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EARNING THE LURKING AROUND TROPHY IN FINAL REICH BY SHOOTING DR STRAUB! Here's how to get the Lurking Around WW2 Zombies trophy guide! Go to round 6 and keep watching the window I showed in my gameplay here. Straub should spawn in between the 10th and 15th minute of your game, but he will only be there for about 10 seconds! ✪ Subscribe to Milo! https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=mrroflwaffles ✪ Mr RoflWaffles Videos! http://bit.ly/roflwaffles ✪ MrRoflWaffles Twitter! http://bit.ly/twaffles ✪ Rofl Waffles Instagram! http://instagram.com/Milo_BC ✪ Milo on Snapchat is "mrrw" https://www.snapchat.com/add/mrrw ✪ Roffle Waffles FaceBook! https://www.facebook.com/MrRoflWaffles ♥ Powered by Elgato Gaming: http://e.lga.to/MrRoflWaffles Looking for "Call of Duty Zombies"? Interested in the Call of Duty Zombies Storyline, or hunting for new Black Ops 3 Zombies gameplay? You're in the right place. I'm a CoD BO3 Zombies expert, and your new best friend. Let's hang out. As always, thanks for watching! Be sure to stick the LIKE button in your waffle iron and give it a good cookin' if you enjoyed the video, and I'll see you next time! - Milo x
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Text Comments (2433)
MrRoflWaffles (1 year ago)
Have you seen Dr Straub yet? If so, where, when, and under what conditions? Let's see if we can find a pattern!
DJ Mcnally (1 day ago)
I saw him 10 times in a week
Guntas Singh (1 month ago)
Round 3. In the laboratory, ehere the hooks are
Guntas Singh (5 months ago)
In the window beside the emperor’s chamber.
Ghostwolf (6 months ago)
I saw him in the morgue room near the power supply for the salt mine
Ghostwolf (6 months ago)
I saw him near one of the power supply to open the salt mine in the morgue
evan dillon (1 day ago)
I found dr straub in level 5 while switching the power for where the had of God is
i didnt even know about this badge but i shot him on round 7
Thomas Barrett (18 days ago)
I got the Dr Straub thing yesterday and thought nothing I had just killed a wüstling so I assumed it was something to do with that
Brandon Perez (20 days ago)
I saw him at where you get the first peice of the tesla gun window
THE EQUALIZER (1 month ago)
Dr straub is in my house right now
Timothy Rose (2 months ago)
Here's a question what are the red bows around the map for
Pedro Hernandez (2 months ago)
I survived wave 42
Some One (2 months ago)
There are several different places to find him. I've shot him twice in the same match
Gage Lavigne (3 months ago)
He was in a barrier in the vault and he just walked away don’t know where he went and I did not shoot and later on in that game it was like round 13 and gave me the lurking around achievement and I don’t know how
Trogalitious (3 months ago)
What I did was hide in the glitch room and I somehow killed him
Johnny Probro (3 months ago)
Same thing happened to me lol 😂
Leaf A Like (3 months ago)
same thing happened to me on round 17
Spidercrook 247 (3 months ago)
I saw straub on like round 7
Harmon? (3 months ago)
i never saw him but got the achiemenent
Roxas Realm (4 months ago)
I got him on Round 3. Don't know how exactly. I wasn't in any trouble or anything. I guess when I added attachments to the M1 Garand (Full Metal Jacket, Reflex Shot, Grip, and something else, I forgot), it must've shot threw some walls.
Kylie Jenner Is My Bae (4 months ago)
I thought he was one of the mini bosses when I got the trophy.
Gabriel Ramos (4 months ago)
That Stupid Guy scared me
Dre Mile (4 months ago)
He popped up on round 4 I have a xbox in the morgue in the window by the power box
Huntterx175 (4 months ago)
i got him on the darkest shore dlc on wave 2 before dlc pack 2
Tanner The Phoenix (5 months ago)
Whenever I play on my Xbox it crashes by memory error or connection lost to host/server
coolskull115 (5 months ago)
I have seen him next to the power next the the 2nd piece for the gun I think it was round 3 maybe 4 I didn't shoot at him cause I was confused by what it was and he got away before I could and I haven't seen him since
Ciara Abbas (5 months ago)
For me I discovered him in the mourge by the power switch
Valease Jackson (5 months ago)
I found him round 4
manny flores (5 months ago)
Its not a late game thing i was at round 7 and i saw him
Rachel G (5 months ago)
Zander (6 months ago)
Seen him behind power machine
Russell Soileau (6 months ago)
It popped randomly for me too
Adolf Hitler (6 months ago)
I got him randomly shooting the big zombies
FullOn-Games\24/7 (6 months ago)
I randomly got the trophy just like you did and in the same area.
