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Missing: Maura Murray Disappearance** PART ONE | MYSTERY MONDAY

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This is the first video in my new series called "Missing" Today we are talking about the Maura Murray case, one of the most baffling and talked about missing persons case to this day. Because of how much information and theories are floating around out there, this video will have to be split into two parts to keep the length down. I will post Part 2 the next day and then link it in this video. As always, please keep it friendly and helpful in the comments. This isn't the time or place for trolls or nancy's. Negative ones. Normal Nancy's are acceptable. If you have any information concerning this case, please contact: New Hampshire State Police (603) 846-3333 (800) 852-3411 Interested in this case? Here are some more resources to look into: The Missing Maura Murray Podcast: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPYyMAOgPl6krkHylgs0-Bw James Renner's Blog: http://mauramurray.blogspot.com/ Link for Part Two https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSL1PoUJvaY&t=3s ***SOCIAL MEDIA AND CONTACT INFO**** Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/unapologeticskincare_beauty/ Email: [email protected]
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Kayvids (2 days ago)
Aww...This makes me so sad. I'm not familiar with this story but to me it sounds like she could've been depressed? Like the possible binge eating, possible bulimia, drinking carelessly/driving while drunk. If she crashed her dad's car and he got mad(I'm sure he was at some degree mad) she may have felt even more of a burden/failure than she did before. Maybe she decided to drink and crash the car? She didn't want to man to call any cops because she wanted to finish the job she started. Although I'm not sure why she would take out all her money. Unless she gave it to someone or traveled far away first. I suffer from depression and some of it just sounds like something I feel like doing when in a depressive episode. I may have missed things in this though. Hopefully one day we will find out what happened. Onto part 2 I go, though.
Shanna Sweger (3 days ago)
After watching your analysis I think it's pretty clear what happened. She was extremely intoxicated and disoriented, she wandered away from her car and found herself in dangerous territory losing her bearings and eventually dying from exposure. It's the only logical explanation for that timeline. I can't see her being abducted from a rural road like that late at night in those conditions in that small amount of time.
Shanna Sweger (3 days ago)
Her packing up her room the way she did and left that printed email on top of the boxes just isn't right.
313eve (4 days ago)
I think her leaving the email was a statement of blame against her boyfriend. Sadly I read it as an explanation of suicide.
Helga 7055 (4 days ago)
She looks like Sarah from the Gregory Brothers
Sweet Lorraine (4 days ago)
Your awesome!!! Can't get enough of your videos!!! Kinda creepy though you remind me of the girl that kill her Mormon boyfriend and the Octamom.
jodie carlton (4 days ago)
This case is just weird. I think shes no longer alive. I hope im wrong tho
Tazhie Nunurbusinezz (5 days ago)
I've gotten hotel rooms where I ordered a single king but all they had were double queens so I'm not bothered by a single guy getting 2 beds. It easily could be that it's just what the hotel gave him. I can also see him not reacting too negatively to the crash because he is somewhat responsible for it. He knew they'd be drinking & he gave her the car anyway. If they are a family who is used to drinking & driving, I could see him reacting similarly as well. As for everything else, I don't know.
Klarissa Karel (5 days ago)
Something seems very off between Maura and her dad....
Andrea Turnquist (5 days ago)
I have been binge watching your true crime stories. Stephanie, you do an amazing job. Very thorough and well researched.
Samantha Ramey (6 days ago)
allowing people to fly under the radar and suffer no consequences for dangerous actions does not save the person, it only allows them to think they're capable of even more.
Samantha Ramey (6 days ago)
if the stories about her family teasing her for her bulimia are true, thats absolutely sickening. they never deserved her.
Nutrition (6 days ago)
Bulimia causes some people to order a ton of food & go into debt & steal to get massive amounts of food. Like a drug addict. Explains why she got in trouble so much (I’m a Registered Dietitian & a PhD in nutritional science)
Deana Wells (6 days ago)
Her sister was cheating with her boyfriend and Dad came by to console her. This family has means so replacing an 8 year old car gets replaced. Dad was being overly nice because he knew his daughter was crushed by her boyfriend cheating on her with her sister at that. Police where not called and handled on the side so police couldn’t prove the car was crashed by a dunk driver and money will get you out of anything with those situations.
zZHoUnDZz (6 days ago)
Sounds to me as if she knew she had a drinking problem ..wasn't ready to stop ..knew she was in deep trouble ..didn't care so much for the bf as much as her desire to split & she did just that.
Allison Rotger (6 days ago)
I'm from Massachusetts and I am in nursing school and I can 100% AGREE that Amherst BSN (nursing) program is VERY VERY VERY hard to even get in to, never mind getting through the program.
