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The British Grenadiers fife and drum

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This is the British Grenadier song and it has lyrics included if you what to sing along. Enjoy
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Text Comments (14233)
Elvis Presley (23 minutes ago)
Aurum (6 hours ago)
When you cut baguette
RnD_Guy (8 hours ago)
my company had an indian boss.... now its my company
When the Argentine driver cuts you off of traffic
OfficerLaw_Unit (16 hours ago)
Charcoal (19 hours ago)
I player this in Ireland Now there’s masked men with Green uniforms throwing potatoes at my window
Kristian Kruse (1 day ago)
Came for the music. Stayed for the comments
Crusader 4300 (1 day ago)
*Colonization Intensifies*
cozmos222 (1 day ago)
megafaune75 (1 day ago)
not too bad for english type
Soto Higake (1 day ago)
New Island discovered in the 1700's Brian: *colonialism noise intensifies*
KargosMueic (1 day ago)
You know you’re screwed when you’re a French soldier and hear this song far away
Divyanshu Shing Raj (1 day ago)
Sem's march past♥️♥️♥️
Samuel Will (2 days ago)
Glad to see you guys are the red best country
Land: *Exists* Britain: It’s free real estate
Commander_doge (2 days ago)
India: Exists The UK: Colonization (pizza) time
Oi Blyatman (2 days ago)
Best comment section ever! 💘from ENG
twinky666666 (2 days ago)
FOR GOD THE QUEEN AND ST GEORGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Daan Strik (2 days ago)
The last thing you hear before the rivers turn to tea
uberblack2 (2 days ago)
I play this ın my room now some guys ın red jacket going ın thw ship, but how ship can go ın asphalt. They are closer. O KURWA
Philip Dressler (2 days ago)
This deal must not lead irland into another bloody war where boys will die needlessly it must unify our bous strength our country
Philip Dressler (2 days ago)
The entire country is listening us and were at a moment in time were we rise above the rim and the talk we actually walk the walk
Philip Dressler (2 days ago)
Of Ireland is to be our North Korea we must unify befor war breaks out
Philip Dressler (2 days ago)
The problem with Brexit is Northern Ireland the deal is not for unification of Ireland with the dea it keeps the the bloody border intact
played this in my class, now my class is a colony. taxed the class and now they are rebelling against me and the teacher, help
Michał Buźniak (3 days ago)
Now Britain is a colony... Karma returns
When ur having ur tea time then theres attacker British granedier1: alright men tea times over British grenadier2:how about the tea sir? British grenadier1:we will avenge them in this fight. FOR TEA AND BUISQUITS
GNR Studio (3 days ago)
Just a normal American comment You guys act like little children Lol XD
choccy (3 days ago)
kiss me me boy...
This is very catchy for a fife and drum march!
GingerJambo51 GG (4 days ago)
Scotland anyone 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇬🇧
Stan Marsh (4 days ago)
I 'm wearing a red shirt today, and somehow I landed on this video. Upon listening, I feel the need to grab my rifle and march somewhere...
Elijah JoshuaTM (4 days ago)
_When you see guys with slant eyes in Borneo:_
Sgtlott 10 (5 days ago)
Britain played this to America, America beat Britain to death
TheKnight OfCydonia (5 days ago)
Oh god, the red coats are coming. To arms brothers.
Elijah JoshuaTM (4 days ago)
_Fuckin call REVERE!!_
Type 95 Ha-Go (5 days ago)
all hail St. Gloriana
Comph (6 days ago)
I played this in my house and now some gentlemen in bright red uniforms are knocking on my door.
Bob Bobbins (6 days ago)
When those little shits in the colonies rebel because they won’t pay their taxes
Smiles For Miles (6 days ago)
This is my PUBG skydive song.
Charlie Ford (6 days ago)
When Argentina steps foot on your island
Noobz. TV (6 days ago)
i dont know why but i all of a sudden know how to sing this
Jordan Juliano (7 days ago)
I have yet to hear a more badass song
Robert Gavin (8 days ago)
I don't know, and that's for sure, but my guess is if I ever had to walk into battle alongside this song I would feel indomitable
blaster 100 (8 days ago)
You can almost hear the genocidal warfare
Jacob W. (9 days ago)
*Gangs of New York intensifies*
GNR Studio (9 days ago)
when the french kids giving you trouble
Marshall Timmy (9 days ago)
alexa play colonization
long chin man (10 days ago)
*britain joined* *france left (client disconnected)* *denmark left (client disconnected)* *germany left (client disconnected* *ireland left (client disconnected)* *turkey left (client disconnected)*
C R (10 days ago)
Tom Swift (10 days ago)
That’s a nice nation you got there. Be a shame if someone were to. *Colonise it...*
shuangchun Shao (10 days ago)
Ich kann spielen (Klavier)
Oof (10 days ago)
Hans: “I'm going over zere to roast zose tommies wit mein flammenwerfer!” **hears ze Grenadier Marsch** “NEIN, NEIN HANZ. Ze tommies ar cuming!”
Nicola James Murray (10 days ago)
*Walks through France whistling this with Tea in hand* (All French around u start staring) *France has Surrendered
Philip Dressler (10 days ago)
Look up coyote sex lol
Philip Dressler (10 days ago)
Its like the 1830s election before the Mexican American war
Sergio (10 days ago)
I hate that song, but i love it at the same time
The United Kingdom (11 days ago)
Hoi4 translated: when Germany goes through the English channel and ur troops are near Berlin.
