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Unlock Your Magic (Guided Hypnosis)

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Tune more deeply into your inner-magic and allow your higher self to blossom and awaken in new ways. Allowing you to better serve your purpose. PURPOSE: This hypnosis meditation was created in order to help heart-driven people, like yourself, raise your vibration, align with your higher self and amplify your intuitive gifts. RECOMMENDED USE: You will feel significant results after just the first listen. However, the more you use it, the more you will unlock. Kind of like an inner-fitness of sorts. I personally use it every 2-3 days, but go with your feeling. No need to be strict on yourself :) Music by Sookz: http://www.sookz.ca http://www.instagram.com/therealsookz Connect with me: http://www.facebook.com/DavidLion333 http://www.instagram.com/Lionism Living Magic: http://www.livingmagic.life http://www.facebook.com/livingmagic333 *This channeled experience was created with pure intentions of only the highest good
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David Lion (2 years ago)
Really happy that you guys are all enjoying this meditation! Me and my friend really put our hearts into making this. Be sure to check out the video description for instructions on how you can most benefit from this! :)
yasmine Goat (4 days ago)
David Lion are you meant to Feel like Being sick and that your spinning round and round
11dylan11 (16 days ago)
David Lion so will this help me manifest my desires? Such as house and unlimited money? Also how will i know when i have such powers and superpowers as well!?
StrawberryLove ZD (26 days ago)
+Carson Same....
StrawberryLove ZD (26 days ago)
I Felt a Burning On My Neck and a Coolness On My Body....But I Felt Like My Body Was Lighter....But My Spirit Is Now Heavier....
Really love the voice on the video. It's so so soothing I can just feel everything positive come to me and negatives and know how to be balanced in life as that's what we need to be. Be good to one another but within reason and state what you are saying but have both feilds of views so don't be biased. Much love people. Namaste
Jungleboy (8 hours ago)
This is my first time trying the hypnosis, i really enjoyed it and i was alittle scare of what might happen. But i feel new in a way and more awake and more conscious of my surroundings, is that good?
Sierrah Hofzon (1 day ago)
So powerful. Let there be love and gratefulness.
Asia Evans (2 days ago)
I could still open my eyes
Oliver’s Bullshit (2 days ago)
Went into little space at one point. I also have a sharp pain in my wrists and the top of my head, if that normal????
Miles Lewis (3 days ago)
I am reborn thanks to this video guided meditation 🧘‍♂️. Thank you and god bless you. Amen.😇
Bloodrose Predator (3 days ago)
It didn't work for me. I was able to open my eyes in the middle.
Keanna Mcginnis (4 days ago)
What happened
Latisha Gray (4 days ago)
I stumbled across this video looking for another video. The first time I tried listening I was interrupted.. Twice.. I wasn't "under" so to speak but.. I did connect with my inner self or three versions of me at different ages.. When the count up started, I grabbed these "selves" and brought them with me. I was like hmm.. I want to give this another shot. I waited 20 mins or so and listened to the video again. This time.. I could not open my eyes as easily as I had the first time. At the part where you are to go deeper.. I did see someone.. It was a version of myself but this time one of my eyes was a golden almost white shining light color. I had a hood on my head, my skin was more golden than the caramel color it is. This version of me looked at me with intent.. Purpose if you will and we stared at each other for what felt like forever. I felt my body twitching here and there, felt like very faint touched in my hair and on my face, ear, body twitches. I still couldn't open my eyes and I tried... When the count up started, the twitches /jerks stopped. The version of myself I saw I couldn't see anymore.. Just darkness and when I finally reached ten my eyes sprang open. Idk what happened but I have a feeling it's very powerful. Also during the entire video, my breathing never changed...I FELT it. Wish I had answers or guidance on what I've experienced and have been experiencing. But this video I will def do again. Thank you. **this is coming from someone who said I will never be hypnotized **lol
Candy Morales (4 days ago)
I just watched it an I felt like if I was going be sick is it normal I only seen me walking where it everything was white. ♥️♥️🙏 Thank I felt an energy on my body!
jackson lopiz (5 days ago)
11 year my life stop no work no happy no married no life money real black mahic finesh ???/
Kooper Adams (5 days ago)
I did something like this a while ago and after that, I had this feeling of tingling in the back of my head. Then after that, I was having extreme luck. was this a sign?
