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Pixelade (1 month ago)
What do YOU think it might be? Just curious!! You guys will find out THIS TUESDAY on The Sims' twitch channel! I'll be uploading the whole stream here if you wish! :)
max likes sims (1 month ago)
First person mode
Jhenaro (1 month ago)
ok but it's no doubt Create A World. With all the info we have & also TERRAIN TOOLS coming with this update, im definitely rooting for CAW especially that we need more worlds to explore in since it's not a open world.
Bonnie Lass (1 month ago)
They've been saying no to Cars for a bit. Maybe you can call a taxi or limo depending on what you'll pay. instead of walking off lots. That would go well with Get Famous. However I don't think that would distract you that much from Get Famous unless it really is Cars. With the terrain tool, it could be a new world like Newcrest, but not flat. It would be great if it was a way to create your own worlds but that might be too big. Maybe a way to edit public spaces so you could add playground features or public bathrooms to spaces in existing worlds. There is that part of the Del Sol Valley neighborhood that seems to be a lot more fake houses that was shown but not talked much about. I don't think it would be changing babies, or disabilities - those don't relate to anything else. It wouldn't be University because that would be a new pack we'd have to buy. I think with the new Style Influencer change it would fit and be great if it was some kind of custom colour changer even if it's not the colour wheel they've denied. Maybe tablets or laptops Sims could carry in inventory - but that probably wouldn't be big enough to distract you that much from Get Famous.
Twiggy the Torterra (1 month ago)
Well my guess is that it may be robbers or a new hidden world. I hope more hidden worlds will be released
Ava Fugowski (1 month ago)
Height sliders
Nagy Viki (1 month ago)
I don’t think it’s disabilities. I’m not sure if that’ll be added to the game at any point.. Sure it’s very important for many people and it’d surely help some kids understand disabilities... but it can do very bad things as well. I let my cousin play with my game, and the first thing he did was creating a hideously ugly transgender sim with impossible body shape, and he made fun of him.. badly. With tons of gay jokes, “f%ggots”, “ugly”, “b%tch”... Could go on. The fact that he can make trans and gay sims makes him think LESS of people like that, the fact that he CONTROLS those sims makes him really feel like he can make fun of those people, and because it’s a game and sims don’t have feelings you can offend so he feels like making fun of such people is OK. I have no doubt that he’d create disabled sims to mess with them and say bad things about them because “it’s just a game”.. but games do effect real life. Although I 100% support the idea of having disabilities in the sims (if they’re optional), and even though I agree it’d help educate SOME kids, I also feel like others would take bullying as something not as bad and as something fun.. this is a game where you control sims and can make them “suffer” for fun, after all... I just wanted to point that out. As I read the comments many people say pros when saying why we should get disabilities in the sims, but you guys need to look at the cons too. It might not be the best idea to educate children about disabilities in a game that gives you full control..
Kaylee West (1 month ago)
November 6t was one of the best birthdays for me, I got really cool new art supplies, and ten I got the news that there will be a first person view.
Jan Huybrechts (1 month ago)
First person
slothlover_mousexx X (1 month ago)
It’s fist person view
Taylor C (1 month ago)
Ugh whyyyy make a video then 😭😭😭
max likes sims (1 month ago)
I think it will be first person mode so you can be your sims you know
Sammy & Josh TV (1 month ago)
I know I saw lauranZsides video first person mode
xpurplelongitudex (1 month ago)
Well that was lame... the new featured is “first person” 😒 No.. you won’t love it to death lol it’s not for everyone.
Peter Wyatt (1 month ago)
ibby Gold. (1 month ago)
yeah um hey, its Tuesday and i dont see anything
Byakuya Togami (1 month ago)
Ok. It’s Tuesday. Spill.
Kelle Burke (1 month ago)
its create a world surelllyy
CarlieIsRed (1 month ago)
Maybe bands and musical groups are added for everyone. Like clubs but you can manage a band, it would go great with get famous!
