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Drunk Girls On Good Guys

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Text Comments (1535)
outsideworld76 (9 days ago)
Thots are disgusting...
Sid Micheals (20 days ago)
My god, its like, they're saying it themselves. I'm not even looking for stereotypes, but they're actually saying it themselves. How the fuck am i supposed to respect girls? they hate us, they hate short men. they hate under status men, they hate non western men, wtf am i supposed to do?
Blasmo Babbings (28 days ago)
3:06 makes me cringe
Josh Riddle (5 days ago)
@5:33 the girl has the perfect answer
Reuio Pasa (5 days ago)
Ha ha
D CHILL (1 month ago)
Comment section is filled with cringe incels
360 Music (1 month ago)
0:28 who gave that white boy a nigga pass
Iftekhar Ahmed Sarkar (1 month ago)
Please Bin Laden Just Bomb that street... i can't take it anymore.
David Dominic (1 month ago)
Why do people in the comments act like these people represent their generation lmao. They’re wasted on a night out of course they look bad
yo momma (1 month ago)
Girls chokers are like deepthroat medals
cosmic_ og02 (1 month ago)
3:07 why he stroking his hair for so long 😂
Don Cheeto (1 month ago)
thot ass bitches lmao they wonder why they can't never keep one guy and the bad guys leave them pregnant. Same for guys tbh, wonder why they end up with pregnant bitches cause they dont wanna keep it in their pants.
Wes Gore (1 month ago)
Because bitches are all crazy.
metalheadlass (1 month ago)
People are so funny when drunk
SkizVids (1 month ago)
LMAO that white dude proper just went up to the dude again to get him fuming 😂
outsideworld76 (9 days ago)
It was actually really funny 😂
John Sharika (1 month ago)
The young white boy got sexually harrased by a black male
Sami Haboubi (1 month ago)
Jésus is a Nice Guy and yes he's a virgin
Ricardo Sepulveda (1 month ago)
you mean messiah
JOYROAN (1 month ago)
Amazing not intelligent answer. This tells me that they are not smart enough for a nice guy.
faggiorider (1 month ago)
2:34 golden 5 sec
Abdul Ayub (1 month ago)
Which place is this man?
Gavin Stephens (2 months ago)
4:02-4:10 facts... unfortunately
Butter Cups (2 months ago)
So rapists are not nice soooooo...
Nico Avila (2 months ago)
1:58 Big FACTS
Swaghetti Yolognese GR (2 months ago)
1:15 our guy jack got rejected
Swaghetti Yolognese GR (2 months ago)
0:39 why r u more reluctant to go with a bad guy instead of a good guy!!! My guy doesn’t know what reluctance means
brownwallet942 (2 months ago)
This place is so funny and wild!
Abhilash N (2 months ago)
Thing is these same girls start looking for good boys after their clock starts ticking!
JAWHAR RAVEENDRAN (2 months ago)
I already subscribed to his channel bitch
ALEX G SON (2 months ago)
He said “Hey don’t burn my nigga” lol
john jojo (2 months ago)
Because they don't suck pussy like a real nigga😂😂😂😂
Akflbw dkwblq (2 months ago)
Alcohol comes in the mouth, truth comes out of the mouth
Jeff Falkmann (2 months ago)
Kenyan Nationalist (2 months ago)
I'm so glad humans won't exist in the next 100 years......
Gabriel 9 (2 months ago)
Honestly anyone would cheat on dat hoe ahahahah
Power slam (2 months ago)
Jack Manley cross over
Butt Hole (2 months ago)
I’m never coming here.
alexis soto (2 months ago)
I think joseph might be the only one that has some sense in there
Fluffybrute (2 months ago)
Same girls in 15 years: "Where are all the good men, I'm ready to settle down!"
Lizardking5150 (2 months ago)
Every one of these girls is a degenerate. It's like all the Jerry Springer trailer trash kids grew up and are now in their mid 20's.
NewYorklu Koray (2 months ago)
0:46 just had to puke
Cenk Toplar (2 months ago)
Consuming THAT much of alcohol , not sleeping enough , eating dirty , not working out , probably smoking and coking etc. They will be hitting the wall way earlier than they think. Probably around 25-26 years of age and than all of a sudden they will look like a 36 years old. My message to all nice guys out there as a Turkish/Muslim who is so strange of this western gender-dynamic you lost nothing. Why would you wanna be with one of those so-called "women" and ruin your life. None of them are lady like. Let them live their cheap life-style while you take care of yourself both physically and financially !
outsideworld76 (9 days ago)
These people have no self respect or self love.
alexidesousa (3 months ago)
Mark never sleeps (3 months ago)
I'm tryna fuck
Antonio Price (3 months ago)
I like jack his calm but I would have socked him for that mouth disrespectful shit
PrettyBoiBozo (3 months ago)
Guy: ur a worthless piece of shit girl that’s fucks anything that moves Girl: *instantly turned on*
Xcaliburz Storm (3 months ago)
damn i lost fate in this generation of women damn born in 1991 holy shit girls are this low damn no wonder why they keep going with there girlfriends saying where are all the good men in life well you rejected them that is what happen dated the bad guy how just gave you std or hiv .but ya will get out of the bad guy faze when ya is 30 or 40 years old lol .too late to have kids .
cr6_3zz z (3 months ago)
Lilleaks Ingram (3 months ago)
At 4:37 the guy in the p hat looks exactly like Kane brown
It’s fissy (3 months ago)
lol my brotha at the end was so straight forward he thru the pussy off guard. respects.