Katie Stokes (5 days ago)
PUBG INDIANCobra (5 days ago)
do it at nature sites for more deeper feel of all element
Gary S (7 days ago)
Am I the only one here that cannot be hypnotised? There is no trance for me. I’m just day dreaming and frustrated the whole time as I’m fully awake and conscious. Are some of us just resistant to this blissful trance like state?
shakeem fenner (8 days ago)
Im not scared but I have trouble keeping my eyes closed
Nancy BunnyBou (8 days ago)
I saw colors and darkness, I could only feel my breathing and I stopped breathing a few times. IDK what happens. I felt like I was drifting off or dying. Pls help. helpm
『BB』 Slayer (5 days ago)
Yep i had the same problem dark floating around me. Now, I keep closing my eyes and I see a dragon and some words. Idk what this means but ok.
Iyonna. Unique (8 days ago)
As soon as I started to listen, stuff got weird
MoonS 775 (9 days ago)
Im way too scared to listen to this ;-;
rachael jean (9 days ago)
From each part of my heart and soul I thank you both for this brilliant meditation. Beautifully spoken, stunning imagery, it’s honestly one of the very best I’ve ever heard (in person or online and I’ve heard A LOT!!) - what an experience and I can’t wait to listen again after I finish typing this out. Pure, flowing magic. Namaste to you both, you’ve created art right here. Xox love from rachael 😊✨🙏🏻🇦🇺🧘🏻‍♀️
Joann Robinosn (10 days ago)
I really enjoyed this one. You’re voice was so calming. Great mediation. Thank you
fnv smh (10 days ago)
David Lion What is your gift?
Christy Thornton (10 days ago)
I manifested a cat halfway thru this !!!
Mak Moalds (12 days ago)
I was dreaming but I'm fully aware of my surroundings . wow
Reverse Steve 2 (12 days ago)
DarkyChill * (13 days ago)
Omg this is awesome i fell so good inside like a super clean i fell like i can do What ever i wanna do tanks i need this allot...and the closed eyes relax me a bit...i move a little on my bed i fell so good...sir ill repeat this tanks man
LittleClosetWitch (13 days ago)
I'm here due to the triangle on my palm indicating my bound Magick. I'm here to unlock my magick again. Edit; I'm BlackMoon :3 (Nope, i'm not from the Black Moon Coven, sorry). Edit; I thought this was 2 mins... Turns out its 20 xD.
Lionel Lee (15 days ago)
Some of y’all stories sound very exciting and fun !!!! BUT where do the powers come in at ? I wanna do it but not just for imagination purposes like do anyone have powers?
Ruth Madden (16 days ago)
OMG! During this, I could NOT move and the half way through, exactly, my eyes snapped open of their own accord, and I could move again. Now I have to start over.
siennah's songs (17 days ago)
Loved this. Thanks
Art by Manami (17 days ago)
It felt like my mind was awake but my body still asleep and I was ice skating around space singing dancing and I looked beautiful with children and my crush is my husband
Tiffany Ivonne (17 days ago)
Thank you thank you thank you! That was so beautiful and I had such a lovely experience. I’ll definitely be doing this more and more as the days go by. Sat nam 🙏🏽🧜🏽‍♀️
Dusty Peter (18 days ago)
I have weird shadows following me around after this so in happy that me and my imaginary friend Jeffery isnt alone no more
E A (21 days ago)
What benefits are there to this?
miss_ misty (22 days ago)
I think it's a good idea if I don't do this alone ;-; I should try getting one of my friends to experience this with me .-.
miss_ misty (22 days ago)
Wait! Before I do this..I have to ask..is everything going to be ok? Will something unexpected happen to me? Will my life still be the same?...I admit...I'm actually scared. When I was scrolling down the comments...I saw people had a good experience..but what if mine was the opposite?...
Kaila New York (22 days ago)
LilDbossboy 169 (22 days ago)
Didn’t work bad job
siennah's songs (23 days ago)
Lovely. Thank you
Leonardo 4Dawin (24 days ago)
As i was listening i felt my eyes shaking and i saw sparks. what does it mean?
