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Zara Fashion Line: Are Americans Too Fat to Enjoy Popular Brand?

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World's largest retail chain says it has no plans to add plus sizes to fashion line. For more on this story, click here: http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/entertainment/2012/11/fashion-tricks-to-fake-the-perfect-figure/
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Nina K. Eleanya (2 months ago)
Just lose some weight... Or shop somewhere else. 🤔
이달의소녀 이브 (7 months ago)
Good brands don't want fat or ugly people wearing their clothes
boston 2015 (7 months ago)
Yes your money is good but it cost more money to make plus size clothes
shannon osullivan (7 months ago)
Well I’ve been tall and thin my entire life and every time I go for something with a longer fit the clothes are always ALWAYS made for a bigger woman. So I can’t say they don’t have HELLA options to wear.
Pia TWD (7 months ago)
“plus-size” more like obesity
Sabrina Adam (7 months ago)
Zara does have clothing in L & XL, I’m so confused lol So because a lot of Americans are so obese they can’t fit a standard XL then the company should waste money to accommodate them? And what if the style doesn’t look good in that size anyway! The answer is to loose weight for your health and well-being first & think about fashion later. Why do these women care more about Zara then their cholesterol level? Shopping at Lane Bryant won’t kill you, but being obese will. I say this as someone who lost a family member due to obesity related complications at the age of 54. Fat people don’t live long, that’s one fact you can’t deny.
Niccolò Machiavelli (6 months ago)
It isn't a standard XL. As you could see the Asian woman who is normal weight in the united states fit an XL. I weigh about the same as the Asian woman and I can only fit XL. The Zara sizes are much smaller than other retailers. At forever 21 I wear size Medium and the Large is too baggy on me.
Kathryn DeSinaasappelen (8 months ago)
Sizes in america are messed up to be honest. In Europe I am a L-XL and That is cool cause I am a big girl, and could stand to lose weight. US I am an xs-m and I am not.
ruzzell907 (8 months ago)
Plus-size or obesity-size? If a large percentage of the American population is on X-XL size, and there's a demand for even larger sizes, then it's about time to look at the people and not the clothing company.
jeanetteRyokuX (9 months ago)
When i couldnt fit into the largest jeans...the first thing that came to my mind was that i needed to start exercise...not blog how unfair the brand is.
rascalmofo (9 months ago)
Americans have a terrible sense of fashion anyways. Why waste cheap but fashionable clothes on them
vmkoz (9 months ago)
fat hoes
Den Koxh (10 months ago)
Wow....first world problems...americans are overweight...zara doesnt accomodate for their unhealthy lifestyles....
DallasitetotheFuture (10 months ago)
Lose weight. Simple.
Oleg Unknown (11 months ago)
Holy sh*t! I can't squeeze my hippo butt into this cute dress ...
Nisha (1 year ago)
Good for you Zara. Don't follow the mad-hatter fat-acceptance movement even if it's not making you money in the US OF OBESITY. There are bigger markets elsewhere like China!
MrApplewine (1 year ago)
As a man I find even the smallest waist sizes of all brands are too big in the waist and hips for me. At the same time the sizes go up well into the obese range. I just went to the zara website and their find my size tool says they don't have anything slim enough for me. Also, I cannot fit into the super skinny jeans because they are just made for guys who are fat who want to wear super tight pants in the legs with the waist hanging down over the butt.
Fixed Face (1 year ago)
these fat broads sound borderline retarded
Sammy Keogh (1 year ago)
Cost a lot of money ????? There are a lot of people who are + size so it would balance out tbh
StrategySceptic (1 year ago)
In europe we have some clothing with two sizes, Like "EU L, USA M" The same article is considered a size larger for Europians.
Leila Diba (1 year ago)
Instead of them changing their eating habits! Don't blame zara for your lazy fat bodies. Blame yourselves, do some sport and eat healthy food!!
John Noonan (1 year ago)
"I don't know why you would want to shut yourself out of the American market". And by American, he means overweight.
You're Ugly (1 year ago)
Get your fat asses to gym.
isaac joel (1 year ago)
well im wearing ALL Zara in my profile pic, fits me well..
GarbageHaul85 (1 year ago)
isaac joel cause ur not overweight like them
Marie-Louise (1 year ago)
welcome to america's vanity sizing..
Peter Pan (1 year ago)
Stop pushing and promoting unhealthy body size..there's no reason why anyone should be larger than a size 16 unless they are 6'5 tall.