Allison Rotger (6 days ago)
fix her car/get a new car whatever
Allison Rotger (6 days ago)
side note: the only thing I can think of for it not being weird that her father came to her college to fix her car is clinicals, Amherst is a good amount drive away from the hospitals that Amherest is under (Boston Childrens, Brigham, Norwood Hospital, VA Hospital, etc.).
Atatiana Byrdsell (6 days ago)
Also I know that this is not a new video, but I am currently catching up #NewFan But have you also made a video about Jaycee Lee Dugard?
Stephanie Harlowe (6 days ago)
Not yet but I can add it to my list!
Colby Brown (6 days ago)
Going to be honest here been binging on your videos all day!
Haley Haley (6 days ago)
Just as a side note - I have a 2004 Saturn and they’re kind of notorious for having constant issues after the 5 year mark. I’m not saying this is always the case, but myself and others I know who own one started having more serious problems (more so than it just “acting up”) with theirs after about 5 years. So it’s not impossible that she really did need a new car. But no one knows for sure of course.
R. Marian (6 days ago)
I think she was picked up by sex traffickers.
Rafa Ewald (7 days ago)
Umi Natori (8 days ago)
I'd guess the wine and the other alcohol were mixed into the diet coke bottle? That would explain the strong smell of alcohol and where the bottles had gone (thrown away, because empty I guess)
Tia Maria (9 days ago)
Great video! Just a thought... there were several years of the Saturn that were recalled. I had family members with Saturns that had problems with them frequently:)
Hey Jude bebrnr (9 days ago)
All I am going to say is her father seemed so sketchy. I think either he had done something to her, which oddly, I don't believed in this theory because they were close, or he is covering up his daughter's disappearance, meaning, she is hiding somewhere and told her father to be silent, and as you stated, they had a very tight bond, I wouldn't be surprised if he is lying for her. I think that's a possibility that her father can lie for her because I had watched videos about her a couple of months a go stating that maybe she was in an car accident, which happened a few days a go, or last month, I dont remember, and she had killed a student, I think, correct me if I am wrong, I forgot if it was a student or a innocent stranger walking, anyways, many believed in that theory, and she was very traumatized because of that, and didnt want to get more in trouble, and cover it up with her sister story, even though it was never stated that she was involved or there was proof, but it does seem weird that after that incident, that's when she was acting weird and wanted to get away, and maybe asked her father for help, especially getting her a new car, letting his daughter get his new car so she can get rid of her old one, that maybe had dna because they NEVER found the killer who had ran their car into that person...I mean, if you connect the dots, it could be a possibility.
ᔕɧყ レųиą (9 days ago)
I think it's possible she walked into the forest with the rest of her alcohol and either committed suicide, died of alcohol poisoning, or died in the cold. She was on a road of destruction and her ending couldn't have ended up great. It's already so sad thinking she just walked off and disappeared but I think it's just no one has stumbled upon her body yet. Of course I'm just on part 1 maybe I'm missing something?
Lucy Snicket (10 days ago)
Guys, I'm Brazilian so I have no idea what is triple A. Can anyone tell me?
Lucy Snicket (9 days ago)
+Stephanie Harlowe wow amazing. Thank you!
Stephanie Harlowe (10 days ago)
It's like a roadside assistance company, you call them if you lock yourself out of your car or need to be towed or something.
lisa wessels (10 days ago)
Can u look at Elizabeth banks
Laycee Vierra (11 days ago)
Kick ass Lady, cover recent cases to help them please <3
Crystal Norvell (11 days ago)
My Saturn was a baddddd car. It was my first and it cost 1200 any time it broke down
Nom du Clavier (10 days ago)
Sounds like a mentally ill person becoming increasingly unstable and self-destructive imho. A major adjustment like university or moving out (double whammy!) can definitely make previous issues tip over to the point where your life is completely unmanageable and you just keep digging yourself deeper. Like, I know a lot of mentally ill people (/ am one), and her behaviour seemed really in line with that to me. I mean, maybe that's obvious. But there's still the next part.
x0xmadix0x (11 days ago)
Please do a video of Natalie Holloway!
Tiffani Shehan (12 days ago)
I am so obsessed with your videos right now Stephanie!! You're blowing up quick and it is well deserved, I'm so excited for you and I can't wait to see the content you make next!! I feel like I have a new BFF! ❤❤❤
Ivy Rose (12 days ago)
Sorry about all of the comments, but this case has so much misinformation. Butch didn’t actually say that she seemed intoxicated.
Ivy Rose (12 days ago)
We don’t know if she packed her dorm up. It’s very possible that she hadn’t unpacked it yet since returning from Christmas break.
Stephanie Harlowe (12 days ago)
I said that
Ivy Rose (12 days ago)
I don’t think there’s any real evidence that she was driving drunk the night of the party. Also, the hotel room had two beds.
Veronica Lukasinski (13 days ago)
Could you do one of these on Lee Cutler? He was a senior that went missing my freshman year of high school.
