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No Country for Old Men - Motel Shootout Scene

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Three Mexicans and one badass motherfucker with his shotgun. I edited out most of Llewelyn so all you see is our badass motherfucker, in case you are wondering why it is jumpy.
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BIG MEME (18 minutes ago)
Either this man has hella good luck or he's actually skilled
Nick (10 days ago)
You know; if you shoot him through the shower curtain, you won't get guts and shit all over your barrel and have to clean it. Food for thought.
DAVID PECKHAM (18 days ago)
He is a Hero
DAVID PECKHAM (18 days ago)
He is not a villain
John BeGoode (18 days ago)
3:44 That dime has traveled all the way from 1967 to help Chigurh  open that air vent.
Peter T (26 days ago)
no need to hurry - it's not like someone called the cops or anything
Dan Kennedy (27 days ago)
Overrated film...
B C (1 month ago)
and if i ever see a lock being blown off my door im heading for the fuckin hills lol cause i know whats coming next...Alien gun bitch!
B C (1 month ago)
i felt bad for the big guy in the tub :(
Rebekah Hendle (1 month ago)
Love that shotgun
reaver414 (1 month ago)
looks like coconut heads all grown up now
Anton Boludo (1 month ago)
👹 Might Satan be lurking at your Chamber Door? 👹
Jamie Demeter (2 months ago)
is it wrong I laughed when he killed the guy at 1:43
Jago Nexus (2 months ago)
Has anyone else saw this movie when they was younger and thought it was meh, but when you got older realized how amazing this movie was?
Cock Monkey (2 months ago)
Jeez get some slippers.
VoxCudaRadio (2 months ago)
What is the mexican guy saying in the shower?
NawtNCosmic (2 months ago)
The single shot of 2:50, it's hard to see on his resolution, but the dead guy with the Uzi blinks.
KageTrauma (2 months ago)
You forgot the little bit when he's renting the room, he's just as annoyed with that old bag as Llewelyn was when he was renting a room.
Brayant Bonilla (2 months ago)
0:0 me walking into my room 12:00 me walking into my siblings room
Cameron Dowden (2 months ago)
Don’t let this distract you from the fact that there’s no way a suppressor that compact could silence a 12 gauge shotgun
Aidas Pelikis (2 months ago)
Why he pushed the corner like that?
Jetto (2 months ago)
Schwartztit (2 months ago)
1:31 Wtf was that?
John Smith (2 months ago)
Four shots, still one in the chamber. He's practicing his hollywood gun safety well.
Cameron Hasko (2 months ago)
Poor fucker got his arm hanging by a thread
Alexandru Cristian (3 months ago)
´How did you find that? Really now. How did they find it?
Beef Gator (3 months ago)
Monkey Allan (3 months ago)
This movie makes me want to kill a person just like Anton
nadine brown (3 months ago)
He reminds me of a black panther or a tiger
Miles Lang (3 months ago)
Wearing socks to murder someone is genius
Reef2480 (4 months ago)
This is what happens when you give the Mexicans the ringer
Perun Plague (4 months ago)
Why were 2 men hanging out in the bathroom with an Uzi?
bigbodyrover (4 months ago)
U are done once that shotty catches u
The Kickboxing Community (4 months ago)
1:55 in case someone was sleeping there, now there isn't.
nonplayerzealot4 (4 months ago)
He farted at 1:15
Perun Plague (4 months ago)
Like Carson says "He'd still kill you for inconveniencing him. He's a peculiar man." The Office guy hiring other people to look for the money sealed his fate along with those he hired, none of them knew what they'd unleashed by bringing Chigurh into the deal. Chigurh might be the the best character example of "Evil personified" in any movie I've ever seen. Nearly every single person he interacts with in this film ends up dead, good or bad, guilty or innocent, he kills indiscriminately.
The Kickboxing Community (4 months ago)
2:30 " I got nothing " *ah we're gonna play that game huh* POOF!
Global- Walker (4 months ago)
When Sugar closed the blinds in the bathroom, the guy should have tried to resist like moving the barrel. He is a dead man anyway, so why not try?
