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Issey Miyake | Spring Summer 2019 Full Fashion Show | Menswear

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Issey Miyake | Spring Summer 2019 by *** | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen - Exclusive Video/1080p - Menswear Collection - PFW/Paris Fashion Week)
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h Francis (12 days ago)
I want the blouse e long shorts -- need to be a couple of inches longer so that the length will be office approved attire -- hopefully Not drawstring or elastic as it cheapens the look, and besides, $600 plus for drawstring or elastic anything is too much $$$ -- and why not bring back to DOLMAN sleeves like I wore in the 80's for the baseball jackets
Robert Perricone (12 days ago)
mainly ill fitting clothing
Kingdom Linen (18 days ago)
Stylish and wearable
Ispirata Da Dio (27 days ago)
The dyes and the patterns really sets the tone for the summer mood
Aldo Rodriguez (1 month ago)
I want to puke after this
nanaya shiki (20 days ago)
six FangYuan (2 months ago)
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Michael Nicola (3 months ago)
Timeless, breezy, clean simple lines and nuance for days. So tired of overly sexualized, monosexual drag.
Perry Robles (3 months ago)
The two descriptors that always come to my mind when I see a Miyake runway show are finesse and ease. Two very difficult concepts to pull off, especially when there is so much design involved. And yet, The House of Miyake always does it with grace. It doesn’t subscribe to the dreaded G&G (garish and gaudy) that some design houses seem to be going for.
Will Co (3 months ago)
Whats the music name?
flblbl (6 months ago)
Alexander Ferrario you fabulous bitch do you never age ???
Jeff B (6 months ago)
Yeah. Fine if you want to walk around in your pajamas. Effeminate. Dull. Sexless.
soshi stars (6 months ago)
0:13 opens
bakeem95 (6 months ago)
these remind me of back in the day amazing thrift store treasures......
SLIMNICS (6 months ago)
This could have been lifted with some interesting accessories !
Especial 2X1 (6 months ago)
So refreshing, thank you Issey.
みみみ (6 months ago)
jukestaposition (6 months ago)
So effortless! Beautiful
Pablo Agüero (6 months ago)
Issey always delivers
Dmitri Ruwan (6 months ago)
The sense of effortlessness permeated through every finely-pressed pleat and fold of the collection. I found the use of the batik-like fabrics ingenious in their minimal colour palette. A wonderful showcase of luxury at its finest- without gauche bells and whistles.
Raymond F (6 months ago)
love love the clothing the styling was so cool and the music was lit
Coco Fufuna (6 months ago)
Casual chic !
praha ryadi (6 months ago)
Cool collections
Johny Suhartanto (7 months ago)
great motifs. the best designer clothes for men.
Dandylion (7 months ago)
That music is just lounging poolside at a really fancy resort, and these are the clothes to do said lounging in. Love Issey's subtlety and lightness.
Nicolas Chilon (5 months ago)
Pepe Bradock - Deep Burnt
Falkreath Guard (5 months ago)
I forgot how the first track is called it's been so long
MrEddie1119 (7 months ago)
Japanese designers are just 👌
Niggolo (7 months ago)
quite a few really nice silhouettes and an overall decent show. Could've been more exciting but still good nonetheless.
Jose Real del Coco (7 months ago)
excellent collection, because fashion is not to be extravagant but effortless and confortable, and Miyake did it so well this time
Christina Chee (7 months ago)
Nothing special the collection , just clean cut and boring that it !
SLIMNICS (6 months ago)
Christina Chee appealing to the resort waiter!

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