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How to Make a Girl Squirt

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Best Toys for Squirting: Gigi: http://bit.ly/2fkxSEX Glass: http://bit.ly/2f2BWvt Lucid: http://bit.ly/2fpQmD2 Slimline: http://bit.ly/2f9EOEF Thanks for watching. Learn more ways to make your woman squirt at http://ilovemyvibrators.com/how-to-make-a-girl-squirt-female-ejaculation-tips/
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Text Comments (1332)
LaurenBeans (2 days ago)
Kaiser Wilhelm II (1 day ago)
Cierra Prince (2 days ago)
Am I the only girl watching this
Kim Britt (2 days ago)
Anatomical Science, bruh. ;) :P
Steve Birks (2 days ago)
Will I need inflatable armbands ! ...We are using the waterbed ?
•SaraTheCute • (3 days ago)
*Cant relate* (4 days ago)
Is it possible for someone not to have a g spot cuz I don't be feeling anything.
Hailey G. (4 days ago)
I did this on myself
Highschool DxD (4 days ago)
DIRE wolf (5 days ago)
Why haven't YouTube blocked this shite
CJ L (5 days ago)
Clear and odorless... you're hilarious! It's pee. Nothing else. Many females will deny this out of embarrassment but that's exactly what it is.
Jeremy James (5 days ago)
Thought this was going to be a How To Basic video. Son, I am disappoint.
Tommie Marsh (5 days ago)
This wood have saved my teen sex years thanks but too LATE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm 41 now Fuck
It's a beautiful thing. I get women acclimated to pee in the shower. She looks at you cutely and you just whip it out and pee on her and she feels it and gets turned on by it.
T Tsai (7 days ago)
I know it’s a dumb question but can a woman get herself pregnant 😂
Raul Mendoza (21 hours ago)
Lop Lop (7 days ago)
Used it on myself
So watching GTA RP all night leads this to me when I wake up, Welp at least Ik what to do in the future.
Gpen Tenshi (8 days ago)
The hell man
234cheech (8 days ago)
on my face
Dr Bernie Mack (8 days ago)
Should I wear a rain coat!
Karl Welin (9 days ago)
This is fun!!! Try seeing how far a girl can squirt!! It's amazing.
Paula (10 days ago)
yep! it feels great.
Marco Acosta (10 days ago)
I did something wrong now shes pregnant
Extra Grass (9 days ago)
The only way she can get pregnant is if you have sex and cum into her vagina.
Gamer Fox (11 days ago)
I just wish I was a girl. I would absolutely love to have a vagina and be able to do things like squirt.
Mother Laura (11 days ago)
This should be called what it is: how to make a girl urinate... People are so stupid, it's terrifying.
Curtis Smith (7 days ago)
It's not urine (know the difference) that's Pussy juice
chris Rael (11 days ago)
I’ll make my girl squirt for the rest of her life yesss!!!
Gonna try this on my imaginary girlfriend
you gay
Kik/S3xYJ0Die (12 days ago)
George Math (13 days ago)
Ladies... I'll make you squirt ;) HMU
Moody Ali (14 days ago)
Am having a boner reading this 😅
Kevin Romex (14 days ago)
Sean Shank (14 days ago)
Yo wtf I was watching skate 3 videos and police shooting people how did I get here.
Rob Bot (14 days ago)
Squirting is just pissinb
NotQuiteSurprisedAtAll (14 days ago)
Angie B (15 days ago)
It’s piss!
Butt FartPoop (15 days ago)
Ok I subscribed
NANO SKY X (15 days ago)
Game Generation (15 days ago)
HowToBasic doin' some weirder shit than I remember.
Game Generation (15 days ago)
Well, I had to delete my history anyway.
Frankie Fry (15 days ago)
And I have squirted on multiple occasions
Frankie Fry (15 days ago)
My BF tried this on me really didn’t work
MilesAnimations (16 days ago)
People! When a girl squirts, it’s a very diluted urine. So, yes. It’s urine.
