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Unlock Your Magic (Guided Hypnosis)

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Tune more deeply into your inner-magic and allow your higher self to blossom and awaken in new ways. Allowing you to better serve your purpose. PURPOSE: This hypnosis meditation was created in order to help heart-driven people, like yourself, raise your vibration, align with your higher self and amplify your intuitive gifts. RECOMMENDED USE: You will feel significant results after just the first listen. However, the more you use it, the more you will unlock. Kind of like an inner-fitness of sorts. I personally use it every 2-3 days, but go with your feeling. No need to be strict on yourself :) Music by Sookz: http://www.sookz.ca http://www.instagram.com/therealsookz Connect with me: http://www.facebook.com/DavidLion333 http://www.instagram.com/Lionism Living Magic: http://www.livingmagic.life http://www.facebook.com/livingmagic333 *This channeled experience was created with pure intentions of only the highest good
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David Lion (1 year ago)
Really happy that you guys are all enjoying this meditation! Me and my friend really put our hearts into making this. Be sure to check out the video description for instructions on how you can most benefit from this! :)
Damar Jones (1 day ago)
its my first time doing this I feel so good
cleopatra mbawa (4 days ago)
The first thing I heard was close your eyes and then I just couldn’t open them until you said “welcome back “ oww my God it’s amazing I’m listening to this everyday from now on
Caramel (23 days ago)
Omg it work
Jia Ling He (1 month ago)
Thank u for this meditation I feel like I unlock my heart because it feel blank at first! Thank u so much!!!
Lisa Ennis (1 month ago)
Thank you
blidskreat boy (4 hours ago)
I don't know how but I was able to open my eyes during this.
nightOWL Design (2 days ago)
OMG😱 my gift is an iPod.
nightOWL Design (2 days ago)
I was expecting a walkman. 😑🤔 But i'll get used to it.
KING MC SENSEI (3 days ago)
In this hyponosis I did not expect it to work but I feel cleansed and refreshed but what I saw was lights rainbows every light and a big orange wpark just growing nothing to interesting but I feel new and more aware of my movements this is amazing and I will start another med right after this one wish me luck Brodie's 😁
Annie Baria (3 days ago)
I don't know why but after listening this I woke up in the middle of the night unable to move.
Robert Carlson jr (3 days ago)
I think im cursed i try and try. Never any success so when i look in the chat and hear all these cool things happening to people under hypnosis i get upset its unfair and im extremely spiritual i live for this stuff yet i cant have it ive spent years trying to have a spiritual event occure and nothing if anyone has ideas plz tell me im desperate at this point
Rose Bud (3 days ago)
In what frequency is the music?
Emily Kaye (4 days ago)
Is it normal i just woke up in the middle of the vid something just disturb me I don't know what or who???i just saw the scariest face ever......😐😧
Mena and Ted’s Life (5 days ago)
I fell asleep and slept for like 2 hours
Chaton (5 days ago)
This meditation stuff never works But omg that worked it felt.. Amazing and beautiful
silent maniac (6 days ago)
Wow . I had a very vivid lucid dream. Thank you so much for making this. I was deep AF
Thank you
skeety raw (7 days ago)
Thank you in jesus name amen
vortex 303 (7 days ago)
What would happen if we woke up when we were uncounces
vortex 303 (7 days ago)
It was amaizing but was supust to be lying down or...0
Shari Smith (8 days ago)
I met my soul
Gloria Sherrow (11 days ago)
I thank you for giving me this journey. And this peace.
zayjax (12 days ago)
I've hve changed
TaeWonie ChaeBwi (12 days ago)
CO ARMYsssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dragonspirited (13 days ago)
What kind of gifts/inner-magic are you talking about?
JC Nick (14 days ago)
For some reason this isn't working for me. What am I doing wrong?
Jk Gerali (14 days ago)
I saw myself looking at a crystal clear water and i guess i saw death... Idk it was someone like the reaper and his face is melting wtf.
DG artistic (15 days ago)
I fell asleep while listening to this lol
Drea Martin (15 days ago)
my eyes kept flickering and wasnt doing it on purpose. my eyes would open a little a couple times during but would shut right away.. what does that mean?? i could feel myself slipping into my mind. could also feel my wrist turning but when they were turning it felt tingley like i was numb. i dont understand??
Pai Pai (12 days ago)
Drea Martin I think that's when u got into your most comfortable position and mind relaxation.
WarriorBoss_ (15 days ago)
I saw myself in space. Beautiful ethereal colors. I saw a divine clock, divine time, Blue eyes crying , my own light and a light shining from a higher place, my higher self. Just woww
James Thomas (15 days ago)
AMAZING thank you
sajal bohra (16 days ago)
Wow superb.... I hav been searching for this kind of a video since a long time
My hands feel like fire it hurts to type
Kari Castle (17 days ago)
So I'm now seeing shapes and colours at random and whenever I close my eyes. Also my chest feels heavy and kinda full But light and I'm really confused like is this a result of the hypnosis????? And what do I do now apart from trust my high self????
