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How to Shim Handcuffs

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Text Comments (65)
The Young Patriot (6 days ago)
That's pretty badass.
Royal Hawk (2 months ago)
Thank you
Valiant Thor (5 months ago)
handcuffed behind the back, now what?
BlackScoutSurvival (5 months ago)
Easy. Go look at our other videos showing us do that. Now what loser?
Thomas Paine (6 months ago)
Always rear cuff your subject and always double lock. Just that simple.
BlackScoutSurvival (6 months ago)
Nope. Got videos showing how to get out of that too. Just as simple......
Joel Smith (7 months ago)
that was amazing and super simple in its design. I'm impressed.
Chris Hetherington (8 months ago)
Great technique for as you said, illegal detention. This technique is nearly impossible for use in a lawful arrest. Law enforcement are trained to put on handcuff in a way that doesn't allow for access to the locking mechanism.
Starburst (9 months ago)
How can you get out if they are double locked
Starburst (9 months ago)
BlackScoutSurvival thanks
BlackScoutSurvival (9 months ago)
Buy my DVD. I show you how. Here is the link http://www.blackscoutsurvival.com/product/survival-escape-and-evasion-dvd
Cory (1 year ago)
good video.
Evasion Techniques (1 year ago)
Great video brother
aaron joseph (1 year ago)
art mallory (1 year ago)
cool vid m8, just say the video is for 'Demonstration Purposes only' :/
Cash Taylor (1 year ago)
Great stuff... You just got a new subscriber 😎
HardCity RainDrops (1 year ago)
love learning form these vids
RealQuickChris (2 years ago)
44 sec escape with a bobby pin. I have not tried this trick yet but plan to. Great video
Grim Reaper (2 years ago)
i'm a single man so i guess my chances of gettin away are slim hehe! anyway, great vid as always! keep em' comin bro cheers!
chino lorenzo (2 years ago)
the thing is practicing it backwards which i think its very possible.
Official Donny Grimm (2 years ago)
id keep it hidden in my mouth in a survival situation
habibicus (2 years ago)
hey great video, you outdo yourself great quality camera video and helpful info
commonconservative (2 years ago)
what are double lock handcuffs he mentions?/
Trey Burrus (2 years ago)
double lock handcuffs wont get any tighter after their set with the cuff key. I have to use them on a daily basis lol.
Owl Bear (2 years ago)
WOW this video is so sexist! That Barrette obviously for everyone and not just ladies! LOL #ObamasAmerica
Owl Bear (1 year ago)
+NuclearEspresso 90  Guess you didn't get the sarcasm
Nick Venters (1 year ago)
Christopher Metz the fuck. How is that sexist
BlackScoutSurvival (2 years ago)
WATCH THIS: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=BlackScoutSurvival
awesome vid bro, yea i will make sure i tell my wife its on you lol.. messin with ya,
BlackScoutSurvival (2 years ago)
Jonthe general (3 years ago)
Another awesome video man. Keep em coming... good stuff. \m/
Msilverhammer (3 years ago)
Great video!
Artyom Amyan (3 years ago)
Great option! Thank you! ;)
Jack Kraken (3 years ago)
Problem with shimming though is that you should already have some give with the handcuffs on your hand, if you're handcuffed real tight its going to be harder and probably more painful.
BlackScoutSurvival (3 years ago)
But still able to get out. Experience a little pain or stay a hostage. Simple decision
Anthony Ng (3 years ago)
Thank you!
Brian Veal (3 years ago)
Damn Bro, you make it look easy! Now could you show us how hard it is to do that trick when handcuffed from behind? Thanks for another excellent video...
BlackScoutSurvival (3 years ago)
+Brian Veal just practice. We are all clumsy in the beginning.
Brian Veal (3 years ago)
Cool, I will look for them... Because I'd like to see it. Not because I was doubting you at all. I am, however, doubtful that MY clumsy redneck ass could pull it off! LOL!
BlackScoutSurvival (3 years ago)
I'm saying I have videos doing it before from behind
Brian Veal (3 years ago)
+BlackScoutSurvival 👍 Awesome. I guess it just takes practice.
BlackScoutSurvival (3 years ago)
I have before
Man I love your videos. What camera gear do you use if you don't mind me asking? i'm looking to upgrade soon.
+BlackScoutSurvival Email out! Thanks brother.
BlackScoutSurvival (3 years ago)
Thanks. Shoot me an email and I'll get you the info
Survival On Purpose (3 years ago)
Another excellent video! I guess the best thing to have with you is a woman.
BlackScoutSurvival (3 years ago)
Hahahaha. Man that's a good way of putting it.
Matthew Jejdj (3 years ago)
Luke Bryan? Is that you? Haha love your videos!
BlackScoutSurvival (3 years ago)
Haha. That's a first. Thanks!
CircaSriYak (3 years ago)
Female hair products: saving the bacon of spies and SERE trainees everywhere.
BlackScoutSurvival (3 years ago)
Ha. Exactly
inmymemory507 (3 years ago)
thanks for the vid! these urban themed videos pertain to me the most. you keep em coming and I'll keep smashing that like button!
BlackScoutSurvival (3 years ago)
Right on! Thanks
Max Inpains (3 years ago)
well most of case they do double locks them
Max Inpains (3 years ago)
+jamal jamalington mmmm i dobt that . ive seen one video bone out and totally escaped. thr key is not to get close to the police . avoid @all cost
Max Inpains (3 years ago)
Its better off you run before cops cuff you up
Bash Riprock (3 years ago)
Does it work when the cuffs are locked?
BlackScoutSurvival (3 years ago)
Sneeks (3 years ago)
Nice vídeo bro! Greetings from Brazil! Preppers!
BlackScoutSurvival (3 years ago)
Theredneck Prepper (3 years ago)
Now thats what survival is about in a city ! and that's good money spent ! KNOWLEDGE IS POWER ! Thank you brother
BlackScoutSurvival (3 years ago)
Thanks brother!!
Piper Vucelick (3 years ago)
Thanks for this! I also just got a hole education about hand cuffs and keys etc....my husband works w them. Very interesting stuff, hopefully this is one thing I won't ever need to do!
BlackScoutSurvival (3 years ago)
Awesome. Thank you!!

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