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No Country For Old Men — Dissecting A Collaborative Masterpiece

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Tyler Mowery (3 months ago)
Are you a screenwriter looking to generate ideas, give and receive feedback, and talk stories with other writers? Then join the community in the Facebook Group! It’s free and open to all screenwriters. Join here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/644895109269258/
asdf asdf (26 days ago)
@Searb reath Mom jokes... nice... well I guess keep writing stupid shit on movie reviews and I guess being a meth head.... I'm sure everyone loves your insight.. one more thing... it took you six days to write something back... did you just get a cell signal in that backwoods shit hole you call home ? Later
Searb reath (26 days ago)
@asdf asdf smoking meth with your mom and watching movies is fun tho
Madcircle (26 days ago)
Damn after that ghost theory i feel like watching that movie again
asdf asdf (1 month ago)
@Searb reath hes real... flesh and blood man.... stop using drugs
Searb reath (1 month ago)
anton was a moment at a time.. he doesnt really exist until you're face to face with him. He's like aikido... it does not really exist, until you're upside down in it. All in a moment. So, he is real, but hes like, a moment of fate or destiny in peoples lives, but to him, its just his life and he obviously accepts and understands this role. Sort of like a personification, but only to those destined to be killed by him. To everyone else, hes nothing, nobody, just another nameless face in a crowd we will never remember. so he may as well be nobody or nothing.
asad iqbal (2 hours ago)
Pls note when Sheriff is moving towards the bathroom, the reflection of the "crime scene tape" on the wall is clear. Once he is out if the bathroom, that reflection disappears which clearly suggests that the tape has been broken, thereby suggesting that Chigurh was in and left during the "extra" time that Bell gave him to escape while checking the bathroom. I believe Bell saw his reflection in the broken lock. In fact i would go a step ahead and say that Chigurh also saw Bell and knew that he had seen him. But Bell "turned a blind eye" in a conspicuous way so that Chigurh knows that Bell has ignored him deliberately..which is one of the main theme of the story where in the author is suggesting that evil is thriving due to the good not confronting it. Bell did say earlier that he does not like to meet something he does not understand.
anthony white (2 hours ago)
Thanx for putting in so much effort. I really enjoyed your analysis. I love this movie too. It is a master piece. . Keep up the great work! I loved it.
Joseph Burchill (20 hours ago)
He's a man who stepped out the world of rules. He controls every aspect of the world around him. We have a conscience, he does not. The only way to defeat a monster like this is to know what he is and attack the second you see him.
josh B (2 days ago)
People whom use LoL as a knee jerk should free themselves from this conformity. It’s like announcing your self as a received thinker.
John Fastest (2 days ago)
Said every drama major.....
Lone Star (3 days ago)
_"Local law enforcement. I'm not on the radio."_ Time to retire, Ed. After all... What chance do you have? Truly great writing.
xx_Elven_xx (3 days ago)
Movie was so good, it won an Oscar for Best Soundtrack.
Daakyehene Ababio (5 days ago)
Man you are so good at this.
Tyler Mowery (5 days ago)
Jay Ukryn (8 days ago)
In the scene at the hotel, as the sheriff walks toward the crime scene, you see that two rooms are marked off by police tape, 114 and 112. If you look closely, you'll notice that both of the locks have been blown out. Because of the angle of the lights, the curvature of the brass fittings and that the sheriff is standing to the right of the room 114 door, those shots could be showing both brass fittings, one from inside room 112--where Chigurh is hiding--and the other from outside 114, where the sheriff is standing. That's my theory, notwithstanding the obvious flaw that if Chigurh was in 112 hiding behind the door, the door would be to his right, not his left, because the door opens inwards from the right to the left. But whatever. Good video, man!
Jack Sparrow (10 days ago)
Definitely one of the best films ever. In my opinion.
monkeybunny89 (12 days ago)
This is a piece of work itself. Beautifully done. You should write a movie.
