youtube videos on this case, and NONE of them shared even half of the information that you did. Even ones that claimed to have followed the case from the beginning didn't share half of what you did, just like the Laci Peterson case that I commented on.. THIS is why you are the best channel on youtube.
stephanie turpen (3 months ago)
Either dad and her have a weird or sick relationship or he knows something
stephanie turpen (3 months ago)
A girl i know in middle school was like her at first and then in high school completely changed shocked the heck out of me but she is one of the one people that when i happen to see her out still remembers who i am. In 8th grade she also went to the mall and bought me brand new clothes before christmas.
KAT A TONIC (3 months ago)
Well Stephanie, this case has perplexed me before, but never did I hear about the dui,s or red stains in car post accident. Now I have a different opinion on what happened to her based on all this new to me information. You are awesome, I’m subscribing now ❤️👏☺️
Hannah Cwik (3 months ago)
Credit card numbers were not printed on receipts, unless it was one of those old carbon copy/manual swipe ones.
M Detlef (3 months ago)
Hannah Cwik SOME places STILL(2019) have those “knuckle buster” machines.
Jessica Evans (3 months ago)
Could you please do a video on Cabin 28? The Keddie murders have always intrigued me and it's so terrifying!
Jennifer H (3 months ago)
I truly think something happened at West Point, there been so many incidents of sexual assault at those kinds of places. That will definitely change you as a person. I know from personal experience. She was on a downward spiral obviously! I feel so bad for her family, obviously I'm speculation!! But as far as what happened after the car accident, no clue...it's a very sad case!☹️
shani stott (3 months ago)
You should listen to the 107 degree podcast it has alot of information and Erin the host interviews fred
CrankyBubushka (3 months ago)
Poor thing. It sounds like she had an eating disorder as well as alcoholism issues. I think her family just kept bailing her out of her troubles. jmo.
Nichole Alderfer (4 months ago)
Why did she need a vehicle, my college in rural Illinois Western Illinois University had a bus system that was free. Amherst did not have public transportation? Your the only person that I have seen bring up this point even James Renner did not and his book and blog on this case is very in depth.
M Detlef (3 months ago)
Nichole Alderfer It does NOT run at 3am.
Kayla Woolwine (4 months ago)
I love the videos with the background music 🙂
superdoobo (4 months ago)
27:46 The White Mountains of NH are NOT just across the Massachusetts border.
Stephanie Hinderliter (4 months ago)
Your first crime video! How am I just seeing this?!
Marcelle Colporteur (4 months ago)
My father bought my brother a custom Mercedes. Every time he crashed the car my dad was so chill about it. He crashed the car 4 times. Some parents just don’t care, sadly. 🤦🏽‍♀️
Dami Falade (3 months ago)
Marcelle Colporteur I crashed my car last year and my Dad definitely made it clear that I would have to pay for the damages myself 🤷🏿‍♀️
Valeria Ilyasova (4 months ago)
loved this video (all of your videos but this one particularly), and the background music was just so perfectly fitting! great idea!
modelingbritt (4 months ago)
She wanted a new life...
modelingbritt (4 months ago)
This has always been one of the saddest cases to me and I'm just now getting around to watching from my favorite crime YouTuber. I've struggled with bulimia and have had comments of "why bother? You're going to gorge yourself and waste food while people are starving." That is a cruel thing to say but I also don't think people understood eating disorders back then as much as they do know, even 15 years later. It is a control issue. If you feel like you don't have control over your life and/Or remember a traumatic time in your life when you didn't have control (sexual assault seems to be highly prevalent with eating disorders but it could be any incident(s) ). No, they shouldn't have made comments. I had a time were I was locked in a room with water, toilet, shower and clean clothes and had to text or call in the home for food and given several small portions throughout the day so it would be harder the throw up. I understand why to an extent. We didn't have anymore than maybe $150 per person per month for food but the minute you're out and realized you've been controlled again, right back to where you started if not worse.
