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Shady Jeff explains what happened between him and Deuce

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PART 2 IS HERE : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vBTDqLPCjxU ORIGINAL VIDEO : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KVtW8wANSMM
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Anarchy (2 months ago)
I like Jeff
TMNT Raph Türkiye (4 months ago)
Bi dakka bi dakka... Bu mal niye ayrılmış yani?
Will Eason22 (4 months ago)
I feel like Shady was fine with Charlie rollin up because he didn't say a single word about Charlie. Just Deuce and his friends (late as fuck, I know)
Corey R (5 months ago)
It is true that deuce looks like he’s 8
Róbert Marko (6 months ago)
He should join the band back, I really miss his amazing screams
MoonlightRose (6 months ago)
I can believe that Aron acting tough is funny
Aries Snell (6 months ago)
I laughed so hard when you said the kid weighs 15 pounds lol
Groovy Man (7 months ago)
"THE KID WAYS LIKE 15 FUCKING POUNDS." lmaoooooo you right shady you right.
Undead Inside (1 year ago)
Was Charlie in on the threatening part?
Undead Inside (1 year ago)
Was Charlie in on the threatening part?
Chillout ccc (1 year ago)
DopyConopy 101 (1 year ago)
Hollywood Undead Shady Jeff Duece Da Kurlzz need to do a album or a Reunion ❤
Chaos Lord (1 year ago)
Mojo foolzz dude da kurlzz and shady would kill deuce honestly I wanna Murder deuce
Pax 12O5 (1 year ago)
I wish u were still in it duece is a idiot
I miss Jeff. He was always my favorite member in the band. He just seems like a genuinely chill guy.
king josh (1 year ago)
Jeff is a fucking bitch
Preston Singer (1 year ago)
This dude sounds like a fairy.
Logan Eddington (1 year ago)
How do we know this is the real Jeff?
Aron (1 year ago)
Zyyrooos 1 (1 year ago)
Glad shady left he sucked
SoftPancake (1 year ago)
Chaoslord 985 I agree
SoftPancake (1 year ago)
ohh Zyyrooos How can you say that? I think Deuce sucks he went aggressive on Jeff and his own family... And he wasn’t even invited at the party... I think Jeff is a fine and chill guy he just wanted to have a basic family party with his closest friends but Deuce ruined it all... So yeah that’s how i see it...
Crimson fox (1 year ago)
Your voice is so damn hot. Screw porn I'm a just listen to this.
MAD dancer (1 year ago)
Kriss 3 tears? Really? That is fucking embarsing
FISHBLADE1000 (1 year ago)
ur that old and a having a birthday party? jeez kids these days
Just Boosterz (1 year ago)
"This kid weighs fucking 15 pounds." Lmao XD rawr
Just Boosterz (1 year ago)
I thinks this is fakes
KING KYLIE (1 year ago)
Lmao duece is funny
Jacob Lyons (1 year ago)
1:13 EVAN THOMAS! He's mentioned in Hollywood Undead's song, "The Kids," Around the 1:40 minute mark of The Kids.
Godzilla_music_1985 G (1 year ago)
BluShadowAthena AJ (1 year ago)
*c l i f f h a n g e r*
Dinoxpert 1237 (2 years ago)
Duece is a badass
aman bhakta (2 years ago)
is this original
bloody gas mask (2 years ago)
fuck deuce shaddy should still be in the band
Heart of Tenacity (1 year ago)
I predict you will try and trash talk his vocals and lyric skills even though he wrote the majority of Swan songs
Heart of Tenacity (1 year ago)
bloody gas mask he can't sing he plays sub par instrumentally . Deuce writes his own music and can sing multi genres and play guitar .
Yo J is this when you joined HU for No.5?
1:52 Eheh eh eh uh eh eghegh
Quippy (1 year ago)
Darksyde Dubstep / Chill k
Alan Masters (2 years ago)
How do we know this the real Shady Jeff?!? For all we know this could be some random guy trying to get attention, and making up a story about what happened between them.
