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Hello pieps from the internet, I'm back with another Haul and this time its a Aliexpress Haul And a Wish Haul in ONE, Everyone is SHOOK! Have fun, k bye ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Products: WISH: 'Let's Call The Exorcist' Shirt - https://www.wish.com/product/5a9ca3585455786c0fcd2d58 'The Adventures of Magic Mushroom' Shirt - https://www.wish.com/product/59b7795b4671c15d3ce218d9 'Lets Summon Demons' Shirt - https://www.wish.com/product/59a6671a1a0a66561360422c 'Heaven don't Want Me and Hell's Afraid I'll Take Over' Shirt - https://www.wish.com/product/59225362489f2f27bc3b3de8 'I Tired Of Your Shit Human' Shirt - https://www.wish.com/product/58ccfb89d9cad471d60fb1c0 'Darkness & Demogorgons - Stranger Things' Shirt - https://www.wish.com/product/5b359a81464a4a22e6c5ff2d 'Daddy' Shirt - https://www.wish.com/product/58e7275eb69176192848900b 'Immigrants Make America Great' Shirt - https://www.wish.com/product/5971a1f2fcf0c870f839abef 'Why be Racist' Shirt - https://www.wish.com/product/5af43104ed9a157f65cbbacc 'Chill' Sweatshirt - https://www.wish.com/product/59b7787350df6129874cd024 'Forever Unsocial' Sweatshirt - https://www.wish.com/product/585e32cd35a76d23cf3397f0 'I Don't Care Anymore' Sweatshirt - https://www.wish.com/product/595b5684108aab1e6c1dfe91 'Same Fight Different Pursuit' Hoodie - https://www.wish.com/product/59c8aa085460dc04a76147fc 'Cactus' Hoodie - https://www.wish.com/product/598d6e314e916e674089a241 'Los Angeles Kermit' Hoodie - https://www.wish.com/product/5a13eb927482a370b915c542 'What's Wild To You' Hoodie - https://www.wish.com/product/57d6f346a835630ff7cf64f8 'Rose' Bomber Jacket - https://www.wish.com/product/58cfa8f2948a1e52920814e1 Colorful Cordoroy Jacket - https://www.wish.com/product/5a436226a0386f48587670f5 ALIEXPRESS: 'Yes, Daddy?' Shirt - https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Women-Men-Casual-Tees-Summer-O-Neck-Harajuku-T-Shirt-Yes-Daddy-Pink-Letter-T-Shirt/32798049458.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.27424c4dmPn7dC Blackpink Sweatshirt 1 - https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Kpop-blackpink-concert-square-same-printing-o-neck-thin-hoodies-for-fans-unisex-supportive-pullover-sweatshirt/32822041483.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.27424c4dLtT6U8 Blackpink Sweatshirt 2 - https://www.aliexpress.com/item/ALLKPOPER-Kpop-Blackpink-Sweatershirt-JISOO-JENNIE-LISA-Fans-Supporter-Letter-Print-Unisex-Pink-4-Color-Hoodies/32767848024.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.27424c4dLtT6U8 'I Give Zero Fucks' Sweatshirt - is sold out/not available anymore 'Stranger Things' Hoodie - https://www.aliexpress.com/item/BTS-Stranger-Things-Oversized-Hoodie-Print-Casual-New-Fashion-Hot-Sale-Creative-Winter-Hoodies-Men-Sweatshirts/32843489276.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.27424c4dBwVS9d 'California' Velvet Hoodie - https://www.aliexpress.com/item/ALLKPOPER-KPOP-GOT7-Jackson-Sweatershirt-Velvet-Embroidery-Unisex-Cap-Hoodie/32793123519.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.27424c4dBCaCke 'Cat' Hoodie - https://www.aliexpress.com/item/2018-Spring-Newest-Men-s-Fashion-Cat-Printing-Coat-Hooded-Pullovers-Loose-Casual-Hoodies-Cotton-High/32849261481.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.27424c4dQTvzf7 'Welsh' Dog Hoodie - https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Lolita-Oversize-Pocket-Cartoon-Hoodies-Sweatshirts-2018-Women-Pullover-Thick-Loose-Female-Casual-Student-Tracksuit-Sportswear/32851934449.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.27424c4dQTvzf7 Checkered Jacket - is sold out/not available anymore Jeans Jacket - https://www.aliexpress.com/item/2018-Men-Casual-Cartoon-print-Slim-in-blue-Denim-Bomber-Jacket-High-Quality-coats-brand-outerwear/32825558101.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.27424c4dSnE0ik 'Weird Cat' Jacket - https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/2018-Men-s-Fashion-Cartoon-Printing-Big-Pocket-Design-Clothes-Loose-Windbreaker-Casual-Bomber-Streetwear-Jackets/911002_32852616840.html?spm=2114.12010612.8148356.29.14647586dumQ91 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PLEASE STALK ME! ♥ Twitter: https://twitter.com/leondemi01?lang=de Instagram: https://instagram.com/leondemi01/ Snapchat: leondemi01 And Please SUSCRIBE! :D ❣ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Email: [email protected] (business inquiries only!) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music: Coming soon! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This video was not sponsored, all opinions are my own and genuine!
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Text Comments (21)
Amia Right (8 months ago)
A great video again as always. Stop saying that you’re fat because that’s not freaking true. Jackson and I love you so so much💕
Vitória Soares (21 days ago)
I just love the amount of Jackson in this video
Lais Lima (2 months ago)
I loved this video 💙💙💙💙
daan del rey (2 months ago)
iconic ntltc sweater
Érica Melo (4 months ago)
Can u marry me?
Watermelon is nice (5 months ago)
DUUUUDE I thought you are famous or something, after that I saw that you "Only" have 229 subscribers, I was raging... I subbed you buddy xd
Zoé Palacio (5 months ago)
I NEED HIS BERETS HATS!!!! Where did you bought them??? Btw, I loved this video, I would love you if you would talk more about quality! Kisses 😘
Cuteaynnpie (6 months ago)
I thing my ears are trash lol cause I think I always here a part from Blackpink :Ooooo
Cuteaynnpie (6 months ago)
leon wang Ohhhh because it was pretty quiet...I thought my ears were broken ┬─┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ) ┑( ̄Д  ̄)┍ but yes they are 👑s
leon wang (6 months ago)
It’s the background music 💗 Bc the queens
serendipity (7 months ago)
leon wang (7 months ago)
Omg thank you sm ;__; 💗
Xvx. Beaner (8 months ago)
U don't even look fat, u have like a confidence to wear light color🖤, i just wear dark colors lol,-TOOTHBRUSH!
leon wang (8 months ago)
I mostly also wear dark colors lool TOOTHBRUSH
Rei loves you (8 months ago)
leon wang (8 months ago)
Keshia Brown (8 months ago)
Love this video! New suscriber 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
leon wang (8 months ago)
Thank u sm for the support!! 💗💗💗🤧
wander xan (8 months ago)
you look really cute! your vids are dope
leon wang (8 months ago)
Thanks so much my love, means a lot 💗💗🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧
leon wang (8 months ago)
I’m so lame pls delete my channel

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