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Wonder Girl Meets Wonder Woman in Teen Titans

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With a new writer at the helm and an all new storyline kicking off today, it's a good time to be a teen! In this DC All Access comics clip, we talk to Greg Pak about his Teen Titans debut and what we can expect from his debut story. In short, plenty of Wonder Girl... and Wonder Woman?!? To read Teen Titans #17 digitally: https://www.readdcentertainment.com/Teen-Titans-2014-17/digital-comic/1310000175001 DC All Access is your connection to all of the latest DC Comics news and announcements. Subscribe so you don't miss a segment, and be sure to visit DCComics.com for articles, features, character bios and more.
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Sachin T (7 months ago)
Wonder Woman franchise is all about player Zeus and his endless children.
Jay Haley (8 months ago)
This Mf said Candy Sandsmark
The Witch (1 month ago)
BartAllen Dcuo RIGHT LOL
Royce Bautista (1 year ago)
rebs18_02 Heavns (1 year ago)
Why does she have a black hair in the teen titan jude contract movie
Drag Gamer (1 year ago)
rebs18_02 Heavns because it’s Donna Troy
Tim Drake (2 years ago)
Which serie is this of Teen Titans?
Tim Drake (2 years ago)
Okay Wonder Woman is taller than Batman bat why isn't Wonder Girl taller than Red Robin?
Tim Drake (2 years ago)
+Will N understood thanks
Eli Rosales (3 years ago)
I wish I could learn more about Wonder Women and her comics... I just don't know where to start..
spiderbatman97 (3 years ago)
+Eli Rosales Well, a good star could be the George Perez era, after Crisis on Infinite Earths, it was the star of a new era for the character back in the day and you can found him as Wonder Woman by George Perez Omnibus (it's not the entire run but it could give you a good image of her character). It you prefer a most modern representation, the Brian Azarello run (Wonder Woman vol 4, part of the new 52 reebot) it's good point to star too, it's not my favorite really but i think that you would enjoy more than me. There are others run like the Greg Rucka and Gail Simone that i recomend too but those could be a little rough to people that doesn't know to much about the character.
Olaf Lesniak (3 years ago)
I didn't know Kevin Smith is working at DC again.
Darth Wagner (3 years ago)
He's using a ps4 earbud as his mic lol
Peter Stephens (3 years ago)
Will static get new villains like hour death or hour death cults and transmopths and also why don't you redesign unpopular villains that did not go very well in DC comics as static shock enemy's or teen Titan villains !?
Sidney da Silva (3 years ago)
Wait... Wonder Woman never meet Cass Sandsmark in N52?
+Sidney da Silva Nope ever since the reboot happen Wonder woman has never met cassie in person.
ADE Marc Alexander (3 years ago)
A new writer, thank you!
Zaag (3 years ago)
Thx Greg
Professor Sad (3 years ago)
Boss E (3 years ago)
I wonder if they tried to get cyborg on teen titans
Boss E (3 years ago)
+Mariesha Murphy Yes but he can still show up
Mariesha Murphy (3 years ago)
isn't he part of the justice league?
Bruce Banner (3 years ago)
grek pak is born to write the hulk story, look at his eyes, glowing green .
Raphael A-R (3 years ago)
Greg just called her "CANDY Sandsmark" at the beginning of the vid lol.
Dig Brat (3 years ago)
Omfg. I had to rewind like 5 times to make sure I heard him correctly. I literally felt so insulted.
Monte Taft (3 years ago)
+Raphael A-R I thought I was hearing things....LOL
DeltaPrime350 (3 years ago)
What the heck?!
DeltaPrime350 (3 years ago)
+KON- EL tell yourself makes you feel better whatever, and linkara knows his stuff does get some things wrong yes but guess what thats normal. Also red cons happen so much in the titians comics that it of course their going explaining it but it will be different than what they before, and this happens why to often.
+DetlaPrime350 I don't need to watch the video I have been keeping up to date with the teen titans. Tim drake only  worked with batman for a short time before moving on there isn't anything really confusing about it. As for the titans history its actually being some what explained in the current Titans Hunt book I suggest reading it. Finally why in the world do you watch linkara hes hardly a reliable comic book reviewer.
DeltaPrime350 (3 years ago)
+KON- EL no most new 52 relaunch has a lot of plot holes like Tim drake and his relationship batman, and the whole team history, go to linkara' s videos on the titians if you need more info of the team's history.
+DetlaPrime350 Wonder Woman meets Wonder Girl for the first time and we get more background for wonder girl understand now?
