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Unlock Your Magic (Guided Hypnosis)

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Tune more deeply into your inner-magic and allow your higher self to blossom and awaken in new ways. Allowing you to better serve your purpose. PURPOSE: This hypnosis meditation was created in order to help heart-driven people, like yourself, raise your vibration, align with your higher self and amplify your intuitive gifts. RECOMMENDED USE: You will feel significant results after just the first listen. However, the more you use it, the more you will unlock. Kind of like an inner-fitness of sorts. I personally use it every 2-3 days, but go with your feeling. No need to be strict on yourself :) Music by Sookz: http://www.sookz.ca http://www.instagram.com/therealsookz Connect with me: http://www.facebook.com/DavidLion333 http://www.instagram.com/Lionism Living Magic: http://www.livingmagic.life http://www.facebook.com/livingmagic333 *This channeled experience was created with pure intentions of only the highest good
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David Lion (1 year ago)
Really happy that you guys are all enjoying this meditation! Me and my friend really put our hearts into making this. Be sure to check out the video description for instructions on how you can most benefit from this! :)
Dominick Emerson (1 day ago)
This is so amazing! Thank you so much!
Alicia Schwartzmann (2 days ago)
i think about all of my past memories... and it works.
Wolfie Helen (28 days ago)
David Lion I watched through this whole thing and it was just a meditation not unlocking my powa
EllieGamer :3 (1 month ago)
David Lion how do I use it ... I got given liek a ball off fire and I dunno how to use it
candyfloss nugget (1 month ago)
A flower
Silent (5 hours ago)
Kudos my friend, that's a really good shit right here, I've seen my spark before but first time I went deeper. I'll definitely add it in my daily meditation. P.S. My spark is freaking beautiful <3
Brian Brushwood (17 hours ago)
I've watched this video a second time after 1 month and I've just realised that because of this video I have became insanely manipulative and have been getting everything I wanted it's strange. And now that I think of this it makes me feel like god
Otaku Carl (1 day ago)
This probably works a bit for most people. But I couldn’t relax I was thinking too much. When he was talking about reaching farther into my body I started actually sweating because I went through my nightmare again. It has happened before and it scares the fuck out of me. I couldn’t stay still my body was tensing up and my mind was exploding with nightmares and bad memories. I’m just not a calm person. That nightmare has been escaping my memory for so long. All I could remember was wrecking balls, numbers, my death, and running. Now I actually can remember it. I’m doing this at 9:30 pm I am not sleeping well for the next week.
Miss Min (3 days ago)
I'm scared of doing this 😭😂😂
Blackshadow Death (3 days ago)
My inner spark almost killed me...
Sharky / (4 days ago)
Nothing happened for me. I don't think I really let go of everything though but I don't know how to.
Fox Pup (5 days ago)
I couldn't do it because i could have sworn that there were shadows walking towards me
Fox Pup (22 hours ago)
+Pom Gem I was only about a few minutes into the video my eyes were closed and I saw about 3 or 5 shadows walking towards me and I felt the carpet in my house moving so I opened my eyes and decided not to do it
Cameron Novotny (22 hours ago)
I began panicking when I couldn't open my eyes and couldn't feel my body besides my blood coursing through me. I had to break out of the hypnosis.
Pom Gem (1 day ago)
Seriously? What happened?
Emily Zamora (5 days ago)
What happens if it's interrupted? Does it change anything?
Sasuke Bailey (6 days ago)
I fell asleep it was so calming. Strage, felt light and energized after. That's rare
Bence Kontar (7 days ago)
I wish you'd have more like this, it was amazing 🖤
Cyngela Scruggs (8 days ago)
I did this.. I must of went to sleep bc i woke up wet with sweat. I was soaked an it was cold in my room.
