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No Country for Old Men - Aw sheriff, that's aggravatin'

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Clip from No Country for Old Men with Tommy Lee Jones
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Tre Napier (27 days ago)
Who else wishes he killed the lady in the office?...
A Lost One (1 month ago)
Chigurh was totally going to kill that woman until he heard something outside.
MrLilfee (2 months ago)
Well that's one in a row for you, Wild Bill:)
aldashin (3 months ago)
Eric K (1 month ago)
Lance “Alright. But what do we circulate? Looking for a man who has recently drunk milk?”
Lance (3 months ago)
We gotta circulate this on radio!
Érico Ferry (4 months ago)
2:40 I thought he would go like "Oh man, oh god, OH MAN, OH GOD!" In that scene.
Luis Angel Rodriguez (7 months ago)
To those who didn't find this movie entertaining but boring.....your life is boring.
delpiero (8 months ago)
toilet flush saved the bad ass hair lady
Evan (9 months ago)
To me the sheriff's actions in this scene have always seemed odd. First he handles the milk bottle that could have fingerprints of their suspect on it. Next he dismisses the deputy's idea of locating him. "Looking for a man who has recently drunk milk?" How about instead of just sitting there, make some inquiries with reception or the residents of nearby trailers? "Has anyone been here looking for Moss?" At least you might get a description, or better yet a licence plate.
tankmaster1018 (10 months ago)
The dialogue in this film is just beautiful... Some of these scenes exceed Quentin Tarantino movies with brilliant dialogue!
VolumeTurnedDown (1 year ago)
Are you really going to drink that milk, Sheriff? You know the guy drank right from the bottle, right?
J B (1 year ago)
Did you not hear me?
scrolex (1 year ago)
If you think a toilet flushed saved her life you are an idiot. Why would Anton care about killing one more? Truth is we don't know what saved her.
Paul Kersey (1 year ago)
Bring it, psycho boy :-)
Mishta Romaniello (1 year ago)
TheGooners11 (1 year ago)
She got off lightly that woman in the trailer park reception!
82ghall (1 year ago)
the woman got lucky
Last Sigil (1 year ago)
looking for a man who has recently drunk milk and left an entire glass liter to spoil... how heinous
ash man (1 year ago)
Put the poison in the milk.
eric heine (1 year ago)
It's the story of 1 milk drinker chasing another milk drinker. Iron American Dream on YouTube. Take a ride across the promised land. It's a Jungle Out There.
Lotfi Mouelhi (1 year ago)
Milk? Leon !
Arky Bald Knobber (1 year ago)
Tommy Lee Jones...for a Vietnam War draft dodger, he sure is a bad ass.
kief4diamonds (1 year ago)
Shagur met his match in a feisty fat southern lady. No coin tosses or exchange of philosophies....he just went ahead and gave up. Smart man.
Blastadonn (1 year ago)
Bravest character in this whole movie was the lady.
The King of the Penguins (3 months ago)
Only because she didn’t know him
S R (1 year ago)
Do not confuse stupidity for bravery.
SpaceFlowerAesthetic (1 year ago)
*The Sheriff is experienced, and in his lifetime he's experienced so much he has to live with a rule* *A rule people like Anton use, except he uses it for the bad. The Sheriff uses it for good, the difference in two men*
Francois Gobbi (1 year ago)
Standing away from the door if someone shots you from inside (with something else than a bow) is just useless with those plywood houses.
dielaughing73 (1 year ago)
Francois Gobbi Houses
Throbbin Wood (1 year ago)
I think that toilet flush saved that woman's life
porcospino289 (1 year ago)
First: Would it be going overboard to check the milk bottle for prints? Second: Would they not think to ask the fat concierge of the trailer park whether any odd-looking/behaving people had been around that morning?