Grfy Ddgf (4 months ago)
fun sounds are orgasmic
ORCA (4 months ago)
that walking scene is so creative because he's got his weapons, the tank and the shotgun. the suppressor is down by his feet, and since he's not wearing shoes, it's like his feet are suppressed as well. pretty cool, and it's even crazier that he does it all in plain sight. he really is above the law and anything it can throw at him
Aaron Marks (4 months ago)
Dude with the uzi could have easily got the jump on Anton, he just needed to open the door faster and have the gun already levelled and firing as he comes out. Hard to miss at that distance.
Prince Revolver (5 months ago)
1:44 I must be sick because I laugh every time I see dude's arm getting blown to bits.
Entity The Imagination (5 months ago)
Coolest shotgun.
boldsign (5 months ago)
No me muerte (Don't kill me)
Bima Riandiza (5 months ago)
The important question is why there's 2 men in a bathroom...
Alexander (4 months ago)
drugs probably
Id rather see the exorcist on my ceiling at 3am than run from this guy
Ricshy Ray (5 months ago)
Fav scene.
Bob 6921 (6 months ago)
1:42 that scream makes me laugh so much
clifton559 (6 months ago)
i am so tired of fuking jimmy dean shity ass sausage fuking commercials fuking my day up everysingal fuking video i fuking watchon fuking youtubes fuking shity fuking ass platform full of shit.
Moiso (6 months ago)
From the minute 2:50 to 3:09 in the part when Anton sits in the bed, you can see the death mexican in the bathroom blinking. Not really in this video, but for example in Netflix it can be noticed. Dumb fuck can even keeps his eyes open for 15 seconds.
ISQUIERDO Romuald (6 months ago)
I'm the only one wondering what the two mexicans were doing together in the bathroom ?
Nick Pastorino (6 months ago)
I love how the guy with the uzi just opens the door and walks right in front of Chigurh with his gun pointed down, what a dumbass. That kind of ruined this scene for me, his opponents were easy to kill because they were morons.
musicaldooder20 (6 months ago)
I love how he didn’t wear his shoes just for the sake of stealth.
El Mantishrimp (6 months ago)
That arm shot always gets me. It's so disturbing because of how realistic it is.
Cameron Hunter (6 months ago)
No offence but it would be cool if he got in a gun fight with a really good hitman
Jaykingston95 (6 months ago)
1:42 that scream hahaha
nonplayerzealot4 (6 months ago)
They would've had Anton's DNA by the late 80s by leaving his socks everywhere. People get caught all the time by leaving gloves, ski masks, jackets, caps/hats, etc behind. Idiots have worn latex gloves to prevent leaving fingerprints and then dropped them at the crime scene without realizing they just left their fuckin DNA. They can swab that shit for DNA unbeknownst to said criminals. I saw a segment on a rapist doctor who surgically inserted a vile (a tiny glass pipette) of someone else's blood into his arm to trick police. It was in Canada, there's probably an article on it on the internet. Anyway, the nurse who took his blood in the video was puzzled at the way the blood looked when he left the room. She said it looked old. It was visibly dark and purplish. A private eye hired by the victim got into his car and got a Chapstick he left and he smeared it on the window of an envelope. They got his real DNA from that. They were able to get his actual blood when his girlfriend called the cops because he molested her daughter. He was forced to give the sample on camera and they double checked his arm. You could see the small pipette (vial) of blood inside his arm in one of the prior videos when he lifted his sleeve too high. Finding who they are within the DNA database is another matter. Anton may have gotten away with these crimes until he was finally caught and forced to give a sample to law enforcement. It took years for the CODEX database to become what it is today. They now solve cold cases with geneology sites. The rapist/killer/former cop Joseph DeAngelo (Golden State Killer) got caught recently for crimes committed in the 70s because they used an online profile of DNA that his family members gave and they narrowed him down from that. Cops had his DNA for years, but never got his identity because he never gave a DNA sample to police and he wasn't jailed after the murders. He laid low after his last murder/rape in 1986. Anton might've remained free until the 2000s assuming he never got killed during one of his deadly escapades. The only killers who would've remained at large no matter what would've been Terminator and Predator. You can't expect law enforcement to be able to arrest either of them.
usuario 938123 (6 months ago)
No me mates :'v
WesIsaLeo (7 months ago)
1:31 - Daddy! What're you trying to do? You ruined my record man I just bought it.