When I woke up I felt powerful and I felt reborn and ik that I could use my powers to do great things but I have to figure out how to express this power I have a power but don’t know which like I read the comments and when one comment said that they saw the stars and woke up from the count down this gave me a power cause when I was doing this I had all this energy that I need to let out badly but thanks for giving me these powers
Magical Blue Wolf (8 days ago)
I couldn't open my eyes till he said to open it...after the video ended I had a headache is it supposed to do that?
I Wanna Die. (9 days ago)
My body kept forcing my eyes open..
Shad0w YT50 (9 days ago)
I felt like I was sitting down on a rock And I was in the ocean the water was Gentle protecting me.
Patrick lyngdoh (9 days ago)
Good work.👍
Patrick lyngdoh (9 days ago)
When i was closing my eyes n listening to d count 10-1 i saw a bright looking garden-forest n it was warm cause of the warm sunlight...😊
Sean Kingstone (9 days ago)
Thanks i can control air right now
P S VIDEOS (10 days ago)
I felt really good and really better after doing this,But I could'nt unlock my magic,And thanks
OmniGuy (11 days ago)
My body fought against every second of this for some reason but my mind shut down for the whole thing
ShErOd smith (12 days ago)
While my eyes were closed I was seeing a bright light *NO LIKE A REALLY A BRIGHT LIGHT*this was amazing life changing
Michelle Irwin (13 days ago)
I've been trying to find a good guided meditation that allows me to feel connected with my inner-self and most of them have gone a certain way to doing that. This one, I could feel my third eye opening, could see the light expanding, and actually lifted out of my body for the first time. I'll definitely be coming back to this one and checking out your others.
Mr Satan Jr (14 days ago)
This is wonderful thank you
Hayley Balacek (14 days ago)
this is insane.. I couldn't move at all, I was barely able to get one of my eyes to glance up during a minute in. After that, I was just.. out of it. I wasn't tired but it was like anesthesia. My body felt numb yet super aware. I saw a figure, just in white with a lavender fog looking substance in it's body. It looked calming, and someone made myself feel heated. I don't know what it means but I do know something happened, and I'm really excited and grateful. Thanks Lion!
_rxoses .-. (14 days ago)
I can’t do it.. I feel watched.. surrounded...
Watercolors And Coffee (14 days ago)
I was listening and scrolling through the comments and had to pause the video while he counted because i almost passed out in the middle of study hall
Lok783 (15 days ago)
I'll keep trying it since so many here say it worked on them never been hypnotized and tried a lot of stuff including Marks self hypnosis tapes inlay be too strong willed or hypnotically blind
Lok783 (15 days ago)
Never gotbsround to asking Mark if some people can't be hypnotized
Lok783 (15 days ago)
Did not work on me and my Uncle is Mark Gilboyne
Melissa Cervantes (16 days ago)
What the i saw my mom and my Hart the power went out only in my room and I summed ice cream.🍨🍧🍦❤
Pink Diamond (16 days ago)
I saw a translucent version of my self but as a neko. I was looking straight at myself when it happened i looked worried
Yankee Bleu (16 days ago)
I love this guided hypnosis!! I’m kind of hoping I’m speaking for all, when I use the all encompassing “we” need more guided hypnosis’s of this sort. I love “Awaken Your Energy Body” as well. The vibrations I get from both hypnosis’s are moving in different ways. Hoping you’ll make more soon, your awesome!! ♥️✌️🌞
The Gacha Youtube (16 days ago)
Can you listen to this 2 times?
omar kalthoum (16 days ago)
unreal i have always felt somthing hidden inside now i got it out finally ! thank you really .
Pauletta Risley (17 days ago)
Wow, powerful
Adrian Lucks (17 days ago)
how can I know that I have a magic, this is the first time I committed with a online meditation and that time I do this meditation I felt asleep and I dream about lights and stars and when I opened my eyes I felt positive but how can I use the magic inside of me ????
Regisr8a 8a (17 days ago)
Did anyone else felt their hands REALLY heavy???