Kari Castle (17 days ago)
Btw I'm very new to this and have little to no idea about what I'm doing
Siya Ashleigh (17 days ago)
so thank u David for the amazing experience i have just put my dream that i had in the comments please tell me if it worked depending on my dream because i know from deep inside that it worked
Siya Ashleigh (17 days ago)
It was an amazing experience oof i feel so dizzy but in my inner self i saw darkness then i saw a woman more like a girl.She brought a certain dragon flame magic that brought a golden light to my inner self.She had wings and a blue dress and she had blue laces going up her feet.She held my hand and led me to this golden 2d circle with a bunch of 2d circles that had symbols in between them and a golden light that was in a shape of my heart was in the middle.Then the women took me inside my heart then i fell asleep.Then it was as if she was transferring her golden dragon flame energy to me.Then i could feel that golden dragon flame energy go inside my body then into my veins then she said use it wisely.Then i woke up dizzy and in the dream i didnt here what she said but when i woke up i started to understand what she meant.
SapoTheGreat (17 days ago)
What is this for i did it and i feel tired and nauseas
Keon Abraham-Holmes (17 days ago)
Evan Govoski (17 days ago)
Um david lion? Is it safe for a 12 year old girl to do hypnosis like this?
The dog (18 days ago)
During this I saw ancient Greece and a man in Greek armour standing on the steps of a building staring at something i couldn't see then i saw ancient Rome and a man in a toga talking to another man. I don't know why I saw this but I did maybe they were past lives and in both the men seemed to be enjoying themselves i think my purpose is to others happy.
The dog (18 days ago)
This was amazing I think I discovered that my purpose is to make others happy. During this meditation I came up with a saying. A talent and a gift can be two very different things you can have a talent of dancing but its not a gift a gift is something that can fulfill a life and make you truly happy
Gacha Grace (18 days ago)
I have to try again because I’m not a calm person! After three mins I was energized HELP
Paola Jimenez (18 days ago)
My mind kept on just thinking about people crying. Wtf is wrong with me!? Help?!
Pai Pai (12 days ago)
Paola Jimenez I think that's your empathy state coming through. It could be that u need to focus on healing others. The universe will guide u to the person who needs your help.
Danrosbelt (19 days ago)
I really cant concentrate cuz my 2 Uncle, brother are watching netflix and they are so Loud! And because im scared i am here now on 1st floor because theres no one in 2nd floor.. I mean theres people in 2nd floor but i just dont want to go ther
Christopher Keen Jr (19 days ago)
Sweet Orange (20 days ago)
I felt like getting charged and I saw myself deep in dark water in ehite dress floating in middle of that. While seeing that, a while happened memories went through my mind and I felt rly heavy and my eyes started to move and hurt rly bad. I felt how something numbed my whole body and made me unbelievably cool. I saw pink petals falling at one point and my character starting to foem some kind of blue energy in her chest and saw it going thru my whole body. And I couldn't open my eyes fully if I tried until you said to do so. THAT SO COOOOL O.O
Nae Wassabi (20 days ago)
When I Close My Eyes Theres A Shadow Around Me And Light In Middle
Amorisa (20 days ago)
At the beginning I didn’t feel anything but towards the end when we were counting down for the second time my hands were sweaty and I saw a bright light. I thought I felt myself crying but I wasn’t. It was like I was connecting with the earth or something, I can’t describe it
txhypnotist (21 days ago)
Chance favors the prepared mind.
Ernesto Macias (21 days ago)
Wow that felt amazing insane to think that was 20 minuets thank you
Fernanda Rodrigues (23 days ago)
This was- wow. Just. Wow.
star night (24 days ago)
What exactly does this do?
Mohammed Salim (25 days ago)
This was powerful, will definitely listen again. Thanks for sharing.
Miraculous girl (26 days ago)
hey!!What is this exactly I just came upon this video and am very confused.I am going to try it though......I thought it gives you like some sort of magical powers but then I read the comments and I have o idea what is going on right now
Cheri Lamaster (26 days ago)
Anyone who is afraid to use hypnosis videos such as these.. Maybe try starting with some guided meditation first. Type a topic- anything you want to improve about yourself (self love, forgiveness, confidence etc) and type that into YouTube followed by the words guided meditation. Find a short one that you like and go from there. Overtime the idea of hypnosis won't be scary as its similar to meditation and you will see the benefits if you are interested in receiving them. Mediation/hypnosis has helped me more than i ever imagined it could and i hope you will allow it to help you as well.