Hexix Brandon (3 years ago)
this incarnation is awful.
spiderbatman97 (3 years ago)
The run of Scott Lodbell was a giant meh for me it wasn't bad but it wasn't good either, the worst thing that run did was the culling and that was over pretty quickly. The Will Pfeifer run was better and fleshed out a little more some characters but it falls down at the end of the Superboy arc, This first issue of Greg Pak look interesting and for some reason gave me the same feeling that i had went i read the J.T Krul run before the reebot.
spiderbatman97 (3 years ago)
+Hexix Brandon I actually like the Dan Jurgens run, it has some problems, especially in the second half but i thought it was fun to read. I like the new Starfire to, its a pitty that it's going to be cancelled. About the new Batgirl i haven't read it and doesn't catch my eye.
+Hexix Brandon Starfire (from her solo series) I will agree with you. Batgirl honestly I think most people just hated how she went from being as dark as batman under gail simone to being more upbeat when gail left.
Hexix Brandon (3 years ago)
+spiderbatman97 I sadly remember both and they were awful like new Batgirl and Starfire.
spiderbatman97 (3 years ago)
+KON- EL I think that the worst was the Sean Mckeaver run, god that was painful to read.
chai xiong (3 years ago)
Teen Titans used to be one of my favorite titles to collect but I just couldn't stomach Lobdel's reboot. It's Greg Pak so I'll give it a shot. I hope he can save them from mediocrity.
Doctor Know (3 years ago)
+chai xiong I agree. The Titans and Legion of Superheroes were my favorite titles growing up. Lobdell's volume 4 Titans are the worst. TBH though, the Titans have been on a slide for more than a decade now. Ever since Infinite Crisis.
Brandon Ninja (3 years ago)
So she never met her mother?
Brandon Ninja (3 years ago)
Right before you fight gigantica
+Brandon Ninja Already did and again no mention of wonder woman being her mother. Seriously where in the game do you even remember wonder woman being refrenced as cassis mother?
Brandon Ninja (3 years ago)
+KON- EL play it again
+Brandon Ninja No she wasn't I know I play the game and never is it mentioned that wonder woman is cassies mother. Go on to the DCUO wiki and they will even tell you that her mother is not wonder woman.
Brandon Ninja (3 years ago)
+KON- EL will in that game she was
Jarrell444 (3 years ago)
I just want Static to rejoin/reunite/team up. That's all.
terance tarpkins (9 months ago)
+Jarrell444 We all do.
H. W (3 years ago)
I hate what they did with kid flash. Can't wait for rebirth to fix this broken story
H. W (3 years ago)
+KON- EL I'm fine with him being from the future but these sidekicks aren't even sidekicks just teen heroes which is interesting but they take the names of other heroes and don't work with them... Hell wonder girl is meeting wonderwoman for the first time
+H. Erebus How exactly are they going to fix it though? I mean hes technicaly from the future.
The Banter Boiz (3 years ago)
GoodTryButImNoFanboy (3 years ago)
Isn't WonderWoman a Cassie's aunt?
LunaticReason (3 years ago)
+NightSpider Ok I guess she' like a half niece.
GoodTryButImNoFanboy (3 years ago)
+LunaticReason that's the new 52 I'm talking about, her father was son of Zeus, just like WW is.
LunaticReason (3 years ago)
+NightSpider Not in the New 52.
mjstory1976 (3 years ago)
Matthew White (3 years ago)
Young justice season 3 anyone?
Mikołaj500 (8 months ago)
Matthew White :>
tim (3 years ago)
Pass Gas (3 years ago)
Pak is a beast
a0040pc (3 years ago)
I'm reading the series and I find it an interesting read. I am enjoying the fact that Tanya Spears is concentrating on using her growing powers because it makes her different from the original Power Girl. Would love to see her test the limits of these powers in a future issue.
a0040pc (3 years ago)
+LunaticReason Yeah,  hopefully we'll see some BIG things from the character in the future.
LunaticReason (3 years ago)
+a0040pc She is the one new character on this team that i actually like
Scarecrow7 (3 years ago)
Does her shirt say Spider-man with a Superman logo? I don't get it.
