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Nora’s SECRET Journal Returns! Speed Force Symbols are back! - The Flash 5x05 Promo

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Nora’s SECRET Journal Returns! Speed Force Symbols are back! - The Flash 5x05 Promo! The Flash Season 5, The Flash 5x05, The Flash Ring, Cicada, Nora Allen Mistake, Nora Allen XS Like / Share the Video if you enjoyed! Covering the latest in The Flash Season 5, Arrow Season 7, Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 and MUCH MORE! EXCLUSIVE Content and Bonuses @ Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/pagey Social Media: Twitter http://twitter.com/pagmyst Snapchat: apageyy Instagram: PageyYT Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/pagmyst Discord: https://discord.gg/Kw7dQE5 For Business Inquiries: [email protected] --- Channel Info --- I started my channel to talk about all things related to TV Shows and Movies. I do videos on Movie/TV News, Trailer Breakdowns, Movie and TV reviews, and plenty more! #TheFlash #TheFlashSeason5 #DCTV
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Text Comments (331)
Dan Verarde (5 months ago)
Look back at Elseworlds and look at the symbols in the book of destiny. Too dang similar to not link them up.. the same symbols Barry was writing everywhere at the beginning of season 4 when he came out the speedforce. 🤔
Nookie (7 months ago)
ragdoll looks like those twins from the matrix
JediGamerNicky (8 months ago)
I love Nora actually .-. I have no idea why people think she's a brat the way she acts towards iris is completely normal if that's the issue
The Weirdo (8 months ago)
Easy answer: She wanted to be like her father and fuck up the timeline.
SL0PPYN00DL3 (8 months ago)
So wait if team flash has Spencer’s phone y don’t they just make a headline saying something like all metas lose their powers
SL0PPYN00DL3 (8 months ago)
Anyone else think spencer was fine as hell
Michael 01 DC and marvel (8 months ago)
10:10 Damn right Iris is a hypocrite!! That's why I still hate her
Chewy Louie (8 months ago)
I’m happy that you missed an episode because the uk is now the same week as you 😈😈
Ron Murrell (8 months ago)
Ik this is completely of topic but what happened to big belly burger??
Bo3 is LIFE (8 months ago)
You say cicada so weird. See-kh-duh. Ce-caw-duh. Which one is write?
JrLovePLL12 (8 months ago)
I don't think Iris was being a hypocrite, I think when someone becomes a parent they start to understand things they didn't when they were younger. Also we don't know the future that Nora is coming from. Either way Iris was protecting her.
cbanks251 (8 months ago)
What if it was really Barry who implanted the chip in Nora because he was leaving?
MattyPlayz (8 months ago)
1:28 Barry and Iris be like My high ground now boi!!
Ray Freeman (8 months ago)
Nora is great/ someone toad her she have power???? But who ????? Was it mr. Miles?????
Nasty_GM (8 months ago)
8:05 got a ad about XXxTentacion - Moonlight MV. Can’t skip ofc so there you go, more money for you. R.I.P X, Bless your Soul.
Ayfy (8 months ago)
NastyGenjiMain I got an ad about TikTok. WHY?!?!?
Simone Lazarus (8 months ago)
I am on Nora’s side
Simone Lazarus (8 months ago)
I complete understand by your favorite person not taking your side
Alwayne Brown (8 months ago)
My thoughts on the Journal... basically its like a doorway to the future. the theory is that Nora is working with someone as opinionated by Sherloque. So basically shes writing whats happening and the Journal itself is going to be something that ends up being in the Flash Museum at some point. The person shes working with (most likely the caretaker) will be able to get updates on what ever shes doing. Now through the trickery of time travel once she writes whatever shes writing she automatically gets updated on what her partner wants her to do due to the fact that whtever she writes gets updated. In her future, the partner gets the updates and based on his/her knowledge instructs XS as to what her next move should be based on whatever shes writing now... Makes sense????
