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Putin made his choice!His new car in 2018 will be made in Russia Aurus (project for 170 million $)!

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Putin made his choice!His new car in 2018 will be made in Russia Aurus Limo (project for 170 million US dollars)!
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Alex Prosto (2 days ago)
Заебись мы ролс ройс скопировали не истина ли?!))))
rolando sparks (8 days ago)
Max Benser (17 days ago)
Pradeep Kumara (23 days ago)
amazing...it appearance makes amazing luxury finish....woow wwww......russian car is going to superior in the world!!! my congratz russia....we love from sri lanka
정겨울 (1 month ago)
롤스로이스 보다 크겠네
Paloma San Basilio (1 month ago)
~❤~ The King of the North ~ Putin the Great! ~❤~
rEf (1 month ago)
adidas mobile :D
Etnic Somali (1 month ago)
why 170 million dollars i could build a city for that money
Branimir Lukač (2 months ago)
I am gone miss my beloved freind V.V.Putin.
Ferenc Kovács (3 months ago)
it is ridiculous where is it from the S600 pullman ? honestly ?
Юрий К. (3 months ago)
Новый российский лимузин Аурус для Путина 2018 .
2000 Teiki (3 months ago)
It is Russia, is the price displayed in dollars?
Edgar Cardenas (4 months ago)
#$#$#$ sponeg bob
Cash Bonanza (4 months ago)
Stolen from Britain, made in Russia.
Armen Gazarov (4 months ago)
fridericusnonrex (5 months ago)
I bet the chassis and the V12 engine are "Made in Germany", by Porsche.
Alex P (5 months ago)
$ 170 million is equivalent to the base price of a Boeing 747! I hope Mr. Putin had the manufacturer make several examples if nothing else than the cost of scale. I would think the R & D in creating this magnificent car was extremely expensive given the fact that it was built from the ground up. Russia's president deserves a Russian-built state limousine. It shows the industrial strength, creativity, ingenuity, and craftsmanship of his countrymen and should be an enormous sense of pride. A president needs to make a statement. Mr. Putin sure can in this! I've seen President Putin in a Mercedes Custom Maybach limousine, and that would be great as well, but he truly needs a Russian car if nothing else than national prestige. Well done!
Aditya Santhanam (5 months ago)
Nice car
William H. Burke, Jr. (6 months ago)
This car looks, at least from the front, just like a Rolls-Royce Phantom. I think the designer of this car was looking at a good photo of the front of a Rolls-Royce Phantom when he created this car.
Ashraf Hedeya (6 months ago)
عربية حلوة اوي
Arbeli Rozenberg (7 months ago)
Heard Logan2 movie gonna use it
Max Schmidt (7 months ago)
Why does Putin need this car? ... I mean the world moves below his feed ... ordinary people call it walking
Jim anderson (7 months ago)
This I Like ! Except that tacky gold emblems ! Even if it's real gold it's tacky !!!
V Bobeli (7 months ago)
guys,.. the dumbest guys, if this car was a copy of Roll-Royce or other brand, they would have opened a case against Russia on that same day. But nobody moved. yes, the front does remind of many other brand's cars (check out the ZIL) but that's it.
russia is not a good country in maing cars. german and american made cars are best cars in the world.
BATLER (7 months ago)
Soon, in the form of humor, Putin will give the Donald Tramp the same
Hani Mkawi (7 months ago)
سيارة جميله جدا وفخمة
Viktor Olenich (7 months ago)
Непонимаю где путин
LUIGI LOREFICE (8 months ago)
the best ugly car in world ahahhaha
polygamous1 Sozou (8 months ago)
And the Best guarantee for the road safety of the Most loved n respected politician on earth right now God Bless Mr Putin the great the Russian military n the great nation of Russia, what do we need now? an American Putin to take back American from the clutches of the deep state crooks
BabaAusFfm (8 months ago)
nice car mashallah only for the car fuck you and fuck your adidas
FreedomFighter Syria (8 months ago)
Inferior design ,not unique in anyway nor does it have its own class. As for Russian engineering, how reliable is this piece of crap anyways since no ordinary Russian wants to be seen driving Russian cars? To be proud of Russian ingenuity, Russians in masses should feel proud to drive Russian cars, not by having over spent assembled retrofitted Russian car of different cars to hide its identity by one Russian guy! Very shallow like the guy it was made for! Who else in the world would be seen using it?