WhoviSherNinTaku Ellis (1 month ago)
Honestly at this point they could put anything and I’d still be disappointed not with EA but with myself because I couldn’t think of anything that it might be. And I feel like I’m hyping myself up way too much as of now without even having an inkling of what it might be and I’ll just be disappointed because nothing that they can give me will never live up to the hype that I feel.... except for when they gave us toddlers.
Kristina Wheeler (1 month ago)
I would die if it was world builder...
S. Hughes (1 month ago)
Do you guys remember a couple of moths ago, they teased the sim with the blue and green 'top' and 'bottom'? maybe it has somrthing to do with that...
SimtasticGrl (1 month ago)
I am guessing that it's either T shaped or L shaped stairs to go into all the Holly Wood style Mansions in the New World...or maybe Swimming in the ocean or large bodies of water like even lakes ect...or even maybe being able to place lots in our existing worlds of our size choice...as I see so many open spots where a lot could be placed but can't at this point! GOD I HATE this waiting ....lol
Josefine Andersen (1 month ago)
it's funny how many people guess create a world when that literally not is possible in the way the game works. anyway, i guess colour wheel. just cause I want that myself and i did not see anyone else write it
Simpler (1 month ago)
I already know what it is, due to a little birdie slipping it into my ears, but I am actually excited! I haven't SEEN any footage of it yet, but hearing it was enough for me to jump up and down!
tell us your secrets
Harriet Storey (1 month ago)
I feel like it might be Create a World. In some other creators videos it was previewed that on the world selector screen the world icons have been made smaller- sooo I'm hoping this could be because we will need room for custom self made worlds?! Can't wait to find out tomorrow! EEP.
What ever XD (1 month ago)
Is it new babies????😍
Liora Neve (1 month ago)
Crossing my fingers for upgradeable beds
Tia Murray (1 month ago)
I hope it's Open Worlds!!!!
Victorious 39 (1 month ago)
Wondering if it has something to do with the babies because you said it was something you played with more than the get famous itself pack so what else could you play with more than the pack itself???
zaed (1 month ago)
Its Monday now !I keep checking my phone lmao
Joshua Power! (1 month ago)
You have a new micro,becouse i love it!!
Juan G. Rosas (1 month ago)
Open neighborhood, but not open world.
allkindsofgroove (1 month ago)
I think it's... Create-a-World. :'D We get the terrain tool, so it would make sense.
JeanetteHD (1 month ago)
I think it could be improved Baby's or Disabilityy
Very Smol bean (1 month ago)
I hope it’s babies or preteens
Joshua Mercer (1 month ago)
Sure we will...I’m not getting my hopes up for anything EA streams.
김미나 (1 month ago)
If he spent more time playing it than the expansion, it's got to be something really big. I'm hoping it's something like a color wheel or a big update with babies. Honestly, the best thing would be create a world, but I'm not going to get my hopes up for it. I feel like if I get too excited about it I'm going to be disappointed but any other new feature.
Morgan Engates (1 month ago)
two more days until we know!
LesNovi (1 month ago)
I want the color wheel that we had in CAS and build mode, story progression, cops robbers and firemen, and also intractable babies that we had in sims 3
Erica Levinson (1 month ago)
Do u know when the stylist career comes out? They showed it off in a livestream
Raven Simon (1 month ago)
Bonnie Lass (1 month ago)
Some people have suggested it might be making school playable instead of a rabbit hole. There is a mod I saw that was supposed to do that. I tried it but I got lots that could be high school or elementary, but I never got the option to follow my sim child/teen to school. Maybe you could do a download / tutorial on that.
momahl114 (1 month ago)
I hope it's the stairs they were teasing us with but I don't have high hopes.
TheSimsman88 (1 month ago)
burglars and fire fighters maybe.
William Joon (1 month ago)
Swimming in the sea and lakes?
Zizi Zo (1 month ago)
Rone' J.M. (1 month ago)
If its not a seamless world I am not ecited...lol
Marie Duran (1 month ago)
Hidden content?? Probably, a new world that can be a create a world?  I was hoping for the color wheel too.  Maybe we can put down our own lots???  Oh, how I am counting down to the new content!!!  I have to be getting the Get Famous content for Christmas, but I am glad we are getting these new content for free.  It felt like I was playing half a game, but then again I am a builder so that is probably why.
