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Barbour Vs. Filson Waxed Jackets

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Barbour and Filson: two heritage companies with over 100 years of history, one English and one American, but which makes the superior waxed jacket? Truthfully, it's hard to go wrong with either, the Barbour has a "wetter" wax finish and hand warmer pockets, the Filson has a moleskin collar and comes with a free can of wax treatment. Both make an excellent product and Barbour or Filson are superb choices. Barbour Classic Beaufort: http://amzn.to/2zBAbQq Filson Mile Marker: http://amzn.to/2zWtBok (The one in this video was a Nordstrom exclusive, but the above link is damn close) SUBSCRIBE HERE: https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=newenglandstyleconsulting -Email: [email protected] -Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/newenglandstyleconsulting/ -Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/New-England-Style-Consulting-703020919797896/ Check out my other channel Beastmade Reviews for EDC, tech, and gadget reviews!
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El Bee (8 hours ago)
Stumbled across you today and had to subscribe. Loving the content! Purchased my first Barbour jacket here in the UK yesterday and can't wait to take it out! Merry Christmas 😊
Carl Murawski (8 hours ago)
Excellent, thank you!!! Merry Christmas!
Lou Peeples (13 hours ago)
Hey Carl wonderful review. I'm somewhat of a waxed jacket addict. I have a 3 Barbour and just bought a Filson. I so want to like it but the wrist snap inside the sleeve is cold on my wrist. I know its small thing... does that bother you?
Mike Box (13 hours ago)
I’ve owned two Barbour jackets now 20 years. And several Folsom kits. Including the Tin water proof liner. I can say this. I love all of them. My barbours I use for the town. My filson was for work. My filson makenaw wool for those cold days. The barbours over here in Switzerland come with extra wax and repair kit. Although they are guaranteed and the will repair a failure. But for shipping and a small fee do complete restorations. Why two barbours. Well ones a shorter model, and the other “Border” is longer. I used to wear it over me suits and work cloths for the office. It’s also a hunting jacket. I recommend both filson and Barbour. I would suggest getting them in different colors. That way you have more diversity in your closet.
James Mckeraghan (2 days ago)
Carl Murawski (1 day ago)
True, I've been wearing a balaclava lately in this weather.
omad84 (3 days ago)
I'm terribly sorry, but that Filson thing looks awful. There is only one choice.
Carl Murawski (3 days ago)
You don’t have to be sorry for your opinion.
Dave Hough (3 days ago)
Filson warranty sucks....period!
M. Hamza (4 days ago)
The fact that Barbour sells only through official retailers make you hate the company.. typical English rigid mentality.
WizardofAhhhs 75 (6 days ago)
I have a Barbour Beaufort I bought over 20 years ago, the new ones don't even come close to the older ones in quality, which being made in China now explains a lot.
Mirror Surfer (7 days ago)
Hey man, I just wanted to say thank you for doing your homework and helping your fellow riders on what's out there. Never even knew wax cotton was a thing. The mini history lesson was dope.
Carl Murawski (7 days ago)
Thanks man! Much appreciated!
P Z (9 days ago)
The Barbour is cute. If you want a real jacket get the Filson Trench Coat.
Carl Murawski (9 days ago)
Tcbranger (10 days ago)
Wax will settle in quickly after a little wear and it won’t really get n your seats or furniture in the process. Between the two....Barbour, but I’m a Belstaff man myself.
Denis Bastible (11 days ago)
Wrong about sizing. Barbour is more limited in sizing. Orvis sells Barbour . If you are above 6 feet tall, there are no “tall” sizes available. I don’t know if England has a shorter population, but it sucks if you are 6’ 4” and need a tall sized coat. I am that person.Tall sizes are available with Filson. It is also nonsensical to compare waxed cotton coats or jackets to modern rain impervious fabrics. Waxed cotton is a very old thing and these garments are more of a homage to that era. Waxed cotton jackets /coats are really about the look rather than the practicality. They are impractical in really rough weather. They are not waterproof, even if freshly waxed They’re very heavy- but they look so darn cool.
Eddie Bauer waxed jacket FTW. Only company that still has a lifetime guarantee. Good luck getting your Barbour or Filson jackets replaced in three years when the stitching comes loose after rigorous field wear.
