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Drunk Girls Gone Viral

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Be-careful Mostly Girls Gone Viral After Drinking x
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aansh singh (22 days ago)
I hope some other guys treat ur daughter like this
Kraytas (4 months ago)
Im 8 and this happen to me before. 8:::::::::D
klialsjjsls hdhkdls (11 months ago)
Its not coll. Stop with This, delete Thais vídeo.
Crveni Krojac (1 year ago)
This is so enjoyable, but i am more weird too. My lifelong two friends my wife and me are together raising my wife's kids and i treat those friends as part of the familly.They help me a lot since one of them is jobless and so he can take care of kids while we're working.Other one is more strict than i am so he's disciplining them well and we can work together.
Luannelis Cin Torres (1 year ago)
U r a bitch whoever posted this shit
Billy Young (1 year ago)
I can imagine his parents are so proud of their son the Sexual Pervert who can only get a woman by getting her unconscious .!!!!!!! Surely he is doing the same as the celebs in the News you are a SLEAZE ,PERVERT, AND PREDICTOR ALONG WITH HER SO CALLED FRIENDS !!!!!!!!
YoungWolfGamer (1 year ago)
Was there any consent? If not, they need to get in trouble for sexual harassment.
YoungWolfGamer (1 year ago)
Monstrum 321 Oh, well good.
Monstrum 321 (1 year ago)
YoungWolfGamer lmao. She woke up laughing. They're obviously all drunk. No laws were broken here.
Kollen Migiu (1 year ago)
he's taking an advance on her
Nightcore Lover (1 year ago)
Stop uploading these things! If children watch it by an accident.
Kraytas (4 months ago)
Yellow Flash im 8
Luannelis Cin Torres (1 year ago)
Lalawmpuii Ralte I agree someone sent me this shit and I am a fucking kid I'm fucking 10
اف نعال
Ellen Carriera (1 year ago)
Olivia Parisan (1 year ago)
I agree with ceejay1992
Naej Nitnatem (1 year ago)
Shelly Jekel (1 year ago)
man she is out of it
Lucas 05 (1 year ago)
Det gjorde han lju
Zaper Wizer (1 year ago)
She is a bitch
Cameron Brewer (1 year ago)
some friends
tamarah babe (1 year ago)
this is why u should never get drunk with boys...once a girl got drunk they loss all their sense
Devin Campbell (1 year ago)
Well according to the law even that is not fine.
Lee Taeminnie (1 year ago)
+Harold Edward Styles if they're a couple then that's fine I mean he knows she's okay with him kissing her but if they're just friends or they just met well that's not okay
Lee Taeminnie (1 year ago)
+Devin Campbell she's saying that her friends weren't wasted like she was and the guy was taking advantage of her like kissing her or touching her You can clearly see he knows what he's doing
Devin Campbell (1 year ago)
are you saying drunk men have sense but drunk women don't?
James Cuthbertson (1 year ago)
Although this a year or two old, they should all have their asses beat for this. Especially the jerk exposing her stomach.
Luannelis Cin Torres (1 year ago)
What you mean
i hope they didn rape her
Apoorv Saxena (1 year ago)
And are we heading in the right direction as a society ?
Rija Kunwar (2 months ago)
No that y muslims nvr drink
Luannelis Cin Torres (1 year ago)
Apoorv Saxena maybe
Marcus Carter (1 year ago)
Drugged, not drunk
Devin Campbell (1 year ago)
or intoxicated
AGreenEyedAngel (1 year ago)
bang bang fuck niggas rape me nigga bang bang 22 SW an 12 gage slugger was cracking lacking pimpin
Dave X (1 year ago)
And what?
Symbala Mark (1 year ago)
toss the bitch in the gutter
Mondo Madness (2 years ago)
fucking idiot
Jenelyn Lagrama (2 years ago)
oh my gosh
Fabrice BENOIT (2 years ago)
naz naz
Drink Bleach (2 years ago)
How the hell does someone go from being passed out drunk one minute and then laughing and talking the next? Once im out, I'm out. She seemed as if she was faking it. Attention hhores.
Sleepless Nights (2 years ago)
I hope they help her or any one else like this all the time
ashleigh blake (2 years ago)
She stinks boooooooooooooooo she is a mother funker she is FAT she is a b i t c h:-P
Luannelis Cin Torres (1 year ago)
ashleigh blake you are a bitch
Brooke-lynn Stanford (1 year ago)
ashleigh blake she's not fat
elam garak (2 years ago)
I think it's sweet how he rubs and pats her bare belly. I think he pokes her belly button too.
no one you know realy (1 year ago)
yes, I think she liked that too. look at her cute-impulsive-hidden-smile at 1:00 . she feels safe and loved, no wonder she sleeps like a baby
welcome to the backwards hillbilly fucktards of the south!