Ghostwolf (6 months ago)
I saw him today lol i didnt know he was a thing tell i saw him today lol i never seen any videos about him tell i searched it up
Downer G (6 months ago)
I got it on round 28
Otaku_God_777 (7 months ago)
I did this on accident XD also I got him on round 22 by accident
Jake Paquin (7 months ago)
So i was at the switches to be able to open the salt mine door and I was holding a Brenner head when I saw him and it was at least wave 20+ the room thats not the labratory
ukezi (7 months ago)
I got the trophy (PS4) accidently :D (EDIT: aw yeh I saw him in the laboatory)
The Original Crazy Gamer (7 months ago)
Got him in round 13 but I was shooting zambies in the second room you go in
PocketPat (7 months ago)
I got confused when I got the trophy too because I didn't see him, I thought it was another zombie with a different skin that I didn't recognize. Turns out I accidentally shot him through a wall...
Myrna (7 months ago)
You can shoot him and do nothing but red implosion
Big Daddy Romeo (7 months ago)
I got him on around 20 on the same bored you're on right now
Bradley Pacey (7 months ago)
Same I got the trophy while mowing down a horde of zombies just not even aiming for him
EZZY GREZZY (7 months ago)
Round 7 by the electric trap in the window I put 2 clips in him he didn't die and I don't get the trophy
Esteban Muniz (7 months ago)
I saw him on round 25 on far shore after you open the first door run up the stairs and the broken bars on your left he popped up for me we were more then half way done with the Easter egg
Madmilldro ! (8 months ago)
I seen him in the morgue next to the stg eArly on for 4-5 games in a row. My reaction was to just shoot him of course lol
TheadoreGaming (8 months ago)
I've seen Dr. Straub twice in the Morge when I was going to turn on the fuse box for the salt mine. The first time I saw him, was in a little window/opening to another room, right next to the Morge Fuse Box (It's the first one I always go to). He was just standing there and he was staring at me then walked away. He never came back and on my screen he was a zombie. The second time I saw him, I went to go do the same thing in a new game and to make sure I wasn't seeing things but he wasn't in the same spot. I went looking around the Morge but couldn't find him, then I went to the spike trap and I saw him on the other side of the big gate. When I saw him, he started walking towards the other rooms. He walked all the way to the room with the hanging bodies. At this time he was human. He then walked out of that room, but I couldn't follow him cause there was no more rooms/windows I can see him through. Does he even attack or jump scare players?
TheadoreGaming (8 months ago)
I also didn't know if I had to shoot him cause I was a bit freaked out and I was trying to process what was happening.
bitch lasagna (8 months ago)
Saw him only in my frist zombies game on round 7 in the room right of the salt mine
oliver 333999 (9 months ago)
I said him to
Gaming Kid (9 months ago)
Albino Deathclaw (9 months ago)
Same also highest round I got him on was 35
Perron Plays (9 months ago)
Bro I was on a high round attempt 23 and I was shooting zombies and I got the achievement! It was so cool. I never thought of ever getting it. Lol 😂
Ch3stnutAcorn28 (9 months ago)
What's funny is I did everything on my second game of WWII without knowing and I saw Dr. Straub, and I shot him because I hated him. Then I got an achievement and I was like, "What the F bro". It's hilarious cause I did everything without even knowing.
Kristi Walker (9 months ago)
I got him on around three I didn’t you again but I didn’t know about the trophy
Deniz Yasar (9 months ago)
I saw him next to the electric perk i shoot him and i didnt get anything as well i dont remember the round but it was early on
Rqmah (9 months ago)
I saw him around 6 times when rerouting the power, hes always in the bunker for some reason.
EzYeezy CSGO Scamming (9 months ago)
I got him on round 15ish Darkest Shores and i was shooting through a bunch of zombies and didnt know i shot him until my friend asked how i got the achievement
MidgetGaming (9 months ago)
I got him on like round 4 or 5 in one of the windows in the laboratory when i first opened it up.
Juggernaut 927 (9 months ago)
I never saw him... but got it on round 16 and didn't even know there was a trophy for it or who he was.
Melisa Tokbay (9 months ago)
I saw him right before I was dying, it was round 5. He was in the morgue..
3 kat (9 months ago)
Fuk, i didnt even think to shoot him when i saw him -.-
Troy Kline (9 months ago)
Just today I was on the fishing docks back by the bridge for the lightening rods and I saw him up in the top of a window in one of the taller buildings. It was on round 21. I did not shoot him because I was confused as to what I actually saw... kinda wish I actually shot him now.
bo3 xbox Garcia (9 months ago)
I seen him on like round 10
Eddie Nunez (9 months ago)
Fuck you're suppose to shoot him??? I just saw him and ran off! Round fucking 4!!!!