Fuchs (2 years ago)
They blame Zara, but don't blame themselves.
Paul G (2 years ago)
I am a healthy man who does work out and has a more athletic build and wear an XL or XXL at zara. Truth is zara is a European brand and most Europeans are on the slimmer side.
I don't think the problem is Zara, I think the problem is their health issues and that's where they should put their energy and focus. Justifying obesity and cardiovascular/diabetes risk-taking and criticizing an obviously popular and worldwide fashion retailer is not the solution but just an excuse for what?
Bank Soft (2 years ago)
it s good to see more Zara shops in US .Great
Bank Soft (2 years ago)
Fat people are part of the world why not Zara design clothes for them !
Michael Naughtin (10 months ago)
Fat people are a unhelpful unhealthy minority to the human population.
zara ali (2 years ago)
hy mojy b modhal bnana h my nam is zara
deno deno (2 years ago)
maybe these people complaining should first of all live a healthier lifestyle and lose some weight..then look at buying clothing
Tearstank (2 years ago)
Please beware that Zara steals other artists designs and refuses to reimburse them. That is no less that theft. Boycott Zara!
Wow Lizzy (2 years ago)
#supporttuesdaybassen 💥Zara steals designs 💥 --> https://instagram.com/p/BIJJskbjh-x/
Jane Madison (2 years ago)
There are some many clothing stores for fat people to shop why they always focus on the few that don't I'll never understand.
mario mesa (2 years ago)
I think is because they want to tell the world that being fat is acceptable and the market should cater for them!
I come from a different part of the world (Eastern Europe) where women are generally smaller than in the US. I found that sizes differ here as compared to US-here I am a solid M, whereas when I was in the US I realized I could fit in an S, even XS (?!). However, Zara sizes are smaller than, say, H&M. If you are a teenager or young adult and wear a size 10 and above, you will have a hard time finding clothes here. Plus size clothing stores almost don''t exist.
Christopher West (3 years ago)
there are plenty of stores for fat tall people let short skinny people have nice clothes to. at least fat people can go to Wal-Mart and buy cheap clothes to fit them. if I bought clothes from Wal-Mart I'd be swimming in them.
Hassan Sajid (3 years ago)
I think clothing should the same as food so bigger the size of jacket the more you have to pay for it just like meal sizes
Sophia M. (3 years ago)
Zara sizes are generally ridiculous.
DallasitetotheFuture (10 months ago)
Not really. What's ridiculous is our sizes in America.. They fit EU people just fine because almost every other region in the world is leaner than America.
HonestOpinions (2 years ago)
Zara sizes are actually quite big compared to asian sizes... It's one of the only clothing stores I can fit into XD
+Sophia M. I am not thin by anyone's measure. However I can wear ZARA stuff. I take a "large" usually. I would NEVER expect anyone else to accommodate my dietary carelessness, sorry.
Whitney Pyant (3 years ago)
It European store so it going to be different
BabyKrogan (3 years ago)
I don't see why this is a big deal, those look like frumpy old lady clothes and those girls are too young to be wearing it anyway lol
David Gutierrez (3 years ago)
There fat asses need to lose weight
mario mesa (2 years ago)
+K Tibaijuka stop rolling, you'll get dizzy darling!
Haya Glamazon (3 years ago)
+David Gutierrez LMAO!!!! I am rolling laughing
Lose weight. Americans are too fat, by and large, anyway.
Pia Pavita (4 years ago)
Zara is trying to help them to be healthy. Its good
xgoldlion07x (4 years ago)
To Abercrombie or Hollister do plus size? I can think of plenty of stores that don't! There are cute plus size stores like Torrid that doesn't do smaller sizes. Why should Zara be forced to do plus sizes
jxsilicon9 (1 year ago)
Abercrombie shames even skinny people.
Tomek Misiewicz (4 years ago)
we used to call them just fat woman, now its just a plus size? if you gonna call a hippo a king of the lakes on the end of the day he still gonna be a hippo
Q Min (3 years ago)
good metaphor.
f3rg (4 years ago)
"This size XL jacket doesn't fit!  It must be the fault of the designer."
Whitney Pyant (4 years ago)
Plus size women also need to understand they are not going to fit into every store.
Don't sugar coat it, they might eat it too 😕
Cognitio Vitae (3 years ago)
+Whitney Pyant Plus size? Call them truly, without sugar coating it, what they are- FAT. One shouldn't be afraid of words.
