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Russian Car Industry: End of the Legend

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Correspondent: Jean-Francois Belanger Vidprod: Alexey Sergeyev Fixer: Elena Dabbakh
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Text Comments (10)
Frank Denardo (2 months ago)
you had wait ten years to get a car in eastern Europe.
MASBLAST23 (4 months ago)
wow that's a shit car
John G (8 months ago)
)))))) shit box
J. Dana Clark (9 months ago)
I own an 87 in Canada, great cars IF you look after them....if you don't your screwed.
craig79792000 (9 months ago)
A horrible piece of shit. Got one as a rental, no seat belt, no a/c. Ran when it felt like it. Exactly what you would expect for the price.
syaid faizal (11 months ago)
Buy suzuki jimny
WinterCraft (1 year ago)
and no seat belts. Any wonder why people die in accidents.
Mr. Joy Europe 16 (10 months ago)
wrong comment
WinterCraft (1 year ago)
18 Million sold... likely half or more are now in the junkyard cause of accidents.
day1971 (3 years ago)
This shit box is not reliable

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