Fábio katsumi Shinike (2 years ago)
Oi gostei muito da atitude do rapaz ter carregado a moça colocando as mãos de baixo dos braços dela mas não gostei o que ele fez largar a moça no chão e deixar caída gostei aquela hora que ele ficou com a moça e ele sentou no sofá e colocou a moça junto com ele se u estivesse ai ficaria segurando ela direto nao deixaria ela deitada no chão e ficaria com as mãos no suvaco dela e assim que levanto mulher colocando a mãos no suvaco dela. A atitude do rapaz e que está certo eu faria igual.
Jim H (2 years ago)
jerry gonza (1 year ago)
Jim H oh holly carp I pressed on the wrong video wrong video !!!!!!!
Stuarty246 (2 years ago)
Don't miss out ooоn millions of s*ху girls near you => https://twitter.com/cbdee23a682dfc761/status/800976871114481664 Drunk Girls Gоne Viral
bassbuckmaster (2 years ago)
Geese that looks creepy, hearing another woman there makes it better. Girls should watch this and know how dangerous it is to get this drunk.
Ramiro Espinosa (1 year ago)
Crveni Krojac your English sucks go learn first then come back and write well
Abby Garcia (2 years ago)
+Crveni Krojac You mean groping and kissing unconscious girls? How sad are you to have done that you pervert? You should be in prison. You better watch out...
Crveni Krojac (2 years ago)
Shut the fuck up old fashioned idiot.Whats wrong in teens having fun.They didn't undressed her and there is no risk that they can make her pregnant.I miss those days i once used to play games like these :(.
Mr. Bean (2 years ago)
Buddy with the camo better be her boyfriend or he's a sleezy fuck, hands all over her.
Kelly Anderson (1 year ago)
I think he is
Purple Alien (1 year ago)
ceejay1992 ew I was thinking the same.. I know a couple guys that would do that, disgusting
Akash sonar (2 years ago)
All hot girls are here => https://twitter.com/990cbc01685e77748/status/800976871114481664 Drunk Girls Gooone Viral
Jeramiah Lopez (2 years ago)
She got trained 😂
Luannelis Cin Torres (1 year ago)
Jeramiah Lopez bitch how do you know
Jaamee Beardsley (2 years ago)
stupid video!
Sandra Mc (2 years ago)
fuckin cunts
Fuck Face (2 years ago)
just playing
Fuck Face (2 years ago)
step on her head
Helen Veras (2 months ago)
You are mean pretty sure you'll go to jail in the future for girl abuse
La gufug (2 years ago)
I really hope they didn't do anything to her!!!! 😦😦😦
Lee Taeminnie (1 year ago)
He was touching her boobs and his crotch was really close to her That' sexual herrasment. It is not taking care of a drunk person. And what do you mean by wanting a little play with her? That's disgusting If I get drunk I don't want people molesting me
Crveni Krojac (1 year ago)
Harold Edward Styles They didn't raped her they just wanna little play with her they are still taking care of her not to get arm or leg broken when she's unconcious so they are good friends.I hope no one is going to cum inside her and it can be disasterous but they are aware of it as i see them.
Lee Taeminnie (1 year ago)
so if she's raped it is her fault cause she was drunk while shes's with a bunch of her friends? you're fucked up human beings
Crveni Krojac (1 year ago)
There's nothing enjoying to have sex with her when she's wasted from alcohol.But who ever think that she can't marry and have children he's heartless idiot and reason why we have less babies born every next year.I also were hugging my female friend around her belly but she's now familly wife and have two kids which i take care of when she and her husband are at work and there's no one at their home to take care of their kids.
Pablo Ortiz (1 year ago)
La gufug if she wouldn't be drunk maybe she wouldn't be in this predicament
EliteTV (2 years ago)
use her.
Helen Veras (2 months ago)
That's bad if u rape a girl u go to jail that is girl abuse
garfield (1 year ago)
EliteTV o
wownelfwarrior247 (2 years ago)
aww man didn't show the good parts or is it because youtube?
Luannelis Cin Torres (1 year ago)
wownelfwarrior247 bitch what kind of person r u wait I know u r a bitch that what u r
Mr. Bean (2 years ago)
+wownelfwarrior247 And what are you gonna do you sicko? Go crazy. Get mad and violent. It's the Internet, your tough guy attitude doesn't mean anything Mr. Wrld of Warcraft. Virgin bitch.
jimmy mass (2 years ago)
+wownelfwarrior247 Yeah he's a fuck boi for real and a weasel
wownelfwarrior247 (2 years ago)
+jimmy mass don't mind Ceejay he keeps being like that, he might comment to someone crazy on the internet ;) maybe im one of them :p 
jimmy mass (2 years ago)
+ceejay1992 hmmm then why did you watch? and me calling you a birch doesn't have shit to do with this vid
Marv Ho (3 years ago)
what a son of a bitch mafukka

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