App Review (26 days ago)
Thank you I was shaking laughing and crying it’s like all of my emotions came out and then I tried to move a pencil with my mind and it actually wiggled thank you so much 🙏
Sera•R•B (28 days ago)
Wtf at the end I was tryna push open a big fat ass door and when I did I did it when u said open ur eyes wtf wtf wtf
i have a headache 😌
Yuka Sama (1 month ago)
Fell asleep
Lion Queen (1 month ago)
This felt so good. I was so relaxed. When I closed my eyes it was dark full of nothing until light was coming in and out while it was dark. When I woke up I was confused because I didn't remember where I did the hypnosis and I tried to move my hands and they were so heavy. Now that look around my room I feel that I have a new pair of eyes because I see in a different vision. Thank you so much for this experience
Faith Asefa (1 month ago)
I didn’t see anything
Gay llamas (1 month ago)
*am i the only one who just layed there and couldn't feel their body and couldn't think? I dunno, yall are saying you were seeing stuff like a beach or whatever but i didn't see anything like that... And also, i started this video at **12:00** something and when i opened my eyes and the video ended it was**2:50**... But how was the video still playing over that amount of time? Cause i listened to it and it didn't repeat itself yet all that time just... DIsappeared i guess.*
I think i just fell asleep but woke up dizzy 😢whyy??
BeeBee Wolfie (1 month ago)
Well, i have tried this. (Just got done) My body feels extremely heavy and blah to be honest. I dont remember most of the words said and all i remember is feeling is i felt like knee imprints beside me and like a hold on my arms and neck (not heavy but it was there) through out the speaking though it was a sense of darkness turning gradually into light and the only words i heard in the whole thing i remember is "you are the light." Wasn't the guy soraking who said it either. Not sure what it means but i do feel more at peace none the less. Should be interesting to see what happens now. Nicely done :)
xXAqua_PlayzXx ` (1 month ago)
This didn't work for me;-; my eyes kept opening to
vかせ (1 month ago)
I started coughing really hard. Is that normal?
Aniken (1 month ago)
After you saying no to surrender to sleep I was like out for a few minutes
zika de vdd (1 month ago)
It relaxed me but not much else
Elina Rose (1 month ago)
I almost fall asleep, it was almost feeling like i couldnt move until the end, but my palms was like on fire and tingling. This was trully powerfull. I feel weird now, cant describe.
Brody clark (1 month ago)
Willis Godbey (1 month ago)
imani yup (1 month ago)
I was going to listen to this until I read the comments and I'm like I can't go through that. I'll have a panic attack
Ill Separatio (1 month ago)
Soo...I fell asleep... don't remember anything... I woke up 6 hour later. Wonder what kind of gifts I unlocked... anyone???...
stooba lemdon (1 month ago)
You are very talented!
Adnan Rafi (1 month ago)
During this whole experience, I was imagining clones of myself surrounding me and bathing me in light and reaching into my body, unlocking my magic. When he started counting up, two of them grabbed my arm and helped me. It was truly amazing.
Mimi Khan (1 month ago)
OMG did anyone else feel a strong sensation like a tingling in the middle of your head? I saw myself going into a dark forest and saw green light approaching me this is so very real, but unfortunately someone came to drop off something at the door.. I need to do this when I am alone..I felt like in a trance..
Salim (1 month ago)
Awesome 💚 Thank u.
Brandon Jendrusik (1 month ago)
I legit feel asleep 2 times during this so I gave up because I probably missed some important information
Deborah Alba (1 month ago)
I listened to it all until maybe a few minutes to the end i fell asleep. All i remember from the experience is a white light surrounding me and feeling my body slwwping but my conscious awake. Does that make sense???
shiva shrestha (1 month ago)
while performing i was not able to move my body parts and i thought like i was floating in blank space.
shiva shrestha (1 month ago)
can you upload of third eye too ?
lps _star_ gazer (1 month ago)
I’m a lil freaked out rn right after watching this the next day if I touched anyone theyd be shocked 😳 I’m like skkfdjjcjdjf rn
Catie Brown (1 month ago)
This was utterly life changing. Thank you! I had so much karma that I worked through so much that I learned about myself. Thank you so much! I do want to ask, while I was unconscious and going deeper into myself and healing and growing and expanding, parts of it were physically painful. Is that normal?
Shichiro chan (1 month ago)
What kind of Magic do You/me/everyone unlock??
I didnt see anything but some lights kinda, i did feel really relaxed tho, maybe ill try this again
Justin Alvarez (1 month ago)
i m like scared of ghost what if i close my eyes and when you said open youe eyes what if you see a ghost in front of you (i have goosebumps)
rnjohnston68 (1 month ago)
Hi. I just can't get this to work! I've tried over and over but always hit a wall that I can't get through. I know I have magic inside of me but something keeps "blocking" me from touching it. Do you have anything else to help me get there?
usagi 19 (26 days ago)
I think you should just practice meditation in general. Perhaps look into grounding or working on your root chakra. Without a solid base you can't reach the top of anything before it crumbles after all
Gacha Jada (1 month ago)
when I fell asleep it felt like everything was moving? does that mean I was about to gain something?
