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Anti-Style Types: Dated Debbie

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Welcome to the Anti-Style types series! In this series I am breaking down BAD fashion and sharing actionable tips on how to correct these simple styling mistakes. In today's video is all about Dated Debbie. Dated Debbie hasn’t gone shopping in years (and it shows). I’m not talking a year or two, I’m talking damn near a decade. Life took over (career, family … you know how it goes) and Debbie just stopped shopping. We'll uncover what's really going on with Debbie and how she can easily update her style. What I'm Wearing: Sweatshirt, APC Turtleneck, Nordstrom Leather pants, Scoop NYC Services: Virtual Styling - https://laurenmessiah.com/shop/ Personal Style University- https://laurenmessiah.com/personal-style-university/ Buy Lauren’s Book- https://laurenmessiah.com/product/the... Style Freebies: Ultimate Wardrobe Checklist for Women: http://laurenmessiah.com/ultimate-wardrobe-checklist  ‘How To Dress Right For Your Body Type’ :  http://laurenmessiah.com/body-type-ebook  SUBSCRIBE for pro fashion tips, insider trends and new videos: http://bit.ly/1N7xVjn Connect with me on social media: Visit the Lauren Messiah WEBSITE: http://bit.ly/1wCjCxF Like me on FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/LaurenMessiah Follow me on TWITTER: http://bit.ly/1Tm2ruM Follow me on INSTAGRAM: http://bit.ly/1L4iGZ4 Follow me on PINTEREST: http://bit.ly/1WfU0Ah About me: I am a fashion expert, on-camera talent and a premiere personal fashion stylist in Los Angeles. I believe that style is for everyone. I work to educate and empower women through my daily dose of fashion advice, shopping guides and styling tips. Anti-Style Type: Dated Debbie http://www.youtube.com/user/StylistLaurenMessiah
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Text Comments (142)
Bargain Holic (2 months ago)
My whole town is stuck. Not even a WalMart for hundreds of miles. Add a boyfriend who brags about travel and trips with exes but we can't even go to any wholesome community event as he feels there's too much to watch. And push come to shove my dying mother and siblings say I'm very selfish when this video makes me think maybe not.
Nesminra (3 months ago)
Sorry, but I think that you can't dress well. Your clothes look from a cheap company and doesn't suit to your body. Just a thought of mine.
Erum Rana (3 months ago)
I understand the ‘style’ dated Debbies might have but I’m sorry I don’t agree with the personna that you have unnecessarily created. Many people shop like maniacs yet, if their style is dated, they will still buy colours and cuts which are dated and old fashioned. It has nothing to do with ‘putting others first’ or having ‘life pass them by’... many mums who put their family’s needs before their own, do buy clothes albeit inexpensive ones...and these clothes can be on trend or they can be dated if that’s their style. Not everything need to be emotionalised.
Ava Clarol (3 months ago)
I am loving this new series!!
seattlegrrlie (4 months ago)
My coworker dating this woman and her entire outfit looked straight out the 80s. Ponytail out the pastel purple cap, faded jeans, and a sweatshirt. Girlfriend, you make six figures. Go buy yourself a new shirt
Bargain Holic (2 months ago)
I just heard pastel purple is trendy . The rest sounds classic unless there's 80s type detailing.
dos dandelions (4 months ago)
Ehem...In your intro to this series, you use the word 'humerus'. You might want to look that up unless, this series is about the arm bone in which case, it's OK. :)
Katherine Hamar (3 months ago)
You know that's a homonym right? She was using the word "Humorous", not "humerus". Sounds the same, totally different meaning.
Nourhan Salloum (4 months ago)
You know what? That’s not OK! A big dislike to this video. What is your channel doing exactly ?! Helping everyone be the best version of themselves and finding their unique style or making fun of styles that are not the same as yours ?! And what’s with the detailed psychological movie setting scenario? I think a lot of what you said is just in your head about dated Debbie or whatever. Oh my God did you just say at the end of the video “ anything you’ll buy will be better that what you’re putting on now” ?! I’m unsubscribing from your channel.
