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DANIEL DIET: Secrets of Bible Medicine (Health & Cure Demo) PART ONE

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Pastor John Robert Cofer is a much sought after Evangelist and Preacher of Righteousness across the United States and internationally. He is the Minister of Health for GOSPEL OF HEALTH and now resides in the Tampa Bay Area of Florida. Though known, via his website: www.gospelofhealth.org, for stirring messages on Prophecy and the Everlasting Gospel, he is more well known for spirit-filled evangelistic health talks preached text by text from the Bible. One of the most well known messages presented in evangelistic meetings across the nation is recorded here: "SECRETS OF BIBLE MEDICINE" . . click here to DONATE to GOSPEL OF HEALTH: http://www.gospelofhealth.org/DonationPage/tabid/105/Default.aspx
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Text Comments (51)
Magnific presentation, God inspired you Pastor Cofer. Blessing. Greetings form Accra, Ghana West Africa
Gina Sofia (5 months ago)
What a blessing to watch this video. Thank you so much and God bless you man of God! Jesus is King! Go vegans!!
Isaac Brown (5 months ago)
Ani Yakoubian (5 months ago)
Thank you I have breast cancer stage 3b I'm taking chemotherapy Can you help me and say what can I eat to heal myself
JR Cofer (5 months ago)
Email me @ [email protected] Blessings!!
Agnes Miranda (5 months ago)
God bless you pastor...please what must I eat for my irritable bowel syndrome? medicines are not helping and I am going from one doctor to another. .so many tests done...please enlighten me brother. .
JR Cofer (5 months ago)
call me @ 661-209-7142 It depends on diet change and possible inflammation needing to be removed correctly
Elisa Sandoy (6 months ago)
Yes Amen.
Word Smith (7 months ago)
Sir thank you very much for almost a year i was telling this to my family that the foods we ate nowadays aren’t good for us they cause diseases. How can we think that a pill can cure us we aren’t gods there is only one god. I will show my family this video hopefully they will see it. May Elohim bless you
Aleasha Rowe (10 months ago)
+JR Cofer I view the website online, but didn’t not find the handouts… Is A link for the handouts provided anywhere? Also, what is your view on eating meat? We eat according to Leviticus when it comes to meat…? God bless you great video keep doing what you’re doing and be about God’s business!!🙏🏼🙏🏼💕
JR Cofer (10 months ago)
As for meat eating and the consumption of animal products.... Take a look at this video https://youtu.be/_bMxWL91N5I
JR Cofer (10 months ago)
Please email me @ [email protected] I will send you the info!!
Takero Kenzaie (10 months ago)
Do u have a book or guide?
Ray Kegler (1 year ago)
Thanks for the gospel of health.
Amelia kendrick (1 year ago)
this is exactly what I needed to hear pastor. oh praise the Most High 🙌🙌 thank you very very very much.
Dawn Oliver (1 year ago)
What a lovely young man. I have NEVER heard this amazing information even though I love the topic of nutrition. Thank you so much.
Donna engalsilo (1 year ago)
Wow thanks!!!!
Royalty Royalty (1 year ago)
Thank you pastor! My daughter has a problem with her gall blader and she has pain in her stomache. Can you give us advice?
JR Cofer (1 year ago)
Please email me @ [email protected]
QueenStixx (1 year ago)
Any diet for high blood pressure and all around health??
JR Cofer (1 year ago)
sodlin st just (1 year ago)
QueenStixx all alkaline vegetables and fruits with seeds
Fred Connors (1 year ago)
Fascinating. Thank you
D K (1 year ago)
Is red cabbage just as good as green for internal healing? If so, do we still need to add carrot or beet to mellow the oxygenation?
lina svintozelskaya (1 year ago)
what are the best things to eat to cure eczema naturally?
FaithHopeCharity (1 year ago)
The cabbage remedy is the truth. Placed it over my sore breasts when breastfeeding for the first time. immediate relief. Love the spiritual application
Lillith Cooper (2 years ago)
Helpful! Glad I came across this. What diet do you follow? I'd love to follow it also so I know I'm living a healthy lifestyle. Thank you
JR Cofer (2 years ago)
Sis Cooper.....If you or any other person here is interested in Diet and Health guidance......I have a wonderful series called the DIGITAL SCHOOL OF HEALTH......a number of great "bite sized" talks on the Biblical Science of Health! CLICK HERE for a look: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwZ1iAVtN6tHb-rpBvV-1cEWpVUS_MNLL
marysimon (2 years ago)
Great presentation. Is there a natural treatment for neuropathy?
JR Cofer (2 years ago)
Diabetic Neuropathy? Email me @ [email protected] I will send a outline for you via email!! Blessings
rick oddon (2 years ago)
any remedy for rhuematoid arthritis?
JR Cofer (2 years ago)
Yes Certainly..... You have to follow a plant based diet and do some immune building. Email me @ [email protected] I will send a outline for you via email!! Blessings
Healthy Jesus Girl (2 years ago)
Pastor, I absolutely loved listening to your Bible nutrition. He created all that we need to exist! Question...I have been experiencing tinnitus (?). I describe it as ringing/noise in my left ear for a month now. Constantly...no stopping! In addition to prayer- do you have any suggestions? Thank you and praying God's richest blessings your way! from Sarasota 🙏🏻
JR Cofer (2 years ago)
Greetings......have you had ear damage due to loud machinery etc? I would suggest getting a check up and ascertain what you situation is. Once you do please reach out to me @ 661-209-7142 or email me [email protected]
Oriana Shamoun (2 years ago)
thank you so much. wonderful message
Tom Blow (2 years ago)
I just rolled my ankle very bad what do you recommend
JR Cofer (2 years ago)
Yes, take some cabbage as mentioned, Bruise it (3/4 leaves) and wrap around the ankle. Hold in place with some type of wrap for a few hours. It will gradually remove the inflammation. Make sure it is not broken however. Blessings to you!
Robbin Smith (2 years ago)
Greetings Pastor, Could you please give me some insight on what fresh foods I can eat that will bring healing to the joints in my body. I have carpal tunnel in my right wrist, also when I do my five mile walking exercise, my left ankle starts to hurt.
JR Cofer (2 years ago)
Yes, I have some wonderful remedies and diet plans for that.....Please email me at [email protected] I will send them to you ....or call me @ 661-209-7142
Love Faith (2 years ago)
Thank you and God bless you
Tuovi Sjölund (2 years ago)
God info
Nancy Herbert (2 years ago)
What was that herb that was to be mixed with the cabbage for healing of stomach? I wasn't able to me what you was saying. Thank you. Hallekuyah.
JR Cofer (2 years ago)
I made mention of using Cabbage as a soup or Juicing it with Carrot (half and half) as a drink in Ulcer. Blessings
Nancy Herbert (2 years ago)
+Nancy Herbert I meant that I wasn't able to make out what you said.
Thank You Minister for preaching the Truth
Tom Blow (2 years ago)
It's so obvious that God wants us to eat what he created not what man created
Callie Reynoldz (2 years ago)
Greetings In the Precious blood of the Lamb, Christ Jesus our soon returning Lord and King. Pastor, can you email me a copy of your handout? I am fighting [email protected]
JR Cofer (1 year ago)
email me @ [email protected] and remind me
JR Cofer (2 years ago)
Please email me and remind me of what you need ....I will respond with the docs attached: [email protected]
Amanda Dusper (3 years ago)
Such a great video! Thanks :)

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