Golden Geek (8 months ago)
that is brilliant!!!! amazing idea
Brandon Thomas (8 months ago)
I think that when she writes In the journal it is like a instant message to the future, it goes to the person who helped her travel back In time
Nate R (8 months ago)
She might be leaving messages for someone in the future. Like a time capsule deal, write in it now and the person in the future could just open the book and see. Maybe for whoever it was that gave her ideas about coming to the past and messing with stuff
Klayden004 (8 months ago)
can't wait to see Ragdoll! He looks creepy as hell!
DeathBomb 320 (8 months ago)
Pagey if you go back to season 4 eps 4 Barry is taking about nora
Arleth's Tutorials (8 months ago)
Pagey why there didnt come a seson 5 on episode 5?? Did somthing happen
Finn West (8 months ago)
Does anybody want an American Horror Story Coven Crossover? The Coven Witches (Madison, Cordelia, Fiona, Myrtle, Marie Leveau and possibly Zoe and Misty ) head to Central City and show The Flash visions of a horrific future and the one thing to prevent it is to murder Barry Allen. Coven Witches would BULLDOZE Barry and Team Flash.
hit wonda (8 months ago)
I can't wait for the flash next week
scull crusher (8 months ago)
How can the flash speak in flashtime when he's faster than sound
Ifeanyi Maduabuchi (8 months ago)
I don’t know if the scene was a fail. I think the conflict was really good and the division of views actually made it better in my opion
OneSpeedyBoy (8 months ago)
Sorry bro but I think you prenounce cicada as cicáda and not cicàda
Wayne G. (8 months ago)
gay insults (8 months ago)
Iris is so sexy I'd smash
Zike (8 months ago)
The episode should have been released because the US isn't the only country
massive erectus (8 months ago)
It maybe a future language she learned that has nothing to do with the speed force. Who knows where Nora ran too.
Riley Bachman (8 months ago)
Nora is 27 or so
Kevin McDougall (8 months ago)
Rag Doll's "evil Raggedy Andy" look from the comics would also be creepy as f***.
Omri Nathanson (8 months ago)
Theory on Nora’s notebook: What if a young RF told Nora to run back into this time to learn about team flash? When she wrote in that notebook in Jitters, it was after meeting Cisco (and Ralph) so then RF would know Cisco better before meeting him.
Devin Blackwell (8 months ago)
Hey Pagey I don't know if you have noticed this but Nora outfit has the speed force symbols on it thought I'd let you know that
Bessie Scott (8 months ago)
Massive hypocrite when you don't know the facts. Makes not sense until we get the facts and no child should disrespect their parent the way Nora has. I love Nora but those snide comments on the baseball court and Iris is trying her best to get the know her. I will wait to find out what is really going on before I comment on either of them but as a mom and I had to raise a child alone, respect is done; my mom had to do it and trust me you would never ever do that and to disregard her mothering for one mistake please. What about her as a mother not a mistake that we all make '
roro mad (8 months ago)
nora has become so annoying.
Crimson (8 months ago)
Why is The CW DCU 20 times better than The DCCU. Warner needs to step up a gear or 5
Sarah Wilson (8 months ago)
To me I'm in the middle of Iris and Nora. I agree on Iris on being a hypocrite and she did the exact same drama thing with her mother Francine and Nora doesn't know why she did it, so I think both are in the wrong between themselves and everyone in some way or the other are always going to be hypocite's on one thing they think is wrong or right. Nora please love your mother, Iris is heartbroken, these are quotes for both mother and daughter: "a mother's love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity, it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in it's way." - by Agatha Christie and "when you look at your mother, you are looking at the purest love you will ever know." - by Charley Benetto.
METerrell (8 months ago)
Iris should just ask the DEO for some help (Brainy should be around somewhere), since she's there. I wonder how many times The Flash borrowed Supergirl's DEO set for their lounge. I think the picture of the three of them, with Nora in her XS suit, may be right after XS saves Barry and Cicada has shown up and attacked Ragdoll.
Jury Krajack jr (8 months ago)
Shouldnt she be almost 30 tho because barry had been missing for 25 years and she was a kid when he dissapeard just wonndering
E. Clark (8 months ago)
I can't explain the symbols, BUT if you go back and check the episode they appear in first, right after the team finds Barry writing them on the wall, you'll clearly hear Barry say, "Guys, Nora shouldn't be here!"
