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Criminal Justice: Basic Hand Cuffing Techniques

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http://www.cteskills.com Basic hand cuffing techniques during a compliant arrest.
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sogreyisthenewblack (5 years ago)
if she's compliant, why is she still handcuffed?
sogreyisthenewblack (5 years ago)
if the suspect is compliant (0:24) why do they still need to be handcuffed?
Supreme king Seth (6 years ago)
the girl is kinda cute.....
itsumonihon (6 years ago)
The basic handcuffing technique in this video is OK, however the suspect in this video could have attacked at any time. I think that talking the suspect into an off-balance body position before placing them in cuffs is ideal - for example having them lean back so their shoulders are behind their hips and their legs are spread wide apart. That makes it really difficult for them to make any quick moves when you close in to put the cuffs on.
1HisRoyalMajesty (6 years ago)
Anyone entering the field of criminal justice please note. You will need hours of practice to get this done in even a smoother way than shown in this video. 1. At the Academy, we were told that you can no longer say to a female suspect, "SPREAD YOUR LEGS." Agents have been successfully sued for sexual harassment. You must tell the suspect to STEP APART or Ma'am, I need you to face away from me, extend your left foot out, to- the- left until I tell you to stop.

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