Laetitia Deris (4 months ago)
I am a dated Debby...
Noha Hossam (4 months ago)
Hey lauren😍 I want some help , to be style with hijab with oversize and long clothes
Christine Springer (4 months ago)
Sh*t gets handled when I show up in a dress and heels. I get treated a lot better, earn more money and get a lot more respect. I look at clothing, shoes and makeup as an investment. We are unfortunately judged as women by our appearance. This is increasingly true for men, too.
Cynthia Becerra (4 months ago)
What time machine did you crawled out of... I split my coffee laughing 😂
Pap Pyone (4 months ago)
Loving this series! Ive seen them all now. Love your new hair style!! What color is that lipstick? It is lovely.
Sally (4 months ago)
You really do not need the two angel thing.. it is confusing and somehow irritating.. it is very unnecessary for your uncomplicated simple video content
Deborah Craven (4 months ago)
She could be happy in her own fashion ideas and does not need pity !!!
Kay Watkins (4 months ago)
Very good insight and advice.
Roasting Thyme (5 months ago)
The 90’s!! Like when Sex In The City came out?? Please.
Nancy Nova (5 months ago)
Love this serie 😘You r an amazing stylist!!!
Jami Schlafer (6 months ago)
i have a dated debbie ski jacket. it’s HUGE. so embarrassing. i also have a friend who’s wardrobe is from 1995. she still wears square toed shoes! however, i was jealous when her stacked heeled slides came back in style! hahahahaha!
Aredhel (7 months ago)
What if you just don't like anything that's currently in style though? All my clothes are vintage or vintage style simply because I find modern fashion so ugly. I actually buy clothes quite often but always seek out those that are '50s or '60s style. Nothing to do with not caring about how I look.
Lolerland (7 months ago)
I remember my paernts jeans were high-wasted and looser(bell-bottoms on both men and women were also a thing back then). Then it became straight and low-rise(as low as you can go) for the cool kids or baggy pants with zippers and pockets ALL over and acid wash. A lot of acid-wash. Then came skinny jeans when I entered middle-school, and everyone older thought they looked like sausages-casings on the legs saying "Jeans are not supposed to be so tight and why is the material getting thinner." Materials change, what is "normal"(*average) changes but if you are used to one thing, changes can feel overwhelming.
regina pierson (7 months ago)
It is so nice of you to EXPLAIN that dated Debbie's are not stupid fashion-haters. You are 100% on spot. So many women are "trained" and "raised" to put themselves last. Unfortunately, some of them do not have anyone in their lives to stay, "STOP," and encourage them to go shopping, get a facial, have their nails done.....
Jasmine Gulliver (7 months ago)
Here's the ultimate Anti-style tip for you... that judgemental attitude is an accessory you need to drop. Pronto. You only said "have a sense of humour" to make an excuse for the fact that you actually just wanted to straight up bitch and make fun of people in front of a camera. The phrase "it was just a joke" is such a common excuse bullies make when they're caught out. I didn't smile once. This was not funny, and you make way too many assumptions and judgements based on what strangers you've never met wear.
rosemaries69 (8 months ago)
But how can you give the hint to someone who has the problem, without them feeling attacked? My aunt is one of the most beautiful women I know. She has great skin, gorgeous eyes, perfect smile, nice hair. When my uncle first introduced her to us I thought 'What a woman'! But she has completely let herself go the last decade, she wears second hand clothes that aren't even cute. No makeup, old jewellery... She still looks ok because of her natural beauty, but... How can it be changed?
seriouslyinsanediva (7 months ago)
I think you can take your aunt along with you when you go shopping or ask to be brought along when she goes to those second hand shops, tell her you are looking for yourself and then you can make suggestions to her or sneak in some fashion advice.
Aunt Bonnie (8 months ago)
Yes, I love your hair! You look happy and glowing. Thank you so much for the wonderful ideas you share.
Amy V. (8 months ago)
My friend has theory that "dated debbie's" pick the decade that they thought they were the hottest!
tredjesongen (8 months ago)
No. I dont really learn anything here. Only old news. Waste of time.