JennFlProfile Updated (4 months ago)
These educational videos are like phycology real study groups andAmazingones! Community
JennFlProfile Updated (4 months ago)
MurrayIs not so good person to start with, she is criminal pretty much
JennFlProfile Updated (4 months ago)
And greatreport!
JennFlProfile Updated (4 months ago)
andrea collins (4 months ago)
I think that Maura was mentally ill and she was showing all the signs of suicide. Giving away her property, going to her childhood memories . She was very very mixed up and I know that feeling. I have borderline personality and it’s very impulsive.
ApploniaDarling (4 months ago)
Please please... I watched this movie called bringing Ashely home on lifetime years ago.. can this be a mystery Monday topic.??
dj1200 (4 months ago)
As far as the father's hotel room having two beds vs just one, don't ask me how I know this, but sometimes you just get whatever accommodations they have available, especially when you don't have a reservation. Also about her crashing her dad's car without the cops getting involved, don't ask me how I know this either, but if she managed to get a tow truck to move the car before a cop shows up, she can't be charged with a DUI, a hit and run charge on the other hand is a whole different story.
Annie Northrup (4 months ago)
Love your sweatshirt where is it from? 🦖🦖🦖🦖🦖🦖🦖🦖🦖🦖🦖🦖
Crystal Pistol (4 months ago)
In 2004, I worked at Sears at 20 years old and we still had the carbon copy machine you used to slide over credit cards to turn in. It was just at a time that electronic debiting was starting. So yes I believe the receipt thing.
rene sourir (4 months ago)
Jaym Quincy (4 months ago)
How did you only just start these videos a few months ago!? You’re a class act
Stephanie Harlowe (4 months ago)
Thank you! I majored in Psych in college so I've always been into true crime, I just started sharing!
Claudia B (4 months ago)
There’s your sign (4 months ago)
He may not have had an option of one or two beds that’s kind of a strange addition to this story i see what you’re saying but out of respect could have been left out just saying
There’s your sign (4 months ago)
Undiagnosed mental illness is my guess with all her odd behavior Poe baby I know I have undiagnosed mental illness but there is no way I’m admitting to it until after my kids are older and can’t be affected in life with it
Lottie Corbett (5 months ago)
I've just eat he'd both episodes on the mystery Monday and decided to look into it, it's says on goggle her father has done some searching in December and thinks he may have found Maura, would there be any chance of you looking into this and giving us an update! Btw i love Ur merch!!! Xxx
MK Norris (5 months ago)
You’re a great storyteller
Mama VC (5 months ago)
What is your day job? Are you a reporter?
Dantastic Guy (5 months ago)
bulimia is a hard one for people to deal with....... always thought it is symptomatic of depression/anxiety, or something else. Feel sorry for Maura and her loved ones
B10MECHANICAL (5 months ago)
I can vouch that full credit card numbers were printed on receipts (along with full customer details - name, address, phone numbers etc.) by some merchants circa. 2004. I worked the phones at a food delivery place 2003-2006, and our manager used to leave trash bags full of receipts from completed orders in the alleyway behind the shop. Half the time he didn't even bother to tie them off. I ended up making a complaint to local authorities because I was so appalled by it. Not sure if they were reprimanded for it, but they closed down in 2007 because they were a pretty disreputable business anyway.
Shana Sides (5 months ago)
Federally, they didnt require merchants to have debit/credit card numbers truncated until 2008 I believe. It was introduced in 2003 and approved in 2008 if I'm not mistaken. So they very well could have gotten the number off of the receipt. I know that's such a minor detail but it's still something that should be factored in.
Jenifer Cook (5 months ago)
I'm new to ur channel I love how much u go into these cases I will start blasting ur channel!
Kelsey Lovato (5 months ago)
Idk how it is in America but in Germany we have a minimum amount you have to spend so good gets delivered, maybe that's why she ordered that much food... and I'm dealing with bulimia and when I get those binge eating attacks it's always highly connected with shame so being caught ordering that amount was probably making her mental state even worse...