Em Bee (1 month ago)
probably a feature that's small enough for a free patch but big enough for youtubers that went to sims camp to be super excited about. doubt it's caw or a new/improved life stage. putting money on a call back to the sims 2/3 like compatibility or something
Nick Klaus (1 month ago)
Im pretty sure its terrain tool, but some people already were posted somewhere. 🤔
Snow Bird (1 month ago)
I hope for the expansion pack they add more instruments!!
Michaela Edson (1 month ago)
I remember seeing Perks and Quirks in some gameplay. Idk if its that tho
Kiki Wheatz (1 month ago)
I know I WANT it to be a color wheel as a builder I could cut down on 50% of the cc in my mods folder if they would just bring that back but realistically to implement something like that they would have to edit the coding of every single build/buy object from every single expansion and pack and I just don't see that ever happening no matter how badly i want it. I also hope and pray for them to figure out split-leveling because once that is figured out we could potentially build our own new stair types and it would change the way we are able to build in a way we've only somewhat been able to do in the past. I think split-leveling is the next natural step to take after figuring out terrain manipulation and the pond tool. They go hand-in hand. But again, I don't want to get my hopes up only to be sad when it's nothing build-related. I think most likely it could be a new trait addition like chemistry/favorites/etc. which is lovely addition I would like. I would also like slow-dancing, baby improvements and new events like baby showers, gender reveals, proms, and funerals.
Bob Turner (1 month ago)
Cars. Just cars
Lauren Cheerio (1 month ago)
Wow it seems like they are really giving us a LOT with this update. We already know of the stylist career, new easel/tablet, terrain tool, and a hidden feature that Matt thought was awesome enough to spend more time playing with than the new pack. And all in one (FREE!) update. That's awesome. I've criticized Sims 4 in the past for sometimes lacking in content with the paid packs, but all this, and for free? I'm very happy with this! Plus, Get Famous also looks like it includes a lot of new content/gameplay and will be well worth what you pay! I hope so anyway, it looks awesome so far at least 😝
NikkiSlay _Backup (1 month ago)
When does the update come so I can remove my script mods
Cotton Bear (1 month ago)
I’m guessing pre teens well I hope >_<
Laurmck (1 month ago)
Color wheel??
Charisma Batterson (1 month ago)
I think it is robbers and police and firemen.
Kamanchi N (1 month ago)
I’m excited I can’t wait!
Daz D (1 month ago)
Ok soooo my wish list for this Tue. announcement would have to be 1) Beaches I have been wanting my sims to swim in the ocean for a hot lil min. Ugh Brindleton was such a tease.... but anywho 2) An open world (cars r no good without this friends who keep wishing for these lol) 3) Create a world
Kerry Kelly (1 month ago)
Well personally i'm hoping for either cars or a babies update
Mandee XD (1 month ago)
I hope it’s another world
Shahed Ali (1 month ago)
I have a feeling Laptops are going to be on Sims again, and maybe online dating?
That Random Person (1 month ago)
Services like police, ambulance and fire service police and burglars and the safe in get famous, ambulances for pregnant or injured and disabled sim’s (if they add it like they said) and fire department because my sims stand around and scream until the fire kills them
ElleWhoMeows (1 month ago)
Hmm...world overview is expanding. I wonder what that’s about 😏
Brittany Mulder (1 month ago)
Don't name your stupid video after something you can't even announce its f*ckin retorical
Nona Thani (1 month ago)
Pleaaase let it be Create A World I will stop whining about the Sims 4 for the rest of my life.
DMR Games (1 month ago)
Swimmable oceans?!?!
DMR Games (1 month ago)
Omg love your new mic!
Mindy Cope (1 month ago)
Npc roommates maybe
GamingGirlie 01 (1 month ago)
Wait Tuesday?!? I'm off of school that day YESSSSSSS I CAN SEE IT ^~^
Melissa Clark (1 month ago)
Please be improved babies!