Alisiano1 (8 months ago)
I also read somewhere that people who stay stuck in "a look" is because that was the happiest time of their lives.
Hana Tanana (8 months ago)
Dated Debbie is having so much fun in her life with her job, family, travel... that she just couldn't care less about what she's wearing!
Caiti M (8 months ago)
My mom has the SAME wardrobe from the early 90s. Not talking about classic pieces either 🤗😳🙈
Roxanne Postell (8 months ago)
I am a dated Debbie. I literally have that jogging suit, I haven't worn it, but why am I keeping it. I do put everyone else first. I don't even have my own kids, but the nieces, mom, dad comes first. Then I was diagnosed with MS and wondered what's it really matter. I need to pay more attention and let other things go. Interesting! Definitely woke me up. I need to stop putting everyone else and my husband first. What about me! Let's go! Cause it will make me feel better mentally, emotionally, physically!
The Lauralinda Channel (9 months ago)
Speak that Truth! So glad that I found your channel! Subscribed!
Becca Bradley (9 months ago)
I freaking love this series! You rock Lauren!
Zoraida Magana (9 months ago)
Love this series.... I have been working over the last year studying. pinteresting, and watching style videos like Lauren's. My problem was having two boys back to back..mom of all boys...having gained weight, realizing I'm in my 30's..late.... 30's....lol and I never had nothing to wear..buying clothes too dressy, with nowhere to go...and tooo casual....because all I did was walk to pick up, drop off kids....I started finally getting into the capsule wardrobes, casual chic....finally buying shoes too...and caring about purses...cute inexpensive... and im loving my clothes lately, it's easier to find something to wear... I never understood about the needs for the essentials, and basics... I really hope people don't get offended at what Lauren is trying to convey... afterall it's coming from her wanting to help us find our style and feel good about ourselves.
Christina Howes (7 months ago)
I agree with this entirely. I felt exactly the same and now have more things to wear and can dress well for everyday in what I have in the wardrobe. And what's more, I don't spend a fortune on junk clothes anymore, and am much more mindful. Thanks to these videos, I don't have the cash to hire personal stylers, and these people like Lauren help us to look better, and that's a good thing.
Yellow Cat (9 months ago)
You remind me of Kelis 🤗
megg9929 (9 months ago)
Just curious b/c I wear a lot of vintage and vintage repro... who do you differentiate between vintage and dated?
Rina Ordonez (3 months ago)
megg9929 I think what she means that as long as you combine with some modern garments or accessories not vintage from head to toe.
Maria Smith (9 months ago)
"Back in the 90's when women did not put themselves first" ???? Are you serious here? Other them maybe not being triggered or caring about microaggressions women put themselves first in the same way. The 90's just wasn't that long ago. You don't look that young, I would figure you would know.
Maria Smith (9 months ago)
I don't know, I love vintage. I love levi mom jeans and wear them much more then my skinnies now. I'm not alone either. Especially because high waisted everything is so much better vintage really works today.
Withy Octopus (9 months ago)
Clothes are not self care. Enough sleep, healthy food and healthy boundaries are self-care. Steve Jobs had one outfit. Women don't have to waste their time shopping.
Leah Cassidy (7 months ago)
Steve Jobs was a narcissistic sh*t. This is what is wrong with the world. People looking up to people like Steve Jobs as some kind of messiah.
rosethorn0232 (8 months ago)
Not sure why you're using Steve Jobs as an example. He was an asshole who only had one outfit because he was uncreative af, and got rich and famous by stealing someone else's good idea. He is an outlier. That sort of person will very very rarely make it work. There's a 99.999999% chance you are not that person. Come tell me clothing isn't part of self care when you get turned down at job interviews and rejected by men because you're completely unwilling to present your best self to the world. Even just getting compliments on your outfit sometimes is good for your mental health.
Zip Zoop (8 months ago)
Self care means different things for different people. For me, fashion is part of it.
Withy Octopus (9 months ago)
Video starts at 1:46. You take clothes way to seriously, btw. No hate or anything, just observation.
