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Country of origin of car brands. List: Abarth - Italy Acura - Japan Alfa Romeo - Italy AMC - United State Aston Martin - United Kingdom Audi - Germany Austin United Kingdom Austin-Healey - United Kingdom Bentley - United Kingdom BMW - Germany Bufori - United Kingdom Bugatti - France Buick - United State Cadillac - United State Chana - China Changfeng - China Chery - China Chevrolet - United State Chrysler - United State Citroën - France Dacia - Romania Daewoo - South Korea Daihatsu - Japan Dodge - United State Dongfeng - China Elfin - Australia Ferrari - Italy Fiat - Italy Ford - United States GM United State GMC United State GreatWall China Hafei China Haima China Holden Australia Honda Japan Hongqi China Hummer United State Hyundai South Korea Infiniti Japan Isuzu Japan Iveco Italy Jaguar United Kingdom Jeep United State Kia South Korea Koenigsegg Sweden Lada (AvtoVAZ) Russia Lamborghini Italy Lancia Italy Land Rover United Kingdom Lexus Japan Leyland United Kingdom Lincoln United State Lotus United Kingdom Mahindra India Maserati Italy Maybach Germany Mazda Japan McLaren United Kingdom Mercedes-Benz Germany Mercury United State MG United Kingdom MINI United Kingdom Mitsubishi Japan Mitsuoka Japan Morgan United Kingdom Nissan Japan Oldsmobile United State Opel Germany Orion Canada Pagani Italy Perodua Malaysia Peugeot France Plymouth United State Pontiac United State Porsche Germany Proton Malaysia Ram United State Renault France Rolls-Royce United Kingdom Saab Sweden Saleen United State Saturn United State Scania Sweden Scion United State SEAT Spain Setra Germany Škoda Czech Replublic Smart Germany SsangYong South Korea Subaru Japan Suzuki Japan Tata India Tesla United State Toyota Japan Triumph United Kingdom TVR United Kingdom Vauxhall United Kingdom Volkswagen - Germany Volvo - Sweden Wuling - China Zhongxing - China LIKE II SHARE II SUBSCRIBE II COMMENT
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Text Comments (7721)
21champions (39 minutes ago)
I was getting upset till I saw Germany in the end... Germany is far ahead when it comes to automobile.
Fandrs Ram (9 hours ago)
France = Bugatti????
you Idiot *Jaguar* and *Land Rover* are Indian companies own by *Ratan Tata* the legend
owner is Indian so its an Indian company
Redstoneprime (7 hours ago)
Read the title next time, please. It clearly says "country of ORIGIN" (as in where the companies originated) and NOT "country of OWNERSHIP". Where was Jaguar founded? UK, where are their cars made? UK, where are their headquarters located? UK. I'm 100% sure the UK is NOT in India.
Bogya Richard (20 hours ago)
Dacia France not Romania
Redstoneprime (7 hours ago)
Master Dribbling (23 hours ago)
Top 5 widely known brand is Toyota Hyundai Benz BMW Bugatti
Fucking Rocket Camel (6 hours ago)
That's the worst list ive ever seen
Parthav Hole (1 day ago)
Why you shown only two cars of indai😈😈😈
Deepak N (1 day ago)
C for china and C for copycat
Doorva Kumar (1 day ago)
Tesla fans?!!
Rodi Rasho (2 days ago)
Germany 🤙🤙🤙
mujeeb king (2 days ago)
Germany and italy.....
Saikumar Gunner (2 days ago)
Reachest cars available in Germany
Majj99 (2 days ago)
Good job but ,There is car brand called " DS " ( sparate from citroen ) from France you forget to mention it . Also there is Alpine is French sports cars you forgot to mention it .
