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Flat Cap Guide - How To Pick A Newsboy Cap - Gentleman's Gazette

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Learn to pull off the newspaper boy cap here: https://gentl.mn/flat-cap-guide SHOP THE VIDEO: 1. Madder Silk Tie in Dark Ruby Red Macclesfield Neats - https://gentl.mn/2hJzIEI 2. Dark Bronze Madder Silk Pocket Square with Diamond Motif and Paisley - https://gentl.mn/2xcdnBZ 3. Burgundy Red Suede Unlined Leather Mens Gloves - https://gentl.mn/2yTuryp 4. Brown Socks with Green and Cream Clocks - https://gentl.mn/2wuge9C So first of all, what is a flat cap or a newsboy cap? Obviously, I'm wearing one here right now and it's made out of a woven fabric. It's not knitted, there's no felt, like in typical menswear hats, overall, it has a very level and trim silhouette based on the one-piece construction, meaning, the top is made out of one piece of fabric and then you have seams on the side to get the distinct shape. Another characteristic is that the body off the top part of the hat is pulled over the brim. Generally, it's either sewn on or snapped on, that way, you get a triangular side profile that gives the hat its characteristic shape. Over the years, the flat cap has gotten many monikers so it's known as newsboy cap, cabbie, gatsby, IV, Jeff, duffer, duckbill, driving, you name it. If you want to learn all about the monikers, please check out the guide on our website here. So how do you wear a flat cap? First of all, if you get something made out of tweed just the way I'm wearing it here right now, you always will make sure you have a certain amount of contrast between the fabric on your hat and the rest of your outfit. Definitely, avoid flat caps that are very similar in color but not the same because that just looks off; it's like pairing a navy suit with a black pair of pants. Second of all, do shape the brim to your taste; that means you can actually move it like this and to curve it a little bit, you can tilt your hat and get the exact look you want. Don't wear your flat cap backwards because it just looks awkward. This is not a baseball hat, after all, it is more stylish brother. Four, don't worry a flat cap in the summer because it simply makes you overheat and sweat and it's unnecessary. Five, don't wear a flat cap unsnapped. Sometimes, you'll find flat caps that can be unflapped, however, that's a style that's usually associated with women in the 70s. So how should you buy a flat cap? First of all, it's important that it fits comfortably on your head. The flat cap was originally made from tweed by the wool fabrics or sometimes even cotton and that reason you should stick with those materials. In my opinion, tweed is really the best material because it has the depth of color, it keeps you warm, it's hard wearing, and it's just a wonderful fabric. To learn more about tweed, please check out our in-depth tweed guide, here. Sometimes, I've also seen denim caps or maybe leather caps or faux leather ones. I personally don't think it's a very advantageous look and I'd rather stick with the classic stuff. For that same reason, I stay away from patchwork flat hats or multi-pattern caps because they're simply too loud. Just like a bold red or really loud blue and green hat. The good thing about tweed is usually it comes in more subdued colors that suit the fall-winter season. At the same time, the color composition of the fabric is comprised of a range of different ones so it's very easy to combine it with other items in your wardrobe even though they don't match and contrast. So whenever you find flat caps that are either too bold or come in small, medium, and large, I suggest you skip them unless you know that they will fit you and that you'll like to wear them and they won't just be a fashion item that you have to throw away after a season. if you want to learn more about flat caps and what brands you might want to buy please check out our full guide on the website here. Last but not least, if you think a flat cap makes you look dated just browse the Internet and look for pictures of David Beckham or people like Brad Pitt which are obviously mainstream media celebrities and they can still pull it off and do so on a regular basis. #flatcap #newsboyhat #notsponsored -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Most Popular videos: How to accept a compliment - https://youtu.be/_EKXNmM1PUo 101 things that change when you dress up - https://youtu.be/JyGDd_iYaCI How to tie a Bow Tie - https://youtu.be/2I3cfa0BOOc --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Want to stay updated? Sign up here for free: https://gentl.mn/2fGoEnC Want to see more videos? Subscribe to our channel! https://www.youtube.com/user/thegentlemansgazette --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gentleman's Gazette https://gentl.mn/2fH3h5B Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gentlemansgazette FREE EBOOK: https://gentl.mn/2fGoEnC
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Text Comments (456)
288th scorpions (14 days ago)
He forgot that it's also called a dai cap
C. Daisy (19 days ago)
My favorite headwear is an old denim six panel Newsboy that I have been wearing since 1978. It really looks better when I have a full beard so it's mainly a winter cap, because I shave in the summer.