Qaysar-i Rûm (8 months ago)
Good bye german car welcome British car
Hector Delgado (8 months ago)
Luis Varela (8 months ago)
Destituyeron a los Zares, para ser el poder del pueblo... y tienen más lujos que jamás monarquía alguna ha soñado... Jejejeje..
Garry Mills (8 months ago)
Given it will only be used for state affairs in sure that the structure of this thing will last.... But mechanically I'd be surprised if the engine isn't made of granite and does 4 gallon to the mile..... Oddly I do like the weird manship of styling, though that grille could be less rolls and more Russian I think... The concept car on the left (where there are 3 is definitely a cut and shut roller)
Turf Surf (8 months ago)
Guido Di Iorio (8 months ago)
The car is horrible... but it's great that he got rid of the germans.
georgios tartessikos (8 months ago)
Fuerza y elegancia.
Андрій Саган (8 months ago)
Yannick Guillon (8 months ago)
Il a raison. Aucun motif d'importer une bagnole!
Vytautas V (8 months ago)
Rolls royce welded with mercedes benz. Wow
M K (8 months ago)
if is russian is a big piece of shit
Snifferking Rational (8 months ago)
The greatest American Tzar weeping in his pillow bacaus he does`nt get one. So Sad.
Ganda Pura (8 months ago)
Kendaraan yang sangat pantas dan berkelas digunakan oleh seorang Presiden rusia yang sangat berpengaruh di dunia, di masa datang, indonesia mungkin harus memiliki nya, sebagai bukti persahabatan yang kental dengan rusia.
Просто так (8 months ago)
Просто карета для Царя! Ничего особого! )
Ivan Hangoverov (8 months ago)
Автомобили "Кортеж" будут соперничать по стоимости с глобальными брендами премиум-класса. Стоимость "Кортежей" будет сравнима с ценами автомобилей Rolls-Royce, Bentley и Mercedes-Bens S-класса, комплектация русских авто также будет подобна обозначенным брендам
Ivan Hangoverov (8 months ago)
Русская пресса пишет что стоимость авто на штатском рынке будет от 10 до 15 млн рублей. Это от 150 до 200 тыщ баксов. Читайте и слушайте российскую прессу о событиях связанных с Россией. Западная пропаганда вечно принципно врёт во всех упоминаемых цифрах и второстепенных фактах. Это база западной журналистики. Сила во враньё.
Ivan Hangoverov (8 months ago)
It wiil be good for civilians market. Whithout armor and secret technics
This would be certainly better than the American beast .
Arman (8 months ago)
Looks very british
Amazon62 (8 months ago)
Why not just buy a Maybach for less and give the rest to the community..
Clarissa McPigeon (8 months ago)
The front looks like a fake Rolls Royce. The sides look like a fake Maybach. The back end looks like a fake Mercedes S Class.
Lan Astaslem (8 months ago)
Russians so unoriginal
Sage Wysocki (8 months ago)
Beautiful job, Russia!
x y (8 months ago)
Matt Gibbs (8 months ago)
Rollsky Roysky
Anal Rampage (8 months ago)
Direct copy of rolls royce and Chrysler 300c
KennyR (8 months ago)
It looks a hell of a lot better than the stretch Lada limo aka Zil 4112P. However it has design elements from Rolls Royce, Chrysler 300c and Cadillac Escala. The russians could be a little more original than this.
DogieBuster (8 months ago)
Putin'"s flashy Hollywood styled limo.......for a change
Hans Wurst (8 months ago)
what  is this ??a bad copied RR Phantom design ?
sam sam (8 months ago)
170 million? Its not a cessna citation is it?
e ennis (8 months ago)
Looks a lot like the fake NAZI RR’s!!
Peaceful Guy (8 months ago)
zikman please dude, the song title, its EPIC!
Ars 1 (8 months ago)
Mother Russia most corrupt country in the world
A catastrófica idolização do Putin , haja visto o Kursk nada tendo a ver com o Cristão Boris Yeltsin.
Steve Gillies (8 months ago)
Looks remarkably similar to the car used in the 1977 cheesy horror flick "The Car"
Vishal Bambhaniya (9 months ago)
like mad in china car hahahah coppy rolls Royce
PETE ALLISON (9 months ago)
Is the music a little over melodramatic ??
goropeza101 (9 months ago)
Finally a Russian presidential limousine that does not look outdated! Nice!