Andreas Destiny (5 months ago)
Another good job storytelling for us! Love how you do these! I think I'm finally caught up on your videos.
Lillie Eve (5 months ago)
Her Dad’s first reaction when he heard about the car was she “went into the woods to hurt herself” and then over the years it became “someone took her” because, well, we can only imagine our child doing the same. I remember watching this “Disappeared” many years ago and have been obsessed ever since. I think his first instinct was probably right-we all know how a body can hide in plain site despite intense searching (Caylee Anthony). I don’t get bad vibes from her Dad at all, he is clearly absolutely devastated, you can feel it when you hear him talk. I’ve never understood where that’s coming from, especially when he wasn’t even there. Kids who go missing are always accused of sexual abuse by their parents-they don’t even need to be there! And it just keeps getting more and more ridiculous in missing cases-no body? “The McCanns were definitely involved with pimping out their daughter to Satan and EVERYONE in government is involved”.
Lillie Eve (5 months ago)
Her Dad’s first reaction when he heard about the car was she “went into the woods to hurt herself” and then over the years it became “someone took her” because, well, we can only imagine our child doing the same. I remember watching this “Disappeared” many years ago and have been obsessed ever since. I think his first instinct was probably right-we all know how a body can hide in plain site despite intense searching (Caylee Anthony). I don’t get bad vibes from her Dad at all, he is clearly absolutely devastated, you can feel it when you hear him talk. I’ve never understood where that’s coming from, especially when he wasn’t even there. Kids who go missing are always accused of sexual abuse by their parents-they don’t even need to be there! And it just keeps getting more and more ridiculous in missing cases-no body? “The McCanns were definitely involved with pimping out their daughter to Satan and EVERYONE in government is involved”.
Willow Moon (5 months ago)
Wow! Another detailed case. I personally think her father was somehow involved. He bought her and her friends alcohol. I’m not convinced there was a party, but possibly just 3 girls getting very drunk...either that or they were spiked and hence couldn’t remember anything. Maybe she got away with the accident because her dad was driving? Was her dad the possible man? It is also possible that they motel only had a twin room available, hence 2 beds, but he would surely have been awake??? I think they fought over the crash and something went down. Something just doesn’t add up. It is possible that Moara sustained a head injury during the crash and this made her confused and disorientated and this led to her going missing...OR she and her dad had a massive fight, her dad said some awful things and an already mentally unstable young woman committed suicide. You had me gripped though Stephanie. Can’t wait for the next one
Willow Moon (3 months ago)
M Detlef I’m sure there are parties in dorm rooms and I’m not disputing that at all. What I’m questioning it on this particular occasion a party did actually go down or whether it was just the 3 girls having a drinking sesh, which isn’t really a party as such
M Detlef (3 months ago)
Willow Moon There was ( and still ARE) parties EVERY SINGLE weekend at ALL UMASS dorms. Side note: WEEKENDS at UMASS start on WEDNESDAY afternoons!!!!!!
Dontlike beingrobbed (5 months ago)
Yes remember those little card swipers. You’d put the lithographic paper and run the swipe thing over it.
Bronwyn Gavin (5 months ago)
I totally blew my engine up, too! Freshman year, never changed the oil, complete disregard for the little oil light, threw some rods. I thought that would get me a new car, nope! We fixed my 12 year old hand me down truck.
I personally like the theory that Maura was recruited into a CIA Black Ops Training Program and she had to give up her life and identity, which explains all her sightings in Eastern Europe and Asia.
Cynthia Allen (4 months ago)
@Drakenocas: The Mourning Sword Thanks. That's interesting.
@Cynthia Allen read edit above if you haven't.