Awful Truth (24 days ago)
One of the rules was "Don't wear flat caps in the summer. They were made for cold weather, you'll overheat and that's unneeded.". As war as I know, flat caps come in different fabrics, including cotton and lightweight wool - those are specifically made to be worn during spring an summer.
Daniele Iannarelli (24 days ago)
I never wear a hat - any hat - straight. “A hat’s not a hat ‘til it’s tilted”...
MP Transport (26 days ago)
I’ve worn baseball caps for years but as I’m in my 50’s now I think it’s time I looked at flat caps so I really found this video informative. Thanks 👍
Awful Truth (23 days ago)
+MP Transport Well... I'll tell you so. -It is not true that one doesn't wear flat caps during the summer. I've heard this multiple but when I asked why or who says that, I never get a decent answer. It all comes down to the fabric/material involved. Flat caps have been always worn all the year. - Matching colors. While it is true that any hat (Including flat caps) shouldn't be the same color as the rest of your outfit, it can be extremely similar to it. I've and a lot of my friends have worn suits and hats that were almost identical in color (Someone could argue they were the same color) and looked great.
MP Transport (24 days ago)
Mistakes? Depends on your opinion and dress sense but I tend to follow Sven, Kirby Allison and Hugo for my advice.
Awful Truth (24 days ago)
There are some mistakes though.
John Tennant (26 days ago)
How do you feel about the mesh flat caps marketed for summer and spring wear?
Awful Truth (24 days ago)
Cotton and lightweight wool flat caps were specifically made for spring and summer. I have a couple of those, I wear in the summer and had never had a problem.
Hieronimus Bosch (29 days ago)
What pretentious rubbish. Look for a range of caps made from, at least more than 50% wool. The more wool the better. If you can afford it, buy a cap in pure wool, better still buy one in cloth by Abraham Moon, or in Donegal Tweed or Harris Tweed. If you have the time and the inclination look for several ranges of caps like that. Then: MOST IMPORTANT: Select whatever you like. Then, EVEN MORE IMPORTANT: Measure your head accurately, using a good old-fashioned tape measure. Hold the tape so it is positioned pretty much where the hat will be positioned on your head, something like: across the widest point of your forehead, then the bit of the back of your head that sticks out the most. If that measurement comes halfway between 2 sizes of the cap you want, ask the seller for advice. If they are not happy to help, do your selection process again until you can buy from a seller who wants to give you advice, and remember to avoid anyone who is unwilling to help. Different cap manufacturers can have different ideas about buying the larger or the smaller if your head is between 2 sizes. I have almost 50 caps, and have mostly found cap sellers to be very helpful: Gamble & Gunn, Mucros, (Mucros have a whole range of very nice flat caps with elasticated sweatbands, a good way of finding out which size you are with some precision while buying a good cap in an excellent tweed by Muckross Weavers, at a sensible price), Earland Brothers, Village Hats, Town and Country, Cotswold caps, City caps. And many more. If you have a little more money, have a look at Sterkowski, available on Amazon and directly from Sterkowski in Warsaw, Poland, where customer service is usually from Piotr Sterkowski or one of his team. The caps are simply glorious, and, honestly, if you see one you really like you will not be worried about paying a few £££ more when you unpack the first cap you receive from them. Caps branded Peaky Blinders are nicely made, as are caps from Failsworth, and Jaxon and James. Even with (soon) 50 caps from about 15 sources I have one heck of a lot to learn. To repeat: Buy the cap that pleases you the most from a good maker's/seller's range, in the best quality of cloth you can afford. Don't buy this or that cap because of a TV show, because it suited someone else, because you get advice on the web that "this or that model will definitely suit you". Some people find that caps with large crowns look too big on them, some people find that the traditional flat cap looks too small on them. I have some of each. The only rule is that there are no other rules than this one. Finally: When you receive your cap, unpack it carefully, leave all the labels and things in place, try it on clean, dry, non-greasy hair. If it really does not fit, or it just doesn't suit you at all, contact your supplier and ask for the details about returning a cap. Distant selling regulations are on your side unless the cap has been worn, not just tried on, or is not clean and dry. Welcome to the wonderful world of caps!
