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Issey Miyake - L'eau D'Issey Pour Homme Summer 2014 Fragrance Review

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Rating: Good Rating Explanations: Ratings are given as a composite of scent quality, performance and versatility. Best: Short for best in class. A leader in its genre for scent AND performance AND versatility. Not many scents will achieve this rating. Difficult to substitute or replace. Excellent: Above average. Excellent scent with unique features. Above average performance and can be worn in many situations. Good: Average. Run-of-the-mill offering. Likely lacking in one or more department, but has some redeeming quality. Might be only useful for collectors of the brand. Poor: A composition that fails to offer much of any value to the collector or connoisseur.
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Pulze Pointz (1 year ago)
I get a lot of coriander from this release. more "watery" than the '09 which is more "grassy". just discovering your channel. enjoying your reviews.
dspada67 (3 years ago)
Great stuff mate. Just found your channel😀 I just looked at 2015 summer edition today , not bad,, prob the same as the others. I never have purchased the original as it used to give me a headache. I tried the 09 summer edition here in Australia as I found a bottle, as I was so excited but it was a little eggy? Is that normal?. I thought I should purchase it as it's harder to find ? Your advice would be great. Cheers
FragReviews (3 years ago)
+dspada67 I dont get any egg in it. I sold my 2 bottles for a big profit. If you like it, wear it, if not, move on!

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