Sen (1 year ago)
They'd probably do both if it weren't a jaded old sherrif-in-character and an exuberant FNG. But.... if they did that, this film would turn into a police procedural. Details like this are frustrating but FFS you gotta realize a script is a script and suspend your disbelief unless you turn into (like me) that guy that points out every mistake and misses the whole film. Insults not intended.
bellboy407 (1 year ago)
Uh, she was the only one that knew what he looked like, Dick Tracy.
Bryan Marriott (1 year ago)
It wouldn't matter. That's the point. You can know who Anton is, where he lives and when he shits but he is too ruthless for small town sheriffs.
Angelbob77 (1 year ago)
porcospino289 First: This was in like the 1980s and finger prints weren't as commonly used. Also fingerprints are only meant to identify the culprit. So even if they did get the fingerprints it would be useless if they don't have him in a register or if they can't catch him. Second: They already know this guy has been here because of the milk so asking the the fat concierge wouldn't help catch him at all.
Chris Weidner (1 year ago)
"Oh sheriff, we just missed him." Genius. Not. To work with that every day..,.. To try to mentor that every day..... Ah the little challenges in life.
K.C. LeJeune (1 year ago)
Tommy Lee Jones reminds me of my father sooo much, just the mannerisms is so spot on.
Michael O'Brien (11 months ago)
Officer KD6-3.7 I'll bet you never sassed off to your dad, then. :)
Naveesha (1 year ago)
Why does everyone keep saying someone flushing the toilet saved her life?
bellboy407 (1 year ago)
He seemed pissed off. He often killed people for no reason. That's why/
Jeff Woods (1 year ago)
Because someone flushing the toilet saved her life...that's why
kiveress (1 year ago)
Because if she was alone Chigurh might kill her. Not necessary, but he could as he doesn't like any arguing with his intentions.
Michael Raum (1 year ago)
Hahaha @ 2:40. I love the young deputy's occasional over-the-top acting. It seems to be intentional and complements the scenes perfectly. Very nice touch on the Coen's and Dillahunt's part.
BigRamifications (1 year ago)
This is Papa Bear. Put out an APB for a male suspect, driving a.... car of some sort, heading in the direction of, uh, you know, that place that sells chili. Suspect is HATLESS. Repeat, hatless.
Duke Runyon (2 years ago)
I'm glad everyone helps themselves to moss's milk!
Kevin McClintock (2 years ago)
A toilet flush saved this woman's life. She never realized how close to death she came.
Lance (4 months ago)
I think about that part more and more and I think it was Anton that got saved lol
Jubach (2 years ago)
Honestly in the top three most boring movies I've ever watched.
Yujiro Hanma (1 month ago)
@Bryan Marriott i loved the movie but you don't have to be so edgy bro LOL aren't you supposed to be the mature one here and not a manchild?
misombra (1 year ago)
Please no
profd65 (1 year ago)
GuitarGuy (1 year ago)
Jubach dude, u better be joking or i will fart on someones grandmother.
bellboy407 (1 year ago)
You don't know what a plot is. You have all the taste and intellect of a trump.
Zachary Bushnell (2 years ago)
This film has no score. All of its sound is diagetic (happening within the universe of the story).
Jamie B (1 year ago)
We know, we did watch it.
mike a (2 years ago)
im from texas and my family really does talk like that lol
Joshua Avery (2 months ago)
That's great ur family does cause I love the accent I love Texas
Dorsey m (1 year ago)
mike a same .most of us (myself included) are from east Texas. Funny thing is I have the thickest accent outta all of my family .
All the people saying Anton let the woman go because he respected her or some bullshit need to turn the volume up and watch the scene again. The point where he stops his questioning is when he hears a toilet flush in the building. He leaves her because he doesn't want to kill her with someone else around.
biggo meat (10 months ago)
@crimony but right after the toilet flushed you can hear footsteps coming from the restroom
Devon Rusinek (11 months ago)
Agreed. He's calculated. If he shoots the man in the bathroom, the lady can call for help. If he kills the lady, the man in the bathroom might have a gun and the chance to kill him. Not to mention that the community might be close jnit and be willing to take him out. He knows to tread lightly here.