J PR (30 days ago)
As person of Irish heritage and as someone that travels with great frequency to locations that experience inclement weather, I get my caps from “Hats in the Belfry”. Check out this one - “Belfry Piers - Cashmere Blend Flat Cap”.
greatest ever (1 month ago)
Tosh.o will find this guy
Motl Asher P (1 month ago)
I think a news boy is a type of flat cap.
123Fritz (1 month ago)
I am afraid I find almost ALL of your color combinations really off. But then I am not an expert. Just my personal opinion.
Augh Bable (1 month ago)
I know for some people it would look great on them wearing it but I look like idiot wearing it
Siddharth Sharma (1 month ago)
Wow..Dara O'Brien lost quite a bit of weight.
Rossco Picoltrane (1 month ago)
Josh Breslin (1 month ago)
Still trying to figure out what kind of accent this guy has?
jake Elysian (1 month ago)
This is not a newsboy cap as the ones made in the 30s.
VincentWitt 1 (1 month ago)
ur dumb
Lobster the Mobster (1 month ago)
The sicilian hat the coppala is very nice and you should check them out
Practice (1 month ago)
sam jackson wears flat caps backward and looks genius
Jim Dandy (1 month ago)
They are called "Skimmers"!
Jon Molnar (1 month ago)
I am desperately looking for a newsboy\ flat cap that looks like the hat in the thumbnail worn by the gentleman on the left. What is that hat called???!!! I can't find one like that anywhere!!!
Sontino S. (2 months ago)
How's the blue Stetson "loud"? ...pfffft.
Warning Signs (2 months ago)
my son just purchased one from Ireland in the Irish Rose shop in Milton Delaware and it is so classy and cute - he looks so good in it!!!!
Hermann Fegelein (2 months ago)
In the place I come from (post-Soviet Ukraine), this cap is more commonly known as "The Truck Driver's Cap". Especially the leather one.
mike sutton (2 months ago)
Have bought several Flat caps in the last year ! switched to Flat caps from baseball caps several years ago !
Mike Kojoori (2 months ago)
How do you feel about leather flat-caps?
busdrivermike13 (2 months ago)
I just found my first flat cap a beautiful aged brown leather One from London fog at value village for $3 , it goes great With my sheepskin bomber jacket.
Egg Of Wah (2 months ago)
I need this guide
Eastern Cowboy (2 months ago)
My grandfather wore linen flat caps in the summer to cover his bald head. Winter it was wool one or a fedora. He was born 1905.
JUST ME (2 months ago)
Do you know if there's a way that I can shrink my wool felt flat cap?
Jeff Stone (2 months ago)
Do you wear your flat cap backwards with goggles if you’re riding a motorcycle. It does look stylish. Rules are made to be broken. If you’re not cheating you’re not trying...
Eóin MacLean (2 months ago)
I get compliments almost daily wearing my flat cap. It was made in Ireland and has the tweed patchwork design...I like the collage of patterns and warmer colors, and women definitely notice it. More recently I acquired a Harris Tweed flat cap that is insulated, with folding ear flaps. This will be my main winter hat, as I do a lot of walking and have already fotten frostnip on my ears several times.
Steven Mentzer (2 months ago)
I heard the nam Tam for the flat cap. Is this incorrect? If there is a difference can you explain it? Thanks. Love the video.
M&M Animations (2 months ago)
This person inspired me to dress like someone from the 1920s everyday! Thank you flat cap guy🤗🤗🤗
Groundhog (2 months ago)
Tin foil or Faraday cage material lined? Anyone know any suppliers? I'm serious. No. Honestly; I really am.
Felix Nah (2 months ago)
Is there anyway to be a gentleman without looking like you're stuck in the 1920's ?