Mindfultranslations (12 days ago)
Great analysis guy .. you have skills man ... also no other actor that I know, could’ve played cigur as if he were really him .. that scared me for real .. now like many others I too rooted for Llewelyn... if only he didn’t grow a conscience that late in the night ... come on he was mortally wounded and water wasn’t gonna save him . Not when he found him not when he drove back out there in the middle of the night ... you can’t rescue a Mexican drug dealer and expect to keep the money .. Moss was like a guy who won the toss 1st time .... but then said let’s do it again .. and calls the same side !!! He practically committed suicide ... unbelievable... he was Scott free ! WAS...
Dan Redmon (15 days ago)
Any movie that takes this much analysis to understand it I'm not much interested in.
Shipmate (15 days ago)
Sheriff Bell is Chigurh. That's why you see him in the same locations and why he can't catch him.
Liquid Water (17 days ago)
Chigurh is a legend.
Liquid Water (17 days ago)
I'm here from behind the curtain. i love this movie
Hollotom 02 (20 days ago)
Oh I thought he was just behind the door
Stan Still (21 days ago)
it's like Charlie Manson ... and Rosemary's Baby ... someone always has to be the reckoning of the reaper.
I don’t think most people understood the hotel scene. Anton was never there , it was in Bell’s mind that maybe Anton is in there & took a chance to find out. Little did he know he would’ve ended up beating the odds & not having to face the danger that he chose to put himself in. Like the coin toss , he won
Dead Nutz (24 days ago)
That’ll work 😂 one of my favorite lines
Madcircle (26 days ago)
8:14 unintentional Dark Tower fanfic
Madcircle (26 days ago)
Just came here to fanboy after watching the movie
Madcircle (26 days ago)
786th hehehehe
Doug styles (27 days ago)
So where was he in the hotel room? Such a great movie,but that part is a head scratcher.
Ajinkya Taware (27 days ago)
This film deserved a lot better.
Fly Thanos5 (29 days ago)
6 sirens in the whole universe but 4 of them somehow ended up on the same planet
Kougou (1 month ago)
"If the rule you followed, brought you to this - of what use was the rule?"
Shen (1 month ago)
I believe that Anton Chigurh is not the personification of death he is actually death itself and the reason we dont see him in the motel room was because it wasnt sheriff bells time to die and therfore Chigurh was not needed. Notice how he only kills those who either prevent the cause of justice or have committed on of the seven deadly sins being the main one in this film, Greed.
dragonbz4 (1 month ago)
the wrapper unwrapping itself sounds like a bow tensing preparing to release an arrow ^^
Not Cthulhu (1 month ago)
"This first scene is good, a train makes a noise, look at the acting on this man's face. This a good scene made by [insert name of literally anyone who worked on the movie]" Wow, that's deep, bro. This whole video is meaningful and I definitely gave it a thumbs up for not wasting my time.
ubon11 (1 month ago)
I loved this movie, just like everybody else, but I think they should’ve shown Moss getting killed as opposed to the aftermath. And yes, there absolutely should be a follow on movie with Chygur as the main character.
Spookrockcity (1 month ago)
I fell asleep watching this film the first two times I tried watching it. Overrated as fuck. Fell asleep during There Will Be Blood too. Both movies were overrated as fuck and relatively uninteresting. Top-shelf storytelling, cinematography, acting etc... but just ultimately boring. There is no magic in these films. I know this statement will trigger a lot of pretentious wannabe film school students, but that is the fundamental truth of it.
Cleverson Santos (1 month ago)
Yeah he was just a Phsyco killer very smart, relentless and in the end he won...we are used to watch bad guys die in this case the hero was an old man tired of his duties, he came close but couldnt catch the villan... this happens so many times in real life and when it is represented in a film it makes us feel very unconfortable...
powderedtoast man (1 month ago)
This is one of my go to films everytime i watch it i notice some subtle nuance that always leaves me feeling enlightened theres just so much i it and the scenes are so spectacular 10 out of 10 on this one. The coen brothers did well on their new one to
rhamel86 (1 month ago)
2 things to note: 1. Llewellyn dies because he is moral. The book lays it out more clearly: the cartel catches up to him and takes a girl hostage. Llewellyn gives up his gun to save her life, and is then killed. Every time Llewellyn makes a moral choice he suffers. Like bringing the man water. 2. Sheriff Bell is the light of civilization, which is why his father carries and builds a fire in his dream. Anybody who has read The Road will remember that The Man and Boy both "carry the fire."