Bryan R (16 days ago)
There's nothing more pleasing than surprising any woman, when they pull your pants down and see a huge monster arise. You can have an incredibly thick and huge member, at least by 2-4 inches, by following what Simmy Krotiel says on his website. May try googling it.
Ian M. (16 days ago)
There's nothing more pleasing than surprising any woman, when they pull your pants down and see a huge monster arise. You can have an incredibly thick and huge member, at least by 2-4 inches, by following what Simmy Krotiel says on his website. May try googling it.
nrawayne (17 days ago)
ALL WOMEN "SQUIRT" 6 to 8 times a day.
nrawayne (17 days ago)
All you need to do is lock her in a closet with a six-pack of Dr Pepper for a few hours. I guarantee she'll "squirt".
John Rogers (17 days ago)
I thought you weren't supposed to get them wet or feed them after midnight or something like that. What the hell?
XxGoodSpiritxX (17 days ago)
XxGoodSpiritxX (17 days ago)
Thus says the Lord GOD of host, you my people have been a stubborn and rebellious nation, turn from your wickedness and your away from your stubborn rebellion and repent to me and live. Humble yourselves before me, and repent and live says the lord God of Host!
Naughty Stuff2 (17 days ago)
"How to make a woman pee" Fixed the title for you.
Tristan V (17 days ago)
You know, it's not only about making her feel an incredible orgasm that will have her quivering with pleasure in bed. It's also about making her feel it a few times in a single session, if that's what you want. Who knows if you're trying to become a god in bed... but try looking for Merle Winestol's website, and let's just say that your partner, well she'll be very thankful you did.
Gavin Mcclure (17 days ago)
My cousin didn’t squirt
Oppai Rasgo (17 days ago)
Why do i need to know this i am still a virgin
Big Texas (18 days ago)
Screw this. I'm doing the r kelly and peeing on my girl, Not her pee on me. Anybody doing some peeing it's gonna be Me!
Bush did 9/11 (18 days ago)
Came here for the comments
Conor Wilson (18 days ago)
I fell asleep with auto play on and ended up here
Fuck Me Hard (18 days ago)
I was reaching down to masturbate but felt a pad...
dan409 (18 days ago)
I came here because I thought it was gonna teach me how to make my girlfriend Squirt. She really loves that particular soda.
Ralph Hernandez (11 days ago)
Ha ha good one
Rob Mackenzie (17 days ago)
Ahahaha lol
Cora Pinney (18 days ago)
I did it on my girlfriend but pee came out she said me and her are gonna make a baby with condoms one day wish me luck like if you want me to have sex
melvin nizel alarca (18 days ago)
this is only pee or urine not ejaculate
Ass Wumu (19 days ago)
Tried this on a but hole and some brown stuff came out smelled like doodoo looked like doodoo taste like Doo Doo must be doodoo
Huckleberry Cher (19 days ago)
Linda Jackson (19 days ago)
These comments are crazy.. 😂😂
JeanRastababoule (20 days ago)
I wrecked the sofa, 1/10, wouldn't recommend.
Ahmad Dan-Hamidu (20 days ago)
Is there a position/posture the male (and female) can assume such that the male can use his erect penis instead of his finger to stroke the target zone as described in the video (for the fingers to do)?
sports&scifiguy (20 days ago)
Some people wanna know if there's a way to bring colonists back from Mars. Some wonder about how to further fund education in a nation that over budgets military armaments while schools are closing everywhere. Some are working on alternate fuels. And then.....there's the one's who research girls squirting from sex. Yes, let's figure out hole poking squirt responses. That's important stuff.
Howlingmad Mudduck (20 days ago)
And you need to have instructions to know this? Its best to do this as your nibbling on her clit. And fingering that g spot as if your playing a Getty Lee bass line.
Lps KissAnime (20 days ago)
how did this happen I went from watching The Sims to this
Michael Murphy (20 days ago)
Step one....put the pen down...or maybe up.
кэннй (20 days ago)
Legend has it that this is what caused the great flood
Lisa BC (21 days ago)
I squirt regularly. It's not pee. It's wonderful.
David King (4 days ago)
Love to see that
Mother Laura (11 days ago)
That's called chlamydia, honey.
