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The GBC Bindmate - a product review by Office Mojo!

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For more information about the GBC Bindmate binder please visit bit.ly/GBCBindmate In this video Stuart gives you a quick review of the GBC Bindmate! In short it is a great little entry level binding machine ideal for the small office or home user. Subscribe and check out our other videos for more reviews and instructional videos!
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PAUL MENDROS (29 days ago)
how much
Dj Endy (10 months ago)
hi , this item was so useful, keep up th good jo
jezus...u take forever
K M (3 years ago)
Hi Stuart Can you do a demo witha wire binding machine please
mari3000 (5 years ago)
This may seem like a silly question, but I was wondering if I could use this for wire binding. I would buy an actual wire binding machine but this is the least expensive machine my local staples store sells. I'm asking this because from the video it seemed like the holes were really close to the edge of the paper and I was wondering if the metal wire would somehow rip the pages.
Office Mojo (6 years ago)
Sorry to hear you didn't get on with this machine. I'm not too clear what the problem was. Do you mean it wouldn't take enough pages?
adrian foster (6 years ago)
Thanks for the help,. i don't like this machine it does not take 8 paper, but i can't con plan slowly but surely is my way, and the price was a good start for me
Office Mojo (6 years ago)
Hi Claire, Glad you found this useful. Always hard to know what to choose to do these reviews on, so glad we were right to include this one. Let us know if you think any other reviews would be useful. Stuart.

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