Tyler Bast (24 days ago)
If you guys liked this you should check out Michael sealey
Norissa Sjoholm (24 days ago)
I felt something touching me I even felt sparks
Jasmine Nightwish (24 days ago)
Was a good experience. I was able to relax my body at what I believe is its fullest
DanceStarz DanceStarz (25 days ago)
I really really really wanna try this but im so scared of seeing dark shadows and stuff and the fact that you have no control over anything once your under this hypnosis makes me even more scared to try it out because anyone would want to just open their eyes and run if they are freaked out...i dont know man i seriously dont know
Ava Snyder (25 days ago)
If it didn’t work don’t worry maybe it’s it’s your guides and the universe just doesn’t think your ready yet. Don’t stress
Ava Snyder (25 days ago)
I’m totally trying again
Ava Snyder (25 days ago)
It was totally working. As I asked for my gifts my legs began to feel a little numb and my hand and arms were tingling. But I scared at this point because I felt like I was lifting. I opened my eyes and it went away
J- Vex (25 days ago)
I couldn’t open my eyes until you said “open your eyes” and when you were telling me to feel the spark I felt a push and I moved back and I felt empty and light, then when you said to allow my inner body to connect into my body again I felt heavier...this is insane..but in a good way
spookachtigkat (26 days ago)
I did this and didnt fall asleep but it felt like i was asleep for like a week but i didnt dream yet but i could feel like EVERYTHING like seriously i could feel like every atom and hair follicle it was so weird and my eyes were closed but it felt like i was seeing this glowing magenta body above mine and then it rose and then sank into me by the end of the video
spookachtigkat (26 days ago)
Yikes just realized this video was from like two years ago, my head hurts though ahjj
Big Chungus (27 days ago)
During this I saw blue. Just a blue hue creeping over blackness...
Connor Dykes (27 days ago)
I think I need someone else here with me to do this 😂 I started feeling extreme amounts of anxiety
sweet wateer river (1 month ago)
How do u know your gifts and my hands started to get tingly and when I had my eyes closed I kept seeing this yellow light and white light and near the end I kept seeing eyes lol
Exlipse Hyuga (1 month ago)
I had dream about Lucifer invading world and they were after high spiritual objects they were fighting with me
Nba kingb (1 month ago)
This was amazing it really helped me understand my inner magic I feel reborn like the magic in me has strength a lot but I need some advice on how to use them becuz when I unlocked them I felt like its going to burst showing me the different sides of me so can anyone help me use them.
I fell asleep almost instantly and had a vision (I guess that’s what you call it) I was inside a beautiful night starry forest with a bright light ahead, surrounded by friends (real and fake) and began to walk to the light. After I got there, I told the friends goodbye and got on a boat. That’s all I remember, then it seemed like hours, I woke up and something felt different, there was a blinding flash of light then I went back to the forest. Then I heard my cats meowing, I saw the actual room (not the dream one from before) and actually woke up. I do feel different but I’m sure that this is the real world.
thank you for this . namaste
hkr Jr (1 month ago)
I feel like floating inside my own body and there is a light white and purple and even blue surrounding me. I can feel floating and drifting left and right. Feel refreshed and shocked 😬
G J (1 month ago)
First time on your site. Thank you for your generosity. Greatly appreciated. Blessings to you
Misty The Normal (1 month ago)
I had to stop because I got a side cramp;>;
Maria Jaramillo (1 month ago)
WOW Amazing 💛 Thank you ♥️I Felt Amazing 💛 Thank you 🎶🎶I Really Appreciate you sharing this Fabulously Beautiful ♥️Video !!! Love 💫 and Light 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟🌟 🌟🌟 🌟🌟 🌟🌟 🌟🌟 🌟🌟 🌟
Aniek Mosselen (1 month ago)
I woke up crying thank you so much
lucy Tang (1 month ago)
I just saw a door open but I cant do it I don't know why can you tell me why.
V Wong (1 month ago)
I felt like my soul come out from my body and shifting around, is it normal?
Alexus Vannavong (1 month ago)
I was doing this and right as soon as I was about to fall asleep, my leg jerked....
Leah Snape (1 month ago)
What i saw in the beginning was just a dot of light but it kept getting bigger and bigger then when i touched it a white phoenix flew out i turn around and see the ocean but there is like this small water towers and all my good memories were in there so i swam to one of the towers and i chose a memory and out of that memory came a black swan ( it means something for me ) but i turn around again and i see myself sleeping in an open field and the phoenix and swan are next to me and when he started to 10 to wake up and woke up and started walking to this white door with the phoenix on my shoulder and swan next and then he said 'open your eyes' and my just flew open. But thanks it was really relaxing!!♥️♥️
Bertram Holt Brønd (1 month ago)
This is so nice👍
Nova/Animations (1 month ago)
Oh yeah yeah
Aidan Morgan (1 month ago)
By what is divine I can't believe that that was thirty minutes it fault like 4 maybe 5 minutes.