Andrew Kosim (17 days ago)
can you review or talk about Belstaff traimaster wax jacket?
Andrew Kosim (16 days ago)
can't wait for the video!
Carl Murawski (16 days ago)
I’d love to, I don’t own it but I’d really like to have some hands on experience.
David Winiger (17 days ago)
Well done sir!
Carl Murawski (17 days ago)
Thank you!!!
Michael Howell (19 days ago)
Barbour all day long. I think this guy lacks a full understanding of Barbour.
sleepy9669 (20 days ago)
I pick the fish oil jacket
1845Raven (22 days ago)
Arent both of these cotton inside and out? Don’t the experts say cotton is a killer? If you’re active, cotton soaks up sweat like a sponge and takes forever to dry making you terribly cold??? Isn’t it best to go with either wool or a synthetic interior?
AssasinArsenal47 (25 days ago)
Does Barbour ship abroad?
Harley Smith (25 days ago)
Barbour jacket, Filson pants. I found an old used Barbour in a consignment shop for $100. The shop owner was glad the old jacket was going to someone who knew it’s worth and what it is.
Brad Buchanan (25 days ago)
The Filsom has a better look in my opinion.
JD Worx (26 days ago)
Had my Barbour for 40yrs....nuff said.
repairdrive (26 days ago)
Like that zipper pull. Had to put a zip tie on my work coat so I can use it with my thick winter gloves.
Carl Murawski (26 days ago)
I’ve done something similar with my Carhartt stuff, I just tie a small piece of hollow paracord and since the ends. The knot is easy to grab with gloves.
Brian's Life (28 days ago)
Always Filson I have my grandpas Filson wool vest and his coats he wore them often but keep good care of them. I really enjoy wearing something my grandpa wore for many many years.
Carl Murawski (28 days ago)
That Mackinaw wool will last generations if you take care of it!
JoJo Mama (29 days ago)
Filson may be the best company one could ever deal with.I believe the waxed cotton material on both is made in England...
Wee Joe (1 month ago)
Barbour is a Scottish Co.
... love filson... great craftsmanship... simple design... have a short waxed black button-up... i do not like corduroy anywhere on the jacket... makes it look cheap... wool is a better option...
Nestor Gillespie (1 month ago)
Sealup is top notch
achaarpickler (1 month ago)
There is no problem with the wax on the Barbour. It does not spread on car seats or anywhere else. And I cannot find anything to back up claims that it is made in China. Barbour all the way......
Kay Flip (1 month ago)
It's pronounced "barber".
Tom Condon (1 month ago)
I believe Filson has a dry Tin Cloth™ finish, and a wet.Tin Cloth™ finish.
Finn Blu (1 month ago)
The music..
Renderite Rob (1 month ago)
What about belstaff?
Renderite Rob (1 month ago)
Carl Murawski got a couple just bought the 2007 trail master legend stunning jacket also have Barbour Ogston which is a lovely piece. Only problem I have now is picking which one to wear ,but worst problems to have!
Carl Murawski (1 month ago)
I'd love to try Belstaff, I hear nothing but great things.