Doom2pro (7 months ago)
Charles Desmonda (7 months ago)
The way you edited this video was terrible
S I N I S T E R C L A N (2 months ago)
you hating
Apollo4 (7 months ago)
this nigga cold af
FireFirePow (7 months ago)
I thought I was the only one that did 00:00 to 00:14 with hiding people!
three frogs (7 months ago)
ill go tails best out of three
Micheal Kasey (7 months ago)
the sound effect for the suppressed shotgun sounds like the crossbow firing sound effect from dishonored
Biscuitchris7again (7 months ago)
2:45 Deakins is a genius. Having the lamp fall on the ground so he can light him from underneath.
Draven Flores-Rios (7 months ago)
Five bullets.... At that distance.... With an Uzi.... Missed Chigurh.....
Christopher Adams (7 months ago)
An action scene without music is far more intense than one that has it, remember the Bourne identity when he was hanging off the building and dropped his bag? Amazing.
John Robinson (7 months ago)
One of the great movies ever made
The guy in the shower should have either dodged the shot or grabbed the barrel.
The Necessary Evil (7 months ago)
One of the best, if not the best film made in the last 15 years Just brilliant
Face Off (7 months ago)
Anton Chigurh is considered by psychologists to be one of the most accurate depictions of psychopathy.
Placeb0Effect (7 months ago)
It's like he has diplomatic immunity or something to just do that
Placeb0Effect (7 months ago)
Philip J Nightlife Fry fbi can't even get llewellyn I think
Philip J Nightlife Fry (7 months ago)
L M F A O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O so true. I can agree on this statement, good memory never forgets like Chu'gar!
Placeb0Effect (7 months ago)
Lee Sak (7 months ago)
This movie kind of reminds me of neo-noir crime thriller from Michael Mann like "The Thief" or "Manhunter".
Dash71101 (7 months ago)
1:43 His scream is just saddening
ChillyCloth (7 months ago)
what a place
Richard Cox (8 months ago)
I need to hire this guy to go after my wife's family. Anyone have his number?
T R U T H (8 months ago)
Might Guy finally snapped after being wheelchair bound for so long.
Alex Kok (8 months ago)
What were those two donig together in the bathroom anyway?
madscientist 666 (8 months ago)
0:11 what the heck he's doing ?
Campbell Krawitz (8 months ago)
I love how he judges the thickness of the walls in the hotel room to make sure his shotty can penetrate it if he had to shoot someone through it
Dakota Colley (8 months ago)
1:44 my mom would still make me go to school if that happened to me
Daniel Williams (8 months ago)
Javier bardem a haunting performance
Mishta Romaniello (9 months ago)
The sound in this movie is incredible. The people behind the foley did a damn good job as well as the sound mixers. An under-appreciated aspect of this film.
Trey Oleson (9 months ago)
I wonder what it would be like if he had to go up against jules winfield and vincent vega?
The Flattery (9 months ago)
1:41 fuck yeah i love it
Mirko Rex (10 months ago)
Guy on the bed had no chance..
Nipps Welmactt (10 months ago)
Dude he is smart testing his own room to know theirs. That is fucking brutal! AND REAL EXPLODING packs and blanks! Only lite FX to detail. Beautifuly shot scenes.
Austin Trang (10 months ago)
Can someone tell me why he took of his socks?
Azula The Devil's Wench (10 months ago)
Because they had blood on them. Anton doesn't like blood.
Zeltzamer (11 months ago)
This movie gave me fucking trust issues.
daustin8888 (11 months ago)
Anton Chigurh is Making America Great Again...God bless him
I watched this last night for the first time. The man who plays the psychopath did really good. Strange that I've never heard of him before.
The Anime Father (1 year ago)
Oil filter suppressors definitely reduce the sound a lot but I’ve never heard that before, almost sounds like a laser gun.
BrrZrrKrr (1 year ago)
Another real mess for Tommy Lee Jones to look at and be discouraged by...
ZombryaTheDark (1 year ago)
That silenced shotgun is vicious. One of my favorite movie guns. Like RoboCops pistol
LeoMuse747 (1 year ago)
At 2:37 Imagine if the guy had a quick but silent step aside right after Anton pulled the curtain. The bullet would just hit the wall... if he kept his mouth shut all the time, maybe he would still be alive lol
Haoran Zeng (1 year ago)
i like how he rehearse the whole situation before he actually do it , brutal and intelligent
Andrew Ma (1 year ago)
Greatest movie ever in my opinion.
kimmyfreak200 (1 year ago)
but its got 2 beds!! chigur says "i'll take it"

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