Jiren Gray (17 days ago)
I have never been this relaxed but i dont think i had a dream
Anna Catagnus (17 days ago)
When they told me to close my eyes and when we got to 2 or something I had no control of this but I saw 2 asians in black suits talking on top of an large building like the ones in New York! One was a girl and one was a boy (adults). The agreed to something i don’t really know but they hugged each other and jumped of the building and it turned into these black things that were flying and was about to crash and boom! That’s all what I saw! Can somebody explain now please!
Ramona C Gundert (18 days ago)
i will try to listen everyday and update when it is working
Oh my freaking god. This hypnosis is awesome. As I was going with it I was trying my best to center in. I saw myself in a flower or I was being cocooned with wings? Perhaps my inner self is an angel of some sorts? All I could see is a bright light and my wrists felt heavy. Unfortunatley, my anxiety tried to bother in but I continued determingly. I feel so in... Just connected how can I describe it? Well.... This feeling is peaceful. And I thank you so much. This could really have an impact on controlling my anxiety, so thank you so much.
Joyce Rosal (18 days ago)
I closed my eyes and opened it for several times hahhahhh im scared lol😁😁
Sneaky Fish (19 days ago)
while doing this I felt so much judgement against what was going on, I felt my darker self cringing and despising it. I felt a want for beter people in my life and I calledfor it. Then I realised I made a judgement against those beautiful people who simple are not making an effort to be at my frequency, I feared the ringing in my ears but soon found that it was only myself. I looked at all the things that were making me unhappy and realised in that moment that I was desciding to do that to myself. and thats when I knew that I wanted to meet david Loin, I need to find this man, show him my love. you are a wizard. <3
Chen Xi Wong (19 days ago)
at 5.00 im alr asleep ( no offence ) but wat song the video is having dang its so nice tat i fall asleep if i can do this at nite i dun hv to suffer insomnia
Jenni Tyni (19 days ago)
I just felt really heavy during this
lisa Robertson (20 days ago)
Thank you
Bianca Dela Flores (20 days ago)
Its not effective to me maybe because i pray to God before i listen to this video...
I don't this worked for me like it had has for other people I could faintly feel something but this mostly helped me come to terms with myself. Sadly I feel as though throughout this something kept holding me back from going deeper
I kept seeing a girl in a dress bright light in a cellar being lifted into the air... but I don’t feel any differently now .and while the Gus was talking I didn’t feel completely relaxed til the end
lige hacker (21 days ago)
I fall asleep, how do I know that it works?
pandabär girly (22 days ago)
AHHHH I WAS LISTENUNG TO THIS VIDEO AND AFTER 10 MINUTES, MY SISTER CAME IN MY ROOM AND ASK ME: "DON'T YOU GO TO SCHOOL? IT'S ALMOST 8 A CLOCK" "My Answer: school begins later 🙄 My school starts totay 10 a clock!" She just say okay and went out of my room. I'm so sad now :(
Liberal Destroyer (22 days ago)
It was like my body went on a spiritual journey and my body was left behind, like I had to... I can’t describe it, get re-in control, but it was way more powerful than that. I saw me, well a way different and prettier and older version of me, floating in space on a galaxy wave. Interesting experience.
Liberal Destroyer (22 days ago)
It was something I never felt before
Liberal Destroyer (22 days ago)
I can barely move my hands
Fire__Girl ! (22 days ago)
I Feel so great now thank you
sweet kitten (23 days ago)
After I did this I felt very angry
Special Llama (23 days ago)
OMG when I was doing this when my eyes where closed I saw green and my eyes where twitching open then at 6:48 I was like how much longer then I looked and I was like oh hell naw this was a great meditation but I ain't sitting here for 20 minutes like lol😂
Madison Baskerville (24 days ago)
Did it waork for anyone let me know
9ShadesOfKai (25 days ago)
It didn’t suceed for me, when you count to 1, I just opened my eyes like easily
LavenderTeddyPlays :3 (25 days ago)
While watching this I was relaxing then I started tingling and then twitching and my eyes started moving even though they were closed and I just felt cold, it felt as my eyes were pulled open as I jolted awake, please tell me what I did wrong.