Eamonn Noonan (9 months ago)
That's what happend me too
Zzz ion Channel (10 months ago)
Got him on wave 9 at the Mourge place next to the power thing
Neil Rd (10 months ago)
Hey! I didn’t not see him but I did encounter a some what similar to him. He didn’t have a face! Just a head no mouth but when I tried shooting at him the game just glitched out and pushed me back a few feet in which he then walked away. This was in round 5 when we had just turned on the power and opened the two doors to the telsa coils. Saw him down their by the window where you get the handle for the telsa gun. Anybody else?
Darian Presley (10 months ago)
I found him at round6
Chris Olson (10 months ago)
My name is not chris I'm on dad's acount my name is Arianna olson
dom the savage (10 months ago)
I found him in early teen rounds by the first power supply for the salt mines
Sniper Morin (10 months ago)
I seen him on round 6
KingTundra (10 months ago)
1 100% random
Sid 51 (10 months ago)
I was In Round 17 when I got the lurking Around Reward
Jesse Clarke (10 months ago)
My girlfriend and I played 2 games one on the final Reich and one on the darkest shore and she actually got the achievement on both. In two games. They were low level waves I’m pretty sure they were both best rounds but she was just shooting zombies like normal and all of a sudden bam there it was and she didn’t even do anything. Just emptying a machine gun into zombies and must’ve hit him. They’re totally random spawns and waves he can spawn on any zombies spawn
MrElethree (10 months ago)
I got him on second round of dark shores after leaving the beach. Opened the first gate and halfway up the stairs in the room on the left, we walks across the hallway behind hanging corpse from room to room.
Camila Rodriguez (10 months ago)
I saw him 2 times lurking around in cracks around the map. The second time was where you found him. The first time was in the room with the dead guy hanging on the wall with the projector on him. To the right when you come out of the salt mines
James Kudjick (10 months ago)
Seen him round 15/16 in the morgue trap area behind the gate pacing back and forth till he just left.
lovelle582 (10 months ago)
I've found Dr Straub on round 6
SHAUN Konschel (10 months ago)
I have seen him on round 6
staticmetal2002 xbl (10 months ago)
I randomly shot in a window in the village surface and popped the trophy. Round 10.
I was doing one of the hidden chalanges It was 27 i had only the bacon and eggs I found so much zombies in one spot I activated freefire and suddenly I get the achievment
Alpacino Dacosta (10 months ago)
I got it at level 6 but not every time hes in the Morgue where the light switch is but not all the time i confirm this considering i only got to level 17
The Chaweezy (10 months ago)
I was just trying to go for a high round hoarding the zombies and suddenly I got the trophy, I honestly thought I shot a special zombie. 😂
G Spiderman (10 months ago)
He was in the back of the room with the electricity trap. He then just walked away.
Mark Armendariz (10 months ago)
i saw him by the stg rifle in the morgue
Lorenzo Ayala (11 months ago)
Jus look for the fool
Wrestling Videos (11 months ago)
If u get to the morg at round 4 u can see him in the barrier beside the second power source
VeryFatSnorlax (11 months ago)
I got him same spot round 17 with a bar
DaJoJ 77 (11 months ago)
I saw him in the bunker by the butchering area. Round 6
Athletic Gamer (11 months ago)
I saw it on round 3 in a barrier
Ervin L (11 months ago)
It is easy to find him if you look inside of windows or places you can see through that you cant get inside of
Ervin L (11 months ago)
I shot him while inn was trying to open the salt mine door in the bunker
Aaron Wrecks (11 months ago)
I was in the laboratory I saw him pop up it weirded me out
KamrkaptainGOPRO (11 months ago)
I saw him on round 6 and I have PS4 so I tried to save the gameplay video but it didn’t save and no I have no proof and I’m pissed but I did get the trophy another time I just looked through my screenshots and saw it so I looked through it and couldn’t see him any where
KamrkaptainGOPRO (11 months ago)
I saw him in the laboratory in the Barrier right next to the “electrical attack on reload” perk and I shot him and nothing happened
Sr.tortas Jr. (11 months ago)
Round 3 right at the same place you got him. I had seen him in round 4 by the power switch
Nash Galaxy (11 months ago)
I got him at 11 and on the picture i was just shooting at zombies too
big smoke (11 months ago)
I got da achievement i didn't see him
Crisscrosby 123 (11 months ago)
I was hoping that the cod ww2 Zombies story line would be as good as black ops 3
Yello (11 months ago)
I shot him but i didint get the trophy btw i was on a early game
Erika Ellis (11 months ago)
Yes touching the zombies in the bunker
Mark Thoel (11 months ago)
Got him on the new darkest shore map. It was a very early round. I had just made it to the top of the first tunnel where the soldiers are seen hung behind a metal prison gate. It was only the second time I had played the map. I think it's simply random. Although I had just completed the beach scene without using the mounted machine gun in case anyone wants to try that
Randomguy R (11 months ago)
I accidentally killed him

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