Salu Info (1 year ago)
Alan Masters you know you can tell by the voice
TwistedMindedSniper (2 years ago)
shady you the man i wish you didint leave you were my fav i burst out in tirese when you left hu
A p r i c i t y (2 years ago)
"And some of deuces dumbass fucking friends" Me
CC Und3ad (2 years ago)
ANTI -CORL SQUAD (2 years ago)
Rip shady Jeff *not dead but just out of the band* 2008 or 2009-2011
Agent Maine (2 years ago)
if you met him tell him I said asked what the fuck even was jeff star,I still question their gender please ask him to answer that for me
Bad_Moon (2 years ago)
I wonder how it would be like today if he was still part of the band
ThatOne CaliKid (3 months ago)
Bad_Moon imagine now
Silver Engine (2 years ago)
I have an app that does it now leave me alone fagot lord
Silver Engine (2 years ago)
You suck duece dose what he wants when he wants I know duece isn't in the band anymore but you suck I hope duece gets back in the band and Denny and duece both are in the band and all of them rap about how stupid this vid is!
Can Hänning (1 year ago)
That's a fucking stupid idea
Ollie (2 years ago)
Does doesn't autocorrect to dose, m8.
Silver Engine (2 years ago)
ok my tablet is gliching out and auto corrected me
Ollie (2 years ago)
The worst parts in this entire paragraph is, "Denny" and "Dose." Like, what? What? Why? What did Earth do to deserve this?
Joèl Lokken (2 years ago)
Extremely Stupid
Enrique Benitez (3 years ago)
where are you now tho??..
Unknown God (2 years ago)
He has a garage in LA
Michelle Kahn (3 years ago)
theres stuff i like about shady and danny they dont talk much about deuce
Bad_Moon (2 years ago)
LionxxGaming 23 They don't wanna bring up the past that's why they never mention Deuce he left on really bad terms
Hen!! (2 years ago)
Bro I see you everywhere
UNKNOWN (3 years ago)
#1 he didn't leave they kicked jeff out #2 hes bandana is red
Forbidden_Knight345 (3 years ago)
it was also black as well
UNKNOWN (3 years ago)
i dont thinck its the real one
Zivon Silivetelo (3 years ago)
A few years after his departure, Shady Jeff threw a birthday party in his backyard, to which he only invited his closest friends and family. Deuce and Charlie Scene showed up with some of Deuce's friends, who Jeff did not even know. Deuce started acting aggressively towards everyone at the party and threatened to start a fight. Shady Jeff said that, if he did not leave, he would call the police. Deuce laughed it off and said that he could beat them up anyway. Shady Jeff pointed a gun at Deuce, telling him to leave. He says that no one has the right to threaten him or his family, in his own house. Deuce got scared and started apologizing saying it was just a joke. Later on, Deuce told the press about what happened and lied about the events. He stated that Jeff pointed a gun at him for no reason, trying to act like a gangster.
pikkisful (3 years ago)
didn't Jeff end up pulling a gun on Deuce?
Touya dabi (4 months ago)
i heard that too
MoonlightRose (6 months ago)
Kris 3 Tears thanks
MoonlightRose (6 months ago)
I’ve heard of that
Nyirobi Ojulu (11 months ago)
Yeah lol
Double Sight (1 year ago)
jeremy hedrick please let him be innocent
Nick Young (3 years ago)
Is that really Jeff?
Dallas McKim (2 years ago)
Nick Young yeah, I recognize his voice. Deuce can be a dick sometimes but he's still my favorite Undead.
ANTI -CORL SQUAD (2 years ago)
+Schizophoenix where did you find this footage?
Kris 3 Tears (3 years ago)
+Nick Young Yes it is.
NINJA ASSASSIN (3 years ago)
I bet he just ran
BOU Kîller (3 years ago)
shut the fuck up SHADY FIZZ
Christy Wakeen (2 years ago)
shut your stupid face Phycho
Nevada White (3 years ago)
I like Jeff... he's chill
kudi (3 months ago)
Yeah, I'm a pretty chill person too
Happy Apple (1 year ago)
*pulls gun on you*
Jus Zajac (3 years ago)
I love how this ends mid sentence just like the sopra
Zachary Durocher (3 months ago)
I kn
Adam Al Hassam (2 years ago)
omg you are so ri
oThreshLife _ (3 years ago)
+Jus Zajac He ge
Jus Zajac (3 years ago)
+Early The God Ah see, this guy gets it!