Vadim B YUNIN (9 months ago)
рожа... роллс ройс / бентли, по бокам.... mercedes / майбак. жопа....майбак. САЛОН... попросту лажа! тоисть Володя будет ездить на РАШЕН Маыбак майд ин РАША!!! РЖАКА!!!!!
Vadim B YUNIN (8 months ago)
хлам, говно, пораша, тазик........PIECE OF SHIT.
konstantin vysotskiy (8 months ago)
Vadim B YUNIN В смысле лажа
konstantin vysotskiy (8 months ago)
Vadim B YUNIN Лада у тебя в голове
Stein von Beuningen (9 months ago)
Peinlicher Abklatsch eines RollsRoyce/Maybach und innen häßlich bis zum Kotzen! Putin schick deine Designer zum weissen Bären! Hole dir deutsche Autobauer! Primitiver Kanakkstyle den man nicht mal den Saudis zumutet!
63Landbadger (9 months ago)
The way the Russians drive I hope he has a dash camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Real-Avto Logistik (9 months ago)
german engine, chinese transmition, korean suspension, russian what? bolt?
Rudolf Haselhorst (9 months ago)
He does not need to !
Roman (9 months ago)
I like it.. I hate long limousines but this one is shorter which makes its very attractive I give five stars.
M Zaid (9 months ago)
Mix Styling , Looks like Maybach from sides and Rolls Royce from front .
vsboy 25 (9 months ago)
It's fully fortified
HoLDoN4Sec (9 months ago)
this is the bastard child of the British Rolls Royce Ghost and the American Cadillac XTS Limo - the Russian Putinmobil
horselips (9 months ago)
Love it - especially the dashboard. Romanov eagles add a nice touch. Where are the fender flags?
guest (9 months ago)
Looks like a Rolls. If you’re wealthy enough to have a one-off car constructed, why not make it original? Putin is estimated to be worth $200-500 billion US. He should have a unique bespoke limo like no other.
December314 (9 months ago)
As usual nothing new or original. Just a russian interpretation of the American presidential limo.
Julian Heim (9 months ago)
Way better than the American's Car
Leroy Rubba (10 months ago)
Yo *BORDICKMAN*, keep lickin Putins ass dawg
Jeff Allinson (10 months ago)
Like all communist cars, this will be a monumental pile of cow shite.
florian eimer (10 months ago)
Poor Russian people live in poverty, and kleptator Putins steals 170,000,000 for his cars. Disgusting. That`s why millions of Russians flee to modern countries, but no citicens from modern countries want to become citizens of this "Empire of Evil".
Azureecosse (10 months ago)
Gangster car for the king of Gangsters.
rrrohan2288 (10 months ago)
thats disgusting he spends that much on a car while his people live in poverty
Sarah Strong (10 months ago)
a mix of all the best technology that they could steal from England and Germany and Israel....
justin Mathew (10 months ago)
Russia is good at making AK-47 AND AK-74...NOT cars..
Falcon (10 months ago)
Shams Robin hahaha ak47 even make in our villege by uneducated person,do u think is it a technology.
Jack Rainbow (10 months ago)
fuck off you dickwad liar. it is not $170M you stupid fuckhole
Joel Weidenfeld (10 months ago)
Who the fuck cares
Night Shift (10 months ago)
Looks like it was made by the Imaknokoff motor corporation .
thnktank1 (10 months ago)
I want one too.
JD Powell Trucking (10 months ago)
It is an s-class
Rocketjay12 (11 months ago)
Looks much like the renderings of a Chrysler Imperial that Chrysler proposed a few years ago but never made. Or in simpler terms,ugly.
Андрей Акимов (11 months ago)
Cool !
mascara snake (11 months ago)
Pass me the sick bag!
Brent Bunnell (11 months ago)
Fuck you Vlad Dracula 👌
Brent Bunnell (11 months ago)
SuperTerrek I don't read Russian troll language 💩💩💩😂😂👏
SuperTerrek (11 months ago)
ты долбаёб фантастический
Firebrand VOCALS (11 months ago)
Phew!! Glad that’s cleared up

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