Carl Murawski Wow! That’s some serious gear! Which do you find is the best brand for extremely cold temperatures? I see a lot of Canada Goose stuff here in Connecticut but I think it’s more for the name than anything else. Mountain Hardwear is one of my favorite brands for activewear along with Arcteryx but I’m really interested in your experience since you’re in such a climate! —————————————————————— For some reason curl after clicking on reply and our email inbox we can’t find your reply so we cut and pasted it here as you see. Anyway moving forward. Chances are you may be wondering how we are able to spin the money that we do. Here’s just a little bit of personal info. Which our profile and all the pictures we used to have before sensor tube took it upon themselves to delete not only all of our pictures but every other quiet. I don’t know if you know that or not but they did a little over a year ago they removed everyone’s personal photos and you could no longer add personal photos. We had well over 600 personal photos and videos. A personal yet public profile of us and our family and what we do. In our work and our play time lol 😆. I hate couldn’t see my husband‘s last name is Remington. He has a direct heir to the Remington firearms fortune. Besides being part of a very large farming operations here in North Dakota we are also have owners of a privately held sizable oil and gas/oil field construction company. We have 245 full-time employees that work in it and 64 year around farming employees. As far as good work clothes for working outdoors in very cold 🥶🥶 and very very windy 🌬 🌬 🌬 environments, he simply cannot beat Carhartt. But it does matter which Carhartts that you buy!! We own several different FR Carhartt bib overalls and coveralls. Insulated. Both are. Bibs and coveralls. The FR artic bibs and coveralls are truly outstanding!!! Btw. If you buy the Carhartt firm hand as its called, duck canvas, (go on dungarees.net or the Carhartt website it’s self and look up this.). I had the same FilsonⓇ oil Finish Wax applied extremely liberal to these Bibs and to these Carhartt insulated Coveralls. And applied to these. It truly does make them all but 100%!! Waterproof!! Item number 103459 Duck quilt lined coveralls. Now the “Yukon extreme coveralls Artic quilt lined, style number X06 “on the Carhartt website and on the Dungarees’s net website. He owns 2 of these and I own 1 of the ladies equivalent. These are truly went to prove it I would say easily and 99% waterproof definitely snow proof. And you can get them in FR. We furnish all our new employees that work for oil field construction company there for set up F are clothing if they come the work for us in the winter or summer it doesn’t matter they still get a complete first set. For example Carl. A. Carhartt issued 2 long sleeve FR shirts. 2 sets of FR Vest. Insulated. 1 insulated FR bib overall and one insulated FR coveralls. Throughout North Dakota South Dakota Montana and Wyoming in all your small towns you can easily fine several older ladies that the excellent alterations. In almost every town you will find expert old-style western craftsman that custom make leather belts, leather boots saddles, bridals etc. If you ask me or my husband questions pertaining to outdoor clothing it’s probably best that you narrow them down for what we feel would be the best pertaining to clothing for outdoor work or for horse back riding and for moving our herd of cattle. Like a question pertaining to work gloves for working in the oilfield. Boots etc.
Carl we absolutely LOVE ❤️ LOVE 💕 LOVE 💗 YOUR CHANNEL!!!! On another note it’s safe to say we know a thing or 2 about dressing for our North Dakota winters. Our walk-in closets are 12x12 square. His/hers. We own everything from Carhartt to Filson l, Barbour, Canada Goose, The north face, Patagonia, Arc'teryx, Smart Wool, Mountain Hardwear, etc etc. Just in our whole body winter suits like our North Face Himalayan One-Piece Suit, we also own it by Mountain Hardwear, Canada Goose and by Marmot and 3 others. Suffice to say, just in winter clothing for the both of us, we have over well over $12,000 dollars. Apiece in everything. By far.
Carl Murawski (1 month ago)
Wow! That’s some serious gear! Which do you find is the best brand for extremely cold temperatures? I see a lot of Canada Goose stuff here in Connecticut but I think it’s more for the name than anything else. Mountain Hardwear is one of my favorite brands for activewear along with Arcteryx but I’m really interested in your experience since you’re in such a climate!
Zack Medkeff (1 month ago)
Good stuff. I already have the Filson Short Mile Marker jacket and have been blown away by it. I’ve had it for a year, and during the most recent rain I found it is time to re-wax it. Glad it came with the wax. It’s too bad you returned the Barbour, it would be interesting to see a follow up video comparing the two after you’ve had a chance to run them through similar tests.
M0ZEM (1 month ago)
Its pronounced " Barber " .
Red Coat (1 month ago)
Very helpful insights. I’m a Brit but I like your Filson a lot. I agree these are autumn/spring wet weather but just out and about and not really hiking jackets. Fishing is ideal with such a jacket but its not one for the raw elements at their worst where you are several days or more hiking in the outback.
Nigel Hedley (1 month ago)
... Barbour poachers pockets are an amazing addition
Nigel Hedley (1 month ago)
... Barbour is British, not English ... Barbour was a Scot, but they are made in South Sheilds near Newcastle in England
Alison Smith (41 minutes ago)
+Brian Kemp The biggest mistake the UK has ever made with Brexit, but you know whatever happens like the saying goes we'll keep calm and carry on (hopefully).