Nicole Segobo (26 days ago)
Who is going through this to see if this actually works😅😹
ayk925a (26 days ago)
Thank you so much 🌹🌷
Alcides ??? (26 days ago)
Thanks, David. I only just got done watching this, but I feel like this is really going to help me. I have been going through a lot for the last few months, and this just made me smile. As I closed my eyes, my mind was completely blank. But as you counted down, I could feel myself going deeper into my soul, seeing what was truly captured there. I let it do its work. I could feel myself being transformed, like my body was floating. Nothing around me could bother me. Thanks again, with regards, Alcides.
Shakee L. (27 days ago)
Does it work? * - *
Bandit Xxx (27 days ago)
Incredible. I feel so much lighter and my mind so much clearer. You’ve helped lift something that has been weighing me down and clouding my mind for some time. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you
Kara Leigh Lakusta (27 days ago)
Pretty nice
Mister Real (27 days ago)
My experience was just...i was running fast through the forest. Faster than I ever could or can now but it was exciting, I was soaring until I realize I was running toward something. I saw a beast, he was huge, sorta like a Lycan but more cuddly looking. He looked scared...I realized I had the magic. I knew it was there and I know my magic can be dangerous and primal but I ignored it for so long I made it scared of me. It felt neglected, it wanted to hug me when it saw me but it was scared to. I opened my arms and ran to it hugging it so tight it howled in happiness and we embraced. It was insane. Soon I began running again and saw I was the beast, I was now one. I woke up I was laying down not sitting up like before and I felt the burning muscles of me running and a primal urge to just be free. Wow is all I can say
gaeues thaddes (28 days ago)
i cant get it right huhuhuhuhu
uniiverse (28 days ago)
I know that this is old but if someone could answer I’d appreciate it. I’ve never done a hypnosis like this before and I’m honestly kind of scared. I’ve done plenty of guided meditations and the like but never hypnosis. Is this 100% safe? Please, if someone could answer I’d be very appreciative.
glitterlicious narwhal (28 days ago)
I can’t sit still for the damn life of me and the fact that I did that, eyes closed, for 20 minutes!!!,is amazing 😊 Thank you
Melbourne Bongcaron (29 days ago)
Wow I never felt so peaceful all my entire life
aurelei (29 days ago)
Boruto Uzumaki (30 days ago)
I couldn't move for a while and while I had my eyes closed it only felt like 30 Seconds not only that but I saw myself holding a sword I'm my right hand covered in lightning but in my left hand I was holding lightning not only these two things but my eyes were not normal they looked like a bright blue like the color of lightning only it kinda looked awesome I'm not going to lie
I listened to this before I went to sleep last night. I woke up suicidal. All day I've been wanting to kill myself and I have absolutely no idea why and I'm very scared. I woke up probably 7 or 8 times in the night feeling like I couldn't breathe and had a migraine so bad I felt like I would die in my sleep if I tried to ignore it. I'm in no way trying to make this out to be a bad video or a bad channel, I'm sure everyone is having amazing experiences. For some reason I woke up suicidal, and having symptoms if mania? Can anyone help me?
Kolege Girl (30 days ago)
Hi Mia, I am sorry to hear your predicament. I haven't listened to the video yet...really out of fear of possibilities like your situation. You're not alone because I had listened to a hypnosis from a different channel which was great..but I had woken up to some pretty bad an unexpected news that felt to me completely random and prompted.a young angelic family member had been tragically murdered and the case is still unsolved. It really seemed to me like something was called to him and sadly me watching that mysterious video the night before still doesn't sit right with me.i had woken with headaches too. So yeah I'm glad you shared your experience. I am not sure how to help but I hope things look up! Maybe try a hypnosis on releasing negative energy from around you/stopping suicidal thoughts. P.s. this comment is and not meant 2 discredit this channel. I haven't even listened to the video above yet. I'm still up a fan of hypnosis. I'm just sharing my experience with the commenter that I am replying to because her situation is very real as well
Britt L (30 days ago)
I'm not sure what I'm feeling... Meditation/hypnosis has never worked for me before, but this seemed to pull me under somehow. I found myself crying through the whole thing even though I couldn't open my eyes. As you were counting back up, I didn't want to wake but couldn't help it. Is this a common response? I don't understand...