@Cynthia Allen I don't know where it started. I heard a couple of guys poking jokes at it on a podcast about 2-3 years ago when the case blew up due the scent of a body being found around the cabin of a person of question. What gives it some merit was she was top of her class at West Point. She is extremely athletic. If you take away the psychologicals issue revolving around the boyfriend, then she makes a great candidate for any government program. The CIA tried recruiting my wife when she was in UMISS obtaining her masters. They told her she would have to cut ties with her family for one year for the program that she was being recruited in to. That's all I guess I can say about it, except she got snagged up on incident with other girls during recruitment and was disqualified due to assault charges because the trial was set back beyond her class start day. She kicked some ass that day. It wasn't no secret program or anything, but it was field work.
Cynthia Allen (4 months ago)
I haven't finished this video yet but I've heard the black ops thing before. Where and why did this idea start? I'm really curious. Thx.
American Gadfly (5 months ago)
I would bet any money on sexual abuse towards her from her father, and it wouldn't surprise me if that relationship continued into her being an adult.
N Pagels (28 days ago)
You sick troll
Laura Kipling (5 months ago)
I’m seriously getting a sexual relationship vibe (abuse) between the father and her. That could cause the bad behaviour. And the final mental break.
Melly Ivy (6 months ago)
You should do a video on Anita Knutson.
Lallu Lynn (6 months ago)
what lipstick are you wearing? it's gorgeous ^^
Classy Lady (6 months ago)
One of the saddest cases I've read about. Thank you for covering this case, I hadn't heard of even half of the info you had! You are amazing at research and journalism!! I found your channel just a few days ago and have become HOOKED!!! Thank you for all of your HARD work!!
Alyssa Elias (6 months ago)
So listening to the story and everything that leads up to it, I’m honestly not that surprised that she got away with many things for so long. I would like to consider myself someone who “flies under the radar.” I make jokes sometimes that I could get away with almost anything, because no one’s paying attention. And I’m not gonna lie I’ve done things that would normally get other people in a lot of trouble and walked away with nothing but a lecture. I also deal with depression and anxiety so it makes it that much harder just to deal with people. It’s like people almost feel bad so they don’t ask questions. If that makes sense. If you can tell that someone is dealing with something inwardly you’re going to cut them a break. And I don’t blame them but it’s also why we can get away with so much. I’m not saying it’s right I’m just saying it’s something I’ve become aware of in my adulthood, and what I’ve been working on bettering myself, and this is what I see in this story
Charlie Hunt (2 months ago)
Alyssa Elias ethics and morals the Ten Commandments could be a guide to a more responsible life.
Avalon Rieger (6 months ago)
I've been binge watching all of your true crime videos for the past couple of days and I love your story telling! I usually get bored and exit out when a video is 'too long' for me but I always watch yours all the way through because they're so detailed and genuinely interesting! Keep up the great work girl, love it!!
Stephanie Harlowe (6 months ago)
Thank you!!!
Chyanna Scherer (6 months ago)
Stephanie, Was watching a video on another channel and Maura was mentioned in the first bit. They mention some interesting stuff! Take a look! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZPLEtkBOv6g
Callioscript (6 months ago)
I am in love with your channel. You go so into depth and do so much research. Your delivery is also perfect. Love your accent and the way you present the information. I come home from work every day, make a cup of tea, pick up my knitting, and watch one of your videos. Please keep up the great content. I look forward to your updates every week.
Dark Entry Road (6 months ago)
Here via true crime even though I follow a ton of beauty channels. I have some speculations about why the police didn't seem to be involved or respond to the initial crash near Umass. I've lived in the area off and on for most of my adult life. My guess would be that local PD was engaged in business elsewhere because they get spread pretty thin. Umass has 30,000 students and there are 4 other schools in the immediate area within about 15 mins. During the academic year, the population explodes. My guess would be that campus police handle many incidents themselves since they are better staffed. Haven't looked up the stats so don't quote me on that though. Also I think I know the exact intersection you mentioned where she totalled the car because it's often so hard to navigate at night even when sober. The lighting is awful and I've veered in the wrong direction myself many times after dark.

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