Brian Kemp (53 minutes ago)
+Alison Smith Totally agree. I love the fact we still have British manufacturers producing globally known products. With the current Brexit situation god knows what will happen.
Alison Smith (1 hour ago)
+Brian Kemp I'm sorry if I come across as that I certainly don't mean to, I'm very proud also to be British as well as English. At times like this we need to be more United than ever.
Brian Kemp (1 hour ago)
+Alison Smith im Scottish. I have a British passport and i identify as British. I dont get why you are deliberately trying to segrigate Scottish and English?
Alison Smith (1 hour ago)
+Brian Kemp Funny that Scots can be Scottish but English have to be British, and here's me thinking all this time I lived in England and was English were in fact I'm British.
David Eitutis (1 month ago)
I'VE OWNED AND ENJOYED my filsons for yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyears. Almost bought a Barbour a few years back........ NNNNNNEVER HAD A PROBLEM WITH THE FILSON REPAIR PROGRAM
SensaiMan (1 month ago)
I had a Barbour for years, and I purchased a fleece lining for it. Also purchased a hood so a very nice jacket around. Also, I love the big pockets the large collar is useful when it's snowing to protect your neck. It gets really cold here in the UK.
Carl Murawski (1 month ago)
I've seen the zip-in liners and they look really warm, I'm sure they're compulsory for your climate. Cheers from the states!
MyScotty7 (1 month ago)
I live near Barbour and sons in north England, beautiful clothing still made in England and at a fair price aswell, Barbour for me
The Libertine (1 day ago)
MyScotty7 Made in Bulgaria.
James Postle (5 days ago)
MyScotty7 are all the wax jackets from Barbour made in England?
Hector Caroselli (1 month ago)
1. Belstaff 2. Don't give business to Nordstrum
Jeremiah Shine (1 month ago)
My Filson jacket has a throat closure.
Glow in the Dark (1 month ago)
Barbour for jackets, Filson or 5.11 for pants, Churches for dress shoes, Brasher for boots.
Russ63 (1 month ago)
It's Bar Ba not Bar Boor
BENJAMIN DE JONGE (1 month ago)
Still wearing the Barbour off grandad, who yankee can say that, and it’s fashion nowadays
Brodie P (1 month ago)
A British company founded by a Scotsman ( like the bank of England...)
Brodie P (1 month ago)
and made really well too...+Alison Smith
Alison Smith (1 month ago)
And made in South Shields England.
John Pyatt (1 month ago)
The Barbour zipper can also open beer bottles.
Matt (1 month ago)
dryzabone if you want a work horse, Barbour if you want something more refined....both will last a lifetime
Robert Peet (1 month ago)
If Barbour was good enough for Steve McQueen ? Its good enough for me! He swore by them when motorcycle racing. Not to mention that Barbour are also in film....007! Uber cool jacket...
Robert Peet (1 month ago)
I have 3 Barbours, so I may be a bit bias but I have the now defunct Dept B jacket which was then featured in the movie Skyfall. Still very stylish and waterproof but, to be fair. The jacket is more for Autumnal weather rather than harsh.
Carl Murawski (1 month ago)
Good point!!!
Mark Walters (1 month ago)
Just throw an old bed sheet over your car seats.
fsori9 (1 month ago)
The Barbour zipper pull also doubles as a bottle opener! I have three Barbours (20 year old Utility 2, 5 year old Convoy, and brand new Acorn) and I love them all for different reasons. They'll outlive me, for sure.
Edmond Lozano (1 month ago)
Maybe he should look for work at GQ magazine huh?
Jack LINDEN (1 month ago)
So you have an opinion, great. Boring stuff.
Carl Murawski (1 month ago)
And you watched it.
John Dally (1 month ago)
As a third generation Filson wearer, I'm sad to say the new owners haven't kept up the same standard or utility as the original family owned business. The Filson you have there is designed for business people. It has a tighter fit than the old ones, and the lining is crap. My old Filson waxed jacket, which is over twenty years old and still going strong (after many repairs at the factory), has moleskin lined hand warmer pockets, a durable, full liner, and a roomy fit that won't bind up around your shoulders when you are doing something more aggressive than walking from your parking garage to the office.