MsMusicgirl2009 (13 days ago)
Somebody posted a video, saying the the first witness was suspicious, because Maura's scent stopped where she last saw Maura.
Karen Sue Pohlmeier (14 days ago)
Maybe I missed something in this video with regards to her Father.....I have a strong suspicion that her Father was involved in her disappearance!! There seems to be a lot of little things missing about her Father in regards to when he left and went home after his daughter went missing. I just wondered if anyone else felt that way?
Things `n Stuff (14 days ago)
"Been in front of the discipline board at West Point" could mean she was rebelling, or it could mean she was female and refused to "service" her commanding officer. West Point and the Military aren't exactly known for their high opinion or kind treatment of female recruits. <- Just pointing it out since she managed to get into the premiere nursing school afterward.
Anna McKinney (13 days ago)
+Stephanie Harlowe I was very smart, clean, a real angel kid on the outside in high school, went to college and immediately became an alcoholic, drug abuser, stopped going to class, got arrested, etc. I see some weird parallels between me and this girl including the slightly obsessive boyfriend.. None of my family even knew or had any idea until they got the 3 am phone call from the police. What no-one would know from the outside looking in is that my parents, siblings, and I only pretended that we were a perfect family. It's amazing what some people are able to cover up especially if they've been taught not to talk about it.
Stephanie Harlowe (14 days ago)
True... but being smart doesn’t mean there weren’t some behavior issues there since she was about to be expelled for stealing makeup from the commissary
Lynsi Robertson (15 days ago)
No credit card number is printed, unless it was a reciept from one of those older slider carbon copy things they used to use.
TM Emery (15 days ago)
Just wondered if you've ever seen Cayleigh Elise's channel? Your content reminds me a lot of hers. She has a great series of vids called 'Nameless' and 'Dark Matters' trying to raise awareness for various John and Jane Doe cases, as well as unsolved/unexplained disappearances.
Sherri Smith (2 days ago)
I love Cayleigh's channel! I appreciate how she and Stephanie are very thoughtful and respectful when covering these cases; I'm completely turned off by channels or podcasts with a lot of joking and goofing off while discussing serious, heartbreaking events.
Stephanie Harlowe (15 days ago)
mauracat (15 days ago)
poor girl, this case always gets to me. not only because of same name but i know vermont so well and i just hate thinking of what could have happened.
Condot Maroddi (15 days ago)
More than once, enemies have been lying in wait. That being said, it has to be the bus driver.
Sam (15 days ago)
I thought the college was in Virginia and the base was New York?
Erin M (16 days ago)
The amount of time and effot that you put into these is wonderful. They are always so full of detail and passion. You aren’t just non-chalant and dry when you speak about these case, your heart is on your sleeve with it. That’s refreshing in the True Crime world.
Notanexpert 123 (16 days ago)
I have found your channel recently and have been binge watching all the videos, love the way you tell the whole story, extremely easy to understand. 👍
Ert 77 (16 days ago)
I've watched a ton of videos on Maura Murray case so far, but none of them were so detailed and accurate as yours. Awesome job, Stephanie!
leighnicolecj (17 days ago)
What is this lip color!? So pretty
Stephanie Harlowe (17 days ago)
Ughh I don’t remember I’ll start putting it in the description
Trisha Emde (18 days ago)
I'm not finished watching yet, but so far a couple things popped into my head. I am wondering now, is it possible Sara and the other friend are either lying, OR is it possible they and Maura may have been drugged at the party? My other feeling is about Maura's dad. Now, being that I'm 45 and older now, I can honestly relate to the dad not getting terribly upset that his daughter crashed the car. However if I were 15-20 years younger, I would freak about even a little dent in my car, lol. I do know from experience that as we age, all these things seem so little now. If I get a dent in my car now, it's like oh well, it happens. Her dad has 20+ years on me, so I'm betting it just wasn't the end of the world to him. Maybe 30+ years ago he would have gotten really upset, but at his age has just grown to realize that things are just things. Nothing compares to a human life. I tend to think he was just more thankful his daughter survived the crash. You can see over the years how completely torn up this poor man was over his daughter, I don't ever doubt the love he has for her, and I would SOOOOOO love for he and the family to find her. She is one young lady who has never been far from my mind, I've followed her case since she first went missing, and I'm still as confused as I was in the beginning. Thank you so much for sharing her case, and I'm excited to watch the rest now ☺️💖🤗
Trisha Emde (18 days ago)
I must add, crashing the car would definitely be a HUGE deal to Maura herself though. I could see her being very panicked, as if life couldn't get any worse type of feeling. The icing on the cake so to speak, after everything else that's been going on in her life up to that point. Clearly we all know 'something' was off with Maura......but what? 😢
TheShmoo123 (19 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kCr505Sek34&feature=share Hi, thought you might be interested in this breaking case, I can hardly believe what us being said about what has happened.