Majj99 (2 days ago)
+Redstoneprime now it became separate brand name like ( infinity & Lexuces ..... etc )
Redstoneprime (2 days ago)
DS is not a brand, it's a model line-up of Citroen. (the original being the Citroen DS from 1955)
Bryan Feddie (3 days ago)
why have i never heard of these cars
Redstoneprime (2 days ago)
BMW? Mercedes? Bentley? Jaguar? Aston Martin? Chevrolet? Dodge? Ford? Fiat? Ferrari? Lamborghini? Tesla? Rolls Royce? Land Rover? Audi? Volkswagen? Chrysler? Cadillac? Seat? Citroen? Renault? Suzuki? Nissan? Toyota? Subaru? Honda?
Muha mmad (3 days ago)
Muha mmad (3 days ago)
0poIE (3 days ago)
*Here's me thinking US/UK/Italy/Germany. Just stop there haha* Fuck the SHIT Chinese SHIT
Nothingtoseehere (3 days ago)
Did Germany just cross your mind at the end? Can’t forget Germany
sharmini bavaneethan (3 days ago)
my spelling is bad
sharmini bavaneethan (3 days ago)
the show car for romeo was toenal comeing in 2020
Ankit Dhawade (3 days ago)
Bro jaguar is a Indian company,from now
Redstoneprime (3 days ago)
What country were Jaguar founded in? The UK. What country are Jaguar based in? That's right, the UK. Where are their cars manufactured? Again, the UK. Thus, they are British.
Caleb Tyler (3 days ago)
maybach? looks like a mercedes
Redstoneprime (3 days ago)
Maybach is the luxury division of Mercedes.
Germany = sport cars Italy = super cars China = budget cars Japan = NISSAN!!!!!!!
Starting Zone (4 days ago)
Where is Bangladesh 🇧🇩
Mritunjoy Deka (4 days ago)
Abe tu india ka ya hai kahi aur ka baki countries ka to itna itna dia hamare india ka kaha hai lemborghini,suzuki,rolls rollays kaha hai bc..
TECHNICAL MIND (4 days ago)
Ashok Leyland is INDIAN...
BL shetty (5 days ago)
Maruti is also Indian company which is partnering with Suzuki
Norman hari (5 days ago)
love bugati
D Kyle (5 days ago)
romania :)) im from there they forghet dacia 1310 what is also in pubg
Infinity is an American car company
Redstoneprime (5 days ago)
Nissan is Japanese, not American. (And before you say "No, I said Infiniti", Infiniti is, and always has been, the luxury division of Nissan).
Sopan Patil (5 days ago)
I love bugatti
Gamer Mainiac (5 days ago)
I am not from China but I am living there for about a year and instead of writing the name of the companies you are writing the name of the cities
Malaysian Ball (5 days ago)
Lol proton saga
jainam jain (6 days ago)
Abe hijde jaguar aur land rover india ki car company hai saale tere baap na kharid ka di thi uk ko laude
Ng PohSheng (6 days ago)
Malaysia “copycat Car “is the worst in the world.
Lalji Rabari (6 days ago)
Scania car is looking like truck
Sid Rane (6 days ago)
Mercedes Benz is from India
Redstoneprime (6 days ago)
Please learn geography. Stuttgart is in Germany, NOT India. Also, the name "Mercedes Benz" is a GERMAN name.
88M Views (6 days ago)
Where is the legend Hindustan motors from INDIA🇮🇳🇮🇳
Jyotiprasad Barua (6 days ago)
Shaan Vlogs (6 days ago)
India owns Maruti Suzuki also
saptarshi mitra (6 days ago)
Where is DC Avanti...??Its also from India...it is also called Tarzen Car...
Luca Relic (6 days ago)
Luqman Khan (6 days ago)
1 germany 2 italy 3 france 4 american
NEETA AGARWAL (6 days ago)
Where is maruti
Jacob Vsn Buijtene (6 days ago)
ice do is Australia and italy
Doge Bro 200 (7 days ago)
And the fastest car in the world comes from my home contry France 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
Redstoneprime (6 days ago)
6:23 quite clearly says "Sweden" and not "France".
knowledge 4 U (7 days ago)
Stupid mariti suziki is apartner
sachin shukla (7 days ago)
Jaugar and land rover are owned by Mr. Ratan tata so they are indian improve your knowledge before making videos..