Copee (1 year ago)
Are you shitting me on that one?
crimony (1 year ago)
Anton Chigurh bested by a trailer park property manager. People working alone like that used to have a remote toilet flush mechanism to make it appear someone else was there.
Ian Schulze (1 year ago)
Like that would stop him.
Gregg Gutfeld (2 years ago)
you need to show up
Rams4life94 (2 years ago)
Is the deputy also they guy who voices Trevor Phillip's pierced up minion in GTA V?
Dick Durkin (1 year ago)
yes, Garrett always does a good job, whether hes playing a good guy, bad guy, or something in between, hes always very watchable and versatile. he was also in the movie Looper, and on Justified. lots of smaller roles. hes a bonifide "that guy" as in 'oh hey its that guy'
Carlos Murillo (2 years ago)
Matthew Cowles That's Garrett Dillahunt, and you are correct that he was in Deadwood as well.
Matthew Cowles (2 years ago)
I just watched this scene again to try and confirm that he was a character on the show Deadwood. It was bugging me.
Andrew Magno (2 years ago)
Rams4life94 stfu wade
bottle1 lack (2 years ago)
I saw a deleted scene where Tommy Lee Jones actually lights up a cigarette instead of drinking a glass of milk.
Carlos Murillo (2 years ago)
bottle1 lack I'm really glad they went with the milk instead, it's a really great symbolic gesture to have Anton hold it but do nothing else to it in the beginning of the clip, which has this almost perverse feel to it, and then have the sheriff drink it, as he is pure and good. Great thematic layering there.
Spaatacus (2 years ago)
looks like that second scene was divided up into three segments, from the dp stand point. Outside the trailer, inside the trailer, beginning, and inside the trailer end- from the couch, on
RedCancer (2 years ago)
She said "we can't give out no information" a double negative, meaning she could give it out. The reason for Anton's repetition. He was probably like "well fucking spit it out bitch," lol
V K (1 year ago)
Uneducated ignorant Americans tend to do this yes. Not in the UK, or in any other language around the world.
profd65 (1 year ago)
People use double negatives all the time without intending to make an affirmative statement, you dipshit.
Lorenzo Gabriel Tan (2 years ago)
Anton also drinks your milkshake.
Chicken Draws Dogs (2 months ago)
Stewart Gartland (2 years ago)
Goddamed movie wuz a Goddamed masterpiece, telling ya!!
Chris Weidner (1 year ago)
Stewart Gartland True. Essential.
Machine Gun Nest (2 years ago)
im lookin 4 lew ellen moss..   Now is that a woman???  yah kinda   he might be 1 dead bitch
RVINDVNCE (2 years ago)
J-F Bradley (2 years ago)
Not every day your life is saved by someone taking a shit. Bet it was a guy named 'Bran'.
mskidi (1 year ago)
Who's life got saved? Polar bear had ol' equalizer resting on her lap. Chigurg or whatever the fuck was his name would have gotten a permanent hair cut
BigRamifications (1 year ago)
I can tell by the flush.
BigRamifications (1 year ago)
I bet he stunk up the joint.
Sadie Bleu (3 years ago)
"We got to circulate this. . . on radio."
remsensor TM (3 years ago)
I don't always get to say "Where does he work?" but when I do you can be damn sure I always try to say it three times.
Machine Gun Nest (3 years ago)
where does lewellen work he slings hash pumps pane serves cold ones welds pot metal
Forgan Mreeman (3 years ago)
Jubach (2 years ago)
FrogLungs impfurmayshun
Machine Gun Nest (2 years ago)
she says...did you not her me....i really would of lked to see what chigur would have done to her.....lol
Robin (2 years ago)
rosemarie fabrero (2 years ago)
This mоoооviе is nоw аvаilablе to wаtch hеrеeе => https://twitter.com/3be422135de3b4e27/status/795842843017297920 Nо Cоuntrу fоr OOld Мen Аw sheriff thаt s ааaаggrаvatin
Machine Gun Nest (2 years ago)
ahhhh haaa   spell check says that's CORRECT    AHHHH YAAA
Gist432 (3 years ago)
Tea lady? From texas chainsaw massacre?