Carl Murawski (1 month ago)
I agree with you completely and have been working on a video script covering the rise and fall of Filson. From their "Might as well have the best" to the acquisition by Bedrock Manufacturing. They've gone through some seedy CEO's with their own ideas on how to pump up profits.
goyboy42 (1 month ago)
Long time Barbour owner and I have to say that I wouldn't want to be in 'torrential' rain in one - I love them, but they have their limits in bad weather. I also regularly reproof my Barbours and it is surprisingly easy - you just need a saucepan to stand the tin of wax in, a cloth to spread it on your jacket, and a hairdryer to smooth out the finish - anyone can do it and the results are astounding - the jacket looks like it just came out of the factory (that free tin of wax which comes with the Filsen by the way would cover about one sleeve). I personally love the 'leather' feel of the Barbour wax finish - it moulds to your body and when it's cold and the wax stiffens, the jacket will stand up on its own.
BobPDXz (1 month ago)
I have both. They are different, the Filson is more comfortable and easier to layer with the countless Filson layering options. I have had this jacket for thirty years and it still looks like new. Barbour is great jacket and a little dressier than Filson, but Filson has those fantastic mackinaw wool vests for layering. If you haven't owned a Mackinaw wool vest, you owe it to yourself to get one. The wool is designed to immediately constrict and contract with ambient temperatures, so you are never hot or cold no matter what the temperature is.
Frank Nowakowski (1 month ago)
My issue with the Filson is they do NOT breath. Do something strenuous, sweat....and it's like a green house under the jacket. Todays miracle fabrics like gore tex are FAR superior than these old fashioned things.
Tom Long (1 month ago)
I love the Barbour and I will eventually get one. The Filson though... their warranty is a huge factor. They repair or replace w/o question. So I'll grab one of each and celebrate the best of both countries. Great video comparison, I enjoyed it.
Magnus (1 month ago)
Filson is also American made. Supporting your local economy is always a good thing, independent of where you live.
Matthew Purdue (1 month ago)
I know I am a bit late to this, but definitely a Barbour fan (used when horse riding, and a shorter version for on my motorbike) and one of the major pro’s is the jacket gets better with age. Just like selvedge raw denim you get nice fades and I believe this makes the jacket more yours and is way cool.
Robert Hampton (2 months ago)
I know someone who works at the Barbour factory ..that's the king of wax jackets.
Spunkymunky (2 months ago)
Do you fly fish? Hunt? Back Country? If you do none of these regularly, you are simply looking for a city jacket with some performance capability. So, perhaps to be honest with that kind of consumer designer, you should just assess it as a Fashion Piece. Filson has an old man quality...and it's being revived by fancy city millenials as they attempt to retrieve Americana. At base, it's American and quite regional--Pacific Northwest (where I lived for a few years). Barbour has a British Cosmopolitan edge. It will get you many more nods within certain circles. Most Brits don't really have the kind of hunting culture that us guns-and-ammo Americans have. So for them, it's basically a cute costume for those playing country squire. Those are my reads of the truly utility of these coats: their semiotics. I think I would likely go with the Barbour. The Cosmopolitanism makes it more useful, especially when I want to cut a nice figure in South America, the States, or the Continent.
fuckingyoutube (2 months ago)
How about a one year update. Holding up, wear, likes dislikes....
Carl Murawski (2 months ago)
Damn good idea!
iamntbatman (2 months ago)
Have you heard anything about the Walker & Hawkes company? They make a lot of old school English outdoor/sportsman wear, including a really nice looking waxed jacket that's sort of absurdly cheap considering it's made it the UK. They've got nice looking tweed shooting jackets and vests as well. Thing is, it's near impossible to find any real reviews or info about this stuff, which is something of a red flag, but maybe it's just not caught on?
Bruce W. (2 months ago)
I own two of the Filson Mile Marker coats, They are fantastic.
MTwoodsrunner (2 months ago)
Really now...a bit over self indulgence perhaps?