8 Ball (3 years ago)
+Jus Zajac I see what you di
ertonyrn (3 years ago)
hey sydney.. how about instead of being a lazy useless little 14 year old and taking 1 minute to post a stupid question and waiting THREE MONTHS for someone to finally write you back.. you take 30 seconds to use your little selfie fingers and google him.. you'd find hes a grown ass man.. alive and well.. married with kids.. who works as a mechanic turning diesel vehicles into ones that run on old vegetable oil.
Christy Wakeen (2 years ago)
David Page (3 years ago)
wow id dident even get to the good fucking stupid
Sydney Rummel (3 years ago)
Did this dude really die? Where's he at?
Undead Beebo Stump (2 years ago)
Sydney Rummel I heard he's he's a mechanic now, not sure how accurate that is though
Raiden2421 (2 years ago)
No he still uploads videos on YouTube. But nothing H.U related.
wesley ogilvie (2 years ago)
Don't believe everything you hear. It's just some loser who has nothing better to do than make up bullshit on the internet.
haiden (3 years ago)
its was a lie
ertonyrn (3 years ago)
+Sydney Rummel read above
Clover Ernest (3 years ago)
is he crying?
Bleu_BR (3 years ago)
He put a gun to his head n duece cried
Bleu_BR (3 years ago)
I love charlie n duece n jdog
He didn't finish
TBONE 1421 (3 years ago)
Duce is a dick
Matthew Nevins (3 years ago)
What a bitch he is lieing
Lightning el Drago (3 years ago)
Man shady. You were badass in the group
Izh Hvk (3 years ago)
the flip kid (3 years ago)
Fuck u jeff
BOU BOU (4 years ago)
Fuck you  DEUCE is better than these Bitches
Heart of Tenacity (1 year ago)
Lee Dorsey 200 k for a single song after 3 years of radio silence ? Seems pretty popular to me if you can keep a fan base that strong .
Heart of Tenacity (1 year ago)
FunRageDIE can't even form a third grade sentence
FunRageDIE (3 years ago)
+BOU BOU meh deuce in spme interviews is almost a gringeworthy douchebag
Tyler Brown (3 years ago)
Bring on bitch deuce sucks sorry
Lee Dorsey (3 years ago)
Deuce is "hashtag not famous"~Deuce
Saul Goodman's Bae xD (4 years ago)
I love Jeff omfg xD
Rabbit 4 (4 years ago)
What that's it he didn't finish the story
Dark Stormtrooper72 (3 years ago)
it is an interesting version of the HU story on Deuce and all the other band members are excluded 
hunter owen (3 years ago)
I can't watch it
Dark Stormtrooper72 (3 years ago)
+Shako Cecxladze https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NeXvpDLgboM
wesley ogilvie (3 years ago)
+Rabbit 4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vBTDqLPCjxU&feature=iv&src_vid=NeXvpDLgboM&annotation_id=annotation_3489575037
WeGottaSituation (3 years ago)
+Shako Cecxladze no prob ^_^
Prison Mike (4 years ago)
we need to hear Deuces side of the story
Chaos Lord (1 year ago)
Black Furrie Drawings and More I want to shoot deuce in the head
Double Sight (1 year ago)
Prison Mike I personally don't like deuce. But I agree
I'm Joogle (1 year ago)
somehow deuce won in court and i was more inclined to believe him anyway
Lusty (1 year ago)
Prison Mike I know I'm late but H.U never said anything about him. They just said he left and didn't even speak of it, unless you can provide with a link.
darkraimaster25 (3 years ago)
+Prison Mike I can't find the actual video but if you look at Shady's hollywood undead wiki page, it says Deuce lied to the media about it...which I believe because if you watch interviews of deuce after hollywood undead...he''s kind of a piece of shit person...and seeing said interviews, its easy to see Shady is telling the truth and why deuce is out of HU
WhiteFlags Fly (4 years ago)
(( sorry for this insanely stupid question)) Does this mean he hates Charlie scene and the others too? Just asking Cuz I be curious.