B I G C H U N G U S (3 years ago)
probably amalgam comics spider boy
starkid77 (3 years ago)
I was so excited by this then I see Tony Bedard is writing a month or two later? Why can't this book find a really good permanent writer? Where's Marv Wolfman? Will Pfeiffer came on and we finally wiped away that dumba$$ harvest stuff by Lobdell but now with no permanent writer how can Titans get a regular fanbase again? Titans was hit the hardest after the ew 52, but I knew with some retooling (and some rebirth and Titans Hunt) would hopefully bring the legacy aspect back and it looks like that's the case. Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl, a long time in coming, but I wish Greg pak was staying, writing wonder Woman or hopefully another book or two soon. I'm glad they are finally explaining Cassie and not just making her act like some loud, rude b for no reason. This will help to flesh her out. They made me laugh when Greg said our current Wonder Girl, considering she's been Wonder Girl for a few decades now, not even counting new 52. I'd like to see a team up with Wonder Woman, Cassie, and Donna Troy and a little Hippolyta thrown in soon.
+starkid77 The continuity isn't as bad as you think. All of the solo justice league books are currently set after darkseid war (or in batmans case darkseid war is before batman endgame). ITs Justice league of America that I cant stand seriously Bryan hitch has made it nearly impossible to tell when exactly the book is taking place.
+starkid77 I started off with the new 52. I read a few post crisis stories like infinite crisis read the whole book and all the tie ins.
starkid77 (3 years ago)
+KON- EL So much is going on in the Justice League I just assumed it was happening outside of time, like blink and you missed it or something. That would explain why they are having several books in different outfits with different members. It's a shame that the continuity is so busted that I had to tell myself that to keep reading. I heard Rebirth is going back to continuity. I saw an interview and everything they said for ew 52 and Dc you looks to me like they are now doing the opposite of that. Dan Didio said specifically they are going back to continuity and legacy, so to me that's huge step in the right direction. Are there any pre 52 characters that you like that you haven't seen since 2011? I was wondering when you started reading/collecting.
+ADE Marc Alexander True in the long run I believe readers prefer good stories being made. Still though a lot of people will more then likely get upset for the blatant disregard to canon. Take for example Justice league of America I doubt anyone has any idea when its suppose to take place as their are so many refrences to future stories that should have not happened yet.
ADE Marc Alexander (3 years ago)
+KON- EL: I don't think they will address it (even if I too hope so). The idea of rebirth is to make the story consistent in their own books, but not necessarily to consider the whole universe too much - especially if it goes in the way of a good overarching story. And all the cross-overs two years ago is what ultimately destroyed TT volume 4 to begin with imho. Basically what's canon in TH may be not in future WW issues. Which sucks a lot on one side, but could be a good thing for more stand alone stuff. We'll see! :/
Geek Plus (3 years ago)
I got a 1million dollar idea Lego DC vs MARVEL superheroes original movie
B I G C H U N G U S (3 years ago)
+King of Thunder they're the only ones with rights to both marvel and DC characters and have teased in Lego DC heroes that the marvel universe would be coming
King of Thunder (3 years ago)
+Carlos Hernandez Why Lego...
Harley (3 years ago)
can't wait to read this
Ashley Cronk (3 years ago)
did he call her Candy?
Noah Abbe (3 years ago)
+Ashley Cronk He did. He did say "Cassie" the second time, though.
The RED Samurai (3 years ago)
If Greg Pak is writing it Imma be reading it!!
The RED Samurai (3 years ago)
I wanna see Red Hood and Red Robin on a Teen Titans team, there would be a great dynamic between the two and they would bring two completly different things to the table (as long as you don't write Jason like an idiot to make Tim look smarter) and Red Hood brings in his members and Red Robin brings in his members and they mash up both kind of co leading the team
The RED Samurai (3 years ago)
+starkid77 I know right I think it would be great if they just gave One writer 2 Titans books, and let him interchange members between the teams for different missions/stories like JLU
starkid77 (3 years ago)
+The RED Samurai I'd like to see what you're saying on a permanent basis. I never really liked the Outlaws, or at least the writer, but they all would be great as one big or two titans teams.
Kyle Laguerre (3 years ago)
All i ask is that lobdel and his harvest nonsense red robins stupid wings and that silent armor bs away from the franchise post rebirth. That villain never really made sense and all those gimmicks he introduced are just hurting sales. in all honesty such a trash run i hope rebirth fixes this series
Kyle Laguerre (3 years ago)
+KON- EL Totally agree with solstice and Kid Flash 
I mostly agree with you. But perhaps red Robin is not as comfortable as batman when it comes to relying on a cape for gliding. Harvest needs major work I completely agree. Bar Torr they need to stop having him go MIA so much. When he returns I seriously hope solstice comes back. She was such a nice girl.