Sam Gittings (2 months ago)
Hearing an American say Barbour is funny 😂
B4 freedomfighter (1 day ago)
Hearing a Brit say freedom is funny.
alonzo calvillo (29 days ago)
Sam Gittings what did you expect from an American.
Sam Gittings (2 months ago)
I wouldn’t worry about it! I work for Barbour here in the UK and we get plenty of American customers in who buy jackets as they save money. The only thing I will say Barbour sell lots of different jackets each having a different purpose. I have four of them at the moment. I wouldn’t wear any other brand. You get a coat for life as it never wares or breaks also in some cases it can be a family heirloom
Carl Murawski (2 months ago)
Hahaha I got so much shit for it man. I figured it was “bar” like the place and “bour” sounding like “pour”. You’d think I offended people’s great ancestors with some of the comments pointing out my pronunciation. As long as they’re watching, I’m cool with it.
kenneth worde (2 months ago)
Also I own both , both! It's "old school"!
kenneth worde (2 months ago)
CW, just a thought?! Barbour is 1st rate for the city they also do good rebuilts, but never cotton?!?! Filson's is bulletproof + you can get hood!
Ric Donato (2 months ago)
Thank you for this review. It is very good seeing the comparisons. Suggestion: turn off the music. We came to your site to hear your comments, not fight the music. For us with hearing difficulties your background music makes it challenging hearing and understanding you.
Carl Murawski (2 months ago)
Fair enough, this was made a year ago and I’ve refined the process quite a bit.
DRL94 (2 months ago)
Pronounced "barber"
OldManGlitch (2 months ago)
I own the Barbour Beaufort too and have for many years and the wax has never come off in any of my vehicles over the years and I don't do leather seats in my trucks because they're too cold for me in winter. The Barbour also came with a tin of wax renew product. The intended customer base for the Barbour is the British Shooting Community and so there is no waist cord as most wear bulkier wool sweaters that need to move while shooting. The cuffs are made to release during shooting too. I have tried on the Filson and love it but I've already spent the money years ago for my Barbour and its like the best coat I've ever owned. I also have the quilted liner and the snap on wire framed hood.
Peter Kay (2 months ago)
Never had Filsom, plenty of Barbour over the last 45 yrs. Just recently over the last 10yrs have gone down the belstaff route. Unfortunately belstaff are a fashionista fad where 45 yrs ago they were a great bike jacket. Barbour are still the quintessential English field wear. I have 5 belstaff and 3 Barbour, I feel that Barbour are better quality and are far cheaper to purchase. When saying that Barbour are going down the fashion route. P S belstaff zips can be a real pain Barbour work every time.
David Hardwick (2 months ago)
Barbour, no question about it. I have both the Beaufort (the model you reviewed, designed for shooting/hunting) and the Bedale (a little shorter, no game pocket, has the knit wrists you like - intended for equestrian activities), as well as a fleece waistcoat. Each serves a different purpose and does an excellent job. Also, you just can't beat their quality (no disrespect to Filson, who makes many excellent products), and to me that justifies the slightly more expensive price tag. BTW, Filson isn't cheap either - in both cases you get what you pay for!
Lee Jameson Toong (2 months ago)
I have both Barbour Beaufort & Ogston wax jackets, and they served me well in the crazy weather of Chicago. The corduroy collar is perfect for the rainy and windy days, while the light Ogston can be worn during the warm & windy to fall & early winter. I love them, and my wife love her Barbours, as well. Can't speak about Filson, however, I may add one in the future. But,at this time my Barbour works for me just fine while on the road or in the yard working.
えおあいう (2 months ago)
Barbour of course
Robert Jackson (2 months ago)
Y grandfather was a timber cruiser who always wore filson. He cruised 500,000 acres . pacing a mile within 1 inch. His mark is on 2500 40 acre parcels thru old growth timber in pnw from 1910-1960.
Atropin I.V. (2 months ago)
I recently got a Barbour and so far weather has been too warm to wear it in Europe. For waxing it's better to send it to the store because it won't be that easy specially for a first-timer ..I have a Patagonia tech jacket and in extreme cold and bad weather like in Canada I prefer that but here in Europe, a barbiur would do
Jay M (2 months ago)
Pronounce it "Barber." Not whatever it is you're doing there (from a Barbour).