William Salters (1 month ago)
That was pretty damn good to watch and listen
Brandon Johnson (1 month ago)
I have no idea what your other videos are like, but this video made me sub even though it's 2 years old. I'll trickle in your videos over time & know I'll already love most of them. This analysis is fantastic.
Justin W (1 month ago)
It's called a cattle gun
Brian Shotts (1 month ago)
Great character development, but you just can't kill the main hero off screen! Period! Thats not how you resolve the tension that you've carefully built up and that the audience is invested in. I was really into the movie and then that happened and I didn't know what the hell happened? Not to mention Chigurh is walking around outside a hotel with a shotgun. Now he's walking around the lobby with a shotgun on Woody Harrelson. Granted this was before cell phones, but he wasn't invisible? Potential classic that lost its way imo, and not even some good ole TLJ Texas style wisdom could save it. Now Shawshank was a masterpiece!
Josh B (1 month ago)
This is more of my personal thoughts. This film seems to be about humanity running on chance and that evil does win sometimes. As an upside, it presents a challenge to rage against the dying of the light. To find hope. What do you think?
TheReal Doge (1 month ago)
Ur overthinking false understanding
Karl Hungus (1 month ago)
Best dialogue I’ve ever sat thru. Love this movie
Randy Marsengill (1 month ago)
A movie about screw ups. Very Jewish and Cohen. No sympathy for any of the characters.
Randy Marsengill (1 month ago)
Bullshit movie. Good acting but stupid plot. It didn't make any sense. None of the characters gain sympathy.
TheReal Doge (1 month ago)
@Randy Marsengill for a flat brained person it didn't make sense
Randy Marsengill (1 month ago)
@TheReal Doge Really, it was pointless. Entertainment for wannabes.
TheReal Doge (1 month ago)
Shut up
Ab Rod (1 month ago)
Geo HVL (1 month ago)
Chigur has killed so many for so long it's just another day at the office. He's paid to do what he does and he likes his job,,,, a lot.
OX XY (1 month ago)
Hey bro sick dissection of a 90 minute movie Clinical surgey with this 12 minute video
Morten (1 month ago)
2007 also gave us the brilliant There Will Be Blood, which was shot closeby this
Lion Of Islam (1 month ago)
This man was born to play this role and die . He would fit nowhere else .
Your Name (1 month ago)
The aim of this movie is, as just about all of Hollywood is about social engineering, to demoralize the public in general and to normalize psychopathy. Your analysis isn't even close to real truth...
David Johnson (1 month ago)
Great acting by Chigurh, because by that scene in the mom/pop store where he flips the coin, a have an extreme desire to beat his ass to within an inch of his life and shove the business end of my .45 caliber glock into his mouth and pull the trigger until it finally goes 'click'.
MoistBreadcrumb (1 month ago)
call it.
Lucas Cruz (1 month ago)
He was a sicario for a cartel. That's who he was. It is understood. He isn't a ghost. He isn't a force of nature. He was a man hired for specific work. The type of work that must be done regardless of everything and anything.
Jamie Lancaster (1 month ago)
Chigurh didn’t disappear when sheriff Bell was at the door of the motel. These are two different time lines but shown at the same time.
Christopher Penny (1 month ago)
Jamie Lancaster I thought he was just standing behind the door the whole time
G_A_M_M_A (1 month ago)
He was never in the motel room. It was just a image or fear that he was just waiting for him.
Martin Molina (27 days ago)
My opinion, he was in the room next door. Just like the other scene where Moss shoved the cash deep into the vents, making Anton think the cash was in a different room when he used the tracker.