Dydy Senpai (1 month ago)
I felt my fingers get tingly and focused on that to spread to my whole body. It felt like my head was slowly moving to the side (by itself!) And my body felt warm with energy!
Ian Jabez (1 month ago)
Ill try tomorrow morning got work tonight i wanna try real hypnosis thanks in advance
Dallas Michael (1 month ago)
is it bad that this turned me on lol
Elizabeth Everson (1 month ago)
Is this safe?
bala shri (1 month ago)
love from india
Greg Millhand (1 month ago)
I saw 10 stars that were the coolers of black white red green blue perple seethru gray and rainbow and these stars are so big the top of the white one stops at hevon and the black one stops at he'll and when I opened my eyes a black cercul was around my eye sight
commentary crafty (1 month ago)
I love it
LJ Lopez (1 month ago)
Thank you for posting this man. This was actually my first time meditating and I honestly feel great! Again thanks so much! I'll probably start meditating now :)
LJ Lopez (1 month ago)
Thank you for posting this man. This was actually my first time meditating and I honestly feel great! Again thanks so much! I'll probably start meditating now :)
GhostGirl 23 (1 month ago)
Oh my gosh I feel so amazing right now my body feels so calm and blissful this is crazy 0.0. Also did anyone else keep seeing a bright white light when their eyes were closed?? I really wanna know what that was about, also I couldn't feel my body it was so relaxed It felt like I was barely breathing
Rap Battle (1 month ago)
When I don't have weed I'm doin this lol
Julie Perks (1 month ago)
Thank you 💖💖💖
no hd (1 month ago)
When I was finding my special place in my mind it was just me walking and walking never ending in this white void
Emma Tichy (2 months ago)
dunno who but halfway through the countdown i started to panic, I felt something was very wrong and every hair on my body stood up.
Da_Potato (2 months ago)
UGH I was feeling the power take me into space, but then my mom yelled for me to continue packing and i vibrated when I heard her voice! This does work! :0
blidskreat boy (2 months ago)
I don't know how but I was able to open my eyes during this.
nightOWL (2 months ago)
OMG😱 my gift is an iPod.
rosettafury IWA (1 month ago)
+nightOWL plz tell me ur being sarcastic I beg you
nightOWL (2 months ago)
I was expecting a walkman. 😑🤔 But i'll get used to it.
KING MC SENSEI (2 months ago)
In this hyponosis I did not expect it to work but I feel cleansed and refreshed but what I saw was lights rainbows every light and a big orange wpark just growing nothing to interesting but I feel new and more aware of my movements this is amazing and I will start another med right after this one wish me luck Brodie's 😁
Annie Baria (2 months ago)
I don't know why but after listening this I woke up in the middle of the night unable to move.
Robert Carlson jr (2 months ago)
I think im cursed i try and try. Never any success so when i look in the chat and hear all these cool things happening to people under hypnosis i get upset its unfair and im extremely spiritual i live for this stuff yet i cant have it ive spent years trying to have a spiritual event occure and nothing if anyone has ideas plz tell me im desperate at this point
Courtney Goins (27 days ago)
Rose Bud (2 months ago)
In what frequency is the music?
Emily Kaye (2 months ago)
Is it normal i just woke up in the middle of the vid something just disturb me I don't know what or who???i just saw the scariest face ever......😐😧
Denny Fentum (1 month ago)
You need to take care of your demons. I'd stay away from these vids til they're under control. God bless
Mena and Ted’s Life (2 months ago)
I fell asleep and slept for like 2 hours
BROKEN BIRD (2 months ago)
This meditation stuff never works But omg that worked it felt.. Amazing and beautiful
silent maniac (2 months ago)
Wow . I had a very vivid lucid dream. Thank you so much for making this. I was deep AF
Thank you
skeety raw (2 months ago)
Thank you in jesus name amen
vortex 303 (2 months ago)
What would happen if we woke up when we were uncounces
vortex 303 (2 months ago)
It was amaizing but was supust to be lying down or...0
Shari Smith (2 months ago)
I met my soul
Gloria Sherrow (2 months ago)
I thank you for giving me this journey. And this peace.
zayjax (2 months ago)
I've hve changed
TaeWonie ChaeBwi (2 months ago)
CO ARMYsssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!

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