Triple A (7 days ago)
INDIA has more car companies😑😑
Mangal Singh (7 days ago)
Jaguar and land rover 100'/, 🇮🇳Indian brean
Redstoneprime (7 days ago)
They were both founded in the UK, were they not?
Samya Bhowmick (7 days ago)
No Pakistani car company is not in this list
Vishu Gautam (7 days ago)
Jaguar is now an Indian company
Redstoneprime (7 days ago)
Ownership: Indian Cars manufactured in: UK Cars designed in: UK Headquarters located in: UK So, there are more things British about them than there are Indian. The only thing "Indian" about them is who owns them, everything else (where the cars are designed/manufactured and where their headquarters are located) is British.
Ummehanni Shahid (7 days ago)
Pakistan also owns exclusive cars you should have added Pakistan
Redstoneprime (6 days ago)
+Ummehanni Shahid Audi = German, BMW = German, Mercedes = German, Range Rover = English, Toyota = Japanese, Honda = Japanese, Lexus = Japanese, Nissan = Japanese, Volkwagens = German.
Ummehanni Shahid (6 days ago)
You idiot we got Audi, BMW ,Mercedes ,Range Rover ,Toyota, Honda, Lexus too don’t think that we don’t have anything and Nissan ,Volkswagen.idiots!!!
Euro's saylum (6 days ago)
Prasad Bhagwat (7 days ago)
Bugatti is of Germany
Redstoneprime (7 days ago)
Molsheim... Germany? Last time I checked, Molsheim was in France.
Omi Gulekar (7 days ago)
that chinese names are quite funny .......zingzong kingkong and ting tong >>> hahahaha : ;
Johnson Sanga (7 days ago)
America is crazy is many cars model 🙌
Snack HuNTeR (7 days ago)
No maruti
Andy Mogoale (8 days ago)
At 4:37 that is Peugeot NOT YOUR DONGFENG
Gokul Gokulam (8 days ago)
Hindustan motors , India
Muhammad Harith (9 days ago)
Indon mana indon
muaz ganu (9 days ago)
Piyush Chauhan (9 days ago)
Germany 👌
Nimai Kalita (9 days ago)
Sweden cars are the best
kavita pawar (9 days ago)
Germany has the most amazing cars
kavita pawar (9 days ago)
Jaguar is from INDIA!
Redstoneprime (9 days ago)
But that's not where they originated, is it? I mean, is the Jaguar E-Type Indian?
Mike Ndikumasabo (9 days ago)
Mike Ndikumasabo (9 days ago)
German car is bmw
Shreyas Saurkar (10 days ago)
It is wrong
Japan vs Germany..
andongjo11 (10 days ago)
andongjo11 (10 days ago)
Kanchan Chamlagain (10 days ago)
India don't make cars ,only assemble.
RazorRush KrypticEye (10 days ago)
Rolls Royce > Bentley
Redstoneprime (6 days ago)
+Doge Bro 200 Rolls Royce is more luxury oriented than Bentley. Rolls Royce is full on luxury, whereas Bentley is luxury sports (otherwise known as GT).
Doge Bro 200 (7 days ago)
Yeah ik whats the difference
Piyush Mishra (10 days ago)
1.If it was also bikes, then Japan would have Kawasaki 2.WTF I didn't knew Sweden made Scania, Volvo and Koenigsegg
muzaki nurahmad (10 days ago)
4:08 "MITSUOKA''........
Mahajan Vilas (10 days ago)
Kia is Japanese cammny
Master Dribbling (23 hours ago)
S.Korean company
Redstoneprime (10 days ago)
Japan and South Korea are completely different countries, man.