Jack Grubb (1 month ago)
G_A_M_M_A no
Sunil Kameshwar (1 month ago)
Chigurh is closest to "Kaal" as per hindu mythology in India. Kaal is a god and somewhere in between Death, time and Destiny.As in when the "time is up"
ReeseWitherSpoon (1 month ago)
I believe that in the motel scene, Chigurh was never there but it was to show the sherif’s fear that he was in there and to reflect his fear with the audience. Making both the audience and the sherif wanting to turn back and take the safe route.
Raul Moreno (1 month ago)
God damn, such a good fucking movie, well done kid, I wonder what else you have....let's see!
Koogle You (1 month ago)
I rented this movie one night along with "There will be blood". When I set them on the counter to pay, a very serious young man looked at me with stern eyes and said "If you watch both of these movies you might get very depressed" I burst out laughing. They were both dark but they were also both excellent movies. Another totally under rated film was Slingblade. Good job. Hope to see more.
evan marks (1 month ago)
You're reading way too much into this he is simply a man doing a job in which he has the quality of ruthlessness which is a rare quality but much needed for the task at hand
Boxville Burgher (2 months ago)
This is the most INGENIOUS AND ATTENTIVE piece of Coen Bros analysis I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. I remember being in a test audience (of all ridiculous things, at that point in their career) for "Miller's Crossing," and thinking, "I am not the man for this particular job. I am too AMAZED." Tyler Mowery, you are certainly up to the task. "No Country for Old Men" is constantly asking, "Are you the man for the job?" Everyone fails. (The nitwit who doesn't properly secure a load of dead bodies.) Except the man who "retires," or BELIEVES that he can. But the ghost of disorder and randomness, the defier of any concept of "rule," is relentless. My interpretation of the multiple-shadow motel room scene is that Sheriff Bell (who is double-shadowed in the TV set, also?) is simply ignoring an aspect of himself in that motel room, to which — against all reason, like Moss with the water — has returned. "The rule you follow." Bell let the "ghost" go. Well, now I am lost in thought, thanks to you, Cinema Tyler. What AMAZING work you do! "He's seen the same things I've seen, and it's certainly made an impression on me." But I cannot BEGIN to articulate them, as you do! Kudos and thanks!!!
Cringe Bud (2 months ago)
Him choking was not scripted the actor just goofed
Guillermo Ruelas (2 months ago)
Great fuckin movie 🎥
rashawn evans (2 months ago)
Why i enjoyed this 🎥 so-was simply because people aren't always what u might expect. An the 👹 is real.
rashawn evans (2 months ago)
It is a mess: if it ain't it'll do till the mess gets here.
Jay Stew (2 months ago)
This movie sucks. I'm sorry but people who get a huge hardon about this movie in my opinion don't know what make a good movie.
I’m running to the grocery store to get some chigurh for my coffee. Brb.
Vikram Agaw (2 months ago)
top work there Tyler Mowery. Beautiful analysis of this movie. Wish it were longer. so many scenens here, simply masterclass. coen bros is at the top of hollywood. he can be talked with kubrick, coppolla in the same breadth.
paul viel (2 months ago)
Perhaps Chigur just stayed behind the door which was left open then slipped out quietly
Crashburn 32 (2 months ago)
Never mentioned about this movie was Barry Corbin's performance at the end. Watching Corbin and Jones's acting at the end was freaking poetry.
Buck Thrusthorn (2 months ago)
I think this movie is a masterpiece...
Ben Jammin (2 months ago)
It is an especially great film. I'm still debating who gets the money, haha.