Gacha Jada (1 month ago)
what powers can ya have
Troy Steele (1 month ago)
I don't know what this is but it sounds more like a subliminal. He is using high frequency sounds, you will notice if you listen closely
Zen Xan (1 month ago)
Just listened to this. I usually fall asleep during hypnosis and not wake up until hours later, or the morning even, but with this one, I was out during the 10-1 countdown, and next thing I remember is hearing 5 during the 1-10 countdown.. Amazing. Great job.
Bienvenido Mendoza III (1 month ago)
Im just trying to be particular....but what does this do to you?
Manuel (1 month ago)
it did nothing to me
Carlavagnen 13 (1 month ago)
It was nice. I too think it was hypnosis but I was aware all the time.
govind Radhakrishnan (1 month ago)
Dude I feel like a train ran over me. Wow
Annie Baria (1 month ago)
just listening is giving me the creeps
Sara Goggans (1 month ago)
This is crazy in a mind blowing way. My name is Sara and while this may sound strange, I have a high intuitive for sensing cops. I discovered this ability of mine last summer and I can typically tell by a pang in my stomach or my inner thoughts thinking the word “police.” Anyway, my powers are not particularly strong but they do come in handy every once in a while. Last night I fell asleep to this hypnosis and I kid you not, I had three very strong instances today where I sensed cops and a few minutes later, witnessed them. I had a friend in the car who even witnessed my claim of sensing the car and then seeing it too. While I was caught in the happiness of being able to strongly sense, I remembered that I watched this meditation last night. I am extremely pleased and will be rewatching!
Megan McDaniel (1 month ago)
Thank you so much ,moments after the end of the video I began cry out of pure happyness. I feel so much peace within myself. This month has been so hard for me but after listening to this I feel so at peace and happy. Words can not express how much this has helped me.
Bonnie the RockStar (1 month ago)
This feels amazing I feel new and it feels great
GBC_DEVISTROYER (1 month ago)
Fox Pup  so I had a very similar experience, however a quick background on me.... So I have always felt in touch with things that can't be touched, but the bond has been loose, sometimes non exsistant. Yet other times its been so real that I wasn't sure it was real. Also I would like to say that I'm not a professional on the topic, but.... My experience went as followed As I closed my eyes, I too, saw darkness and what I can describe as a coagulated blood orb (appeared to me as gelatinous, dark red, with tiny vibrant red speckles) and I too saw shadows figures, 3, I believe. It felt like 3. At this moment I realized my eyebrows, were squeezed tightly and it was as if my face was squinting very hard. I pressed on, and tried to remain calm, the blood orb was still there. I looked deeped. And inside I saw what I can describe as a small figure(fleshy in color, with little to no detail, almost like clay) with both its arms up. Then a purplish ultraviolet wave started pushing up, bouncing past, and around the blood orb. It started pushing the darkness away, it surrounded the orb and started puddling inside the bottom of the orb. The figure dropped its arms down, (as if it was no longer restrained) and then raised its arms but this time(with conviction) the ultraviolet light followed the figure's lead, filling the blood orb and above. The figure was now holding the ultraviolet light above as if becoming a becon that held up the( lack of good description) "clouds, sky". Then there was peace, a purple flower, of unknown type, spiraling green lines behind the flower and then that was it. It was over. What I think I should add here is darkness has always been a comfortable place for me, and although the shadow figures in the beginning may seem imposing, I began this meditation to become stronger, and overcoming some form of darkness is almost a daily activity for me. Fox pup I don't think everyone should be as comfurtable with the darkness as I am, but I think, there may be something you have to deal with. Anyone got advice, good references for me? Last night was the first time I meditated in years and I seek to see through " the vail", find myself and the things that go untouched.
Drachi HD (1 month ago)
I think I fell asleep near the end of the countdown... when I woke up, I didn't even remember I listened to this haha😂
BLOOBEWEEPIE (1 month ago)
Drachi HD same
kayla young (1 month ago)
this better not know how to open your third eye cuz that’s bad
RXEGXN (1 month ago)
I- I have no words. It was all so calming and my hand started moving on its own, i was laying down with my hands to my thighs and it started twitching slowly towards the ceiling, it all of a sudden started rising up. I was just laying there with my hand up reaching for something, it stayed there for awhile then slowly closed and went back down to my side again. I’m going to listen again. Thank you.
Karl The Wolfie (1 month ago)
I was actually in the middle of doing this then my grandfather start kicking me -_-
Emoji popstar (1 month ago)
It didn’t work for me :(

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