Boss E (3 years ago)
+KON- EL you know that nightwing and cyborg are friends in New 52 right
Boss E (3 years ago)
+KON- EL so we can see what the old team looks like in New 52
Haljordan4life (3 years ago)
Hope it is brilliant but why is Bart and Connor gone AGAIN? Seriously every 5 issues they leave the team. Why does DC hate these 2 badasses?
Concon (3 years ago)
+Hanzel Shipper I'm just responding to the D doesn't care bit.
Said Mohamed (3 years ago)
That doesn't clarify anything, but I get what you're going for, there's been a lot of complaints about Kon and Bart in the new 52, But my guess is that they are trying to fix that with Titans Rebirth.
Concon (3 years ago)
+Hanzel Shipper They are in the main team!
Said Mohamed (3 years ago)
+Concon ???
Concon (3 years ago)
+Haljordan4life DC Rebirth my friend
Gwen Patton (3 years ago)
Greg Pak did such a great job on Code Monkey Save World. Glad to see him getting some props.
Enum995 (3 years ago)
Cassie or Candy?
Enum995 (3 years ago)
 thanks. I have not been following the TT since the N52 and wondered if they changed the character. also pretty bad the video editors didn't cut it out before posting this online
Noah Abbe (3 years ago)
+Enum995 It's Cassie. He said "Candy" the first time, which was pretty bad for someone writing the book. He's a great writer, but come on, that's just a bad mistake...
Enum995 (3 years ago)
greg pak is so talented and sexy
Ed Jun (3 years ago)
A história ta foda.
0:06 ahh look at raven hold beastboy in her hand maybe we can finally see some sparks fly between the two.
spiderbatman97 (3 years ago)
+spiderbatman97 I think that i said to much end, sorry.
spiderbatman97 (3 years ago)
+MeanandProud. x She also had a brief flame, whith a kind of emotional vampire called Forrester but that doesn't end well and had some ship tease whith Jericho but they never manage to pass the mark of good friends. I liked Raven in the new 52, she still pretty much the same character, but i don't like the costume. It looks very silly for me, even for superhero's standard.
spiderbatman97 (3 years ago)
+Boss E Actually Geoff Johns said that he was planned made the two a couple regarless of the show, personally i think that it was an interesting idea, that sadly was pretty mishandled at the time whith all the "will of won't do" that the writers put those two, but never reach a point were they ruined the characters (it was close thought) and at the end was both ended maturing at the end of the series thanks to the influence that they had in each other. Raven was still a caring and loving person, devote to her friends, and a pacifist in body and soul, she try to give a oportunity to Damian Wayne when he joined the team (even when he was a jerkass most of the time), she attempt to help a new villan name Headcase because she realized the pain that was lying in his mind and she gave some kind words to Bart Allen when he almost kill Inertia II.
Boss E (3 years ago)
+MeanandProud. x Okay if you want to contact me and talk about comics follow my Twitter @ABeingofhope
MeanandProud. x (3 years ago)
+Boss E doesn't matter if its true or not. BBRae is not going anywhere and like I said before it is not happening in new for now but don't be surprise if it happens again.
MrSecretSentai (3 years ago)
cool I like Greg Pak
OCL 73150 (3 years ago)
please its got to be better than kid flash and barry meeting. calling barry a loser.
Leandro Crudi (3 years ago)
Is Wonder Girl or Witchblade?
Sir Berzerker (3 years ago)
Cassie should get her own book, she has a lot of potential to be a great character other than just being Superboy's eternal Bae.
Kirbae (3 years ago)
Bring back Young Justice! DC why can't you start your own online streaming or channel so we can get back YJ!?
Kirbae (3 years ago)
+bigvirgotube I'd leave my girlfriend to get the show back right now
Kirbae (3 years ago)
+bigvirgotube if only i had Netflix haha but that's great bcuz I've saying for awhile now I that they should run the show's future seasons on Netflix
Kirbae (3 years ago)
+rbraunbeck96 they better! im still carrying a lot of pain...A LOT OF PAIN! >=(
They're already looking into it
They're already looking into it
Tony Gomez (3 years ago)
I dropped this after issue 10. If you want a good Titans book go read Titans Hunt. It is far superior to any Teen Titans story we've gotten since 2011. If only DC would put one of their better creative teams on this book.
Tony Gomez (3 years ago)
+TheComicCrafter I guess
Captain Comic (3 years ago)
+Tony Gomez Fair enough, though it is still pretty much the Young Justice cartoon line-up.
Tony Gomez (3 years ago)
+TheComicCrafter I have to disagree, my team pays homage to the original teen titans line up. Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad, Speedy, and Wonder Girl. I just through in Superboy and Miss Martian to keep it modern.