Gene Whitman (2 months ago)
Javier Bardem's Anton Chiigurh is the scariest, most upsetting fictional character I have ever encountered. Why? Because he is incomprehensible in his evilness.
jonno smith (2 months ago)
when i first got the idea to write the script to this video? hehehe...silly twit
SgtMarkins (2 months ago)
Chigurh only pays .25cents for the gas and peanuts. Nice move
Arties Nose (16 days ago)
That man got way more than 25 cents for that gas and peanuts
brooklyntheboy (1 month ago)
SgtMarkins That's a 90% silver quarter. January of 1980 the price of silver was almost $50 a Troy ounce. That quarter would be valued at about $9.00 give or take some change back then.
Robert (2 months ago)
Who's side is Anton working for? He's hired to retrieve the stash by whom? Pretty sure not by the mexicans. And he also killed Carson Wells and the guy that hired him, so who really hired Anton? Or did he decide to turn against them and keep the money to himself? I'm confused. (pardon my english)
Michael Page (2 months ago)
Anton is the transition between old & new, good & evil, husband & wife, the collapse of a meaningful life, & the failure to even start. Look at his name: Chigur. Sugar. Anything sweet about Anton? When you look at the scene when Llewellyn is sighting the Pronghorn, it is so pastoral, heaven-like. But it pans to the dirty business of greed, money, suffering, & death in the grasslands below...hell. All manner of contrasting worlds are explored here...but in the end, it is a figure not of this world that escapes.
Jason Duke (2 months ago)
I think Chigurh was there in the room. When the Sheriff walks back out, the previously intact police tape is broken
Pavan K (3 months ago)
Anton Chigurh is a metaphor for guilt. Moss is the guy who is suffering from guilt for letting the Mexican die without giving him water, and for stealing dirty money. The sheriff is the metaphor for a psychologist. Wells is a metaphor for charitable acts to deal with guilt The Mexicans are a metaphor for drug dealers. Those who have done something wrong are killed by their guilt, others live on.
Paulo Brennan (3 months ago)
without death; where would we be?
DonutGuard (3 months ago)
You should check out the theory by Logos Made Flesh's channel. He gets even deeper into Anton Chigurh's character, making somewhat surprising connections to the Bible. /watch?v=xKyp9rGzZ20
Viiking 01 (3 months ago)
@Tyler Mowery Honestly I take antons smile when he asks the man to step out of his car as a means to show that even someone so cold and calculated will still smile and put on a facade to complete his mission through any means necessary. I don't believe anton enjoys killing nor does he despise it. I believe it's purely a mission that he is suited to complete and killing is just part of that mission. And that right there is a psychopath. When a person feels no pity, remorse, happiness, or sadness about their actions; it's all about calculated maneuvers. That is also shown in his use of calculation of 50/50 chances by coin toss.
nko. (3 months ago)
the shot when the Sheriff walked into the hotel room with Chigurh is covered with visual clues regarding a choice, a duality. when he walks in, the dime is on heads, same as what it landed on when Chigurh let the gas station owner live.
Scream of Shadow (3 months ago)
07:40 He's looking for the Moss
elanaceblood (3 months ago)
Enjoyable analysis. I’m curious if you have a more in depth breakdown or just a longer script where you studied other scenes? In relation to the scene where sheriff bell hesitates at the motel room door- I always thought that the shots of Anton represented the fear within bells thoughts and the paranoia that the killer might be right on the other side as opposed to earlier in moss’s trailer. I don’t think any of them were ever there at the same time. A reflection of the scenes earlier as stated at moss’s trailer with the milk-further accentuating how each man is right behind the other in a never end chase.
David anon (3 months ago)
You got your interpretation of the story events in this video is wrong. Chigurh was never behind the door when Sheriff Bell was opening the motel door. He was there waiting for Moss, and Bell was simply putting himself in the place where Moss had been the night before. Chigurh would have had no reason to remain there the next night that Bell was there, by that time Moss was dead. Bell knows that Chigurh is long gone at this point. Bell was merely contemplating Moss's situation the night before and how he (Moss) didn't understand the trap that he was walking into, which Bell in hindsight clearly understands.
Michael Froelich (3 months ago)
Having lived in South Texas at that time I can say that this was the exact opposite of the real world, facinating and ironic underworld there at the time. The author, writer, and directors of this film made an entertaining piece of typical hollywood garbage.
