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Touring AvtoVAZ, the largest Russian car manufacturer

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AvtoVAZ is the Russian automobile manufacturer, better known to the world under the trade name Lada. It produces nearly one million cars a year. Credit: Ricardo Marquina Read more about Russia: http://rbth.ru
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Ricardo Mierz (3 months ago)
Wat iz dis guy talk about?...
Paul Kersey (5 months ago)
Russian women = Most beautiful
Rayan Agarm (1 year ago)
have every color jisiz long izitz grey
Rayan Agarm (1 year ago)
0:18 fix your tie ..sloppy
billy mcauliffe (3 years ago)
Little brother to the dacha nice cars
Donald Trump (3 years ago)
Old school production!!
abraham Rubio (4 months ago)
Donald Trump.... what in the fuck is Nu Skool production? Robots taking jobs away from humans.... keep hating on the biggest country on the face of the planet with endless natural resource.. the same way you through your trash you drive your trailer into the dumped old school way haha dirty doodie DDD get R Dune!!!!
Astemhat (3 years ago)
+markusiks johns By choice or deliberately!Bring machines to rationalise production and people lose jobs.I guess, this shows you Russians have a different production philosophy.People count more than the money! It is a stubbornly persistent human virtue inherited from a collectivist past and Marx teachings. I admire this approach.
rap RD (3 years ago)
+markusiks johns old school production is better because theres less mistakes and u have more experience people that know how to built cars
ProGarage (4 years ago)
аж захотелось гранту...
joe biden (5 years ago)
Yeah I'd move to russia and but a russian car,they should sell thier cars to the Middle East and South America.
fen xiao (5 years ago)
A good video

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