Harry Rue (11 days ago)
For some reason I play this music when playin video game it makes me feel battle bois >:(
Lord Lahmacun (11 days ago)
I like how comment section of la marsellies is full of positive and wholesome comments about France and french people and this very iconic british song is full of memes.
Philip Dressler (11 days ago)
L invade spainwith England take back gbralter
Elijah JoshuaTM (4 days ago)
_Gibraltar is already a british territory._
Philip Dressler (11 days ago)
Elijah JoshuaTM (4 days ago)
_They beated y'all in the Battle of Manila_
Philip Dressler (11 days ago)
#Engladwegothempyouwanted it the wrong way
superextempman (11 days ago)
When it used to be "the sun never sits on the British Empire" but now it's a tiny island in the North Sea and a even smaller rocky island off the coast of South America you had to take back from Argentina 😅😅😅😅
Gangster88232 (12 days ago)
When you drown some tea in Boston.
Rorke Day (12 days ago)
When France says they have a better empire (Song intensifies )
Rakedude 5646 (12 days ago)
*Achievement unlocked* : you've conquered more than 50 percent of earth
I played this in the United States of America... Now it became a Colony.
Scary Light (10 days ago)
1. Open Hearts Of Iron 4 2. Select "United Kingom" 3. Play this and loop it 4. Enjoy your world conquest
酸塩基 (13 days ago)
Ragnar (13 days ago)
Why england hate the france ?
Potato Cow (13 days ago)
Mike Miracle (13 days ago)
#Mogg #Farage #Brexit
Cillian_Kinsella456 1 (13 days ago)
Winston Churchill:We shall fight in the fields,and in the streets,we shall fight in the hills,we shall never surrender!
Outlaw (13 days ago)
sorry we lost Britain
Tristan Backup (13 days ago)
Foward!- March!
Napoleon I Bonaparte (13 days ago)
Vivé la France!
Philip Dressler (14 days ago)
You need a nuclear bomb to stop intagration marriage and sex in the usa
Philip Dressler (14 days ago)
黒澤 (14 days ago)
リズムが良くてついつい口ずさんじゃうし体が動いちゃう(笑) 素敵な楽曲です。
Leslie Taylor (15 days ago)
In the part that goes (at least part of the first reprise (if that is what you call it.. the tune itself. But of all the worlds brave heros, there's none that can compare... Why are there two different versions, the notes flutter high notes, for a brief few notes, at least in american re-enactment fairs?
phamngoclam2013 (15 days ago)
I loved the video.. I sub for your +full video & like.. Sub back me now.
Andy Kessler (15 days ago)
*india has left the chat*
Daniel Balayan (15 days ago)
Bonjour mon amis. Je mappele'Danie'l. Phew.. I like that song.. And i heard this song on game:Army Men Strike.. Sorry for my bad french
Envus King (15 days ago)
Must fight the urge to colonize.
Cadet Grant (15 days ago)
America Disconnected From Your Channel
Kubaj CZ (15 days ago)
Lol i played this song to my birbs (birds) (cockatiels) so if they learn it then i Will have colonial birbs 🐦🇬🇧
Turk-Uzbek Mapper (15 days ago)
When you see a SS soldier
Ragnar (16 days ago)
England is the first french colony....
Allan Brackenridge (4 days ago)
+Elijah JoshuaTM what, in the same way how the English absorbed the viking invaders into their culture?
Elijah JoshuaTM (4 days ago)
+Allan Brackenridge _Normans are just Frenchified Norwegians_
Allan Brackenridge (4 days ago)
+Elijah JoshuaTM totally
Elijah JoshuaTM (4 days ago)
+Allan Brackenridge _Normans are Norwegians, ya know_
Ragnar (13 days ago)
+Allan Brackenridge yes ,😁
The12thman (16 days ago)
And we still kicked your butts in the 1700s. USA USA!!!
richies quest (16 days ago)
This was before the EU.
Tony Zhao (16 days ago)
British type beat
drofheim (16 days ago)
Brexit will bring this back to stave of France and Germany once again.
That one Kid (16 days ago)
Germany ww2: u dum Uk ww2:hold my tea Ussr ww2: hold my vodka America ww2: hold my coke
Bob 45 (16 days ago)
When an American sais coffee is better than tea
Billy D. Bunny (17 days ago)
When I was stationed at Marine Barracks 8th and ' I ' oh so many moons ago, the Fort Henry Guard came and demonstrated Waterloo era marching and firing by ranks. This was the tune they played as they marched onto the parade deck. I was ready to take the Queen's shilling right then and there!
allen alexander (17 days ago)
IHVH, mercenaries.
Kornelius Kink (17 days ago)
Great use of drums in psychological warfare!
Comrade Doge (17 days ago)
*France left the chat*
Britain Had the biggest Empire to exist Smacked the Germans silly Smacked the French silly Smacked the Spanish silly Smacked the Americans silly Smacked the Chinese silly Made the ancient islands what we call home home Has a alpaca looking man inthe Houses of Parliament and a prime minister what looks like a dam owl And the international team if you would to show a World Cup to it it would cry Could save Britannia Did I add love island Made in Essex Made in Chelsea High poverty Manchester Knife crime Strikes Borris Johnson Strikes Other than that we good

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