Elena Atkinson (7 months ago)
It's her job to care about fashion...
Christina Howes (7 months ago)
why are you watching this at all? Clothes tell us a lot about a person. I was a pretty dated debbie until recently, and these vlogs have given me inspiration. That doesn't mean I spend too much money or take it too seriously. I just want to look nice and feel good about myself, and that is her purpose too.
T Floyd (9 months ago)
My Dated Debbie moment came 2 years ago, when a friend and I were traveling. We were going out for a nice dinner. She looked at my shoes and said, "You are going to wear those with such beautful clothing? Do you even remember which decade you bought them in? We are getting you new shoes!" I always put off shopping for shoes, because I know it will literally take me days to find shoes that fit, much less look good. And I can't afford to have shoes custom made. On top of it, I have no tolerance for blisters and sore feet, just to "look good." So, in short - shopping for shoes isn't fun; it's a chore full of character building disappointments. Good news is- my friend found a shoes store that had one pair of beautiful shoes I could wear. (Only one pair in the entire store fit) And I paid twice as much for them as I planned, but they are great shoes. Bad news is- pastel is in fashion this year.... and I have some pastel pink shoes from the 90's, that are still in good shape. The heals are a little low, but no one will notice.... right? 🤔
Darina Angelova (3 months ago)
T Floyd You go, girl!
Susan Buckley (9 months ago)
Great video...
Renee Paulson (9 months ago)
Maybe dated Debbie is not as superficial as you rw
AmberTron (9 months ago)
You must know my mom Deborah. I have tried my hardest with her. She could care less. She is such a beautiful woman and doesn't see herself as such. I always try to hook her up with clothing makeup ect. It's just not something she cares about. She knows when we are together I'm going to tell her something because I don't play that. I'm old school with thinking a women should always be dressed and put together. My motto is if you stay ready you don't have to get ready. And grooming and dressing up is another way of showing self love. So ladies love yourself. Even If I feeling bad if I dress up It improves my mood.
Tiffanie McMillan (9 months ago)
I am a Dated Debbie 😔
Claire (10 months ago)
Thank you so much, this is SO needed for the many of us who feel stuck and know what we like but don't know where to start our "change" or style upgrade. love your channel and everything you put out <3
IschelE ! (10 months ago)
Love this series 😃your hair is super cute, what color lipstick is that I need that color?
Karin Solli (10 months ago)
This is a big thing for guys I think! They think of clothes as a woman thing, and only their mother and female friends or sister shop for them. Women see it and keep them in the friend zone and the guys get bitter because they think women are superficial. Meanwhile women see a man that can't even take care of his own basic needs. If the man gets a girlfriend he turns into a hottie in 1 year and everyone is like; where have you been hiding!
s lynn (10 months ago)
I got to the realization that I was this person late last year. I just got lazy about updating my closet (something I loved to do) but now am getting back in the swing of things after 7 years. My reason for stopping was it was too much hassle & i felt guilty spending money on my clothes instead of on bills, my family etc.....
Cathy Goltsoff (10 months ago)
I will try!! I wear a uniform at work and my 2d job is paralegal I wear classic yuppie-preppy suits ( conservative, classic) as I have to go into the courtroom. So in a way this is a uniform also. And since my husband is an attorney he tones down my creative inner-hippie California girl looks. I have classic wardrobe pieces but I look for help in dressing online as I have had weight fluctuations and am getting older and want age appropriate clothing that is cute.
Suzanne Mulet (9 months ago)
I get you! I spent over a decade in the legal world as a paralegal. You can bring in your "inner hippie" with blouses, jewelry, etc.
Roberta Bersani (10 months ago)
Excellent advice Lauren! I am 59 and until a few years ago, I put everyone before myself and was not happy. You can think about yourself without leaving everyone else behind. However, when I did start paying attention to my own needs, others called me selfish and a boat-load of other not so nice names. So you have to be able to push all that aside and not worry about what others think.