Robert J. Williamson (4 years ago)
So they want normal sized people to pay more so they can buy clothes there. Fabric costs money and they need to offset the additional costs. They choose to be obese, and it is a choice, so just shut up and deal with their choice. 
Kayla Preda (3 years ago)
+Robert J. Williamson Thank god, someone who understands! PREACH! I'm tired of fat people complaining, IT'S THEIR FAULT THEY ARE TOO LAZY TO LOSE ANY WEIGHT.
Mechi Ironhawk (4 years ago)
fat women always look for a reason to complain...
k (4 years ago)
This is why I love Zara. 
Whitney Pyant (2 years ago)
I need a zara store in michigan.
Sya Lin (4 years ago)
Hahaha..instead of slimming down and eat healthy they want clothing line to fit them. That explains the epidemic .
Chris Chris (7 months ago)
I have some kilos to loose and I refuse to buy clothes right now, id rather slim down and enjoy wearing them, sometimes you have to come to realise that people do look better thinner , not skinny but beeing a normal weight .
Sandy Orozco (4 years ago)
I sympathize with both sides of this argument.  Big people should be able to shop for garments that don't look and feel like a circus tent. There are so many designers that specialize in studying the human figure at a size 2, and create gorgeous pieces of clothing for that body shape. Likewise, I think something similar could be done for plus-sized folks. From a young age, I was always very into fashion. It was actually one of my main motivations for losing 75lbs (trumped only by a desire to be healthier and a engage in distance running). And boy, oh boy, could you tell the difference in my wardrobe.  It was definitely harder for me to find trendier items when I was bigger. But honestly, I don't think that's such a bad thing because 1.) it wasn't IMPOSSIBLE and 2.) one of the greatest rewards to being smaller and fitter is being able to wear so many great things I couldn't before.  High-waisted jeans, fitted tops, shorts, cropped sweaters, thigh highs. I no longer have to cover up a pretty strapless dress with a cardigan because I feel self-conscious about my arms. Or avoid shorts because I don't think my legs are toned enough.  I don't go into stores like H&M, Urban Outfitters, and Zara with the intent to only pick up "over-sized" tees that will actually fit me just right. Yes, plus-sized folks should be able to shop with the option of not having to spend an arm and a leg for something that looks good, I definitely support that.  But, I also believe that we should be striving to lower the obesity number instead of just catering to it. I don't want plus-size people to feel alienated because of their weight, that's a horrible feeling that is expressed onto bigger folks all the time; but I also think that it's good that there are some stores, like Zara, that don't conform their market all the way. Maybe a better way to think of it is as a challenge that plus-size people can take on, and to let it be a reward for those who strive through all the grueling runs and gym trips.  And in the end, the biggest reward would be your better health. To enhance the quality of your lifestyle, and giving yourself a few more years of healthier living.
RashaunPauleon (4 years ago)
just dont be fat
Trevaricus (4 years ago)
As a tall skinny dude I love Zara; I feel like it's the only store I can go to where everything isn't five sizes too bulky.
2joshua22 (4 years ago)
So true
H Jr (4 years ago)
Stan Dard (5 years ago)
I Mean if 30% suffer from Obesity, how comes none of their Reporters are Obese?
Haya Glamazon (3 years ago)
+f3rg LMAO!!! This is hilarious
f3rg (4 years ago)
Because no one wants to look at fat people on TV.
Gedas Klemas (5 years ago)
i don't know what to say, 30% of americans are too fat to wear normal people stuff, well there are always special stores for fat people. why do americans try avoid the fact that they are FAT and just complains about normal people stores that they are not selling + sizes? u want it ? Go ahead and loose some damn weight. that's my only thought on this. in Europe it is rare to see so many obese ppl.
Michael Naughtin (10 months ago)
Fat French overweight ha ha ha what a joke.
KesiaT. (5 years ago)
Zara is not that cheap
Dela2031 (5 years ago)
I don't mean to be a superficial person but the truth is you can simply solve most of your having a hard time shopping,health problems by trying to get into a healthy active life style.
Ellie Shim (2 years ago)
No dw about it, your 100% right, it is good to be healthy
Cas M (5 years ago)
That's so stupid that they don't want to make plus size because yes it does mean more material=more cost but that also means more sales. Anyways I would never ever shop at zara due to the fact they torture rabbits for their fur!