Ali Shaban (11 days ago)
Where’s Czech cars???(Škoda and Tatra)????
Lipok Imchen (11 days ago)
Italian best
Taw2402 (11 days ago)
watched this one... most expenses car in 2019 https://youtu.be/k1TUwHcfp5k
Liza You (11 days ago)
Dongfeng is peugot
Liza You (11 days ago)
China copycats
Redstoneprime (11 days ago)
Liza You (11 days ago)
Datsun is Japanese car
stefancelmare21 (11 days ago)
American cars are for racists trump supporters and rednecks. the German and Japanese car industry takes a big shit on the American car industry. Companies like ford and lincoln copy British car designs because they used to make ugly cars and can't come up with something original. Also the interior looks nasty with all that fake shiny silver.
stefancelmare21 (10 days ago)
+Redstoneprime american cars have performance for a low price. but that does not mean european cars don't have that perfomance. you just have to spend a lot more money to have the same level of perfomance. some examples are the corvette viper and a few other muscle cars. would americans be succesfull selling cars that cost over 300k? some things can never be made in america. its the culture that makes it impossible. the way people are hired and fired from a job. things like that.
Redstoneprime (10 days ago)
+stefancelmare21 I guess it's safe to say that American cars have performance/power whereas European cars have luxury/quality?
stefancelmare21 (10 days ago)
+Redstoneprime the cars you mentioned might be good in terms of specs but the overall experience can't compare to a european car.
Redstoneprime (11 days ago)
+stefancelmare21 At least Chrysler still have their SRT line, right? Also, I take it the main thing you do like about most of the ones I mentioned is the performance?
stefancelmare21 (11 days ago)
+Redstoneprime Well not everyone in america is racist. but some cars like chrysler should not exist. they have so many reliability issues and one of my friends almost died in a chrysler 300. and the only time the american car industry made nice cars was in the 60s afte that things started to decline. I don't see why americans still make cars. there are better things to do in america like rockets, computer software websites, medical technologies. let people who have a passion for cars to be succesful. don't sell crap cars like chrysler.
stefancelmare21 (11 days ago)
they forgot african cars and skoda. skoda is a very popular car in Europe.
Redstoneprime (11 days ago)
the only African car I know of is Laraki.
Manoj Billa (11 days ago)
shihab shabu (12 days ago)
Guyz which is this music
damodhar deety (12 days ago)
Hey..land rover,jaguar and Suzuki are from India .....
Redstoneprime (11 days ago)
yes, they are currently owned by an Indian company, but do you know what country Land Rover and Jaguar were founded in?
Sk Noor khan (12 days ago)
India ke liye a video dekha lakin is me sirf 2
Ritish Ghosh (12 days ago)
Bindhyapk Prakash (12 days ago)
ടuzuki Swift is not of Japan only. That car is made with the partnership of suzuki with Indian company maruti.so it is known as maruti Suzuki Swift. understand.
Mèo Bill (12 days ago)
Vietnam have Vinfast
dj dan (12 days ago)
The only brand probably available in all parts of the world is Toyota😎
Z3P3RN1L (13 days ago)
The cars you chose made my eyes bleed
Z3P3RN1L (13 days ago)
Where is lada blyat
shameless 1010101 (13 days ago)
Most of luxurious and super cars made in Germany, Italy, France and UK and Japan has durable and class cars India has nothing but a shit called tata the low class truck..they r claiming that jaguar and range rover owned by Indian tata hahaha but the truth is made in UK
Doge Bro 200 (7 days ago)
Im sur your a car fanatic
ALI khirkhaah (13 days ago)
Nice piece of information
_ Fenneck _ (13 days ago)
4:37 Tf are you saying that's a fucking Peugeot...
Vanita Tare (13 days ago)
Can you make chocolates and their country of origin? Please
Mahajan Vilas (14 days ago)
skoda campany???

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