Jacqueline Nack (20 days ago)
Oh that picture is very scary😭😭
Sparkle JumpRopeQueen (9 days ago)
Iida Maiko (12 days ago)
I was feeding baby at 3 am... I looked away until the black and white image changed lol I waited watching from the corner of my eye 😂
12345 Nltsaaegcj (20 days ago)
The hotel room doesn’t seem iffy to me at all, most standard hotel rooms have two beds, so if someone books a room that would be considered the default, also she could have either had a key herself or if the people at the motel already knew her ( I mean her dad did frequently visit her) then they could have easily let her in, also maybe the dad reacted that way about the car because he simply spoiled her child, I mean it sounds extremely irresponsible for him to give his drinking daughter a brand new car, but it doesn’t sound suspicious as this video implies, to me it just sounds like bad parenting
Jane Elizabeth (21 days ago)
I think she started a new life somewhere.
al m (21 days ago)
She simply left the accident scene, got picked up and we are off to part 2 ;) You do a great job with these btw.
cammey3 (22 days ago)
I think she was killed in that A frame house by the 3 guys that worked at that ski resort, they've just recently done a sonar scan of the house and the area around it like a pond that was on the property so hopefully they find something
thebrendita24 (22 days ago)
For some reason I've always been so interested in this case and every YouTube channel that has covered Maura's case , I've watched. However I've never heard all these small details, thank you for putting so much work into this!
Cthrew You (24 days ago)
Please STOP the quick cuts. It's like trying to listen to a great record and someone keeps lifting the needle and letting it crash down wherever.... Also the music is iniquitous. Ugh. Nothing new here. Jump. Jump/Jump, hiccup, jump.
Stephanie Harlowe (24 days ago)
Lol.. ok sis. No need to get frustrated, it’s all good
We Came To Spin (25 days ago)
I don't know how it is on male track teams, but plenty of female highschool and college track stars have a complex relationship with food. It's usually not as simple a diagnosis as bulimia. Depending on how far they get in competition it's usual to begin with severely lowered intake and as your team progresses to finish with full-blown anorexia, leading to a pattern of bingeing and purging (especially in off-season). With her level of fostered competitiveness I can see her doing anything to get an edge. To think her family that created such a toxic environment made a joke out of it, so sad. Maura was all too human, just like the rest of us, but this didn't have to happen. She could have benefited from treatment immensely. Where were her parents when she was exhibiting a dangerous amount of red flags?
tamarax76 (25 days ago)
Great music background. It makes a special atmosphere to this strange and sad story. It seems to me that relationships in her family weren't healthy and positive. She could have been abused in some way, Even when I look at her smiling pics it's like tears in her eyes behind the smile. She is so sad in fact in those pictures.
Laura Lerro (25 days ago)
I read a book about this called True Crime Addict by James Renner. There's something about the relationship between Maura and her Dad that seemed "off" to me. I'm not sure what or how, it's just a feeling I have. Almost a sexual component?? That's not based on any facts, just a hunch. I love that you're doing Missing videos. You explain things so clearly and easy to understand w/o leaving out the details....(I'm comparing you to when I read the book-you still went into detail successfully) Bravo! I'm going to watch Part 2 now and then onto the Travis Alexander and notorious Jodi Arias. Hope you enjoy your weekend Stephanie! :)
Stephanie Harlowe (25 days ago)
Enjoy your weekend!!!
Pamela (26 days ago)
That’s wild, i always watch and hear about stories so far away and that one is so close to me and i had NEVER heard of it and i LIVE in quebec and have been all around every place mentioned (massachussets, ny, maine etc) I know people who went to the same school as her, i’m familiar with beauharnois as i know people living there and it’s just crazy to think that she might be there and nobody knows because it just doesn’t reach. This is why videos like that matter :)
Azazura Azura (27 days ago)
most college parties also have drugs and ppl spiking drinks with date rape drugs. and parties can get big and chaotic fast. I'm also pretty familiar with the white mountains of Vermont. my family would rent a hotel or a chateau/chalet for 2-4 weeks of the summer. its a pretty easy to get lost in place. very woodsy. stuff like the lemon squeeze, the lost river. Use to be "old man of the mountain" before the rocks gave way. even on known trails and attractions you can get lost. winter in that part of new england can be bad as well. like mt Washington during the summer requires a jacket and long pants. winter its worst.
Steven Rears (27 days ago)
I think she was the one who hit the guy that night she had the breakdown, I think her father is a good guy and came up to help her with her car because they say the accident in nh did not match hitting a snow bank and she was dealing with a lot of stuff. She either left on her own or her dad helped her and I don’t mean anything bad about her dad and I really think he’s a honest guy but if you were in his position think about it you would want to keep some stuff personal too. I really hope she did move on and if not I hope we will eventually catch the people responsible!