Melle De Groote (3 months ago)
4:49 this guy got laid 100%
Eric Lewis (3 months ago)
Melle De Groote Lucky guy
Skyler Newton (3 months ago)
3:20 nigga was petting his head LMAO
I TRIGGER PEOPLE (3 months ago)
2:37 Oh lord its me in the future
kevin asdhdhf (3 months ago)
3:37 that little girls mouth!!! the f-bombs. jeeez! such a turn off
Jakob Lundby (3 months ago)
Somebody find the motherfucker
Bert Harbinson (3 months ago)
2:37 LMAO at this crackhead
TheCelticTyger (3 months ago)
I really hope that guy fucked that girl like he wanted
Jordan Nim (4 months ago)
Nice guys win because they have a future, success! These are thots are the downstep of humanity lol. I play nice guy , honest , treat girls right, be nice to people, treat others right and shit. I could get the right girl any time I want lol. As long as u have Confidence to go up to her and ask her out, and she good with you going out with her; your living life. These are hoes partying and shit. Who knows how many guys they jerked off 🥵
minibikedude (4 months ago)
2:40 I'm fucking dead
Guillen Urias (4 months ago)
Hood niggas paradise, right there...
BasicHaddock4 (4 months ago)
The women in this world are crazy 😐
Wonder777 Warrior (4 months ago)
Is that sign language 😂
Juan Prado (4 months ago)
4:25 @ pls
Mike Po (4 months ago)
Fuck black bitches am I right
Earlin Humes (1 day ago)
Eric Lewis (3 months ago)
Mike Po Never done one but I want to some are really sexy and they are straight to the point no messing.
Devo (4 months ago)
Can anyone tell me why chicks just throw themselves at Jack? Hot ones too... skanks for sure, but hot skanks
waffler69 (4 months ago)
5:05 you can see the guy that told her he was "tryna F*ck" is getting her number in the background lmao. I guess that did work after all.
Steven Morris (4 months ago)
Fuck theses hoes
Arslan Ali (4 months ago)
Quobblebob Gaming (4 months ago)
4:42 turn that down turn that shit the fuck down 😂😂
Sean Erdos (4 months ago)
Man fuck these hoes
maximal mario (5 months ago)
2:30 cringe Emily Blunt?
Dabby Chimezie (5 months ago)
Did that white boy really just say the n-word?? 0:27
Negative Positive (5 months ago)
These are dudes daughters. Imagine having a daughter in 2019
Alxinho959 (5 months ago)
The guy on crack made me CRACK up 😂😂😂
Dead_Afro (5 months ago)
You dont know shit
Peggisis (5 months ago)
"Is that sighn language?"
AJEY DEV (5 months ago)
So girls are true when they are heavily drunk.
David Campos-Contreras (5 months ago)
Where is this filmed? Looks like Sixth Street in Austin.
GAJZER (5 months ago)
MK S (5 months ago)
I miss the old Joseph
Sydney ღ (5 months ago)
I'd never date a nice guy mostly because I'm a lesbian.
American Jedi (3 months ago)
@TrapLordHodor Lesbian or not all women are needy for attention from men.
TrapLordHodor (4 months ago)
Why you here then
Stephanie R (5 months ago)
that blonde guy is a no
ashrafthegoat (6 months ago)
"Do good guys always lose?" "Yeah..." Proceeds to make out*
DjBacto (6 months ago)
U dont k how shit ! Hahahha
Azieak (6 months ago)
What do you expect they all hoes..😂😂
Bananadude54 (6 months ago)
Dont confuse nice guys with betas..
KBrown2480 (6 months ago)
Girl: *looks disgusted* Girl: This Nigga Guy: I really am tryna fuck you Girl *looks disgusted again* #Couple seconds later# *Girl starts talking to Guy* #2 hours later# *Girl has to take uber home from guys house in the middle of the night* Well I guess nice doesn't win🤷🏾‍♂️
Rodrigo Villega (6 months ago)
They're not nice they're betas
0629301992 992 (6 months ago)
The white boy is hot😂
Jovany De La Flamé (6 months ago)
Hey good guys im fucking ya bitch 😂
Dr. Hanybal Yazigi (6 months ago)
This is the most perfect video I've ever seen. Millennial humans at their most primal.
Love Star (6 months ago)
you don't know shick
Ohhbangzz (6 months ago)
Where is this at?
TheByteable (6 months ago)
The truth is every man is a nice guy. We just show them what they want to see 😂
dannyeagle_ _ (6 months ago)
3:13 “what the fuck is this” 😂😂
Mikey Lejan (6 months ago)
I am still one of those gentleman types
kenzie karysa (6 months ago)
That guy that got pissed over his girl answering the question looks like he’s abusive
Aussieinsunshine (7 months ago)
Where is this place?!
Adrian Valadez (7 months ago)
2:36 lmaooooo. Random ass
Mike C (7 months ago)
That first girl is a womens brain in a nutshell. Nice guys dont exist theyre all assholes, wait they do exist but theyre boring ....
愛Vex (7 months ago)
4:06 rob stone is that you ?
Meleeful (7 months ago)
4:48 "I'm tryna fuck" got me fucking dying 😂😂😂

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