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World Cup Cats

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The World Cup inspires Prince Michael's journey towards soccer stardom. New Merch: https://shop.aaronsanimals.com/ Gym Girl: Shelise Hufstetler Ref: Robert Assistant Coach: Jacob Director: Aaron Writers: Drew, Sarah Welbourn, Alex French, Aaron Music: Drew Gerlicher Art: Josh Kenfield Sound: Mark and Kenji VFX: Aaron, Ben, Kijeon
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Text Comments (3570)
AaronsAnimals (4 months ago)
thanks for watching. this one was loads of fun.
Necati Dinc (1 day ago)
AaronsAnimals rg
Sajda Sukovic (3 days ago)
Is some cute
Rodrigo Gomes (5 days ago)
Eu queria ir também com vocês por favor que eu quero ver seu gatinho eu cuido dele
Adrian Aranda (13 hours ago)
2:14 that's my name 1
Alfie Kirby (16 hours ago)
E muito mais legal
Ivan Serrano (1 day ago)
Micheal has failed in GYM😂😂😂😂😂😂 about of the girl😂😂😂😂
Traeme la Copa Michael
HMF Vlogs (3 days ago)
He's supporting Spain but the match is of Germany
Robi 789 (3 days ago)
Achmad Dimyati (4 days ago)
Charles Mangum (4 days ago)
realistic ending.
Aléxia Mell (5 days ago)
Is some cute
siddharth mishra (6 days ago)
Love the after video cartoons😍 wish there was comics of these!!!
Esta chistoso
šarki x (6 days ago)
I am srbian
Psi:3 (6 days ago)
Psi:3 (6 days ago)
christosbak (7 days ago)
I would love to see how Aaron is playing football! 😘🙌🙋
Yo mama Fan (7 days ago)
At 1:25 phill is the worst coach
Deana Aton (7 days ago)
Haha this is me fab
SJ2 galasy (7 days ago)
Cristian Ciejo Misson Luisa David Janis
Jackson Parton (8 days ago)
Why is Michael cuter than my 2-month old kittens? EXPLAIN
Sascha Riechmann (8 days ago)
Geil weiter so
Is it editing or real
Salty PPanda (8 days ago)
Thats so cute
Myrian RODRIGUEZ (8 days ago)
Cuando se tira Gato jajaja
TeeN Gamer (8 days ago)
Camila Schweinsteiger (8 days ago)
In love❤
Yo mama Fan (8 days ago)
2:26 😂
Nayaka Ganteng (8 days ago)
VENUM VENUM (9 days ago)
Adryan On AgarIo (9 days ago)
2:15 but i use name Adryan no.1 😏
Ник Хай (9 days ago)
Какой он любезный
free kitkat (9 days ago)
TOTORENE GOMEZ (9 days ago)
And your animal
Mariela Garcia (9 days ago)
Me en cantan tus videos
Mr. Pickles (9 days ago)
1:33 She smokin'
Michaels team won because they were the home team.
SuperMarioJames games (10 days ago)
Poor micheal
Dislike , no chilean flag
CR7 juve Lopasso (10 days ago)
thats not good because with cats we eont must made this
CR7 juve Lopasso (10 days ago)
we dont
Kenji Joy (10 days ago)
Terrail tv (10 days ago)
Я одинешенек руски
BACON ARMY (10 days ago)
Micheal wanna smash 1:35 😂😂
ninja junior (10 days ago)
What cat
LPS wow jenny :v (10 days ago)
Salio mi pais perú <3 😀😀😀
Meowmers (10 days ago)
Meowmers (10 days ago)
If anyone says football ima piss myself
Adam Hakimi (10 days ago)
it cat original or local
TeoTheProx Gomez (10 days ago)
Que adorable
Shoaib ahmed Khan (10 days ago)
Cute cats
bawołek bawołek (10 days ago)
Wrzyskie filmy są fajne ale też smutne 😢😭😀
TrainingTerminator (7 days ago)
oooo polaczek się tu znalazł :D
Who likes mike? Me)
Miroslav Aleksiev (11 days ago)
So cute sounds and the cat is so cute
Kabira Idl (11 days ago)
Mr Michał (11 days ago)
Sweet cat 😀
XxPrime GamingXX (11 days ago)
I love michael
kuky godoy (11 days ago)
Por su esta en inglés si es España?
Ricardo Ricaldi (11 days ago)
Este gato es igual que yo
foxy the pirate fox (11 days ago)
1 like = a happy cat
Cuz_ImChaosflo44 (11 days ago)
the german team!!!!!!1 i live in germany
Ben Meijles (11 days ago)
Gabriel Costa (11 days ago)
Chindi GAMER 1M views (11 days ago)
Bhai, tu bahot comedy video banata hai😂
Jovan Ilic (11 days ago)
2 zastave serbie
Tomás Rivera (12 days ago)
N0 fue gol estaba en la linea
Hena Kausar (12 days ago)
How do you make these videos???
Ayang gaming (12 days ago)
i love all your vids
1:14- My dad
3:03- poor michael 😢😄😅😆😂😂😂
1:28- I am equal with the ball
3:02 poor Micheal
Radosław Kowalczyk (12 days ago)
Bardzo fajny kotek i ten drugi ale RONALDO😂😂😂😂😂😂.
Drama lama789 (12 days ago)
Not cool
ATHARVA KULKARNI (13 days ago)
I am a GOALKEEPER and this one ain't my POST'S insult.
AJM Editz (13 days ago)
Why is Michael pictured as a loser always😿
Eric de Sousa Castro (13 days ago)
porque vc não faz mais vídeos
Eric de Sousa Castro (13 days ago)
porque vc não faz mais vídeos
Adam Fitri (13 days ago)
You are awsome
z,Hëlíø Santosツ (13 days ago)
DRAWING&co 7 (13 days ago)
very good job
jakov boo (13 days ago)
i live in serbia and there is a flag of it wooooooooooooow
Rex (13 days ago)
Who is this lady 1:34
NazKurdistan (14 days ago)
Best utube cat 👌👌😻😻😻👏
Jharred Viray (14 days ago)
Michael is super cute!!!!!!!!
I'm Russian
Manal Kayyali (14 days ago)
estaba alentando a españa enbes de alemania
Pixel Dan (14 days ago)
Хари Kейн в Англии
Pixel Dan (14 days ago)
Это видь даже не Испания
Dennis (14 days ago)
*Too cute for this world..*
Micheli Carvalho (14 days ago)
go brasil! VAI BRASIL!
Alexey Fedotov (15 days ago)
Janek Pro (15 days ago)
Nimol 1599 (15 days ago)
I e Dolls
catishppl 929 (15 days ago)
0:10 that sound make the cat in toorolofotoo
Crystal McKinney (15 days ago)
No kitties were harmed in the making of this video.....
Milena hola López (15 days ago)
Es muy chistoso

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