King Karl (28 days ago)
with the dad getting mad part i dont even think he would have the right to get mad when she crashed his car, who in their right mind gives their daughter a car when they know she has drink and is going to a party.. this story is crazy so far. Everything to me so far sounds like she went somewhere that is very hard to find like somewhere on a mountain or wherever she was and killed herself
King Karl (13 days ago)
+Anna McKinney Yeah she definitely could of, if there is mountain maybe there is even caves or small parts that you could fall into. If you're drunk and its dark as hell in the mountains its not gonna end well
Anna McKinney (13 days ago)
Considering the bottles were missing, and she allegedly called her boyfriend just crying and breathing heavily, I would guess she died in the wilderness of alcohol poisoning.
Nicole Amy (29 days ago)
Whooaaa!!! I've seen so many different videos on this and none of them mention even half of the information you just did. Good job!!
Antonia Faheerty (1 month ago)
Was her car accident involving her dad's car reported to police? Because insurance company would need police reports..I think this is what her and her dad argued about and this is why she fled..
Laura Lerro (25 days ago)
I could have sworn that in James Renner's book he had info of her either calling to get the police report or going down there. I can't remember for sure but I feel like she did start to follow up on getting some of those papers together but never followed through completely. Again, I'm only going on my memory from when I read the book about a year ago.
Tuesday The Gothic (1 month ago)
I don't know why but when the picture of her being in trouble for the credit card popped up I instantly thought someone who looked like her was pretending to be her I know that's completely crazy so I have no idea why I would even think it lol this entire case trips Me out dude
ShankiaMrsRidiculous (1 month ago)
She begged him to not call the police because she knew she was drinking and driving.
ShankiaMrsRidiculous (1 month ago)
She was a special person and she could have been anything but she clearly wanted to be a criminal. She probably ran away.
Sarah Z (1 month ago)
That was such a sudden change in character from her previous personality. I wonder if she was something wrong with her prefrontal cortex?? This would make her impulsive and not knowing right from wrong and also more likely to take high risks. Very strange. And yea maybe the dad felt bad for her, spoiling her and it all went wrong. Great video as always!
Arlene Heed (1 month ago)
This case shows how easy it is to go missing and never be found. Or, at least not for years. Very scary. One minute people see her when her car broke down on a lonely, remote road in New Hampshire and the next minute she is gone. Yet, she refused the first offer of help. You would think she would have someone call 911 if they offered help.
Azazura Azura (27 days ago)
not for a dui.
Arlene Heed (1 month ago)
I heard that there is at least one serial killer in New Hampshire. He may have offered her help when her car broke down on that lonely road. But, he had evil purposes in mind. I think she was a very troubled girl if she was stealing makeup and credit card numbers. Sounds like her father was very tight with money for her to do this. Maybe he didn't have much money to give his 5 children.
Laura Lerro (25 days ago)
A serial killer theory is viable but I just wonder how on earth she disappeared THAT fast without a trace when the bus driver lived right there and she wasn't along for more than 5 minutes or so after the accident.
AMoneY380 (1 month ago)
My last name is Murray and my bday is May 4th 😳😳
Haylee Johns (1 month ago)
i’m so glad i found your videos. you are so detailed and present so many new facts. keep it up!
andrew gillis (1 month ago)
@Stephanie Harlowe What a great presentation - very easy to follow through the twists and turns. So now for the big one, the one that changed the USA into what we have now: Dallas 22 Nov 63. .I would love to hear you Stephanie start eliminating the impossible, so as to check what improbable remains we get. It's a bit like being Gallileo, watching orbits, while you're standing in one of them, yourself. But with JFK murder we know what everything & everyone orbited around, after that day: LBJ. Then you start to check his remarks to Sen Russell, Justice Warren, Cronkite, Leo Janos, his fits of anguish & violent rage, and his tape erasure of 23 Nov 63 - one of only 2 in WH history (the other by Nixon concerns the same topic.) You can barely find any LBJ take or any berhaviour that does not show mens rea. Serious guilty conscience. Meanwhile the JFK doc release has not one page that helps convict Oswald; MSM played the Mexico stuff as new, which it is not, nor genuine, but rather, a key part of framing the USSR, as Dulles Helms, Bissell, the Cabells, & Harvey might all seek to do. Hoover told LBJ that Saturday morning the someone was posing as Oswald in Mexico. So that's day one, basically - the MSM could not be wronger, longer..
Meowsenheimer (1 month ago)
She was drunk and totaled her fathers car, yet left the scene unharmed? I’ve been so invested in this case. I wish we just had answers already.