Martin L McMahon (8 months ago)
If Nora comes from the same future time-line as Zari then Iris probably suppressed her powers so ARGUS wouldn't discover she was a meta & take her away. If that was the reason I'm behind Iris 100%
Andre Bannis (8 months ago)
If you guys still don’t like the suit, look at the picture at 0:21 and look at the earpiece. The bottom of it looks unfinished. The bottom part of the neck region of the suit looks floppy also. I believe that the chin guard was taken off for the first part of the season so that during the crossover, it would be obvious that Stephen Amell was the Flash. I think once the crossover is over, the writers will weave in somehow the chin guard being placed back into the suit.
jjj mali29 (8 months ago)
Snowbarr y is gonna hints us until crossover slowly to rise in episode 6 we can tell snowbarry has moment talk about her dad and they will have interesting bond thry shar tge same problem and barry will start having feelings for caitlin in crossover we will get different timeline were they are togther as couple and westallen never happend#snowbarry always meant to be#
Daniel Orton (8 months ago)
I think the last episode made you think about life and that’s why it didn’t fail to me. It started a Conversation of what won’t you do. This season is about family Weather is good or bad. And I think everyone in the next episode will hurt and get better....... Nora still hiding something tho😂 Wells: I love the flashhhh zoom zoom!😂
HazLizard (8 months ago)
Pagey do you think that the bus metas might return to season 5
Jasmine Elizabeth (8 months ago)
Maybe the English language changes in the future to those symbols???
Big Red (8 months ago)
Pagey do u think that there will be a time jump before the crossover?
longinus cyclone (8 months ago)
maybe cuz arrow takes place 5 months after its season finale, and flash only took a few minutes after its finale so they have to atleast line up the timelines properly
There looking at nora’s twin brother lmao #TornadoTwins
john norwood (8 months ago)
as you read my name I stole your sandwiche And we start the chase for the missing twin again! Cue up the Benny Hill chase music again! https://youtu.be/XaP-uRfBBdY
NG 217 (8 months ago)
I was catching up on legends and supergirl this week since flash sandy on. I started watching arrow s7 today and it’s FIRE!!! Awesome video pagey.
Laura Reyes (8 months ago)
building drama mean there will be a big reward in the future, they should not rush the story line, she will be angry as anyone would be in Noras shoes, but she needs to grow up on her own, and that takes time.
Wolfywolf (8 months ago)
I still haven't seen episode 1
jamie marshall (8 months ago)
Maybe Iris in the future ends up realizing why Joe and Barry were like we're gonna lie to you to protect you and then that's why she does puts the chip in Nora. Like I was kinda more on Iris' side with that because although she was being a hypocrite. Future her and her now is probably realizing that future her cares about Nora and doesn't want what happened to Barry to happen to her. But then that's just how I saw it. So idk. Hopefully the showrunners actually clarify what the hell the reason is as to why Iris put the dampening chip in Nora
Uriek Morales (8 months ago)
Tbh I have a feeling this episode Wong be good I feel it’s gonna be boring that just me any idea anyone ??
MaSingingKitten YT (8 months ago)
I wanna know how Nora knew the Speed force symbols when she only got her powers 6 months ago... does that give us a hint on who she might be working for, or is that just me?
Sarim Shahab (8 months ago)
Why can't they change the suit its so ugly and I hate it, in order to make it better first add the chin strap, make the suit darker, and add gold boots then it will be like the new 52 flash
Emmy (8 months ago)
I'm ready for something big to happen. I need Cicada to be more threatening or have the flash take more risks because right now it feels like no one actually dies, not that dying causes excitement but yeah. Iris didnt die, cisco didnt die, no threat can be taken seriously for me right now because I feel like they are playing it too safe, and even if someone does die (like a wells) we could just get someone else from another earth! sorry rant over. anyone else feel that way?