ButtafliKyss (10 months ago)
This makes me sad. Not for the “Dated Debbie’s” but that people actually are welcoming this type of shaming. There’s nothing satirical or entertaining this is ridiculing. I don’t find myself in this video but you said it yourself, people are LIVING! Some people aren’t concerned about “dated” fashion but actually living a purpose driven life without the constraints of what others deem important. I’m kind of upset that YT suggested this.
OJJL (3 months ago)
WithMetta - Angela Merkel has a classic timeless wardrobe. She's a politician, she is neither dated not fashionable. She also has personal stylists. Clothes are very important in politics. Obama was shamed for wearing a light suit because it was considered not professional enough, Margaret Thatcher's wardrobe was power move in a "man's world". Politicians are a terrible example of your point, if they don't care they have advisors and stylists to care for them. The dated Debbie mentioned in the video is someone that could be fashionable ten years ago (not vintage style though) and never bothered since. If anything, find a celebrity to prove your point, politicians are all about image.
Tang Xiong (4 months ago)
I think you can still thrift and look great on a budget. :D My favorite places are Buffalo Exchange, Plato's closet, Thredup or Poshmark. They're so affordable for a student budget and sometimes higher quality than F21 or HM.
Qiana Brooks (4 months ago)
What if “Dated Debbie” is the result of a lack of funds? That’s the advice I was waiting for.
Tang Xiong (4 months ago)
I believe her humor just comes off as condescending, but I don’t believe she’s trying to shame or hurt people. As unfortunate as it sounds these types aren’t very stylish. But style can always be improved and still match the persons daily life/personality.
Christina Leung (6 months ago)
Lizzy Hannan I agree, very well said ! It’s about who you are inside, not who you are on the outside !
Minna Randolph (10 months ago)
Loving that cut!!! Thank you for reminding me that I need a trim. 👀
Social Work Scrapbook (10 months ago)
I’m so interested to see these style types!!! 😅
Andii Delgado (10 months ago)
i agree! dated debbie’s r the worst!🤣🤣
Angel Strader (10 months ago)
I love your hair
Ami Krenzel (10 months ago)
I know a bunch of dated Debbie's. I just got back from a quilt retreat and one of my dated Debbie friends said I looked like I was dressed for a coffee date with friends because I was dressed on casual chic with my hair fixed and not the schlepping baggy old lady Capris and baggy T like the rest. I just smiled and said I enjoy fashion. I felt like my outfit was casual eough and I liked it. I have learned so much from you Lauren .
hannah*hazel (10 months ago)
I realize I was getting dated when the clothes I owned came BACK AROUND and I was still wearing them. If Kylie Jenner is discovering something you’ve been wearing for 10 years it might be dated.
Bargain Holic (2 months ago)
What's really bad is when something you have comes back in style but a different detail or color makes the difference between vintage and dated.
Suzanne Mulet (9 months ago)
OMG! This made me laugh. So true! I have a couple of oversized 80's GAP sweatshirts I couldn't part with. And...I have seen similar at the stores. I rarely wore them out of the house, but I have recently. LOL. I'm still laughing.
Susie Roo (10 months ago)
I purge my closet every six months just to keep it fresh and current. I look for signs of wear and ask , have I worn it in the past season? It makes room for new stuff so I look modern but appropriate (60 yr old) and replacing worn out basics.
youtimeful (10 months ago)
I was a dated debbie! I worked with only men in IT, often from home, and focused on raising my son and caring for my mother. I finally got sick of my friends saying mean things about my clothes and feeling like I could not find an outfit that felt like me. It took a solid year of hard work but now I have clothes that fit me correctly, work with my body type, and are my style. Your videos were a good resource.
Withy Octopus (9 months ago)
youtimeful You did great raising a son, working in IT and taking care of your mom. That's commendable. What kind of friends would make you feel left out because of clothes but not praise you for being such a accomplished human being? Values!
SeasonedDiva #1 (10 months ago)
This is a great video. We women can so easily get into a style rut even when we don't work.Also Lauren, you look so fresh and refined with your new do. Your face really comes through. You look really chic and in control of your look!! Thanks for sharing this series, I'll be watching!!