Ren Galeno (1 day ago)
My father also actually totalled his car once. It did one or two flips on the road and he crawled out with nothing but a bruise on his arm. We're really lucky, but yeah, it could be possible.
flamedancer44 (5 days ago)
Always wondered if she may have had a head injury. So bizarre! Feel bad for the family.
michelle (1 month ago)
lol I read the title and thought Manny MUA was missing
Klarissa Karel (5 days ago)
Lol I wish 😂😂
Ashley Marie (16 days ago)
Jay E (1 month ago)
michelle this comment made my week.. : p
jessica lynch (1 month ago)
You are amazing ! Love your accent and your passion you can feel when you speak this case is in my top 5 that I loose sleep over it’s so sad and I am born and raised from Boston mass and still reside her my family and friends have went to UMA and it hits home like the charley Alan case but I have hope he’s actually alive if there was 5 cases I could find out what happened they would be 1.) Maddie McCann (even though I have a strong theory about her ) 2.) Trevor Deeley 3.) Maura Murray 4.)Blair Adams 5.) . Elaine park and many many many many more lol
saratn (1 month ago)
1) Let's also not forget the stories just then breaking about the sexual harassment at the academies at that time. Maybe there was a good reason to get out of her obligation to the armed forces - something that caused her new problems in her life. 2) Based on calls, she may also have known someone at Dominoes, who _may_ have gotten the number, and who would have had access to the store copy 3) I can't recall, but there may have been another call to a desk phone at the dorm security desk in addition to the calls with her boyfriend and her sister. 4) S supposedly fell asleep....standing room only party in a small room....possible guests were S's cousin and friends 5) Maura may have chosen that time to call her boyfriend, because she already knew he was on the phone with K. 6) Londonderry is where Manchester Airport is. 7) She disappeared Valentine's week 8) A strangely accurate bolo - more accurate than one that was issued later after contacting the family. 9) The witness who supposedly saw her down the road, also had the tracking dogs stop in front of his house, and did not allow a search 10) Due to the speed with which she disappeared, involvement by someone local, police involvement, or being picked up by someone she knew and who was travelling with her (but who had to get back sooner and who thus drove their own car) , is more probable. It's an unfortunately complicated case.
Sally Scott (1 month ago)
I'm with you on the hopeful theory of her living in Canada!
Una Autumn (1 month ago)
I've always had a suspicion that her and her father had a very not ok side to their relationship. I feel like there had been/was sexual abuse there. I think that's where her eating disorder, alcoholism, and finally full mental break down stems from. I think that her being in his motel room was the final straw. I think he had something to do with her disapearance. Its all very strange, and sad. *I also believe her dad was in the car with her(being the smoking man). He couldve taken the rest of the alcohol, etc.
Karen Sue Pohlmeier (10 days ago)
+Una Autumn I wish I would have read on down to your comments after I watched this video a few days ago...I feel very strongly like there was some sort of sexual abuse going on between she and her Father...so, no, you are not the only one that feels that way and we all are allowed our opinions, so don't let anyone shame you! What I'd like to know and maybe I missed it, but what happened to her Father when they realized his daughter was gone or missing? Did he just leave and go home? There's something deeper going on here!!
jip 879 (10 days ago)
I also have this feeling...
Lynsi Robertson (15 days ago)
+L Walle did you NOT HEAR the you tube vlog state that other people mentioned her past with her father? Its not like she made that up to post it in a comment here
Lexi Clarice (16 days ago)
+Una Autumn I completely agree with everything you've said here. Also, EVERY AVENUE should be explored here, so no one should be shamed for their theories. I'm sure police are looking thoroughly into the case and they will also look at every angle to solve the case. From the time I saw this story on television I felt the father was involved and abused the girls. I could be wrong but this was what I felt.
Una Autumn (19 days ago)
+Di Andie 1. Everyone's doing that to her, the victim. 2. We've all been accused of things we didn't do, and yes it sucks. 3. However, without theories, and questions, none of these cases would be solved. 4. How many times does someone go missing, or is murdered, and it turns out it was family, or that the very least, family was involved? 5. I know many people, myself included, who's parents were very abusive but seemed so nice, so normal that no one believed me/other victims. Look at Catholic priests FFS. How many decades did they get away with sexually abusing children cuz no one believed a priest would do such a thing? And i wonder how many children were told the exact same thing you're telling me? 6. Some of us have watched/read/seen way more than a few pieces on this case. Some of us have really looked into it. Just because you've only casually read about it/watched a video or two, doesn't mean others havent been digging in. No amount of trying to shame me for my questions, or theories is going to make me change my mind. Facts will, however. So...
Barbs H444 (1 month ago)
The book about missing hikers speaks volumes!
