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Orient Bay Beach, St. Martin / St. Maarten, April 2018

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#bestbeaches #beach #orientbeach St. Martin / St. Maarten, Orient Bay Beach April 2018. This beach was great for snorkeling. We use this mask, snorkel, and short fins from Amazon. They work great and are pretty inexpensive! Here is the link to the snorkel gear and flippers. https://amzn.to/2qTmLcO https://amzn.to/2KlfQ5e We also love this dry bag! It’s perfect for snorkeling and beach days. We chose yellow so that it would be safer when we snorkel in the water. It keeps our stuff dry and it floats next to us! Here is the link: https://amzn.to/2DOgMhM This Odrvm Action Camera was a great find! It’s inexpensive, takes beautiful pictures, and comes with a water proof case to take awesome snorkel and water pictures. Here is the link: https://amzn.to/2OTl2Oe Here are a few links to other beautiful beaches in the southern Caribbean. Dickenson Bay Beach, Antigua Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas April 2018 https://youtu.be/rb7EQ44eY4o. St. Lucia Bay Garden Beach Resort Reduit Beach April 2018 https://youtu.be/9jr2cV0Q0jM Carlisle Bay Beach, Barbados April 2018 https://youtu.be/FoPYNqW2kNw Tee Shirts https://www.etsy.com/shop/BlindtoBillionaire?ref=search_shop_redirect Secret Surprise Donations https://paypal.me/pools/c/8dTSQ3SoQq
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Hope you guys are having a fun time on your vacation.
Blind to Billionaire (2 months ago)
Hey Ryan, we had an amazing time. Thank you so much for watching this video! Actually, this video is from a different island, Saint Martin. We were actually in Aruba this time. But thank you for watching this video too. Matt
The water looks amazing, it is a bright blue
Blind to Billionaire (2 months ago)
Hey Ryan, yes the water is absolutely amazing. I unfortunately am not able to see what it looks like, but everyone else that you meet and talk to down here says that it is absolutely amazing. Thanks for the comment and for watching this video. I appreciate it! Talk to you soon, Matt
Laura W (6 months ago)
Nice video!! I am going in 4 weeks!! Thank you!!
Blind to Billionaire (6 months ago)
Have you been to other islands down in that area?  If so, which are your favorite?  Which is your favorite beach?  I've been exploring some of the islands down there over the last year and have really enjoyed seeing all the  different beaches.  Aruba and Barbados have been at the top, they're both just so nice and beautiful.  I hope you're doing well, I look forward to hearing from you!Matt
Blind to Billionaire (6 months ago)
Hi Laura. I wanted to give you an update on Orient Bay... I was there on Saturday the 3rd.. When we arrived, it was so incredibly windy, there were huge waves rolling in and crashing onto the beach. It was also a little rainy, we stood there for just a couple minutes, then got back into the taxi and went back to the cruise port to Great Bay Beach in Philipsburg. Even though it was rainy, the water much calmer. I hope you have a better experience. I wanted to give you an update since i said i would. :) are you going on the cruise? Matt
Blind to Billionaire (6 months ago)
Hi Laura! We are actually going to Orient beach/st Martin in a few days because we are currently on a cruise. We will post videos of what we find in a few days! Thank you for watching and commenting! Enjoy your trip!! Matt
sboyd4723 (9 months ago)
My spot exactly on the beach!
Blind to Billionaire (9 months ago)
Hi Sboyd! Thank you for watching and commenting! I that spot, too! I can’t wait to go back in November and I will upload another video then! Thank you! Matt
William Lahr (10 months ago)
I have walked that beach many times. At the end where the largest tree that is remaining there was a sports shack and a lot of little bungalows. I think we’ll be going back regardless as long as I can walk clothing free it was the best.
Blind to Billionaire (10 months ago)
Hi William, thank you for the comment and for watching the video. While the beach bungalows appear destroyed it’s still a beautiful beach with plenty of soft white sand for walking- with or without clothes! I would definitely go back. We are looking forward to our next trip there in October. Enjoy your trip! Thank you, Matt
Dre Day (11 months ago)
I stayed in that spot years ago. It was a nudist resort. Probably the most famous nude beach in Caribbean. Can't believe the cabins are wiped out. The water in that section is clear it looks like a pool. Sand is so white and soft like powder and the ocean is real shallow. I went middle of summer. Took the jet ski about a mile out and the ocean water was as warm as a Jacuzzi. No wonder hurricanes are so powerful there.
Blind to Billionaire (11 months ago)
Hi Dre Day! Thank you for watching the video and your comment. I agree- the water is fantastic- calm and clear. I’m going back in November so I will send another update at that time. Thank you for sharing your experience and your perspective. I appreciate hearing from you, Thank you, Matt
body2078 (11 months ago)
Well I am from Saint Martin-- residing in the US for 31 years, I can remember when this beach and area around Orient Bay was nothing but trees. It was so beautiful---those were the times..
Blind to Billionaire (11 months ago)
Thank you for watching my video and leaving a comment. That sounds beautiful. We loved our time in Saint Martin and are excited to go back. Thank you, Matt
hint0122 (11 months ago)
I was there in February and it broke my heart to see what happened. It is nice to see that it's being cleared.
Blind to Billionaire (11 months ago)
Hi! Thank you for watching and commenting. This was my first time in St Martin so I don’t know what it looks like pre-hurricane. Although it’s sad to see the damage it’s still a nice island with beautiful beaches and ocean. I’m planning a trip back in October or February and will give new updates at that time. Thank you, Matt
Sheree L. (1 year ago)
This is a fabulous video of my favorite beach!! Love it! Irma did NOT destroy it....
Blind to Billionaire (1 year ago)
Hi Sheree! Thank you for the very nice comment. Yes, the beach and ocean are beautiful. The beach was in excellent condition, almost like it was never touched by the hurricane. I can’t wait to go back!! Thank you, Matt
Margie B (1 year ago)
Thank you for the update...Was there in Feb 2017 and it is sad to see the destruction - hope they can recover some day
Blind to Billionaire (1 year ago)
Hi, Thank you for your comment. This was my first time at Orient Beach and while it is still beautiful I look forward to when they are able to rebuild it. The people who were working at Club Orient where we were hanging out and at Chez Leandreas where we ate lunch were so kind and hard working. I look forward to visiting the island again, thank you. Matt
scott (1 year ago)
Were there naked people on the beach? What ages... and did it look safe around there or people might be looting or trying to rob ya?
Blind to Billionaire (1 year ago)
Hi Scott, Thank you for the question. Yes, the majority of the people on the beach were either fully or partially nude. There were roughly 50-60 people ranging in age from 30-75 years old. The beach and surrounding area felt completely safe despite the widespread destruction from the hurricane. The locals were very nice and helpful and we never felt threatened. We ate lunch at the neighboring restaurant and left our stuff on the beach without hesitation. All the structures on the beach except for a few were totally destroyed. Thank you for your question- let me know if there is anything else I can help you with!

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