Evelyn S. (10 months ago)
This is like therapy... put yourself first... I hope not forget this when I become a mom
whitwhit87 (10 months ago)
Evelyn S. Lmao...im a stay at home mom and i got caught up in this for about 3 years. Never thinking about myself. Kids were first when it came to EVERYTHING. Its not a bad thing in my opinion. Means i love my kids but, there wasn't a healthy balance between loving myself and my kids.
mpmg67 (10 months ago)
Hi Lauren. I love your short hair!
Cath Mackenzie (10 months ago)
I think dated Debbie is lucky if she can fit into clothes from decade ago. I wish I could!
Jay Kay (10 months ago)
LOL what time machine did you crawl out of? Yaaay Lauren I appreciate your video you are hilarious AND informative!!! Kinda scary to watch this lol because I see myself in some of those Dated Debbie examples!! When you said you can hear the mean comments now I was thinking you were going to say "Lighten up this is only FASHION!" Thanks Lauren, Your videos really do rock. LOL we can't fix a problem until first we identify we have one ;)
sara c (10 months ago)
So creative! A fresh air on the tube
Janice S (10 months ago)
Your hair looks really cute!!
Prinzessin auf der Erbse (3 months ago)
I can hear herself talking about thia hairstyle "beeing not stylish, think about it its not female or what ever no no no"
Kimberly Ford (10 months ago)
I think a lot of folks here are missing the point... holding onto classic, timeless, vintage pieces is one thing; but what Lauren is saying is that putting yourself last and not caring about how you present yourself to the world often manifests itself via a dated wardrobe. No one is telling you to get rid of your vintage wrap dresses or jewelry people.
Elizabeth A Daly (10 months ago)
Very interesting that you feel people that don't but a lot of new things are dated... when I follow fashion everything is in its just how you wear it.😉💁
Lauren Messiah (10 months ago)
Great point but not always true. I've cleaned out HUNDREDS of closet and often times things are on a new level of "old." Think a grown adult women still rocking a sweater from high school. The quality is poor, the fit was never meant for an adult woman ... I see things like that all the time. That's a "Dated Debbie"
RosiBosi (10 months ago)
This is a video for the ‘dated Debbies’ who want a change. Not for all of the type. That’s how I see it. On the point, Lauren. Great video as usual.
Lauren Messiah (10 months ago)
Yay! Someone gets it!! XOXO
Helena T (10 months ago)
Hey some of those styles comeback lol.Like hair scrunchies.
strivingbellemom (10 months ago)
Love your haircut sis!
mpmg67 (10 months ago)
Until it looks dated! LOL (ok, it's corny)
Lauren Messiah (10 months ago)
Thanks so much!
freida14 (10 months ago)
I agree. I think she should keep that hairstyle
Lea sofie Nielsen (10 months ago)
Hey just a question, you can be dated debbie NOT because you put everything first,
Nicole Walcott (10 months ago)
My sister had a talk with me recently.....I was falling into that dated Debbie styling. And I took my sis advice and started thinking about me,now I'm dressing to empress/success the results were fantastic. Thank you Lauren you're a style angel
Lauren Messiah (10 months ago)
Yay!!! SO happy hear that.
mercy mbuchi (10 months ago)
Katie T (10 months ago)
Hi Lauren! Gorgeous with this hair! Fits you= taugh, stylish and with a great sense of humor :-) I loved the "original" style-types and I am looking forward to these new ones! Really like that you look behind the clothes and explain why we dress in a certain way. Hugs from Norway
Lauren Messiah (10 months ago)
Thank you so much!!
Jadorelamode Paris (10 months ago)
If the people that are dressing in dated Debbie looks are happy; who are you to judge them? How do you know they do not feel good about the way they look? You think they are unhappy, because dressing in that manner would make YOU unhappy. Until we have walked in THEIR shoes we should not judge them. No need to block me, I am unsubscribing - this video shows a view I find non entertaining. I hear men on a daily basis diss on as you say “dated Debbie” looks and they are shameful for only looking at aesthetics, but to hear it from a self designated style expert is sad.
Leah Cassidy (7 months ago)
I think you took this video way too seriously.
