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Party Baby - The Story of Kumamiki's Kawaii Harajuku Fashion Brand

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A short documentary film about young Japanese fashion designer Kumamiki and her independent Harajuku/kawaii fashion brand Party Baby. We follow Kuma in the days before her first ever Party Baby fashion show in Tokyo and find out more about why she got into fashion and what Party Baby is all about. For more information on Party Baby, please see this article: http://tokyofashion.com/party-baby-kumamiki-harajuku-fashion-brand Movie produced by 1KFilms http://1kfilms.com/
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Text Comments (270)
Nabi Sonyeo (10 days ago)
why am i crying? she is so sweet 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️
Ruby (1 month ago)
I'm starting my own japanese fashion brand too!
Alexis Collins (3 months ago)
ころな(korona) - 心(こころ kokoro) means heart and 大人(おとな otona) means adult, 子(こ ko) means child I wonder if that's how she got it by mixing them together
The Stitchess (6 months ago)
Easily one of my favorite fashion brand interviews
Info Chan (9 months ago)
Sebastian... SEBASTIAN? SEBASTIAN?!?!?!?! SEBASTIAN!!!!!!!!!! (Black Butler fans will understand this.)
rabit818 (11 months ago)
Japanese girls can get away with the baby girl look because they are mostly small framed.
sn3192 (1 year ago)
the colors are so pretty and she seems so nice and pleasant
Nime (1 year ago)
does anybody knows of the name of this song??? pretty please T_T
Deborah Gwinn (1 year ago)
Wow, you are amazing. You must be very proud. I bet your parents are very proud also. Best wishes to you, in all your endeavors. Love from USA.
oh um (1 year ago)
I always watch this video when I'm in a creativity slump. It's such an inspiring story.
katechan3 (2 years ago)
Very cute. ^^
Ryan Beckham (2 years ago)
I wish kawaii Asian girls would date me. Sadly they are not interested in black gangster looking men 😪
R K (2 years ago)
Ufff. Their loss, daddy.
Maciek Gembiak (2 years ago)
Anddd that's how to be kawaii! . Girl you do it good.
Taylor ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ (2 years ago)
This is so inspiring, im actually crying
David Wolstenholme (2 years ago)
nice to see there really sweet people
PommeVanille (3 years ago)
Thank you Kuma ♡
Joonjoon (3 years ago)
I always watch this video when fashion school stresses the hell out of me and makes me genuinely unhappy. My college focuses on functional but fashionable design, it's kinda hard for me since they don't really appreciate Tokyo fashion. I probably won't amount to anything in my home country. But is it even possible to get anywhere in Japan fashion-wise? I feel easily discouraged, because they have their Bunka fashion school, and every Designer who's acknowledged by streetstyle icons seems to have graduated from Bunka. Do I even have a chance? :(
Ruby (1 month ago)
Yes you do! Plenty of people become successful designers without even having gone to college!
Christina BlackFeather (3 years ago)
American fashion could really learn from this. Such innocence and beauty!!!
Vegin Chile. (3 years ago)
Her voice is so soothing and her demeanor so pleasant, I need to train myself to speak like that.
Manu Fraga (3 years ago)
such a sweet video! Kumamiki is adorable! :3
A_ Inspirit (3 years ago)
When i hear the word "Party" I get the fuck outta the place i was in.
ライヤン (3 years ago)
She is so talented!
OR0R0 (3 years ago)
the dream you must live. may she go far
Peki lei (3 years ago)
I love japan's fashion very much !!! Not only the harajuku style but also many .....
SPACE PATROL ELENA (3 years ago)
Do you guys have any idea about what happened to her brand Party Baby? It seems like her online shop is down and I've seen Kumamiki talk about something called Pachi Pachi Factory on her youtube. I hope Party Baby isn't shut down forever :( Honestly, I like the image of Party Baby more than Pachi Pachi Factory.
szorohov85 (3 years ago)
Lin Z (3 years ago)
What happened to Party Baby? Did she drop her fashion label or something? Or did she change the name to Pachi Pachi Factory? Party Baby's Japanese site is down as well as their Facebook.