DjVolumeUp200 (4 years ago)
Bryan Stars interviews Da Kurrlz and Johnny 3 Tears
Gerald Short (4 years ago)
+DjVolumeUp200 What interview? Thanks
DjVolumeUp200 (4 years ago)
No he was talking about Deuce just before he said that another guy was switching directions whenever he saw hi and we know there weren't any other past full members in HU
IamMortui (4 years ago)
+DjVolumeUp200 I'm pretty sure he meant Deuce.
WhiteFlags Fly (4 years ago)
+DjVolumeUp200 ouch bruh
Alexis landot (4 years ago)
Guys its him, i promise
niki100100 (4 years ago)
obviously fake.
niki100100 (4 years ago)
+Kameron Bryant J-Dog is the man :D my personal favorite 
Kameron Bryant (4 years ago)
+niki100100 nooooooooooo my profile pic also not fake
Alexis landot (4 years ago)
It is not fake i got sources, go to shady Jeff wikia, you Will see that it is real !
DerkaDietrich (4 years ago)
I like Deuce but he's just a poser
Heart of Tenacity (1 year ago)
Ugh more scene kids
Ryan s81 (4 years ago)
We will never know what ended up happing
bye bye (4 years ago)
"he weighs like fucking 15 pounds" i died
Ally Byrd (1 year ago)
Anna Belle Babson (4 years ago)
IKR. I then imagined deuce acting tough. Wait....as a ghost....huh....
ToeKnee (5 years ago)
I lmao when he said duece weighed like 15 pounds
Golum 750 (1 year ago)
I like deuce but...I literally died when he said that XD
Just some guy (2 years ago)
graham elder you the bigger pussycats for picking on someone.
Gold - (3 years ago)
+Ashton Vagabond  Some people have a lisp. That's really mean, would you say that if you saw him in person?
fruitdealer007 (3 years ago)
So, some theorys says deuce is so skinny, 'cause he's desperate. His girlfriend died in a car accident. This could be also an explanation why he overreacts at HU's decision to kick him
Gold - (3 years ago)
+ᗪead ᗪirk Strider Deuce is really rude, but that's just mean :(
kKEagle22Kk (5 years ago)
Shady Jeff left of his own accord. Later, Deuce was kicked out b/c she never showed up on tour, but made the band pay his 'assistant' that we all know is his boyfriend who did nothing.
+Kim Jong-Un Supreme Leader Its True Deuce did make that up to try and get then down in the dirt.
+The Ranting Brony Just because there are court records doesn't mean they're legit. deuce is a lying coward.
The Ranting Brony (4 years ago)
+Kim-Jong Un Funny...I Founds the court records too, just google it.
+The Ranting Brony That story is BS. He got kicked out, Deuce was a huge douche to this day towards HY even though HU has nothing against him and dosn't talk crap about him. HU>Deuce though I like both. 
The Ranting Brony (4 years ago)
That wasn't why Deuce was kicked out. "Erlichman claims his former Hollywood Undead bandmates began targeting him with angry threats and even attacked him on May 25, 2012. Erlichman was performing solo on May 25 at Hollywood club Angels & Kings. The singer left the club after the performance but claims his former bandmates were 'lying in wait'. He said when they spotted him, they jumped him and proceeded to punch, kick and stomp on him. Erlichman's friend was also injured in the attack when he stepped in to defend the former front man. Erlichman claimed he was badly hurt and went to the police alleging former bandmates Dylan "Funny Man" Alvarez and Jorel "J-Dog" Decker were the primary culprits. In October 2012, Erlichman filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court."
MuscleSpasms (5 years ago)
duece sucks dick
Chaos Lord (1 year ago)
MuscleSpasms AGREED
MuscleSpasms (3 years ago)
+2MLG4U He actually left HU over stupid shit and everyone is entitled to their option mine is he's shit
MuscleSpasms (3 years ago)
+2MLG4U Bruh I don't even listen to them anymore but from what I remember duece is garbage
wahkan blackhawk (4 years ago)
Hey that's what I said about Mr. Shitty
Joey ;-; (5 years ago)
He had a prob specifically with deuce, now that's he's gone Can he come back? hahaha just saying.