Anderson Contreras (8 months ago)
No it's something bigger then that reverse flash did say in season 1 "it will always be us fighting till the end flash you will die by my hand just like how your mother died that night" no matter what reverse flash is always going to exist and hurt Barry in any way he can we're being too observant slow down take notes it'll come before the mid season finale
2barrelSlim (8 months ago)
I agree like Ralph didnt even die They keep introducing more menacing characters with no higher threat level
Reece_vint2003 (8 months ago)
Emmy I think cicada will kill joe off in the season 5 finale or maybe Cecil
The Creator (8 months ago)
Any one else notice Nora’s power that Barry doesn’t have. when taking down the satellite we see flash go up then go in reverse and Nora is there and then when Nora is chasing flash in the stadium flash is running while Nora is chasing him then we see flash run in reverse for Nora to catch up I’ve only seen it happen with Nora and on two occasions I don’t know if you have touched up on this so that’s why I am commenting this and if you haven’t talked about this, pls do.
MrSandwichAKABrackz (8 months ago)
She says ‘when she runs so fast she reverses time a few seconds but not for her but I still can’t phase’
Reece_vint2003 (8 months ago)
Maybe the flash will get that power in season 6 or 7 I hope so !
Michael Terndrup (8 months ago)
Her power in the comics is she can reverse time
Vanessa Facey (8 months ago)
The guy who plays ragdoll is from AGT
jarico smith (8 months ago)
Hey pagey do you think Cisco will return
Saviour Daniel (8 months ago)
***Nora didn't know that she had power until 6 months ago...*** Please address this. Thanks
Kaleb Line (8 months ago)
Why dont they just go to all the hospitals and ask for all the people that have had heart problems on that day
Maclaren (8 months ago)
Iris should've died in season 3, she ruins the show
JediGamerNicky (8 months ago)
Very very true I despise her but unfortunately she's never going to die or go away
Alicia Barker (8 months ago)
How is Iris runing the show in season 5. You are clearly a hater. So far this season is well written and the characters are doing an amazing job. I suggest that you speak things that make sense. Please learn to give credit when it is due. So far in the flash Iris is superb.
Joseph Gibe (8 months ago)
very cool rag doll seems intersting
Gaming Gapples (8 months ago)
I like how useless nora's Mask is xD
john norwood (8 months ago)
Gaming Gapples Again WE IN THE AUDIENCE ARE TO IMAGINE that these masks are giving complete coverage and the eyes are completely blanked out as in the comic books i.e. Batman, Nightwing, Robin etc https://goo.gl/images/RaF16Q RIGHT photo Those one way mirror lenses again are just too darn expensive for a TV show as each mask is COMPLETELY DESTROYED everytime they are PEELED off the actors' face
Gaming Gapples (8 months ago)
@john norwood yeah but if you got a villain who actually got a picture of her you would just have to put it in Photoshop and change the mask to her skin colour and bam secret identity gone.
john norwood (8 months ago)
Gaming Gapples Yup. Suspend your critical analysis on this long long LONG discussed trope. Ain't spending thousands on one way mirror lenses that would have to be constantly replaced for a TV show
Origami Now (8 months ago)
Like the Incredibles
Origami Now (8 months ago)
same 😂
Candy and animals .G (8 months ago)
I feel like the book is her diary
Fuck life (8 months ago)
I like the drama between Nora and Iris. But Nora needs to stop the snarkiness
Weedthrasher (8 months ago)
I'm interested to see going forward how much meta-tech, like the dagger or smartphone, that we are going to see. I'm also bummed that Jesse L. Martin hurt his back, I wanted to see more Joe in this season not less.
Amethyst Willow (8 months ago)
Pagey I agree with you nora is suppose to be almost 30 in this timeline and ppl forget that, and she is acting like s BRAT. I also agree with you, it I'd hard to agree with either, i think they do need to move on from the family drama and work as a family. They will have disagreements that's what families do, it if they don't they are going to mess up a potentially good story arc. As far as the journal it has to be important it Is a matter as to whether she is working with someone in the future, on another earth, for all we know Iris herself could have sent her back there, are so many possibilities after what happened with Devoe....I do feel that there Is a big bad that will carry through all the arrowverse even bluuuh supergirl (which I am barely watching it is so bad). That will have to be straightened out at the end of all seasons perhaps that journal will be the key. Grest video. Thanks for your hard work.
john norwood (8 months ago)
Amethyst Willow Nora II is MUCH YOUNGER than Parker Kennedy. Way younger. Keep watching.