Whitney Pyant (4 years ago)
Zara doesn't have to make to plus size clothing. There no law forcing Zara to make plus size clothing. Most of those stores like H&M, American Eagle only go up to size 14 in their stores but if you are 16, or a 18 you have order them online. Same with J. Crew. I am size 12/14 so I can shop anywhere except maybe hollister which no big deal for me.
Whitney Pyant (4 years ago)
Zara doesn't have to make to plus size clothing. There no law forcing Zara to make plus size clothing. Most of those stores like H&M, American Eagle only go up to size 14 in their stores but if you are 16, or a 18 you have order them online. Same with J. Crew. I am size 12/14 so I can shop anywhere except maybe hollister which no big deal for me.
Ray Y (5 years ago)
It's indeed fascinating to watch everybody in this video simply unable to comprehend how the Americans can be ignored..
Mihir Bellare (2 years ago)
Stplaya08 (5 years ago)
I don't understand these people. They're fat and they concentrate more on what they wear than how they eat. Them complaining isn't gonna work. These clothes don't even look good on you if you're big anyway. Maybe Zara keeps their sizes small to motivate people to lose weight. If you want something bad enough, you'll do what it takes. Now get your ass to the gym.
HereIAm247 (1 year ago)
Zara is a spanish brand, and have smaller sizes than most of europe. (I assume the people are smaller/more petite). This is why their sizes are so much smaller than most US brands, since US sizing is bigger than average europe. :) It is not motivation, it is just the sizing system. I am a scandinavian size M/L. In spain, I would be a L/XL, and in US a size S.
alukardFE (5 years ago)
Lose some weight
BrazilianMaster (5 years ago)
HK (5 years ago)
There's plenty of (non-plus sized) stores where I cant find proper clothes because I'm a skinny girl. I'm not complaining. Not being able to shop at EVERY store is not a big deal. Just don't try to shop at zara if you know they probably won't have your size.
Gerardine A. (5 years ago)
I wouldn't say stores that only sell smaller clothes sizes is exactly an "inspiration". I look about average, but I'm also real curvy so Zara's clothes doesn't fit me. So I just get pissed off when I can't find clothes there in my size.
Michael Naughtin (10 months ago)
What ? Commercials with that line for bras just my size
Gerardine A. (5 years ago)
I have a curvy figure, not because I'm fat, but because of genetics. I have a larger chest and butt, so I can't really where Zara clothes. Sometimes it isn't a weight thing...so yeah.
Michael Naughtin (10 months ago)
No marilyn was curvy. What so many Americans call curvy is rolling
maria gleizer (5 years ago)
What I think is sad, is that I am a perfectly healthy woman who is smack in the middle of the BMI range and cannot find clothes that are small enough to fit me. I'm fine if I go to places like forever 21 where they cater to juniors, but if I want any business professional clothing I literally have to have them tailored.
remmybae (5 years ago)
Zara sizing is a great motivator, lets put it like that.
Alexa Likes (5 years ago)
it's true. I take an M or L at Zara, an 8 at H&M but somehow ... at Old Navy I have to take a 2 or 4. It makes no sense.
J A (5 years ago)
lol your fat thats your problem not zaras
desertrose88 (5 years ago)
With that attitude you can't date anyone. you are so pathetic that you even had to send the same thing to my inbox. please stop calling me names. Plus there is a difference between being obese and chubby. And please fix your grammar. English is my third language and at least i know where to use punctuations, well most of the time. "I can not date a skinny bitch like hatefule"? What the hell does that mean?
Michael Naughtin (10 months ago)
Bottom line. preferred weight medically is not meet
VanillaSoii (6 years ago)
zara used to be affordable. It has begun raising its prices astronomically now though and is far too pricey for the general public. On top of that, its not just fat people. Muscular guys as well as large men in general will have nothing to fit them.
Alter Ego (6 years ago)
Milan Bojovic (6 years ago)
pfff.. lose weight..
sam G (6 years ago)
good for zara, this should encourage obese americans to eat healthy and go to the gym. americans shouldn't praise obesity, its a disease that can lead to diabetes, and heart conditions.
Fox (6 years ago)
it's a good thing ! we shouldn't support obesity
UrbanEsta (6 years ago)
I see no problem with this, they have the right to sell what they want to sell, at what size they want to sell. I don't see people asking Ashley Stewart and Lane Bryant to include clothes for Sizes 2,4, and 6. They also care about the quality of their product, so if they were to use the same standards for their product for plus sizes, it would be more expensive to produce, and the prices would be more than their regular sizes. You can't shop everywhere and buy everything as much as we'd like.