Barbs H444 (1 month ago)
I think they dad responded the way he did about the car because he knew she was going through something. So he blew it off to not make things worse for her emotionally
Barbs H444 (1 month ago)
I think k this girl just disappeared or jumped off a cliff somewhere. 😢
Liana Gutierrez (1 month ago)
Maybe she was buying so much food because she was binging with it. If she had some type of disordered eating then that makes a lot of sense.
Erin M (16 days ago)
I agree that it does make sense due to her bulimia
ELLEN DEGENERATE (1 month ago)
Liana Gutierrez she talks about her being bulimic did you watch the video lol
Georgina Hadjisavva (1 month ago)
This girl sounds like she was really off her trolley, i reckon she was an alcoholic, maybe even drugs and that's why she kept getting herself into trouble or another possibility maybe she had mental problems, or she committed suicide.
Azazura Azura (1 month ago)
+Arlene Heed unless weighted, dead bodies float.
Arlene Heed (1 month ago)
If it was suicide, someone would have found her body.. You can't hide your body after you kill yourself. Unless she threw herself in a body of water like a river or the ocean. Drowning is a horrible way to die.
Hailey Brown (1 month ago)
lol nobody cares where tf she is
Michael D (1 month ago)
Nobody would care if Hailey brown went missing , actually it would be welcomed
jessica lynch (1 month ago)
No one cares ? Hailey brown that’s funny because this is one of the most highly missing persons case reported in the USA and the world it’s very high profile and many investigators PI’s authors arm chair detectives reports Legal experts have been till this day researching this case her disappearances is highly publicized world wide with her case being covered in many different shows documentary’s books podcasts you name it she had a few mini series about just her so you might not care you troll but actually millions out there care doesn’t matter what her behaviors where and what she did in her past she’s a human and is loved and cared for come talk to us when ur child or loved one goes missing sadly with your thoughts and attitude that might just hinder your loved ones case of getting even a 5% of the people and organizations that have put there blood sweat and tears into her case ur either young or have no life
Hailey Brown Please go look for your soul. It seems you have lost it.
Jess (1 month ago)
What’s wrong with you hailey? Would you care if it was your loved one? Why so pressed sis
Barbs H444 (1 month ago)
Hailey Brown get a life troll!
Amelia Carhartt (1 month ago)
Just an incidental, but yes, the customer copy of a receipt retained the credit card number in 2004. I was at a women’s college in Massachusetts, so at least it was the case in that state. Very plausible she nicked it from the trash.
Emma Park (24 days ago)
Laura Lerro really?? I've always thought when manually entering it always needs the code to process 😱😱 scary stuff
Laura Lerro (25 days ago)
I don't think the security code became mainstream until maybe around 2010 though, just a guess. But a lot of food delivery businesses don't need the 3 digit security code.
Emma Park (29 days ago)
Amelia Carhartt this is still the case nowadays with some card readers. The merchant copy has the credit/debit details and the customer copy is like you said xxxx 4512 or whatever. Although to use the number you would need the 3 digit security code on the back and expiration date of card, not sure if the dates on the receipt (this is at least the case in the uk) so if someone found a merchant receipt here they shouldn't be able to use it without the security code as that's definitely not on the merchant receipt. 💜
Barbs H444 (1 month ago)
I took as she found someone number written on the receipt
Amelia Carhartt (1 month ago)
I mistyped, apologies. The customer copy had a truncated card number ( ie xxxx-4981) but the store copy retained the whole number. So, in the case of delivery foods, sometimes the receipts could be switched up upon signing. Great channel, just found you and subscribed!!
Natalie Gutierrez (1 month ago)
I think she just wanted to start a new life far away with new people.
Laura Lerro (25 days ago)
It's possible for sure, but I always come back to her withdrawing $218 from her bank account.....what resources and other money could she have used....I'm not sure that she had access to any.
Barbs H444 (1 month ago)
Natalie Gutierrez yeah i hey that feeling also. She had a Lot of expectations on her so young. Being beautiful. Smart and athletic. Lots of pressure.
Trace 921 (1 month ago)
I Reeeally enjoy these videos 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Jamie Ritchey (1 month ago)
Interesting story... A thought as far as her Dad's lodging goes: Most 'standard' hotel rooms are based on double occupancy (aka two beds), so if a guest doesn't specify, that's most likely what they'll get. Also, could one of his room keys (each guest typically gets two) have been in his car and that's how she got in?
MusicSoul SKing (1 month ago)
Never left my heart. Deeply affected when I watched this yrs ago.
Stephanie Harlowe (1 month ago)
Awww, I love that. ❤
Amy Gentry (1 month ago)
Very strange....
Amy Gentry (1 month ago)
Receipts on show last 4 digits credit cards
Stephanie Stanford (1 month ago)
Only just stumbled across your channel and have been enjoying your content! Then you mention your name is also stephanie during one of my favorite missing persons topics! DELIGHTED
Stephanie Harlowe (1 month ago)
Yayyy!!! Now if you tell me you're an Aquarius, that would be awesome!