Pat Gogan (2 years ago)
Lol was pondering where I'd seen her before
mountaintruth1 (3 years ago)
its a rule you can't shoot fat women.....
Pat Gogan (2 years ago)
lol that scene almost took me out of the film
Reelin Lucky (3 years ago)
see also: Mulholland Drive
Proximate Cause (3 years ago)
What's the importance of both men seeing their reflection in the TV?
eas900s (1 year ago)
now that's aggravatin'
Klarissa (1 year ago)
I was wondering myself all the time. One element I see in this picture is that people who are sitting there see themselves sitting in the light when everything else is still in the dark. So there is this longing for enlightenment that I see there. The sheriff says at the end of the movie that he was waiting for god to come into his life. Talking about Anton he has specific beliefs which eventually also give the idea of some sort of mechanism behind the world that controls the happenings (even random events are predictable as in probability and statistics).
Machine Gun Nest (2 years ago)
He was trying to see what kind a vato he was    sits in front of the TV after work  stuck fuck   ////////needs  a score from a drugger deal
Machine Gun Nest (3 years ago)
+Sunburn2007 they wanted to watch ESPN and pick up some clues about the case:::::::...........
Proximate Cause (3 years ago)
+Infernal Scrublord Nah that's good enough of an explanation.
Kragatar (3 years ago)
"We goin' in?" "Gun out and up." "What about yours?" "I'm hidin' behind you." xD
Machine Gun Nest (3 years ago)
 be advised -on the look out for man drinking milk....lol
Machine Gun Nest (3 years ago)
+Kragatar- ridin Bitch
f montes (3 years ago)
Gosh I love West Texas. ...And I'm from Los Angeles.
Machine Gun Nest (3 years ago)
@Alex Navarez movie reference:::::......
Machine Gun Nest (3 years ago)
+Alex Navarez Hey Hombre we want la Deniro:::::::::
MetallicRain (3 years ago)
Anybody else reading the comments with a Texan accent after watching this? Can't shake it off...Go away dammit!
Pointl Ess (3 years ago)
I don't drink milk but it looks delicious in that container.
Bob Ranch (2 months ago)
We buy those exact milk for our toddler. $4 a quart. You get $1 back when u return the bottle.
surfinmuso (1 year ago)
Dorsey m (1 year ago)
Machine Gun Nest getcha yo ass outta here with them big city words
Machine Gun Nest (2 years ago)
Daniel i do that also reason is,, a gallon of milk is to much to keep open so i put it in jars the size of quart ,,when my dad was growing up. milkman would deliver those bottles and outside the cream would rise to the top up and out when freezing temperatures ,,long ago,, ,,,and when my grandfather was a kid there were no airplanes or cars not kidding,,... and im only 55 yrs old...
Daniel Bradford (2 years ago)
Milk tastes better when it's stored in a glass bottle. I have some old milk bottles with caps and transfer milk from the plastic containers into them. Try it.
What we gonna circulate? Lookin for a man who recent drunk milk? Cracks me up =] Tommy Lee Jones does a really good Texan.
BigRamifications (1 year ago)
This is Papa Bear. Put out an APB for a male suspect, driving a.... car of some sort, heading in the direction of, uh, you know, that place that sells chili. Suspect is HATLESS. Repeat, hatless.
@bull864 well hell yea, the more you know =) ty 
bull864 (4 years ago)
He IS a Texan, so it's authentic.
Did ya not hear me, we do not give out no information..!
S R (1 year ago)
What's the most you ever lost on a coin toss?