Loaf of bread (10 months ago)
alexio_por_favor (5 years ago)
Is there really room for Jeff in the band anymore? I mean Kurlzz screams & Funny Man does all the funny shit.
kKEagle22Kk (5 years ago)
Funny is called Funny because he isn't Funny
Minecraftexperts (5 years ago)
Fuck jeff duece rocks well jeff now a fuck transvestite
Undead Beebo Stump (2 years ago)
Minecraftexperts are.... are you actually serious? Shady Jeff and Jeffree Star are completely different people....
ofenderz (4 years ago)
I'm sorry to ruin your comment, but Deuce is a douche and he can't even stay on rock charts for 3 weeks, because of how bad he is at making music.
Queen Samarra (4 years ago)
+Anon iJaeson I assumed you were because you didn't tag anyone, saying "You've got to be kidding me" because you were surprised. Sorry.
Anon Sunny (4 years ago)
+LillyOmega Thanks Einstein, I commented that because this kid is fucking stupid thinking they're the same.  I didn't tag you; therefore, I wasn't talking to you.
Queen Samarra (4 years ago)
+Anon iJaeson Yeah, they're different people. Shady Jeff is Jeff Phillips, not Jeffrey Starr. This Jeff wouldn't be making music with Deuce, of all people, after what he (Deuce) did, if he was still making music.
One Krayzie (5 years ago)
Lyric Phillips (5 years ago)
I hate shady jeff
CHANNEL IS DEAD (4 years ago)
Give a reason...
justifyJericah (5 years ago)
then why are you watching this?
Mark Keegan (5 years ago)
cool story bro
Mayhem Max (5 years ago)
Jeff make your own album
IndigoGaming (5 years ago)
+Alex Fisher Lol I might try that xD
Alex Fisher (5 years ago)
Hit not a music artist anymore, he is trying to make cars run on vegetable oil...
Yuuki Cross (5 years ago)
He seems really weird in this video...
Mondietheundead (5 years ago)
Fuck deuce!
Double Sight (1 year ago)
Ben Abela I agree. This needs to be solved we need to hear all sides of the story
Chaos Lord (1 year ago)
Mondietheundead HELL YEAH
Ben Abela (1 year ago)
dude you cant just listen to a one sided story
Cadence Smith (2 years ago)
Mondietheundead deuce was the best part of that band so eff u
TheDark -Night_- (2 years ago)
2PACISALIVEINFUCKNSERBIAAREYOUHAPPYNOW привет thats too far fuck jeff but not hu
Guy13001 (5 years ago)
Well both HU and Shady Jeff agree Deuce has fucked up friends
kyle mahlmeister (1 year ago)
DerkaDietrich I can't even tell WHAT Jeffrey star is, let alone know WHO he is😂
DerkaDietrich (4 years ago)
Just look at* lol typo
Anon Sunny (4 years ago)
+Derek Dietrich Just at Jeffree Star?
DerkaDietrich (4 years ago)
Just at Jeffree Starr. That guy is a fuckin weirdo
Finite Wehosh (5 years ago)
Gee, I wonder why? >_>
Kris 3 Tears (5 years ago)
nicoleee !! (2 years ago)
Except that 9Lives hates Hollywood Undead...
Gracie Smith (5 years ago)
Nah, that's Da Kurlzz.
CopyRight @ (5 years ago)
Guys, is Shady Jeff the one who screams in "Knife Called Lust"?
Edwin Ramirez (5 years ago)
Shady Jeff should go back 2 hu 4 competition with 9 lives
Eleanore T (5 years ago)
Charlie seen riped of shaddy jeff
noah collins (5 years ago)
I think so
LJC (5 years ago)
Shady Jeff was before charlie right
nicoleee !! (2 years ago)
Well if Charlie was with Deuce and everyone else while at Shady's house... Does that answer your question?
Talon (5 years ago)
shady man respect u need to talk to the h.u crew and see if u can slide back in
Austin Kepple (5 years ago)
Thats when you start a solo band
slit.69 (5 years ago)
slit.69 (5 years ago)
8-Bit Dovahkiin (5 years ago)
amen, brother
69zandhuis (5 years ago)
He was in HU before Charlie, and back when he was still in the band Charlie his mask was a fucking Dell Taco bag.
gracie fuller (5 years ago)
u know i love duece and there was no reason to piont a gun to his fucking head cuz all u r is a charlie scene copy

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