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Care Bears Unlock The Magic Trailer

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Nick Miller (3 days ago)
What about The Star And Heart Buddies on this new Care Bears Series?
Roxxas theDemonslayer (30 days ago)
well the art style is smoother then Welcome and less eye hurting then Joke-a lot or Big Wish... but that's about all this has going for it.
Carly Klein (1 month ago)
i actually really like the art style! I hope it keeps to the original and they don't end up twerking and texting. I wish success for the new generation of care bears! Also super excited to finally have more 2d animation for the show.
Sailor Sedna (1 month ago)
For my thoughts: The art style from what I saw of the way they depicted Care-a-Lot in a preview definitely looks like it was inspired by MLP: FiM, hope the animation is fluid, smooth kinda like Adventure Time or something. The bears are cute and adorable, though I still prefer the 80's artstyle slightly better. The villains look more like purple Uglydolls (remember those?) but look interesting and better than other pathetic villains we got from other failed incarnations. I hope it doesn't focus on only the six they showed in previous ads, I hope they maybe bring back some of the original villains or Cousins from the 80's, have it be a mix/good balance of action/adventure and slice of life, not be so overtly cringeworthy like Adventures in Care a Lot nor as horribly unfunny and disgusting like Care Package Chronicles, and I hope it won't end up being turned all...perverted like what a certain fandom of a previous children's show I mentioned has done (I know not all of them are like that but those people are extremely prominent)....I also noticed in the beginning they left out the Nelvana series, stupid decision. When is it gonna air (I know it's late 2018), or will I be able to watch it online?
Sailor Sedna (21 days ago)
+Samuel Hooves I see...
Samuel Hooves (21 days ago)
Sep Only in USA btw Rip international fans
Sailor Sedna (21 days ago)
+Samuel Hooves I don't know if I have Boomerang or not...does that mean it's online only?
Samuel Hooves (21 days ago)
Sailor Sedna it's going to be launched on Boomerang and it will rerun on Boomerang TV
Jade Sands (1 month ago)
This looks exciting
cimter gnome (1 month ago)
What the hell is this shit, this isn't care bears, have people just become retarded or what, first Thundercats Roar, then the Abomination She-Ra and now this crap, stop making 80's cartoons, unless you can get them right.
Arr Ziz (1 month ago)
I would actually like to see Natasha Allegri of ‘Bee and puppy cat’ fame write an episode or several.
Samuel Hooves (1 month ago)
Maybe this could be some similar to the Bronies auge. Looks fresh and energetic. (Something similar to AiCaL Formula) I hope than going to be a successfully show.
TheArceusftw (1 month ago)
Hmm.. The use of 24k magic is kinda iffy, but hey; maybe like Unikitty, it will probably suprise me, and be atleast decent?(But hey, at least it didn't make the internet explode like Thundercats roar, or the SheRa reboot...)
TheArceusftw (1 month ago)
+Wilson Bennett Fair enough...
Wilson Bennett (1 month ago)
Mostly cuz there's not much of a fan base compared to those two.
Wolfy Team (2 months ago)
I actually considered for a moment, but then I saw the villains Generic
Malani Embers (2 months ago)
I don't like this version.
Everett Todd (2 months ago)
Why are they playing 24K magic?
Slitheringpeanut (2 months ago)
...That was horrific.
Wilson Bennett (2 months ago)
Ok I'm nervous now
Toxicfish321 (2 months ago)
No shreeky, beasly, or No-heart *sigh* miss those villains
Sailor Sedna (1 month ago)
Don't forget Coldheart too.
tonyangelo (2 months ago)
Toxicfish321 you and me both
Mister z 1998 (2 months ago)
3 questions: -when and where will be the premiere of the series -because they gave it that design and they did not use CGI animation and ... -this series will be a success or it will be a failure like the failed webseries of Care Bears: Care Package Chronicles?
Fikri (2 months ago)
Boomerang Streaming Service (only available in US)
WB Animation (2 months ago)
Cartoon Network, Late 2018.

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