Turner Raines (8 months ago)
I'm just ready to get the flash back
?Fallen¿Ghoul? : (8 months ago)
7:33 pm here in GA USA Still be able to sleep
Bruce Wayne (8 months ago)
the problem with flash and even arrow is that they've introduced so many characters that the shows don't even really focus on the people the title is named after
Bruce Wayne (8 months ago)
the sad thing is we might never go back to the way it was
Weedthrasher (8 months ago)
Agreed, I tried to go back to arrow but now it has so many characters I've never even heard of.
Josh Waldrop (8 months ago)
Ragdoll reminds me of something from Dr. Who
K Y S (8 months ago)
Turn on sub titles at 2:07
K Fox (8 months ago)
They are writing Nora really weird. They're writing her like 17 but she's like 27. And that's not just for how she's reacting to Iris or Barry. Even just the weird awkward crush she's got on Spencer is pretty juvenile.
K Fox (8 months ago)
@john norwood um... I'm good. you can go back to being a basement dweller now.
john norwood (8 months ago)
K Fox Bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahagahagahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ha .....sorry but read my many many many posts on the consistency of THIS show next to the printed page source materials. Nice one....have to go find an oxygen canister now.
K Fox (8 months ago)
@john norwood you know they're not following the comics rights?
john norwood (8 months ago)
K Fox Sorry no spoilers. Again keep watching. Just don't throw anything at your TV when they say her age okay ;D
K Fox (8 months ago)
@john norwood What does JPK have to do with it? JPK is 34 and Nora is like 27. She said Barry was there for a couple of years after she was born but she had no memories of him before he went missing. He's been gone for 25 years. A couple (2) +25 is 27.
Mc Jester Salamanca (8 months ago)
isn't that just a tik tac toe? xD
Caleb Alvarez (8 months ago)
Quick thought: what if she writes in it to leave a message in the book for the holder of the book in the future maybe Reverse Flash? Considering she might believe he’s helping her reconnect with Barry
I crack up at your Beebo catchphrases in the videos haha
Ramzyy (8 months ago)
im watching at night ;-;
Macey Schriefer (8 months ago)
I’m not 100% but I think it was Wells writing the speed force symbols when he lost his intelligence
Ally (8 months ago)
Pagey (8 months ago)
not where I'm from
Kallie Patterson (8 months ago)
Okay so I am not old enough to vote but I really wanted that flash episode i was counting on it but I totally get it, it was them voting day and all
AKai'saOneTrick (8 months ago)
People forget that Wally is a speedster too, Maybe Iris knew how Barry dissapeard because what made Barry dissapear hunts for speedsters, But Iris kept it a secret to Wally and once he found out he told Nora that she had powers and learned her how to time travel to possible save Barry back in time, Since Wally is in that time period he can't go, Because he risks a conversation with himself that can change alot.
Wade Lawrence (8 months ago)
Rag doll looks like saw and The Grudge had a black baby :p
Tony Stark (8 months ago)
This is a bit random but from last season, did we find out how barry knew a lot of what was going to happen after getting out of the speed force? he mentioned Nora and not murdering anyone.
Colbyplayz (8 months ago)
I feel like she is here to try and insure she can use her speed instead of the thing iris did to take it and iris still did it after that but it’s a stretch. Maybe she is trying to do something to fix the speed force and it’s holding Barry again and she wants to learn how to like trick it permanently maybe she is just Nora and is mostly straight forward but I don’t think it’s likely, and I really dislike her as a character but she’s aight
HeyImIverson (8 months ago)
When will Pagey do an explanation of "Apartment 4?" I am so anxious for an explanation, I hope that one day that might be a possibility.
blahblahgdp (8 months ago)
I actually liked the drama between Iris and Nora. It didnt feel like it was choking the episodes and kept me intrigued about what happens in the future.