Jessie o (1 month ago)
If the kid was under extreme pressure, it makes perfect sense for her to be bulimic. If she was following in her sisters footsteps and felt like that’s how she should be (but was being forced into it) she most likely wants something to control by herself. Her diet is the perfect thing for her to have total control of.
chance2413 (6 days ago)
Have "total control" by watching what you eat or going vegan or something. It does NOT make "perfect sense" for people under extreme pressure to behave that way. Men are under twice the pressure of the average woman, given thatwe are expected to provide financially and "be strong", and you better believe if most men were bulimic, people would not be so understanding. She was just spoiled and self conscious, as sad as her story is, it's the truth. She repeatedly abused her second chances and took advantage of her "all American girl" persona just like the narrator suggested
Broken Silence (1 month ago)
+Linda Lemoni You're welcome hun.
Linda Lemoni (1 month ago)
+Broken Silence aw thank you!
Broken Silence (1 month ago)
+Linda Lemoni Glad you are in a healthier place now hun.
Linda Lemoni (1 month ago)
+B B oooh ok thanks, i always did that cause i felt so guilty so i purged, i never felt like i was in control at all, but i guess you are right, i somewhat tried to fix things with purging, which i guess means trying to find control again
Kate Cotton (1 month ago)
Theory on the email: what if she had printed it out when it happened. Like to keep proof of it (at the time printing things for recording reasons was more common) then she’s packing up her dorm to move and she comes across it. She’s thinking about it again so she ignores his calls because she needs time to think. It’s old news but it’s still painful. She debates packing it to go with her or to trash it. Leaves it there just cause she needs to decide what to do with it. It’s not a theory on where she went or if it was voluntary just on the email itself being there.
Stephanie Harlowe (1 month ago)
I wish I knew what the email said! It would shine so much more light on things
Stephanie Michelle (2 months ago)
You make my whole week with these! You do such an incredible job telling these stories. You would also be great at storytimes (storytime saturday? Lol) ❤️❤️
Stephanie Harlowe (2 months ago)
That is soooo crazy because I was just thinking today of trying out a storytime video, and maybe you're encouragement will be just what I need to take the leap!
Love true crime stories, she probably always had that dark side but was over looked because of her accomplishments. She may have had a personality disorder Boarder line sociopath with the risky behavior. Your very detailed in the timeline and story.
Lynsi Robertson (10 days ago)
+Robert Ferguson I don't think this was an abusive comment, it was an observation from one person, and agreed to by others. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having BPD (borderline personality disorder) and nothing wrong with even saying maybe it had been overlooked because of her achievements. My ex boyfriend had borderline personality disorder and narcissistic personality disorder, and sadly it was all overlooked because of his achievements & his will to go above and beyond to show how great of a person he could be, sadly, that's also a very narcissistic move when your really get to know one and be around a narcissist daily, ignoring their issues and focusing on achievements hurts more than it helps. People misconstrue how to handle these things.
Karen Sue Pohlmeier (10 days ago)
+Robert Ferguson what??
Robert Ferguson (10 days ago)
This is an incredibly insulting comment. I hope the family doesn't read this. And you liked this comment? I thought you said you didn't allow abusive comments on your channel, but you're liking others.
Karen Sue Pohlmeier (15 days ago)
+Lynsi Robertson I'm so glad you have been able to get the proper help and you are now doing great!! I applaud you for continuing to take your medication and for taking care of yourself!! It should never be an embarrassment to have such illnesses....it's no different than having physical illnesses. Keep doing great sweetheart!! ❤❤
Lynsi Robertson (15 days ago)
I have bipolar 2 and BPD and I don't even know how to recognize the BPD.... I can control my bipolar disorder well withiut medication. Now when i was 17 through age 23 not very good at all. I NEEDED MEDS THEN. Now I have been bipolar med free totally for over 7 years now, outside of taking an antidepressant when I was in my deppressive phases only. I use anxiety meds when needed but nothing more than .25 alprozalam and thats maybe 2 times a week.. Its possible to function well. I am a mother of 3 boys and one girl. My girl was adopted by my family because I was not mentally stable to be able to raise her back 12 years ago, but now, I have a 9 year old, and a 4 yr old and 3 year old as well. Theyre healthy, thriving and my 9 year old set me straight and saved my life. He has ASD and was non verbal until he was almost 5 years old, a lot of therapies and alot of patience was instilled in me being his momma and his only constant. Then i got married and pregnant with my 4 year old. It is totally possible to get through BPD and bipolar disorder, without meds and make your life worth it, as long as you keep it under control. It takes alot of patience and self searching.
Lifestyle (2 months ago)
Stephanie Harlowe (2 months ago)
Thank you 😘

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