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World Cup Cats

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The World Cup inspires Prince Michael's journey towards soccer stardom. New Merch: https://shop.aaronsanimals.com/ Gym Girl: Shelise Hufstetler Ref: Robert Assistant Coach: Jacob Director: Aaron Writers: Drew, Sarah Welbourn, Alex French, Aaron Music: Drew Gerlicher Art: Josh Kenfield Sound: Mark and Kenji VFX: Aaron, Ben, Kijeon
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Text Comments (3897)
AaronsAnimals (7 months ago)
thanks for watching. this one was loads of fun.
Lucas Covre (4 days ago)
You use real cat
Lucas Covre (4 days ago)
Hi im from Brazil
stephen bozac (5 days ago)
AaronsAnimals I
Mirudvehian Moura (5 days ago)
Sebestyén Molnár (6 hours ago)
SITI RAHMAH (6 hours ago)
That's gotta hurt!...ouch Love you Prince Michael! Sporty meow
Keelimepi ! (17 hours ago)
They did not even score
Corina Curea (18 hours ago)
Poor kitty 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Maria silva (21 hours ago)
Gato fofinho
Nicholas Jones (1 day ago)
And where can I adopt this thing
BOLSOMINI (1 day ago)
John Weflen (1 day ago)
HOL’ THE HECK UP. The shot didn’t even go in at the end. The ball was on the line.
Keller Hund (2 days ago)
Я не понимаю они что с другим котом братья
Endertained (2 days ago)
There is something seriously wrong with this cat
Vivi Muscalu (2 days ago)
super trollencio (2 days ago)
de que te enojas si es editado el vídeo
Ева Ким (2 days ago)
Drjarabe (2 days ago)
Poor cat
Megapolitan Poscom (2 days ago)
Mampir.... Kreen
100% fake
Teresa Gómez (3 days ago)
How could u do that to ronaldo
Varga Tony (3 days ago)
progeimer hoehe (3 days ago)
😀 hello
Nicolas Lozado (3 days ago)
eu amo e CE canal
rima stasinskiene (3 days ago)
funny movie😀😀
Blue Electrical (3 days ago)
Hey guys! Please subscribe to me! I do alot of good content on my channel and do giveaways of xbox and ps4 giftcards every 50 subs! Please subscribe! Thank you so much and I truly appreciate everyone of you, even if you don't subscribe. Have an amazing 2019 and have a great day!
YUGIOH JULIE (4 days ago)
Ronaldo is not a goalkeeper
Luisito Gamer (4 days ago)
Pobre gatos
Rasha Sami (4 days ago)
I love you Aaron💖💖 and I love your cat Michael 😻😻😻😻😻 and he wan to try football, Michael likes football⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽
Саня КЕК (4 days ago)
Мне в неких моментах его было жаль
Mersad Jukovic (4 days ago)
кв1 1941 (4 days ago)
Мне тебя весьма очень жаль
dexcraft 3456 (4 days ago)
Quiero adoptar a ESe gatito
Rocio Mercado Sanchez (5 days ago)
aritz pro player (5 days ago)
Its a real Cat?
HACKER DE NUTELLA (5 days ago)
Diamondking YT (5 days ago)
So cute
calysta durin (5 days ago)
J adore c est trop cool 😗😗😍😍😊🤗🤗
Esse gato pare uma pessoa
anthony (5 days ago)
Hi AaronsAnimals I love your vids keep up the hard work buddy!😀😀😉👍👍❤❤
adidas pro (5 days ago)
Я Русский
Gaming YT (5 days ago)
Leila Samy (5 days ago)
Wow , it's fantastic, the cat wan try football ,but Phil wan Michael to loose, he's evil cat😼😼😼😼😼😼
safcan s (6 days ago)
Like this cat its funny
Lisaaa (6 days ago)
Falcon Hawk X 2 (6 days ago)
Germany were NOT the champions of the world 🇩🇪
Samira Ahmad (6 days ago)
Support spain but celebrates when germany scored
lol surprises (6 days ago)
Erwanou Ararou (6 days ago)
Bondy B (6 days ago)
Give goal GERMANY so funny fan spain
Nifty jojoo (6 days ago)
why is he happy when germany hits a girl and he has a spain flag ? XD
William J. Mendes (6 days ago)
Not much makes me smile these days. So, thank you.
mat bros (7 days ago)
Serbian flag
Tama- funk-Em (7 days ago)
Sadly cristiano Ronaldo is not on Real Madrid anymore he’s on juventuse
Meme Boi (7 days ago)
Is it a real cat
Victor ratjumnong (7 days ago)
They must trained Michael to do that. Amazing!
Alfie Kirby (8 days ago)
Go Michael
mlg marko (8 days ago)
3:3 no goal
Chelsea Georg (8 days ago)
Ariadni Polidorou (10 days ago)
Aleš Bureš (10 days ago)
Sara Bendezu Bardales (12 days ago)
Sara Bendezu Bardales (12 days ago)
Sara Bendezu Bardales (12 days ago)
Maycol es muy gracioso y divertido y lindo l love maycol
Sara Bendezu Bardales (12 days ago)
Amo a maycol
Cristaly14 AJ (12 days ago)
Michael is better playing football than me :´v
Troolface (12 days ago)
This is not CGI I pretty much call this compositing
Troolface (12 days ago)
With CGI
Umut Temirbaev (12 days ago)
Yaritza Burgos (13 days ago)
AXEL FREE FIRE (13 days ago)
Traductor deberias aser animaciones eres bueno en los dibujos as animaciones de tu gato
Kos tyn (13 days ago)
Русские вы увидели в начале видео на 10 месте флагов русский??)
Mega Cat (13 days ago)
This is my favourite
Paola Gomez (14 days ago)
Eti. Usos que excedan bzzgtsgdjdhdhey
Golden Brothers (14 days ago)
Vamos Espanha Spain 🇪🇸 flag in beginning
Francesco Nobili (15 days ago)
Non conosco l'inglese ma sei bravissimo
Bros for ever (15 days ago)
So sweet
Gaming boy12 Shaw (15 days ago)
Aww how cute
Chung Nguyen (15 days ago)
The balck cat. What is his name
orcn y (15 days ago)
Götze scores for Germany and he’s waving a Spanish flag, no no, I’m completely ok with it
Monse Mota (15 days ago)
Qué. Divertido. es. maicol
Oksana Grigoryuk (16 days ago)
Devran benji Bendev FC (16 days ago)
Maik Antunes (16 days ago)
The White Kitty made something good on helping him train.
Amanda Webber (16 days ago)
i love cats good work 😉
Haniel Santiago Mendes (17 days ago)
luis flores (17 days ago)
Porque le hacen. Esto a un. Gatito🐱🐈
Breaker254 LIVE (17 days ago)
Wir Deutsche haben versagt😭✌🏻
Dragon Lore (17 days ago)
Милота 😊
Nick Urban (17 days ago)
Soooooo cute
makwan hawrami (17 days ago)
l love you michael
shotgun pubg (17 days ago)
Maggie Leou (17 days ago)
Thuge Life (17 days ago)
What was that sound
muryllo martines (17 days ago)
Amo ase gato
Eva Buan (17 days ago)
Hello ArronAnimals can you let michael watch the world cup 2018 my name is Cole

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