Erika Rmz (2 years ago)
b y duiir
chris9879 (3 years ago)
I think Party Baby became Pachi Factory... Kumamiki stated Pachi Factory in her twitter bio
Leola (3 years ago)
i wish i studied fashion...even though im studying a course now i hope to go back to uni to really do what i want
Marina Moreno (4 years ago)
i'm working on starting up my own fashion brand and whenever i feel discouraged i watch this and i get inspired and get even the tiniest bit of courage that maybe my dream is possible thank you Tokyo Fashion and Kumamiki i truly appreciate this video
Ruby (1 month ago)
Me too! I'm starting my own japanese fashion brand. What's the name of yours?
Tam (1 year ago)
And now ?
Dorothy Uranga (3 years ago)
Same here.
J. P. (4 years ago)
so many many customers! ♥
magicmissAi (4 years ago)
This video made me cry ;;
Wafa Agahmi (4 years ago)
the girls are soooooCUTE!
Paulina Niccals (4 years ago)
To grow up it's not an easy thing.. people never understand that being mature doesn't mean that you can't listen some kinds of music, that you can't watch cartoons or play videogames or maybe dress in ways they couldn't ever do..  Yeah, sometimes it becomes harder to swim against the current, it's sad that even close people can't understand and accept it.. in those moments we need something like this <3 wise words from a cute cute girl, so we can stand up again and smile..  She must reach all her dreams, for all the persons loving her work and for herself :3 She inspired me, let's move forward <3
Dio is not Gay ! (4 years ago)
this made me sooo happy thank u for making this
miranda whitehead (4 years ago)
i love her outfit and would wear it in america too
Cosmic Latte (4 years ago)
what's the title of the bg music ? O:
Lucy Takooshiki (4 years ago)
I'm studing to be clothes artesan and she inspires me so much !! Love this video \(^-^)/
RikuD.A.B (4 years ago)
I feel like her so much... I can't wait to know if, one day, people will like my designs... I hope I'll have same chances and opportunities as she had, and I hope she succeeded !
Victoria Ha (4 years ago)
So beautifully filmed! And such a great message! I really liked the red dress! Party Baby!!!
Gabby Supp (4 years ago)
I love your clothes and I love fashion also! I think you guys would like my videos
Shux Emi (4 years ago)
I love her style and her way of thinking ♥ I'm so in love with kawaii things and pastel colors :)
sehun's bunny (4 years ago)
I love her hair! <3
Sayuri Suzuki (4 years ago)
I love every dress I see in this video! ^-^
9Tailsfan (4 years ago)
Waah, I want that Hello Kitty dress she made!
belittle (4 years ago)
I remember watching this video a year ago.. and I remember how I happy I felt than.. and I still feel the same! the video itself is inspiring and encouraging! I say go for it! Wear what you want and just be happy! ^- ^
Bae Platinum (4 years ago)
This is so inspiring! If only I could get into a school that offered a fashion course D:
jezabels95 (4 years ago)
i like her clothes*-* i hope she'll be successful in the future
IchigoPinkuStar (4 years ago)
This video always put me in a good mood :3 She is really wise, and her words are encouraging :)
ARZU NARMANLI (2 years ago)
p lleke m jiik,
Gangstar41145 (5 years ago)
I want to lick them all LMAO
María Chelyabinsk (5 years ago)
Her words makes me cry. I'm jealous of her, but it's a positive thought, she got her dream and I wish I can get mine≧﹏≦
Stefanie Roy (5 years ago)
The song in this video is absolutely beautiful. Like, REALLY beautiful. Can you please post a link to it if it's possible?
Stefanie Roy (5 years ago)
Wow. WOW. What an inspiring, intelligent and amazingly creative girl. More people need to be like her.
Linxixy (5 years ago)
cute!!! kawaii~ <33
momoiropopstar (5 years ago)
she is soooo cute!!!
Sóel Romero (5 years ago)
She's like Miwako from Paradise Kiss. <3
tm (5 years ago)
Asians are so clever, I mean even that pin cushion braslet!
Anna Cosima (5 years ago)
So cute!! I loved Little Twin Stars when I was a kid :) and I love the style of Party Baby. Unfortunalety, I'm not daring enough to dress that way here in Europe/Germany ^-^ so, much respect to the zoku! <3
Warda (5 years ago)
i wish i was japanese
Yasmin H (5 years ago)
I want to become like her
SUPERGENKI (5 years ago)
Thumbs up and cheers on that!