Rachel Gay (8 months ago)
I agree actually I'm enjoying that part of the story this season
Rebecca McNealey (8 months ago)
I feel the same. Nora and Iris are a really cool way to remind us ' oh yeah Barry goes missing'... Also I know the show will do it's own reason for Iris dampening Nora's powers, but I imagine she wanted Nora to be more mature before discovering them. Raising a speedster toddler for me would be enough of a reason for me to dampen her powers tho.
Pagey (8 months ago)
I'm in the middle. Didn't mind it. But felt forced at points. Only really brought it up in this video as it just seemed to be a common complaint I was seeing in my comments over the past 2 weeks or so.
Tony Stark (8 months ago)
Vibe and elongated man have been shafted so far this season. Hope they are not too underused due to Nora being their
john norwood (8 months ago)
Tony Stark Ralph had almost all of impirtant focus from last episode earning some respect no longer being "baby giraffe" from Sherloque and showcasing his detective skills .... though clearly cheesy 1980s taste in cars
The'ron Mark (8 months ago)
Pagey mayyyybe Cecile is letting Barry know that she heard Nora's thoughts and somethings not quite kosher...i mean she is a meta that they chose to make a regular
john norwood (8 months ago)
The'ron Mark Cecile's powers are almost gone as shown in episode 2 "blocked". https://youtu.be/LruKYNJLgZY She tries tech but ultimately..... Cecile can NOT read minds anymore
The Unique One (8 months ago)
thx for the msg. didnt get a notification. Get your shit together YT
GamingReacts (8 months ago)
Barry and Iris giving Nora "The Talk". I guess it was time. 😁
raj shankar (8 months ago)
Awesome video Pagey! I agree with you I think the ragdoll costume looks pretty accurate! I think that Nora is writing down things that have changed in the timeline, like you pointed out, and I feel like this has to do with whomever has coerced Nora into running back in time. Also there was a promo image that I think you showed once before (for the crossover) with black superman standing in front of, and reading (from what it looked like) the speed force book (because you can see the SF symbols all over the pages). I think the whole SF symbols storyline will come to a head during the crossover
Average Crysis (8 months ago)
I was notified this was posted whats the point of them making a bell if it doesnt even work
iMMORTAL 445 (8 months ago)
I swear If Cisco doesn’t make a Khalil(Black Lightning) or penny wise or ‘lil pump reference in the next episode....
Mostafa Farweez (8 months ago)
HI Pagey, I'm really looking forward to this episode. Because it's The Most Scary Promo that we had seen since the show began, and Ragdoll does look creepy. I agree with you about Iris and Nora's argument. Because we don't know what happens in the future like you said. And I really hoe that they explain the speedforce symbols, because they should have done that last season, and they'll be a big part apparently in this year's crossover as well :) Also , still no 1 knows what the 100th episode is about except that villainous speedsters from previous seasons are returning :)
The Komičar (8 months ago)
So, I couldn’t watch an entertaining episode of The Flash because of politics. POLITICS!!!!!!
Nookie (7 months ago)
Convention Expedition don't you mean fuck politics
Brady Spencer (8 months ago)
@Supr3meops out here making bold assumptions
Supr3meops (8 months ago)
Convention Expedition Don’t worry I think he’s probably just a racist prick so don’t worry.
The Komičar (8 months ago)
Worse than Bush, Nixon, or Kennedy?
Brady Spencer (8 months ago)
@The Komičar lol woah my bad, you lived in America for about 10 years, that makes you a full blood American. GTFO stop acting like you even know a single thing about American history. And if Obama was still in office, we definitely would be way worse off.
Xtrem Saiyan (8 months ago)
Iris made almost all of my friends stop watching the flash when all she would do is make everything about her "we are the flash" in season 3 and now having nora do the same thing i actually cba with watching the flash when hes not even the main character

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