Lauren Messiah (10 months ago)
This is for people who WANT to change. Some Dated Debbies are very happy and don't care about their style - that's completely cool with me. I have cleaned out hundreds of closets and have worked with thousands of women who need these "style awakenings" to move forward in their lives. Thanks for watching and sorry to see you go. XO
Alexandria T (10 months ago)
you look so fabulous with that hair cut. I love it
Lauren Messiah (10 months ago)
Thank you so much!! I feel fabulous with the new cut :)
remmirath42 (10 months ago)
How can I avoid looking like a Dated Debbie when I have certain old pieces that I still love to wear? Colors and cuts go in and out of style, so I like to stock up on things I look and feel good in whenever they're available. Sometimes that means wearing a new blouse with 15 year old shorts... Where do you draw the line between including some vintage pieces in your wardrobe (cool) and looking dated (not cool)?
SmidBeach (10 months ago)
I love fashion and shopping, but I know deep down that it's a consumer trap. To stay afloat, retail stores need for us to feel that our old clothes are no longer adequate or acceptable. I say, keep what you love and take really good care of it, get it altered if necessary, and rock it! Hold on to your old shorts if they're in good condition. Sometimes newer things make old things blend right in!
Lauren Messiah (10 months ago)
If you are mixing in new pieces you are totally fine. I have styled women who LITERALLY haven't introduced a new item in their closet in years. Those are Dated Debbies.
Quartere1ven (10 months ago)
I think another contributing factor may be that our "sense of style" and vision in ours heads of "what is stylish" is formed at a certain age, say in college, so we continually go back to this image when evaluating style choices. Sometimes this happens to me, sometimes I don't know about it, but other times I am able to catch myself and have to ask "is this cool now? or was it cool then?" (Ok "cool" probably isn't the "cool" word to use anymore, case in point...) Oh, and on that note, a video request: "The 'It' Fit" - how basics (T's, sweaters, jeans...) should fit today. I feel like these evolve subtly over time, and suddenly my fitted V-neck sweater is no longer stylish, but oversized crewnecks tucked in are apparently...
Suzanne Mulet (9 months ago)
Definitely a video on the "It" fit! Great idea, @quartere1ven!
Suzanne Mulet (9 months ago)
EXCELLENT point! That's what I learned many years ago about not only clothing styles, but also hair and makeup. We tend to cling to an era that we think we were on top of our game, and then by keeping that same style (clothes, hair, makeup), we are trying to recreate the feelings and confidence we had at that point.
amyn0va (9 months ago)
What a great comment! You should definitely do this. I am saving up money to update my worn out basic pieces so this video would be just in time. Please do it, Lauren!
Claire Kurdelak (10 months ago)
Quartere1ven two good ideas! I second this comment.
Lauren Messiah (10 months ago)
Such great insight!! I love this comment.
Clarice (10 months ago)
Well i've been in the same situation now..i never dress best for me for a long time..i just feel comfortable wearing pants and tshirt..never wear dress ever..so sad i wasted my 20s not trying new style or clothes
hannah*hazel (10 months ago)
It’s never too late, honey. There is always time for you to experiment.
Canadian97467 (10 months ago)
I don't know how old you are Clarice, but the 40s are the new 20s... ;-) :-)
Sheyda Far (10 months ago)
My mom used to be a dated debbie ... hopefully she has changed so much👍🏻
Alexandra Stückert (10 months ago)
So excited for the other anti style types :D
lestrange (10 months ago)
Me too, I am trying to guess what they might be. I know there will be one for people who dress way too young for their job and age. I also bet there will be one for people who dress like porn stars. Maybe one for people who lost a lot of weight and never got new clothes (or gained some weight and never got new clothes).
Lauren Messiah (10 months ago)
There are some good ones coming up :)
girlinspired (10 months ago)
Love your hair. Xx
Lauren Messiah (10 months ago)
Thank you!
Erica Karto (10 months ago)
Love your new hair cut. It really suits you!
Lauren Messiah (10 months ago)
Thank you so much!! I am loving it.

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