Carolyn Wittman (1 day ago)
MrKayaker69 (2 months ago)
A newsboy cap is a specific type of flat cap ! All flat caps are not news boy caps
MrCMread (2 months ago)
Any brands of note for a flat cap?
erick smith (2 months ago)
I am looking for the turtle K news boys hats.... in the early 90s I got like 5 of them... still have one... is my fav ..need to find these again... any help? These are made out of polyester
allways inquire (2 months ago)
Now you look like a toff or a football player stylish not
Welsh Rabbit (2 months ago)
I grew up calling it a "Ben Hogan cap." I thought it looked perfect on a gentleman when driving a top-down classic sports car, especially a Jaguar, Morgan, or MG TC, or the like.
John Hieb (3 months ago)
Hey Guys :D Would you think that its okay to wear these hats with 15 years because is it "normal" to wear them today in this age? I really like the look of these hats and I really want to wear them but i guess it looks kinda weird to see a teenager with such a hat. Comment your opinions please :D
Laurence Hyde (3 months ago)
There was a time when only little Boys wore Newsboy cap because that is who sold the Newspaper not grown Men. Do your research before you make comments like that.
Laurence Hyde (3 months ago)
Wearing a Newsboy backward or unsnapped cap was usually by some Black Men in the 70's, not women at all.That information that you mentioned is incorrect.
Sandyell Cordero (3 months ago)
No cap
will power (3 months ago)
My favorite cap,I wear them right through the year
Barry Jones (3 months ago)
In my opinion and it’s just my opinion you can’t pull off a hat that’s it end of story,sorry but it needs to be said.stick to the suits etc.
Patrick Conroy (3 months ago)
Yeah, not crazy about these hats. I don't want to look like a just crawled out of a coalmine in 1910.
Octavius Whelkstall (3 months ago)
Odd that a violent criminal gang whose trademark was to slash people's eyes with the razor blades in their caps, can start a fashion trend. What next, Kray jackets?
Joel Carrier (3 months ago)
You skipped over the gloves. I love the blue and red ones. Do you have a video on gloves? Also, where can I get those ones specifically? I love your channel.
Ezra Schulman (3 months ago)
Pants are too loose tighten them up
Ezra Schulman (3 months ago)
How to pick a newsboy cap.. don’t
series 9 (3 months ago)
“Don’t wear a flat cap backwards “ kangol has been making flat caps since 1938 and as urban wear they’re typically worn backwards but regardless it’s a style make it your own there are no rules to this !!
eronavbj (3 months ago)
We wore Jeff caps as teenagers hanging on the corner in Philadelphia back in the late 1950s. When we dressed up on weekend nights, it was a fedora. I have never stopped wearing a hat, perhaps due to my time in the military and afterward the police department. I have both winter and summer Jeff caps. And a leather cap is good in the rain.
Gavaskar B. (3 months ago)
Im 25 and i wear a flat cap everyday :)!
Kian Gibson (3 months ago)
I always wear one in the summer with a vest jeans and boots
xenoxols (3 months ago)
My grandpa told me that when he was growing up in Brooklyn(30s-50s) only brimmed hats were acceptable for adults, while newsboy caps were worn by kids. I think that Americans were more fond of brimmed hats, probably because of the more intense sunlight in some areas.
Erick Peterson (3 months ago)
which is the brand of the cap Justin Timberlake is wearing?
Shani King (3 months ago)
We call it Cool High
BIG BOY (3 months ago)
It's a Welsh farmers hat (Hambon)
Cory D (3 months ago)
i see flat caps all the time...not dated...I love mine
TShull (3 months ago)
Flat Cap and Newsboy are two different caps!
DL Lambert (3 months ago)
You can wear a driver cap backwards if it's a Kangol. 😎 And you are Samuel L Jackson ... Lol...
DL Lambert (3 months ago)
My grand dad was bald & wore newsboy/driver caps often. About 75% of the year... 👍🏻
penn707 (4 months ago)
Hi. I’m a poor Irishman. Look at my silly cap.
428ghost (4 months ago)
Something I've found with flat caps is that matching the colour with your shoes/boots gets noticed by women. I get a lot of compliments for that.
Phil O (4 months ago)
Don't forget the big apple hat. It's the best looking of that style.