Captain Comic (3 years ago)
+Tony Gomez What you want is Young Justice, not the Teen Titans.
+LunaticReason New universe tends to equal change in a character were you expecting us to be near mirror images of the old versions?
ITs about time wonder girl has met wonder woman face to face. For over 5 years since the reboot has happened never has wonder girl despite her name ever met wonder woman in person. I am curious to find out if they will play on the fact that cassie is actually related to wonder woman by blood.
She is not as far as we know right now Donna is going through another conflicting origin ordeal.
+Fundamentalists rDangerous Her father Lennox was one of the many sons of zeus. So Wonder Woman is Cassies Aunt.
Ah okay I knee WW was a.daughter of Zeus but wasn't sure about cassie wonder how she is related? If not. Zeus' daughter? Then how is she related?
+Fundamentalists rDangerous No Wonder woman is the daughter of Zeus however cassie is now related to wonder woman by blood.
Mike White (3 years ago)
All I ask is that you keep Scott Lobdel as far from this series, or any series, as possible
Merci Loude (1 year ago)
Ivy182 nxxxc
Merci Loude (1 year ago)
Ivy182 (3 years ago)
+Mike White For sure dude.  I just don't get how this run got bad. 
Mike White (3 years ago)
+Ivester182 I think you get what I was saying, though.
Ivy182 (3 years ago)
+Mike White Man, I didn't even like reading The Watchmen.  I really tried. Only got half way through before I stopped. It took me 4 read sessions just to get that far.  I won't say it's bad.  I just wasn't getting into it.  Really hoping Rebirth fixes the Titans. 
dennis nguyen (3 years ago)
0:37 When you say Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl Action...do you mean fight action or romance action?
+dennis nguyen Fight most likely.
Rayson (3 years ago)
I like how some of the panels ar similar to The New Teen Titans story - Who is Donna Troy?
internetmaster1 (3 years ago)
"Who's Wondergirl ?" How original.
Marcus Joyner (3 years ago)
He said "Candy Sandsmark...."
supertone37 (3 years ago)
running from the Law and who is Wonder Girl? how original. this is why I left the book. sorry.
supertone37 (3 years ago)
He has to do a big twist because it feels like all i hear about Titans is Raven family problems, who is Wonder Girl and running from the Law/or Someone.  The later seems to be used a lot over DC books in general.  I was on bored for new 52 Titans but it just became boring and regurgitated.  I want to like it so I hope all this gets fixed with the new Titans and Teen Titan books for rebirth.
glenrkat (3 years ago)
+supertone37 I think they are trying to bring back a bit of the audience from the old days who abandoned the book completely with the New 52 crap re-tooling. I don't mind them trying to entice the older readers back with little reminders of glories past, as long as Pak does a new twist on them.
DEATHxTHExKIDx1 (3 years ago)
heard new Teen titans was bad
+Mike White Marv wolfman will be sitting next to him and throwing dollar bills in the air.
Mike White (3 years ago)
+KON- EL now I'm imagining George Perez getting a lap dance from starfire.
+Mike White Dead serious.
Mike White (3 years ago)
+KON- EL lol are you serious? Certainly explains the frequent nudity
+glenrkat To add unto that starfire was modeled after a favorite stripper of perezs (or possibly wolfman cant remember which one.)
GILES SANTHOSH (3 years ago)
they should make young justice season3
They're already looking into it
Prince O. (3 years ago)
I second that.
Joseph Goulding (3 years ago)
The Comic Book Guy (3 years ago)
please bring back superboy for real this time not only for a few issues
Howyaduing (3 years ago)
+KON- EL it doesn't matter I'm losing faith within DC both comics and the live-action media television wise that is the movies look a bit more promising than the TV shows for one they actually pay respect and stick to the source material rather than twisted and change it up into a teenie soapy melodrama for shippers and fan girls alike
+Howyaduing Yeah hopefully greg pak will be able to do this and if not the second relaunch of teen titans that's coming with rebirth might be able to do it. (its not a reboot if that's what your thinking.)
Howyaduing (3 years ago)
Amen same goes with the TV shows out there
The Comic Book Guy (3 years ago)
I just want them to do the characters justice
Howyaduing (3 years ago)
+KON- EL still I think they need to really think about there characters and what is there story
Calvin Campbell (3 years ago)
very cool
ALPH (3 years ago)
Zane Phillips (3 years ago)
Ameya Pethe (3 years ago)

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