Lycan (4 years ago)
@Elizabeth Navarrete ya its out of the norm storie,that's what makes it so awesome
ikr! it kinda mind fucks you in some sort of level trying to figure it out
Lycan (4 years ago)
Great great movie
Eli Brennan (4 years ago)
Re: Max. I'd speculate that the old style tv and the traditional milk bottle help establish nostalgia... a feeling of loss for a time we think we remember. 
GuitarGuy (1 year ago)
Eli Brennan i remember those glass bottles in the 70s, and whole foods still has them. Its 1980, buttcrack.
doorswhofan (2 years ago)
We still had a milkman and glass bottles in the early 1970s, and that was in Massachusetts. No big stretch to assume they still had both in Texas (cattle country) in 1980.
Hinforth Slomie (2 years ago)
Not accurate. That's a quart glass he's holding there. You could, then and still today, purchase glass quarts of milk (and juice!) from your local store. I've got one in my frigidaire right now, the wife likes putting flowers in the empties.
silverharbinger (3 years ago)
+Rams4life94 lol.. Not at all true there friendo. By 1980 the US was getting milk in plastic jugs just like they are today. The milkman and his glass jugs had mainly gone away by the early 1960s. There were a few non-delivery milk exchanges around that used them, but almost no one offered a 1 gallon glass container for milk. That's what killed the glass jug.
Rams4life94 (3 years ago)
+Eli Brennan the movie is set in 1980 so those milk and tv's in those forms were really the only way they came.
MrPotatoesLatkie (4 years ago)
What a jackass! He wants to kill a poor mundane for refusing his superior authority. She stands her ground and, he realizes his need to keep his acts secret will be exposed if he seeks murder, so he leaves disappointed. One of the better scenes in the movie. His character is not some supernatural killer, but a depraved and, deluded murderer.
Bryan Marriott (1 year ago)
Lol so Anton doesn't want to have to kill two people? Jesus Christ did you watch the beginning? He doesn't give two fucks about killing. 1,2,3 all the same when you are him.
Andrea (3 years ago)
+MrPotatoesLatkie He's had absolutely no compunction about shooting other "poor mundanes" in semi-public spaces. I think he's actually kind of impressed by her conviction and principles and chooses not to murder her for that reason. In any way, he seems to play by his own peculiar rules, as Welles later implies.
Max Frederick (4 years ago)
Can anyone tell me what the tv milk shots mean?
Jeff Woods (1 year ago)
From my his perspective, he moved into the house and opened the refrigerator and grabbed the milk to show that...he was thirsty.
Machine Gun Nest (3 years ago)
+Pointl Ess ...or maybe he was on a diet and said he better not ...BIG LOOL
Pointl Ess (3 years ago)
@david esktorp Or maybe he really did want to sit and drink the milk but thought it might be a good idea to ask the land lord some questions. Since its not his house, why clean up after himself? Its not like he anticipated the police to arrive where he was just minutes after he left. lololol
david esktorp (4 years ago)
@jmr1068204 He took it out and left it there to fuck with them.  He expressly did it so they'd be able to deduce how long they'd missed him by.  It's not that he doesn't care about the milk.  It's a power move.  He's showing them that he's in control of the entire situation and that he moves at will, without the usual fear of the authorities.
jmr1068204 (4 years ago)
They're just showing that they just missed Anton by minutes. Notice that in the shot with the window behind the sheriff, the sun has moved a little bit. They're showing the differences between Anton and the sheriff. The sheriff actually gets a glass and drinks. There is no indication that Anton drank anything from it (look at the level when Anton takes it from the fridge vs. when he is holding it vs. when it is sitting on the table before the sheriff drinks some). Anton is pretty much a waster who doesn't care about anything or anyone.
RVINDVNCE (4 years ago)
This film has astonishingly realistic soundtrack. Just listen to these sounds - like the distant voices and light breeze from the window.
Carlos Murillo (2 years ago)
N1GHT5 I agree, but that's not the soundtrack. It's a mixture of the foley work and just the general audio team.
ShakeITyEA (2 years ago)

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