David Amato (3 months ago)
I have a particular set of... odd principles
Rory Ennis (3 months ago)
Chigurgh is a personification of death. Like death in the seventh seal. His principles are simple never play dice with the devil. Even everyday people can and do have a run in with death and like the toss of a coin your chances are 50 50 you live or you die. If he was a pchycopath he would have just killed the kids at the end but death was not coming for them. Even Carson Wells says "You've seen him and your not dead" the idea there is very few people escape the reaper when he comes for them.
Luis Vasquez (3 months ago)
He was tryed of shister Suger free like mind free the statue of liberty she will liberate u from ur mind she will rob u from ur mind the statues of liberty that bitch is a shister
Dan Gill (3 months ago)
SO GOOD! In preparing for the role, Bardem asked the Coen Brothers if he should come up with a backstory for his character. They said no. SO GOOD! What is left is a Code Anti-Hero who is pure evil. We only have a vague inkling of his code with little possibility of understanding! A mystery which tugs at our eyes! One of my favorite movies.
PISI YO (3 months ago)
A lot of people I know didn't like the ending. They say this is no ending at all. They didn't get it. For me this is one of the brilliant film ending, maybe THE best I have ever seen. The last shot of Ed Tom. You can see his feelings in his face. I love this movie!
Krystof Bristol (3 months ago)
I think he is death personified. His logic follows the randomness of death. the fact that it can get anybody at anytime for what can seem like no reasons
John Hanson (3 months ago)
In Genesis the tree and the fruit were put there by god. Eve is tempted by the devil.... but the trial and the fruit and the tree and ultimately the judgement were all done by god. I cant help but notice a parallel between the beginning scene where the protagonist finds the 2 Million amongst the bodies and the ending scene when Chigurh hands the boy $100 and says to them "You didn't see me" Despite how much the main charachter looked through those binoculars and did everything he could to disappear with that money ultimately judgement found him. I think Chigurh personifies the actions of God more than anything else.
One Time (3 months ago)
Love this movie, the art of a predator and prey
Tunster (3 months ago)
Excellent review. 10/10
Santiago Medina Monroy (3 months ago)
Great analysis and for your last question, well you are a camera guy a computer and book guy with some life experience guessing what it feels like to be on the danger zone. Answer, yeah he is not mediocre at the end he is happy to meditate on what he has learned in a safe place now and pass on the story
Dan Picone (3 months ago)
Chigurh is the culmination of the rest of us taking the easy way out. Moss didn't take the easy way out, and he was Chigurh's only real nemesis. Chigurh ultimately won. That is a matter of interpretation. Maybe Moss should not have put his wife in jeopardy. Anton retires in regret. Chigurh lives on. Even making sure the kid that gives his shirt is compensated. He is...stronger. Or at least...he has not chosen any short-cuts. That's what I see.
XxSEETH3RxX (3 months ago)
Chigurh was the grim reaper with a fatal flaw.
Robert Aksland (3 months ago)
A nice walktrough of the movie. But there are too many things that cannot be explained with your take. I see the movie this way: Sheriff Bell invents the character Anton Chigurh by letting him be arested by a fresh deputy in another prestinct, and allowing him to call it in before killing him. He then kills a random driver and takes his car to further give content to his new character. He uses his character to kill all the mexican drug dealers, and as sheriff he make sure the investigations goes nowhere. Then Moss steals the money, and Bell tries to retreive it while maintaining his hidden identity. This is why everyone that has seen him is dead. Wells is a private investigator that knows wheriff Bell is full of shit and performing illegal killings with a secret identity. Wells is killed because he knows this. Carla also know too much about Sheriff Bells evil actions, and she is killed for the same reason. In the end we see an old retired sheriff, clearly affected by his dark side. I have seen the movie twice, the second time with this explanation on my mind. It works perfectly and makes it an even better movie.
Pedro (3 months ago)
loved this movie..

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