Bri Prichard (1 month ago)
I initially thought spiral staircases, but then reading the comments, babies seem like it could possibly be a thing. Also, I was kind of hoping it would be makeup sliders. I feel like the blush is just way too dark for lighter skin tones and doesn't blend as well.
Trees will be trees
Shane Doyle (1 month ago)
Who needs news when we have Pixelade?
Alexander James (1 month ago)
If it’s just that challenge I’ll cry
ACM_hufflepuff (1 month ago)
I really hope that it’s either create a world or babies like in the sims 2!
Smile (1 month ago)
I hope its another age group like preteens!
Janyses (1 month ago)
It's CAW.
DINIE0011 (1 month ago)
Cars!!!!???? :)
Lars T. (1 month ago)
Maybe playable school for kids and teens?? Like an active "career" where you sit in class and such ?? Would be a good buildup to university !!
Chris G (1 month ago)
Cars?, terraforming?, Unicorns pets/mounts?, youtube watching inside the sims?, mini games inside the
Both Eyes Open (1 month ago)
Brittany Dallas (1 month ago)
2 thing I really hope it is: world editing/saving or create a style saves 2 things a lot of people are saying it probably is and I’m not thrilled about: enhanced baby gameplay, and robbers😑
Kayla (1 month ago)
TerrAin tools
Anthony Foxxx (1 month ago)
ALRIGHT, I'M CALLING IT... It's probably cars
shine blue (1 month ago)
Ally Christiansen (1 month ago)
I feel like it's cars..?? Idk 😳
Joycelyn Porter (1 month ago)
Will it be for pc only or for both?
SmileySims (1 month ago)
i think its create a world because they made the world icons smaller maybe so we can fit more worlds on our screen??
Martina C. (1 month ago)
I've a question but it doesn't concern about the new free feauture. In Get Famous there are two agency, can we create more agencies?
MissAquaGamer (1 month ago)
ITS NOT CARS! Smdh they’ve already been confirmed not coming this year jeez.
Hailey Williams (1 month ago)
I hope its babys or swimming in the oecan PS sorry for the bad spelling
BlackQueenMissNany16 (1 month ago)
Rominder WKND (1 month ago)
It is indeed the positivity challenge but it is a polichinelle secret
luke skywalker (1 month ago)
Is it the terrain stuff? Cars,finally? Wicked stuff?
Paluxy L. (1 month ago)
Robots ................ I want robots !!! or a new world similar like Newcrest . ^^
Nimwits (1 month ago)
Why is everyone asking for pre-teens? What's the point of them? What would they add to the game that isn't already there with children/teens?
Somebody Emo (1 month ago)
It's the positivity challenge
Aurate (1 month ago)
It's not cause they announced it and this supposed feature is yet to be announced
Kay Leadbeater (1 month ago)
I feel like the only person kinda hoping it's not interactive babies. I'll take anything else
Linnéa Hultén (1 month ago)
Maybe one more world. Don't think we will get a world-tool quite yet, it feels to big, something they would hype more about. Even if it would be awesome. But if it is a world-tool, I kind of hope it's not a separate tool, instead it should be integrated in the game, and it should also be possible for worlds in gallery. And some world-handle menu, so you could do settings for existing worlds, if you would like to change some world to vacation-world and vice versa. (There's a mod for that btw) Also, if you don't want special worlds in special save-files there should be options to disable. I hope for some kind of compatibility system and likes/dislikes functionality, but that may suite better in some kind of in-depth romance gamepack actually. 😍 Wow, I would really love a gamepack with romance. With all the new cuddling and dates and slowdance. Improved weddings, and maybe photo albums, honeymoons, crushes. And sim being kind of stupid when have fallen in love. Getting love-letters and a lot of more interesting things.
Yatogami (1 month ago)
Hmm. Well, judging by how some videos were cut while sims were interacting on set because of this feature being shown, my guess is some kind of new interaction? Or perhaps this interaction just has to do with something related to the update.
AGI BEE (1 month ago)
I don't think this is going to be the new feature but I want the COLOUR WHEEL

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