Lvmborghini_GQ (6 years ago)
And they would get two big ass loud black women. They ain't got ya size, dont shop there. End of discussion.
If they don't have your size, just don't shop there. They have the right to sell what they want. Don't like it, go somewhere else.
therockfan678 (6 years ago)
no problem, the longer you do cardio the faster you will lose weight. Elliptical machine and treadmills are the best option.
GentleGeisha (6 years ago)
Oh ok, I did all that except I did twent minutes cardio and didn't lose weight, I'll ramp up the cardio and hopefully make some progress. Thankyou for your time!
angels avenge (6 years ago)
your not fat your just pleasingly plump!!! lmfao
Michael Naughtin (10 months ago)
Pleasantly plump is sugar coating fat
therockfan678 (6 years ago)
I was 60 pounds overweight, I was on a 2000 calorie diet, went to gym 6 days a week. 1 hour cardio everyday, 3 days a week strength training. Didn't touch junk food. Lost all the weight in 4 months. I needed to have a strong willpower, and stopped making excuses.
GentleGeisha (6 years ago)
How did you lose the weight?
Zahran Anwar (6 years ago)
Thank you for preaching logical sense! People just need to start running that lard off.
Dan O (6 years ago)
I really think it's how people call Americans lazy and fat. The US has the highest eating disorders rate in the world (and increasing).We also have the highest steroid,and plastic surgery rates in the world. Alot of people do this so they can get in shape, or to be thin. As for being lazy, Americans usually only have 2 weeks of vacation a year. So suck on that !!!
jjlwis (6 years ago)
@ 0:45 Slenderman?
shagurl212 (6 years ago)
ooo fat jokes, how original you must be. why are you even still talking?
astralweeks23 (6 years ago)
Zara cuts their clothing sooo small. I wear a size 6 in dresses in all other stores and went up to a 10 here. Juju also couldnt get the XL on and usually an 8 is a medium. Screw this store.
shagurl212 (6 years ago)
I'm self trolling but you're the one that came on here talking about your 80 pounds. you damn right I'm a bitch because I refuse to let you or anyone else talk shit about plus size women. I'm done with you and your foolishness.
Michael Naughtin (10 months ago)
Ain't nobody talking here.this is virtually writing. Duhh
shagurl212 (6 years ago)
and you still continue to stereotype. I'm in the gym 3-4 times a week and as an intern i run errands all over the city of NY & 9 times out of 10 I'm walking and have lost 20 pounds in the last 3 months. But what does my health have to with where I shop? It's people like you who feel high and mighty cause you lost a few pounds. and as I said, I'm fine with Zara not wanting to extend sizes, but they DO NOT have to be rude about it. so as I said, sit down somewhere.
shagurl212 (6 years ago)
sooooo what do you want a round of applause or something? FYI I am very active and don't live off fast food. so don't be putting all of us in the same box. I can't stand people like you how think size equates to health. sit down somewhere.
shagurl212 (6 years ago)
Gabriela Rebeca (6 years ago)
Despite the economic crisis, the American market is big enough to justify a higher fabric expenditure (even if it is, like you say, six times more). I do not think this is about people being fat, or if they should lose weight or not, this is about seizing a business opportunity.
shagurl212 (6 years ago)
Just so you know the UK has a huge offers most of the plus size clothing that we buy so before you all starting running you mouths I suggest you know what you're talking about.
shagurl212 (6 years ago)
I am actually one of the young ladies in the videos. And you internet gangsters are what kill me because ya'll know absolutely nothing lol I can't even be mad, because the ignorance that floats around is just to funny. I'm quite ok with Zara being for only straight size women, what I don't like the rude and disrespectful way in which we are treated. FYI I'm damn proud of my body, and I will speak on issues that bother me
zoewtang (6 years ago)
not just USA in UK they hardly have any size L clothing lots of size S and M, but hardly any L sizes. it's the same with other retailers like Hollister, Abercrombie and fitch and gilly hicks. why do they only go up to size L or XL cause they don't want Fat people wearing their clothes. and costs too much to make plus size clothes.
desertrose88 (6 years ago)
obesity is 35% in America, and you should be ashamed of it! instead of whining about it do something! i am not super skinny myself, i am normal and clothes in zara fit me. I prefer to be healthy, if i was overweight i would try and fix that instead of whining! The fact that Zara does not want to produce clothes for plus sized people, it should be an inspiration for them to lose weight!

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