George Math (13 days ago)
+Choco Timmy Tam XD ... I'll make you squirt ;)
Harlie Knight (21 days ago)
Im 11 but eager to find out what life will bring me I’m defiantly looking forward to use this technique on my gf
Lil Psycho (21 days ago)
How the hell did I get here... literally 2 minutes ago I was watching Tokyo ghoul
GOLD21 (22 days ago)
Damn um wet, um going to c my Buu like now
SC0RP10N (22 days ago)
Was watching fortnite and this is on my suggested Im now traumatized
Squirming if watching Britain's got talent by accident. Rything if my g spot is being teased with intention.
How the hell did I get here?
Travis M. (23 days ago)
Congratulations!! Youve been pissed on.
Suzanne Johnson (7 days ago)
I squirt it feels great I assure you it's not pee it feels good I'm getting off I know the feeling peeing and getting off is to deffernent things
mela cord (23 days ago)
Stupid ! Women don t ejaculate and there isn t such thing as a G spot ,it s a speculation !
Carlos Gee (23 days ago)
I ate the shit out this girl pussy she squirted all over my lips .....
Carlos Gee (21 days ago)
+Cats99999 and what's that?
Cats99999 (21 days ago)
+Carlos Gee no it is a subreddit on reddit.com
Carlos Gee (21 days ago)
+Cats99999 what you mean you have sex? Lol
Cats99999 (22 days ago)
gamingchief 4627 (23 days ago)
Should I wear goggles so I can see where I'm going?
Gamina Wulfsdottir (23 days ago)
1:37 When you wrote "WILLL" with three L's, I heard that, in my head, in James Earl Jones' voice.
The Impaler (24 days ago)
Faster and easier to give her a hundred bucks. She'll squirt and squeal.
Aliyah Vasquez (24 days ago)
Need a man to do this to me
George Math (13 days ago)
Aliyah... I'll make you squirt ;)
Cats99999 (22 days ago)
Im down any day of the week :)
BareKnuckles Mick (24 days ago)
I rub the clit with my thumb while doing this around steps 6, and 7
smoke dope 420 (24 days ago)
Man I made my Bitch do that she squirt hard
Kerry Williams (24 days ago)
Olivia can I try that on you sweetie
Axl H. (25 days ago)
My gf will love this hehe
As I've done this thing to my Girl friend days Ago she just kick me right straight to my Balls. And she just said we're now Equal. She Run away. But I caught her and made her just Squirt and Scream for a pleasure again. Hahahaha.. She's secretly want me doing it though! 😂😂
Ass Wumu (25 days ago)
I'm so sick of kunts anymore I only fuck holes in the ass now days. Fuck a vagina sick of vagina. I want to fuck her ass hole to death like your supposed to
Ass Wumu (25 days ago)
I learned this on my own as a youngster and have been making vaginas squirt for over 40 years. When I was 13 I discovered this technic while have sex with my girlfriend 2 years younger than me at the time who ended up being with me for around 13 years from childhood too adult we were in love ahw. Anyway after learning this I had to use this on all her friends while we grew up and any other female I met. I went on to do this with every female I had sex with for my entire life. It is so crazy when they squirt some just get like really wiggly and start squirming like crazy and winneing and oh my god crazy shit. Never met a female that don't squirt. I'm 55 now and have become tired of sex anymore. But yes found this trick out on my own as a child and did it for many years after learning.
buster rymes (26 days ago)
now for the next video ladys how to make your boyfriend shoot his cum all over.
Ann Au-yeung (29 days ago)
I love this 🤗😍😘✌
Kassius KLAY (29 days ago)
To train on female robot beforehand ...
Olivia King (1 month ago)
My boyfriend watched this and he now knows how to please me.💏
All my friends says it smells weird when they do it....
vicky observer (24 days ago)
defecated at the same time then...!
Mick Murray (1 month ago)
Step one should be to put on a slicker! Step 2 should be to put a couple of towels down. And the step before she starts squirting should be to: get ready to get wet!
No Nickname (1 month ago)
What if she really needed to pee and she pisses on your hands and bed?. 😂

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