SUPERGENKI (5 years ago)
rick (5 years ago)
Fuck whoever would call you a freak. Life is too short, go out and have some fun
Jade Masashi (5 years ago)
Richard Lionheart (5 years ago)
wow such extravagans much girl verry kawaii wow
Clown Cadaver (5 years ago)
I would buy all the dresses!
Mimi Chan (5 years ago)
And you are definitely stupider.
DancewithSHINee (5 years ago)
Soo cute<3 If only dressing like that in the US didn't get you nicknamed a Freak/:
Valentina.Nicolette (5 years ago)
she's what i dream of being, proud and confidant to wear whatever she thinks looks nice.
fire bubble17 (5 years ago)
i already want those cloths :) there so cute
Eevee (5 years ago)
you're probably stupid for assuming that.
Claus Klöbner (5 years ago)
she is probably stupid.
Claus Klöbner (5 years ago)
her grand grand grand mother triggered several wars.
Franci .Project (5 years ago)
She remembers me of Miwako from Paradise Kiss. KAWAII!
Ilyoil _27 (5 years ago)
She is so inspiring~♥
Aggrogator (5 years ago)
I love how fashion isn't as restrictive for youths as it is in the West. I don't mean by being provocative, but it seems that being an individual and embracing new styles is concept more invited there than it is here. It's really refreshing.
Jordana Pitts (5 years ago)
I love you u at awesome I am only a little girl 11 years old but I want to move to Japan and be a Harajuku fashion designer and a game designer you inspire me my family does not understand this stuff they think it is weird an crazy but I love it Arigatoogazimasu!!!( I take japanese )
walterf99 (5 years ago)
sooo cute
Willow-ann (5 years ago)
very good video! love the clothes <3 Kumamiki is so cute and such a nice person
Elle Choi (5 years ago)
It's fantastic *///* ♥
Ana Ormillo (5 years ago)
7:29 Best... Day... EVER!
justcomments (5 years ago)
Don't worry i'm not telling you to shut up, I just want a conversation :P Kumamiki san tells us the reason why she designs these clothes: they are a reaction to her journey through growing up, a far more meaningful reason to put on clothes than the vast majority of us who are happy to don whatever the magazines tell us to. What point in the interview did you think her work was soulless??
justcomments (5 years ago)
Wow. that was really touching ; ; and also hits home just how amazing Sebastian Masuda-san is... I remember several years ago he and his models came to represent 6% Doki Doki at a small cultural festival in London, and now Kawaii-Style is just so... big! Not only Kawaii-Style, but I feel like a lot more people are happily dressing the way that makes them more comfortable.
limeonade104 (5 years ago)
OMG I love the clothes waa why dont they sell that sruff here
Ayane Yamanaka (5 years ago)
Super Kawaii! xxx
Bibi Lee (5 years ago)
will Kumamiki's Kawaii Harajuku Fashion facebook where you??thanks
lin Vega (5 years ago)
the video makes me feel good too... just the music that puts me to sleep lol
Clover Paul (5 years ago)
Simtivity (5 years ago)
I feel so happy now for some reason. It´s so nice to see someone like her, doing a job she really enjoys. I wish I could be like that someday.
icy (5 years ago)
× korona ○ kodona (子供 kodomo & 大人 otona)
xTenshiAi (5 years ago)
aww its nice to see someone following their dreams :) shes cute
Kyle Johnston (5 years ago)
Good one maria
maria ivanna (5 years ago)
DancingDickhead (5 years ago)
How freaking boring.
Mizuki Kimura (5 years ago)
She looks like Mizuki from Paradise kiss
Marie Antione (5 years ago)
I live in new york kawaii cloths for me! Suck it bitch$. Lmfao
Untitled (5 years ago)
i want the clothes she makes ;-;
Fashi0nm0nster (5 years ago)
this is so inspiring, I love adult's being able to keep their childish spirit and inspire others to do so<3 watching and listening to people like her make's me so much more excited to keep on designing, even though it sometimes feels like I hit a wall~
Azuma Nazuko (5 years ago)
wingedsuperyak (5 years ago)
Her persistence, passion, and sweet personality are amazing! Humble, yet determined. Plus she is like really pretty, lol. Gambatte Kumamiki Sama!!!

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