Steven Kim (2 months ago)
Stop wasting my 13 min and put it on so we can see what it looks like on you. Then we can decide.
Carl Murawski (2 months ago)
Oh I’m sorry, is my free content wasting your time?
Arne Helland (2 months ago)
I have a hooded filson I've had for years.
Peng Zhao (2 months ago)
The nordstrom version of filson mile marker has a slimmer fit and a different color lining than the ones you get from a filson store. also nordstrom's filson is unlined at the sleeves
s vernon (2 months ago)
Barbour all the way.. Belstaff on the bike ..
Camden Mosher (2 months ago)
MCALAX (2 months ago)
Great review bro. Thanks for sharing. Subscribed.👍
Carl Murawski (2 months ago)
Much appreciated man!
Søren Nielsen (2 months ago)
Why do you need to put that crazy music in your videos?
Carl Murawski (2 months ago)
Honestly it’s to cover up the background traffic noise.
mikewyd53 (2 months ago)
I have used both for years. If I am walking, bird hunting or fishing, I will take the Barbour. But if I am horseback in bad weather, say 10 miles from camp at 10,000' up in the Rockies, give me the Filson every time.
TEXAS LUCK 777 (2 months ago)
Carl I think you should do a western boot between Luchassee vs. Nacona boots
TEXAS LUCK 777 (2 months ago)
Carl Murawski no but I rather have a ranch style boot like the cowboy I’m really not a work boot guy and when I’m hunting I wear lace up hunting boots. I wear between cowboy buckaroo to a modern day cowboy boot really. So my boots have to involve with horse back riding I am watching your Tecovas and my opinion is that the cowboy boot with the higher boot is more for rodeo or horseback riding but the roper is common for bull riders and man we see them wear a roper square tie with a roper heel.
TEXAS LUCK 777 (2 months ago)
Carl Murawski the reason why I figured was that these 2 name brand boots are from my state Texas. And so any person who wants to wear any pair of boots could be a true cowboy and for many don’t know there are different styles for example Nacona boots made 2 different pairs of buckaroo boots or got the modern cowboy boots while Luchassee got the modern traditional cowboy boots.
Carl Murawski (2 months ago)
Great idea! A lot of guys are rocking Justin Work boots on the jobsite and swear by them. Have you ever tried those?
TEXAS LUCK 777 (2 months ago)
I have a waxed *oilskin* duster coat hell when it’s rains I wear it in winter as well but it ain’t like a Filson.
bearded archery (2 months ago)
Filson cost less, has a better warranty, and is made in the USA how can you go wrong
Adam Lynch (2 months ago)
bearded archery Barbour will support there products too my mum has a 30 odd year old jacket that has just been factory repaired and rewaxed at factory . Not sure how it is across the pond though. Be like owning a Filson here in U.K. I guess.
s p (2 months ago)
I love Filson and have a few of their waxed cloth Tin coats but they freeze very hard and stuff in sub zero weather. They faired well down to 20F and froze solid at -10F and became brittle at -20F i love hunting when the weather is at it's worst I'm often the only one in the woods. But the right gear is a must for survival.
Alex Miller (2 months ago)
If you ever travel to Europe or anywhere else for that matter, Barbour is well known and proven.
Barry Foster (2 months ago)
I have a Barbour Gamefare. It has inside large game pockets, a drawstring around d the waist. The lining has a waterproof wide hem on it. Available is a snap-in warm lining. I’ve had mine for years and cannot wear it out!
thejasonbischoff (2 months ago)
I would venture to say Filson quality isn’t what it used to be now that they’ve gone all hipster, but maybe the same could be said for Barbour. I know Burberrys’ have been shit for some time.
thejasonbischoff (2 months ago)
Barbour is the iconic piece. Filson Cruiser is their iconic piece.
thejasonbischoff (2 months ago)
You forgot Ralph Lauren. Though it may be made by one of the other two.
Johnny Kaldani (2 months ago)
The Barber jacket is for me. I like the custom services you get from the company. Their coats can be factory refurbished and altered per customer request.

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