kiirsttx (1 month ago)
All these people saying they saw all this spiritual shit. What did I see? I saw black, because my eyes were closed. I wish I could of seen the same shit you guys did though! :(
Liberal Destroyer (22 days ago)
kiirsttx ya gotta reeeeaally relax, like flow super deep into it. Let your imagination loose
Asuna Yuki (1 month ago)
Is it normal for my body to fall asleep during this
IvoGamer 2000 (1 month ago)
Is this meant to give me powers to do telekinesis
Mary Williams (1 month ago)
Wow! During this my whole body was resonating with vibration. I saw my body surrounded by a pale yellow light and felt a warm pulsating sensation in the middle of my chest. Not sure what it means but was an amazing experience
Kayla Powe (1 month ago)
thanks so much for this video I have not felt this relaxed and powerful in all of my life and my life has been short cause I'm only 11 but thank you so much
Brigitte games (1 month ago)
Ummm when I did it I fell asleep on accident I don't know WHY
Ferrum (1 month ago)
That was so beautiful what an experience thank you so much! 💖
Janice Taylor (1 month ago)
it works oo
Shalon Martin (1 month ago)
Too high pitched noices
Zuzanka Aurinko (1 month ago)
I fell asleep :)
Pinkmok 9 (1 month ago)
I feel violated
R Ï Ī Š H Ä Å Ã (1 month ago)
Can i do this if im cristian because i dont know if it goes against my religion or not btw im not a hardcore cristian
Liberal Destroyer (22 days ago)
R Ï Ī Š H Ä Å Ã Yeah, I am too
Aitotlg Acmo (1 month ago)
What the video says. unlock your magic. did you unlock your magic david lion? no one shows things without trying it first and being sure it actually works. So, did you unlock your magic?
Beauty Loom (1 month ago)
Well I meant wobbly
Beauty Loom (1 month ago)
Well I felt a a lil wobbly ! Luje if you did too!!!
Moon Child (1 month ago)
it was like sleeping gas for me. I was still aware of what wa around me, but simply shook it off because I didn't care. I have done one other hypnosis and they both have left me . feeling awesome afterwards.
Gema Maxwell (1 month ago)
I-I Feel So Weird... I Can Barely Feel My Body Parts This Is Taking Me So Long To Tipe That’s How Weird It Feels...
Jeremy Jeremy (1 month ago)
Is it possible that for the vision we could have them when we wake up
EllieGamer :3 (1 month ago)
Do u have any advice I was doing it and all I could think of was water ice and snow i saw pictures of kids building snow mans and pictures of waves at a beach I could open my eyes I was really scared so I opended a bit and closed after I really woke Up I feel extremely lite headed and dizzy (I only just did the vampire one) and none of them work I’m not sure about this !! Thanks tho I liked watching the snow .. but not getting powers :/ advice please??
im curious, what happend over the six days?
That was soo relaxing
InkyDrawingz (1 month ago)
ZIO THE GAMER (1 month ago)
Thank you so much!I am from Bulgaria but a know English!You helped me a lot!THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING.NOW I AM NEW ,STARTED NEW LIFE,AND MORE THINGS!GREETINGS FROM BULGARIA❤️
Lolly Lakeman (1 month ago)
I felt electricity the entire time and then I couldnt love and when he said to open your eyes when I opened my eyes i felt shocks in my fingertips. Is this normal?
bro i bet youre some superhero that can control/obsorbe electricity
Brandon Marticio (1 month ago)

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