Klaus Eredics (4 months ago)
Is there something stylish, that keeps my ears warm?
Bas Bomb (4 months ago)
It's called accessorizing
Debasis kumar (4 months ago)
I like newsboys they look faishonable but I wan't to try it in a new way something more modern and fashionable......
Xerdoz (4 months ago)
I wear a tricorne.
Ethan Johnson (3 months ago)
I wear a 14th century bascinet
Viktor Gilberti (4 months ago)
Im italian man and i love so much this cap...flat cap is a right way
CozmikVibez (4 months ago)
How would you put a gatsby hat back into its original shape?
Diosdado Cruz (4 months ago)
he looks like a news boy!
hassaan awan (4 months ago)
Darwin Hall (4 months ago)
Great video and I have a question. I recently received a flat cap from Ireland that has a tag on the outside on the left side. Should this tag be cut off or left on? I am really afraid of damaging the cap if I try to trim it off. Thanks for you help.
Glen Laird (4 months ago)
Haha I like your style man,but maybe give your mum the gloves for christmas.just saying
Glen Laird (4 months ago)
Not one mention of skinhead's.tu tu
Matt Hemmer (4 months ago)
I'm just imagining Sven Raphael Schneider wearing fancy clothes 24/7, gets out of bed.... wearing sportscoat, at the gym.... rocking a fadora, going bowling.... trench coat time.
Xíren Seo (4 months ago)
next up: peaked caps
D. I.E (4 months ago)
Sorry, but Germans can not pull that Irish hat off.
amazed wanderer (4 months ago)
Great video! 👍 👍 One question... it seems most flat caps are a bit lopsided/asymmetrical -- are they supposed to be that way? I figure the answer is yes, since they're casual hats, but thought I'd ask anyway...
John Cannon (4 months ago)
Chukka shoes r pronounced w/ a long 'u,' not a short one.
artur kowalski (4 months ago)
My favorite are harris tweed flat caps with ear flaps0
Sunny Scott (4 months ago)
Oddly enough , this guy may be very stuffy but this video actually had some good interesting information in it.
alessandro Cipollone (4 months ago)
What a horrible sense of style. Who wears a flat weave silk tie with a tweed jacket and corduroy pants? Who wears cufflinks with a casual shirt? Who wears thin dress socks with chukka boots and corduroy pants? Should have worn thick wool socks. Pants should have been hemmed higher to show the silhouette of the boots. Shirt should have been regular cuff without cufflinks. Tie should have been a textured wool. Just goes to show you can’t teach style.
John Karns (4 months ago)
Do you have anything to say about wearing your hat in a building these days? Would you? Should you? Or?
La Pernice (4 months ago)
la coppa, how the sicilians call it ;-)
kent kieper (5 months ago)
Nothing more comfortable than a cap
Dracones Dracones (5 months ago)
Guy! your sense of style is worse than my grandpa's..and he's dead
Looks dim.
Neon Rain雨 (5 months ago)
A good thing is to first look good in one
Blu Cipher (5 months ago)
Nice video... this is satire, right?
marshy16a (5 months ago)
Fella is not English so can’t take him seriously
Gohan Tanaka (4 months ago)
marshy16a He’s German. Remember what happens when you don’t take them seriously?
Alex Pohl (5 months ago)
Sven where did you get that jacket? I’ve been trying to find something similar & haven’t had much luck.
Tim Filemyr (5 months ago)
What? A fashion video with no skinny jeans?
Jack Durston (5 months ago)
I think every man here in Wales owns some king if cloth cap.
Eastern Cowboy (5 months ago)
My grandfather wore these everyday. In the summer he wore a thin cotton one in a light color. Now I'm sixty and giving up the ballcap. Done got two of these. I like the six panel best.
The Schadenfreudist (5 months ago)
Ummmm. You show celebrities like Jon Hamm, Brad Pitt and say they can "pull off this look". Yes, because they are classically handsome. You.... Not so much.....
Ferdia O'Connell (5 months ago)
you're kinda promoting that people should dress in the most incredibly boring way. your videos may have been relevant 60 years ago but it feels out of touch watching them now. Also the cuts of your jackets, pants and coats are horrendous.

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